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Wet, windy Monday in OG. The cottage is blue too.  Blogfinger photo.  November 30, 2020. Beware of the…




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Basic Blogfinger breakfast. Peasant style. See below.

By Eileen and Paul Goldfinger, Cookery Editors at Blogfinger.net

Having Italian bread, soft boiled egg, cheese and coffee is not actually a “heart healthy” breakfast, since it contains saturated fats, carbs, eggs, and caffeine.  But it is delicious, and respect must be paid to those courageous immigrants who came to America. (home of Shepherd’s Pies) and gave us this.

The health aspects of this sort of breakfast are controversial. Eggs, perhaps 3-4 per week, are considered to be fine, cheese has fat  (? good fats) and protein, and bread is, as my father used to say, “The staff of life.”  Some Irish butter is great with the bread.

My mother liked to have a cigarette after her coffee, but that’s another story.

So if you would like this breakfast, you could, in my opinion, fall off the wagon and do it on occasion, with the proviso that you get the best of all components.

The Italian bread comes from a source that is the finest near OG, and that is Antonio’s Gourmet Salumeria at 2201 Sunset Avenue in Ocean Township.   It is a terrific place to get a wide variety of Italian food “to go.” And they are 10 minutes from the Grove. It is a family business just as it probably was in Italy.

We were there today, and I asked if they have Thanksgiving in Italia. “No” was the answer, but with food as it is from that part of the world, every day is thanksgiving.

The cheeses are pecorino. (Italian—sheep’s milk  12 o’clock;)  provolone   (Italian-cow’s milk at 9 o’clock);   and brie (French at six o’clock.)  What’s missing is my favorite—Stilton. (English.)   Susan at Cheese on Main in Ocean Grove is a fine source, and her Stilton is the best.

I liked to get the pecorino which the Italian baker at the Sunset Farmers Market  (Asbury) would bring every Saturday in season, but the market closed this past Saturday.  He also has good breads as does Cheese on Main. (French).

As for eggs, here is a link to our article about the health benefits of eggs called,  “Eggs–bad for you or not?  An over-easy review from the Blogfinger Off-shore School of Medicine in Ocean Grove”.

Eileen makes a perfect soft boiled egg by bringing the water to a boil and then dropping the egg in for 4 1/2 minutes.

Eggs for your health……

Coffee isn’t worth drinking unless it tastes great and opens your eyes.  Caffeine is the most popular addictive substance on Earth. Its pharmacologic effects are short acting, but it gets the job done.

If you are unhappy with your coffee at home, start with freshly roasted beans. You will need a coffee grinder and a drip machine such as the Bunn home model with filters. Grind the coffee right before using.

It isn’t easy to choose a coffee bean, and taste is a matter of taste.

We use Kenya AA beans shipped  freshly roasted from Greene Brothers in Hackettstown, NJ.  It’s a little pricey, but very good.  Ask for Gizelle or Brian.  They even have the Bunn machines.

Our formula is one heaping tablespoon per cup and then one more for the “pot.”  You may need to experiment on all the steps just discussed.  I make the coffee in our house and I always get rave reviews; and now you know my secret.

And another secret to enjoying wonderful food:  Don’t eat alone and turn on some music.

KRISTIN CHENOWETH from the  Broadway Cast Album of Promises Promises

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Greenleaf Park is at the  corner of New York Avenue, Mt. Tabor Way and Mt. Carmel Way.   Paul Goldfinger photograph © 7/17/17. Ocean Grove, NJ.    Click to enlarge the magic.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.   Re-post from July, 2017.

In a prior Blogfinger post  I said this about the park above:

“Another park which has puzzled me is the one bounded by New York Avenue, Mt. Carmel Way and Mt. Tabor Way.  I like to walk through it on the way past the tents to arrive by the Beersheba Fountain, near the Great Auditorium. It’s a beautiful shady place, but what’s its name?  It turns out that it is “Greenleaf Park.”

I went there today  at 5:30 pm during a warm Monday twilight in July.  The light was dappled as it trickled through the leaves, moving with the breezes.

Monday early evening is quiet and peaceful. There  is little traffic and plenty of parking.  If you walk past the tents, as I did on the way through this park, I could hear Gordon Turk playing the Hope Jones organ.  The music carried from the Great Auditorium and was soft and sweet.

In the park I was attracted to a Victorian house with blue siding. The color was lovely in that light, but there was no magic. A National Geographic photographer once told me that he would stay still in a beautiful location hoping that something would happen to add “magic” to the image. Usually that would be the arrival of a person.

Just then a woman came by with her dog. She was walking quickly, but there was something about her presence.  All I got was one exposure.

As she came by I said to her, “I just took your picture.”

She was pleased by that news.  She commented on how lovely the park was just then. It seems that she is a new Grover who came here to start a new life.

She said, “It’s magical here. I love this town. It saved me.”

I said, “You have to actually live here or spend some time to understand that there are moments like this here that are alive and wonderful.”

I gave her a BF card hoping that one exposure would be good, and it was.

But, if our town is at its most magical when it is quiet and dreamy and inspirational and beautiful, then why in the world would we allow the Neptuners to encourage us to be overrun with tourists and crowds and cars and condominiums and commercialism?


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It was a warm and pleasant Thursday mid-afternoon on Main Avenue in Ocean Grove. We try to pay attention to the lineup of businesses in the Grove.  Parking was tight, but, strangely as the Christmas shopping season begins, not everything was open.

The All Star bagel shop had closed at 2 pm. The Dapper Dog Spa  grooming shop was closed; by appointment only.  The New Dawn Hair Company was closed. This is a new hair salon.

Susan stays open in Cheese on Main. This is not a comprehensive list of businesses.


Cottage Home Interiors, a marvelous shop, has just opened at 49 Main Ave. All photos by Paul Goldfinger of Blogfinger.net.  Nov. 5, 2020. © Click all photos to enlarge.


This was a wonderful surprise.  Susan and Brian Schulte had closed their Favorite Things store and opened this lovely venue for home interiors.  They are very happy in their new location, and it is definitely worth a visit since Susan is known for her impeccable taste.  This shop raises all boats on Main.  Their current hours are M-W-Fri- (11-5) and Sat. (10-5).  They even have a bench outside for the comfort of visitors.


Balzac and Co. Yarn Shop remains the most colorful shop in town.  Click to enlarge.


The Emporium beach shop adjacent to Comfort Zone.

Steve and Victor operate two of the classiest shops in town. The Emporium, Jr. beach shop has the best selection of high quality Ocean Grove clothing.  During the Labor Day holiday, while walking on the boards,  I only saw one OG T shirt. Where’s the town pride?  And the Comfort Zone has wonderful skin creams, soaps, fragrances, etc, plus there is a book shop.


Ocean Grove Hardware is open, but they do not allow customers into the store. Blogfinger photo.



JESSICA MOLASKEY   from her album Pentimento


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A new bride clutching a bouquet as the sun comes up during a 35 degree Saturday morning photo-shoot in the Grove. 10/31/20 Paul Goldfinger photo ©.


ANDREA BOCELLI  from his album Cinema.

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Witches assemble on Heck Avenue for Halloween. 10/31/15. © Paul Goldfinger photograph

Witches assemble on Heck Avenue for Halloween. Under the levity is what?  10/31/15. © Paul Goldfinger photograph.


YO YO MA: ” Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The eternal vow”   by Tan Dun



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The Albatross. Ocean Pathway, Ocean Grove.   Blogfinger photo ©


By Paul Goldfinger, Blogfinger.net:


The article below was from 2017 on Blogfinger when a reader called the Albatross “..just another menace to society.”  But rest assured that the recent drug raid on Oct. 9, 2020, on Ocean Pathway was at another address, closer to the ocean—-a tribute to skepticism regarding preconceived notions and stereotypes.


Ocean Pathway drug bust Oct 9 2020



From Samuel Taylor’s  poem :    Ryme of the Ancient Mariner:

“With my cross-bow,
I shot the albatross.

‘Twas right, said they, such birds to slay,
That bring the fog and mist.”

But now, in Ocean Grove, Joe Grove has something similar to say about the Albatross, but he is referring to an old hotel on the Ocean Pathway in Ocean Grove, NJ.

“The Albatross has been functioning as vagrant housing. It seems the B and B’s of Ocean Grove have a 10 day stay limit for guests and to circumvent this limitation one simply has to change rooms. The Albatross is apparently applying a 90 day limitation and has basically converted into vagrant housing. The residents from the Whitfield and La Pierre are staying there under contract with a state agency.

“To have a B and B  on the Pathway between the Great Auditorium and the boardwalk pavilion operating under this charade is pretty amazing. The integrity of the surrounding area has negatively impacted other residents, and the vagrants in the Albatross have definitely left their mark with cigarette butts and other trash inconsiderately tossed on the streets.

“Hats off to the owner of the Albatross which has become just another menace to society…”

There had been talk that the owner of the Albatross would like to turn it into condominiums, but we don’t know for sure. It had some moments of fame on the HBO series Boardwalk Empire.

As portrayed on HBO–cast as an early 20th century hotel; which it is. Blogfinger photo of the TV showing Boardwalk Empire (HBO).

The Albatross appears in “Boardwalk Empire”

But why can’t these old hotels succeed as they did in the past?  The Manchester Inn seemed successful, but the owner wanted condos….and then it burned down.  Single family homes resulted.  But others deteriorated like the Whitfield which was demolished and will become single family homes.  One recently tried to become a drug rehab center.  And yet others have become condominiums with pseudo-Victorian facades and no parking, increased congestion, and no character.

But Neptune’s elected officials  should  owe their allegiance to the citizens of the “historic district” and not to developers.  The ideal should be a historic town that brings comfort and beauty to the residents and the visitors.  It should be a place with honesty, light and air.  It should attract art, music, children, flowers, teenagers, yard sales, dinner on the porches, bicyclists, film festivals, ice cream, theater, girls in summer clothes, good eateries, diversity, and more….not trash and scum in Wesley Lake, not politicians in the shadows,  and not cigarette butts on the ground.

Too bad for the owners, but the dying old hotels should revert to single family homes.  Why did the Township bother to write a master plan?

And what will happen to Ocean Grove in the future—maybe it will become like Ocean Grove, Australia, which now bears no resemblance to Osborne’s dream.  It’s a surfers’ town now. Maybe that’s OK.  Some wouldn’t care if our Grove were to drift away to become something else.


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By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net   (Rich and I did this in 2015;  it’s time to open it up again in 2020–just send me a comment or an email, and I will add you to the list of parental fibs.)

Rich Lepore of the HUB store in Auditorium Park and I were reminiscing in 2015 about lies that our parents told us when we were kids.   In Yiddish, such bull stories were called “bubbemycins” (trans: old wives’ tales).

So he and I exchanged a few and then Rich suggested we have a Blogfinger bubbemycin event.   Sent us your favorite one or two, and we will wind up with a prize for the most fanciful of lies on the home front.

You can participate using a fake name if you don’t want your parents, living or dead, to punish you. You can offer a few sentences of explanation if needed.

PG: My father hated when I walked around the house wearing sox. He said, “Don’t do that—it’s against our religion.”   So, although I never became a religious scholar, I did eventually realize that he was “hocking my chinick” –“chi”….like in pie  (tr.  annoying me with nonsense.)  But, to this day, I hate walking around in my sox.

Rich: My parents said I would be up all night if I had a cup of coffee in the evening. Later I learned that I could sleep all night after coffee.

Rich: We couldn’t go in the water after eating anything because we could have a fatal cramp and drown. One day I snuck into the water after eating a Twinkie, and I didn’t drown. Now I don’t go into the water at all.

Kathleen Cluba:  This brings back so many memories of my mother who I miss and think of daily. She always used to tell me to eat the crust on my bread as it would give me curly hair. Well, I’m pushing 70 and my hair is still very fine and straight and worn short. OMG, I look like a peach.

Ogrover:  So many little ones to choose from like … Lima beans are just green mashed potatoes with the skin on … Keep making that face and it will stay that way … You can’t make a living as a Skee Ball player … oh wait, that one is probably true.

A Little Risqué:     Don’t “make out”..You could get pregnant…oops I hope this isn’t too risqué.

—-Editor’s note:  Risqué—Are you kidding?  Many of our readers will learn something from your comment.  I wish I could find a time machine and send your bubbemycin sample back to the junior girls at Rutherford High School.

Penny:   “Don’t go outside with wet hair, you’ll catch a cold!”


BILLIE HOLIDAY  “It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie.”      (Editor:  Religious scholars will tell you that it is indeed a sin to tell a lie, even though it is not exactly in the 10 commandments.  But there is that pesky commandment about bearing false witness….that’s a lie. )

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Ocean Pathway, OG. August, 2018. Dusk. Paul Goldfinger photograph. © click to enlarge.

MICHELE GARRUTI:   “Life is Beautiful” from the 1997 Italian movie of the same name.   From the album the Greatest Movie Soundtracks.  The film won three Academy Awards including Best Foreign Film, Best Original Score and Best Actor. (Roberto Benigni.)

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2 1/2 year old approaches bathing beauty and introduces himself.  Ocean Grove.  October, 2020.


This young man was visiting the OG beach. He can say some words, so he ran around introducing himself to bathing beauties and kids digging holes.  He is a true Hi De Ho Man.  His Mom was nearby taking pictures and wondering “What the hey?”




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