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Keeping cool in the Great Auditorium. by Paul Goldfinger back in the cheap seats. ©

Keeping cool in the Great Auditorium. By Paul Goldfinger back in the cheap seats. #4 is my favorite number.   Ocean Grove, NJ  © Blogfinger.net





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Summer Saturday night in the Grove. Paul Goldfinger photograph © c.2015

Summer Saturday night in the Grove—-at Nagle’s.  Paul Goldfinger photograph © 2015.




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July 4, 2018  parade on Main Avenue. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©  Click for more gams. (This word is from a long extinct language spoken by peoples who once populated the place where New Jersey now exists.)


By Paul Goldfinger MD.  Editor Blogfinger.net

Despite being ignored by the Neptuners, the Camp Meeting, the Home Groaners, and the Chamber of Commercials, the town of Ocean Grove, with its history as well as its changing demographics, now has a recognizable and mixed culture of its own,  distinct from the historic theocratic and monochromatic one which now is defined by religious programming and tourism.

That newly  evolving culture is inhabited by second homers, neighbors, families,  porchers  (the alfresco crowd,) retirees,  renters, gays, teenagers, twenty-thirty somethings, Asbury Park aficionados, small children, beachers in season, artists, writers, pickle ballers, singles, surfers, home cooks, athletes, musicians, minorities/people of color,  bicyclers, and others.  Most of them  can be called “secular.”

It’s too bad that this dynamic mix in the Grove  isn’t  identified as an actual community.   If it were, those who actually live here  could surface as the “OG Underground” and wear T shirts because they are now the majority in the Grove.

Blogfinger has been photographing and writing about this group since our founding in 2009,  but it has yet to be formally recognized by  Neptune Township at the Mother Ship. Their cultural blurry vision could be corrected if the Grover majority were to exert some pressure.

We have tried to shine a light on the Grove as a place where people actually live as opposed to a place that sometimes looks like a State Fair ground, where events are held for the benefit of tourists, merchants, religious leaders, sellers of junk, and  British car mavens. If the mix in this town, including the special CMA component, were recognized and polished, this could become  one of the most fascinating small towns in America.

At least Asbury has a focus on cuisine, youth,  art, and music, and they are attracting Grovers to their culture because of the deficiencies in ours.

And Jean Bredin, with her “Around Town With Jean” series on Blogfinger  has been uncovering that Grovarian cultural evolution.




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Fred Fred “Waterseller” Ohleth at the August 22, 2015 postcard and antique show. Auditorium Pavilion. Paul Goldfinger photo © Blogfinger.net


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor  @ Blogfinger.net


Fred Ohleth, a retired 6’4″ NYC police officer, lives in a tent each summer with his wife Linda. His family goes back in the Grove, so he keeps up the tradition.  In the off- season Fred and Linda (no, not Fred and Ginger) have a condo in the Grove.  Fred is the Commander -in-chief of a small band of water, hot dog  and treats sellers who cover a number of events in town, but they are best known for their supply side activities in the shadows of the Great Auditorium on Saturday nights—-tonight it’s the Beach Boys (as if we don’t already have a few of those around.)

Fred and Linda  travel to the wilds of Pennsylvania for those dogs.  You must try one!   These volunteers work hard and party hard when the show is over.

Stop by and say hello to Fred, Linda, Shirley, Barbara, Mike, Ted and all the others who make sure that no one is hungry or thirsty at the GA  (right across the street from the bathrooms. )   And yes, you can take bottled water into the GA.


Link to our article from May 2013:

BF link re refreshments at the GA


JANE SUMMERHAYS and NICK ULLETT: Original Broadway cast of Me and My Girl:



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Asbury Park boardwalk, entering the Casino. OG is on the other side of no man’s land. Paul Goldfinger photograph © Blogfinger.net. 2017. Click for the details.



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Main Avenue, Ocean Grove. September 2012. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Street musician.  Main Avenue, Ocean Grove. September 2012. Paul Goldfinger photo ©  Re-posted from September, 2015.



BLOSSOM DEARIE  “It Might as well be Spring”  (performed in French)


“I’m as busy as a spider spinning daydreams
I’m as giddy as a baby on a swing
I haven’t seen a crocus or a rosebud
Or a robin on the wing”


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Paul Goldfinger © September, 2016. Ocean Grove beach.  Click to enlarge.



BOB DYLAN  “September of My Years”  From his album Triplicate.

“One day you turn around and it’s summer
Next day you turn around and it’s fall
And all the springs and the winters of a lifetime
Whatever happened to them all?”



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A tale of two bicycles on a Sunday in Ocean Grove. Paul Goldfinger © Sundays also change in the Grove




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Going round and round in Firemen's Park. Blogfinger.net photo. 7/22/15 ©

Going round and round in Firemen’s Park. Blogfinger.net photo. 7/22/15 ©


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net. Re-post.  One change noticed in 2015:



I get the impression that more people than ever are peddling around town this summer.  These are not the fast skinny guys with skinny legs, skinny tires, and tight pants.  These are families or groups of people of all ages biking around the streets of OG, sometimes 5 or more at a time.

They are enjoying the ambience of the town and are seemingly not worried about the congestion or about cars or doors opening suddenly.  They usually wear helmets which had been more unusual in the past.   Sometimes they ride bicycles built for two.

Do you agree that this is a lifestyle change in the Grove?   Have visitors and townies discovered a satisfying way to get exercise in the summer while seeing the sights?    If you do agree, how would you account for this observation?  It should also be noted that we aren’t hearing about bike thefts so much any more.  Why would that be?  Has crime declined here?

Don’t forget that you can bike on the boardwalk till 10:00 am daily.   Anybody want to be a citizen reporter and tell us what the time limits are on the boardwalks to the north and south?   Also you can ride around town at night, but be sure to get front and rear lights.  It’s surprising how often people ride around town without any lights.

You can rent bikes at OG hardware, hop aboard and go.   But make sure you stop before you try that Dell Vikings tenor sax solo.

DELL VIKINGS   “Come Go With Me.”

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Gospel service in the Boardwalk Pavilion. Ocean Grove, NJ 2009. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©

Gospel service in the Boardwalk Pavilion. Ocean Grove, NJ 2009. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©


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