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Carol Dunleavy announces her grand opening. She says that her office is “non-neon!”


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Tent Village. August, 2017. Kodachrome moment. Paul Goldfinger ©. Click to enlarge

RACHAEL CANTU  “De Colores”  (Tr. Made of Colors)


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An impromptu church concert in Founder’s Park on Sunday morning, 7/30/17. Video and photo by Stephen Goldfinger, © Blogfinger.net.

A church group fromBloomfield, NJ  were attending a weekend retreat at Grove Hall.     They were hoping to sing on the beach this Sunday morning, but they were not permitted to do so, so they went to Founder’s Park for their “concert.”

They were happy there, and, besides, it was shady. A drone from the group was circling overhead, while Blogfinger reporter Stephen Goldfinger captured some of the sights and sounds of the event.


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Paul Goldfinger ©  July 4, 2017.  Main Avenue in Ocean Grove.


“NEIL DIAMOND MEDLEY” performed live in Brussels by Patrick Riguelle and John Terra from the album Live From the Brill Building.


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Daniel Hickman, luthier. “Don’t Fret Music.” Jersey Shore Arts Center. Paul Goldfinger photograph © Here Daniel checks the “playability” and alignment of an instrument that he has been working on. 7/18/17. Click to enlarge

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

Did you ever dream of traveling around the country in a van with a rock band?  Well, Daniel Hickman of Tennessee, currently of Ocean Grove, did just that for five years when he was in his twenties.  But he wasn’t a musician. He was a technician who made sure that the group’s guitars were  fit as a fiddle.  Daniel loved the experience;  is there any doubt?  especially if you read  Keith Richards bio.

Daniel has trained for years working on guitars—-repairing them and building them.  He continued studying his craft with experts along the way as he traveled all over America with the Latin Rock group  “de Sol.”  He calls himself a “luthier”  (definition:  “a maker of stringed instruments such as violins or guitars.”)

Daniel comes from an artistic family, and he probably inhaled guitar music living near Nashville.   His career as a luthier has been progressing since 2005.  After that rock gig, he moved to New Jersey and found himself with a very special business opportunity at the Jersey Shore Arts Center in Ocean Grove  (66 South Main Street in Neptune) where he has had a workshop/studio since 2015 called “Don’t Fret Music.”

Daniel is  grateful to Herb Herbst and the staff at the JSAC for providing him with a rare situation. He not only builds and repairs guitars and other stringed instruments,, but he has begun a program to provide lessons in  guitar,  piano,  and uke.  Dan has recruited a talented young teacher to work with students of all ages, and the lessons are given in a separate space off Dan’s workshop.  He also repairs amps and he is moving into “retail.”  Daniel plans to develop a “full service guitar shop and music store.”  His shop is downstairs off the parking lot, with a private entrance to the left.

At the age of 32, Daniel is ambitious and enthused. “We are in the infancy of “Don’t Fret Music.”

Daniel’s workshop/studio is a fascinating place, and to watch him work, you get the impression that he is highly competent. Daniel is excited about the future of the Jersey Shore Arts Center. “There is a lot going on here,” he says;  “The venue is full of talented artists in residence ,some of whom paint, do screen printing, social media, and photography.”   There also is an acting ensemble “La Strada.”    He wants to be supportive of his artist colleagues at JSAC.

One of his ambitions is to see a variety of new music performances in the  JSAC theater.  He hopes for bluegrass and jazz among the choices. This ambition seems very real given the recent downsizing of the secular  programming in the Great Auditorium and the real need for some musical variety to satisfy OG’s diverse demographics and to balance against the music scene in Asbury Park.

Blogfinger will help promote new music  and arts programs in Ocean Grove. It sounds like the JSAC  may be on the threshold of something more than yoga and children’s ballet.  Currently there is an arts show going on. Call them for details.

Daniel’s shop is open Tuesday through Saturday 3 pm -7 pm except Saturday which is 11 am to 5 pm. Call 732 361 5060  or DontFretNJ@gmail.com or the web site: DontFretNJ.com.

On August 20, Daniel is inviting the public to an open house to celebrate his second year anniversary in Ocean Grove. There will be music, food and other festivities.  More info. to come.   And, for the record, Daniel lives in Ocean Grove and he “loves the town.” It makes him happy because he knows his neighbors, people say hello, and the town is charming. Daniel knows most of the business people in the Grove and he feels at home here.

de Sol   “Blanco y Negro.”



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Chef Gina Moore of “Lilly Piccadilly” posing with her delicious scones  in an OG garden.  July 16, 2017. Paul Goldfinger photograph. ©

Eileen Goldfinger, Food Editor @Blogfinger and Paul Goldfinger, plain old editor.

Gina Crescio-Moore is a trained chef, a New Yorker from Bayside, who spent her teen-age summers staying with family in the Grove. They bought their summer home here in 1980, and she relished her youthful time in town, loving all the unique experiences here: the porch culture, the talkative and friendly people, ice cream at Days, chicken dinners with fresh corn from the old Pathway Market, and the “vibe” which has been so special to her.

Subsequently she was trained as a chef in California, and over the years she lived in Homdel and Keyport.

Last year, when she was living in  Keyport, a major fire erupted destroying businesses and homes.  Among them was Gina’s  loft which was totally ruined.  After that, she and her 12 year old daughter Lilly moved to Ocean Grove because Gina has always loved the town and because the move placed her near family.

Gina is a personal chef and instructor. Her cuisine is varied, but she likes to emphasize vegetarianism, raw foods and herbs. Gina calls her business “Lilly Piccadilly.”  Her card says “healthy food for your healthy future.”  Gina is very interested in nutrition and she is especially knowledgeable about new  organic, non-processed cuisines.    She wants to work for families, individuals and couples, and she already has some clients in the Grove.  She can make whatever is requested, but she is not a caterer.

We met Gina when she was strolling around our North End neighborhood carrying a basket of her scones—delicious, made with chocolate, raspberry, and orange, She loves walking around the Grove meeting people.  Gina is a very gregarious person who gets excited talking about nutrition and cooking.

Chef Gina Moore aims to please. Not only will she create a meal to your specifications, but she will serve and even clean up. Her other services include shopping, setting up a pantry, preparing a week’s worth of food, and cooking custom meals for those on special diets.  Gina will take special orders for scones and breads.

You can reach Gina at 732 673 2625; or by email at g35manion@yahoo.com.

MARIA MULDAUR from her album On the Sunny Side


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By Paul Goldfinger, editor and Jack Bredin, reporter/researcher @Blogfinger.net

An estimated 100 Grovers showed up at last night’s Township Committee meeting to support permit parking as one popular solution to the town’s parking problems.

According to our reporter, the Committee was less than enthused about the proposal. They claimed that the idea was floated in the past, and no agreement could be reached. Randy Bishop is said to have previously called this topic “a waste of time.”

Nevertheless, the Township Committee asked their attorney Gene Anthony to prepare the wording for a November non-binding referendum which would be voted on at the next meeting. Anthony said that the issue was complex. There was no talk of a detailed plan; the referendum would be more general.

Evidently the idea of a referendum was floated by the HOA and that idea doesn’t seem so thrilling. Here is what Barbara Burns said about that in a recent email to the HOA members:

“Several members of the OGHOA attended the last Township Committee meeting and spoke up. As a result, on July 10, 2017, the Township Committee will discuss a proposal to place a referendum question on the November ballot, for Ocean Grove only, on whether to institute permit parking.”

The reason that a referendum is not a good idea is that we have to wait until November to take the pulse of voters and also only registered voters could vote on it. We have many homeowners in town who vote elsewhere, so they will be disenfranchised for this parking referendum, while many renters could vote.

In addition,  Burns was evidently wrong when she said that only Grovers would vote on the permit question.  So Neptuners would vote, and they tend to be negative regarding OG’s needs.

The best goal would be for only Grovers to be surveyed on this question, and that could be accomplished if we had a town meeting, perhaps at the Youth Temple, where we could vote on the question and get a more accurate assessment of how residents here feel about. Absentee ballots should be allowed.

The Blogfinger poll may be getting more “no’s” than expected due to renters voting who are worried about their situation. Their roll in all this remains to be seen.

But perhaps the best news of the day is that a large number of concerned residents showed up at the seat of local power to demand, as a group, implementation of permit parking. Hopefully this sort of meaningful concern would happen again as needed.

This is a good sign. If only the HOA would wake up some more from their misguided past history and get more aggressive about certain issues such as Wesley Lake, single family zoning, and the commercialization of the North End.

RICHARD KILEY from Man of La Mancha:

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Facebook Imperial Brass

By Paul Goldfinger, music editor @Blogfinger.net.  Eileen Goldfinger video clips

July 6, 2017 in the Great Auditorium of Ocean Grove:

We enjoyed this concert by the Imperial Brass very much, as expected, but there were some “knock your socks off” special moments.

As many of you know, the famous trumpeter Phillip Smith has a summer place in Ocean Grove. His tone and technique are so good that it makes you want to jump up and cheer, which is what happened.  Phil Smith played an intricate duet with Mitch Brodsky called “Deliverance.”  In the second half he soloed on an amazingly complex piece called Scherzando.

Phil told the audience that he has missed playing in the Great Auditorium and how much he loves the salt air and the pleasures of being back in his little cottage on Pilgrim Pathway.   Phil retired from his  long-term position as principal trumpet with the NY Philharmonic and now he is on the faculty at the University of Georgia.

Other highlights included a lovely trombone solo of an African American spiritual “Swing Low” by Robert Tiedemann. (We have a brief video from that below.)

We have been attending musical performances in the GA for years, but my greatest wish, until now ungranted, was to hear authentic live jazz in that terrific venue. Tonight the Imperial Brass granted that wish in what I suspect was the first time a real jazz man played, without amplification, on our stage.

Warren Vaché is an acclaimed jazz cornetist  from New Jersey who had two beautiful solos with the Brass, but the one that I savored was his rendition of Charlie Chaplin’s  “Smile”  Vaché delighted the crowd with a vocal chorus as well as a jazz solo.  Hopefully we can get some more jazz players at the Grove.

If you like jazz, check with the Axelrod Theatre in Deal where they often feature first rate live jazz.  Last year they had John Pizzarelli.  Also, Shanghai Jazz in Madison is a fine restaurant that features jazz and has done so for years. It is worth the trip.


The Imperial Brass is such a fine ensemble, and they vary their content so that you never get bored.  The instrumentation is thrilling for you brass fans–a diverse collection of horns— baritones, French, euphoniums, trumpets, and more that I couldn’t identify.  But the end result is a magnificent sound where the components come together in a remarkable way.

They have a web site if you want to sign up for their mailings or buy their recordings:

Imperial Brass

The group astonished the crowd with their last number, a most unusual rendition of the “Stars and Stripes Forever” by John Phillip Sousa whose premier march is often played in the Great Auditorium, but it is always done “straight.” However tonight the Brass astonished us with a raucus, jazzy, 21st century version of this piece including the classic piccolo solo done tonight by a marvelous soprano cornet player.  I wish Sousa could have been there.  Below is a bit of that march:


But there was an actual composer present–Joseph Turrin, who got to have a standing O because some of his brass compositions were performed tonight including a marvelous tribute to New York City called “Landmarks.”

Here is a brief segment of Robert Tiedemann’s trombone solo: “Swing Low”  Video by Eileen Goldfinger

And here are two selections from the Imperial Brass & Friends CD.

PHILIP SMITH (Trumpet)  with a hymn that he loves  (he introduced it and played it tonight.)

WARREN VACHE´ (Trumpet)  “April in Paris.”  ( I could not find a recording of “Smile”)

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Ocean Grove beach. Sunday, July 2, 2017, 3:45 pm. Blogfinger photo. ©


Individuals in charge of opening the OG  beach (primarily on Sundays) need to be given some type of plan as to what to do or how to approach the Bradley Beach goers who pay for the Bradley Beach side but then walk over and set up on Ocean Grove.    I have witnessed this happen on several occasions.

I was just there yesterday and it was ridiculous, the poor kid who was on duty at the time and making sure he opened up at 12:30  was being attacked for not saying or doing anything to the people sneaking over, meantime all the individuals who paid to get in and were patiently waiting for 12:30  had to stand by and watch others set up and take up space we paid for.

Some of the Ocean Grove payers actually walked over and paid the fee to Bradley beach and stated they wouldn’t come back to Ocean Grove.  Those are customers OG is losing out on. A plan needs to be put in place to avoid this from happening again.


July, 2017

JESSICA MOLASKEY:  Guess where she is.


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Days Kazoo Band. July 4, 2016. Main Avenue, OG. Paul Goldfinger photo ©  Click to enlarge this image.


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