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Mr. Karloff pauses and enjoys the morning mist. 9/19/15 By Bob Bowné. © Special to Blogfinger

Mr. Paul Eichlin pauses and enjoys the morning mist on the Ocean Grove pier.  9/19/15 By Bob Bowné. © Special to Blogfinger.  Reposted from 2015.


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Bob Bowné ©. Great Horned Owl. Mono Lake. Special to Blogfinger.


Do you think Bob missed New Jersey when he was out West?  Here’s Roy Orbison with “California Blue”


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Bob Bowné © 2017.  Santa Cruz, California.  Special to Blogfinger.


Paul:      I was out of town for six weeks touring the west and creating images.
Here is one from the beachfront at Santa Cruz, CA.
Love their life guard huts!

Editor’s note: Bob–welcome back. Did you see any California  girls?   Thank you for the lovely shot of a beach hut.  Perhaps you remember Atilla the Hut.  Or Jabba the Hut from Star Wars.  (Actually his last name is Hutt).

We’ve missed you on Blogfinger. Please share some more of your recent work.  We are going to show some Sandy pictures including your iconic view of the OG pier.   It is the 5th anniversary of the Superstorm—



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Ocean Grove. By Bob Bowné. September 1, 2015. ©

Ocean Grove. By Bob Bowné. September 1, 2015. Special to Blogfinger © Reposted from September 2, 2015.

WARREN VACHE´ and friends:

“Only Trust Your Heart”

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Bob Bowné  October 31, 2012.  ©. Ocean front at Ocean Grove, New Jersey.  Special to Blogfinger.net

Ocean Grove  was hit hard during Sandy losing most of our boardwalk and fishing pier. Bob Bowné  photographed when Sandy carried away the Fishing Club and he took the most iconic image of that day. (link below)

These oceanfront Victorians took a beating but they survived as they probably did during many storms since the late 19th century. Ocean Grove was relatively lucky.  It would be two years before the Boardwalk was partially rebuilt, and it is still not done.  But you can’t hurry love:


Here’s a reminder from 2015 Blogfinger.

2015 Boardwalk post

And a link to Bob Bowné’s iconic photograph from the day Sandy hit:

Sandy iconic photo


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Purple Galinule. By Bob Bowné

“Hey…thought your readers would find this to be fun….

“This Purple Gallinule has been hanging out in the yard here, down at the beach for the last four days.
He is native of Florida area according to The Audubon Society…so he must be here on a Victorian vacation.
Check out those yellow chicken legs!”
Y. RADIER   It’s a tango  “La Paloma.”

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Bob Bowné, photographer, finds a surfer and lifeguard stands at Avon-by-the-Sea. April 16, 2017. ©  Bob’s images contain more hyphens than any other. Special to Blogfinger.

JOHNNY DEPP AND HELENA BONHAM-CARTER:   From the movie version of Sweeney Todd,  the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

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Photo by Bob Bowné. © Feb. 24, 2017off Bradley Beach. Special to Blogfinger.net

Photo by Bob Bowné. © Feb. 24, 2017off Bradley Beach. Special to Blogfinger.net

Says Bob Bowné, “This morning this GIANT work ship was “parked” just off the coast of Bradley Beach in the morning mist. It has a 6 or 7 smaller attending vessels that are scooting around and coming in by the beachfront. Looks like Bradley has plenty of sand, so I do not know if it may here for beach replenishment or some other duty.”    Anybody know?

Could it be the Russians with a new load of emails for the media?

Or maybe it’s our order for diagonal lines for Main Avenue.

ANITA O’DAY  “My Ship”  by Kurt Weil and Ira Gershwin for a 1941 movie (Lady in the Dark)

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HMS Glen Edwards. Dredger off Allenhust. By Bob Bowné. Special to Blogfinger ©

HMS Glen Edwards. The Artful Dredger off Allenhurst. By Bob Bowné. April 17, 2015.  Special to Blogfinger ©  Last posted on BF in 2015.

Hi Paul..

One of the dredgers is back in our area…I shot this this morning off of Allenhurst… Not sure if this is a continuation of the original sand replenishment or perhaps some additional maintenance due to storms.

-Bob (Bowné )

THE CHIEFTAINS.   Music to sing on deck: “An Poc Ar Bulle/ The Dingle Set”

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Sandy Hook Lighthouse by Bob Bowné. See his original post on this photograph linked below.

Sandy Hook Lighthouse by Bob Bowné.   See his original post on this photograph linked below.



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