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Paul Goldfinger ©. 2012. Ushers March in the Great Auditorium during Choir Festival.

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Ground Rents  (Re:  Appeals Court ruling)

To the Editor:

Having now read the court decision, its not as interesting as I thought it might be.

Condos can’t avoid their ground lease payments.

Pathway Condos (30 Ocean Pathway) and Dardanelle Condos (40 Ocean Pathway) filed a lawsuit last year trying to avoid paying the annual ground lease to the OCGMA arguing that a provision of the NJ Condominium law did not allow condos to be on leased property.

Last year a trial court ruled against the condos. This week the NJ Appellate Court agreed and ruled that the condos have to pay the land lease to OCGMA.

Bernie the Attorney

The writer is a real attorney who writes under the name Bernie—- special to Blogfinger.


Editor’s Note:  So now we can stop kvetching over this, unless someone wants to take the issue of ground rents to the Supreme Court.

And the Home Groaners can stop spending the members’ money on useless lawyers.  Why don’t they make public that lawyer’s opinion about ground rents. I think it cost $7,000.00

The HOA members and the public have a right to see it, especially those who are directly concerned with this matter—eg the condo owners and the CMA.  Post it on the HOA’s useless web site  Muckandgibberish.com

Paul Goldfinger, MD, for the Blogfinger Editorial Board.

And here’s a link about ground rents by Kevin Chambers

ground rents issues


THE BEATLES  with a little known song, but I like it—having nothing at all to do with ground rents.

“Don’t Let Me Down”  from the Blue Album



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Hats never totally go out of style. 6/16/18. Ocean Grove. Paul Goldfinger ©


Girls in their summer clothes.   Hats are in.   Paul Goldfinger © 6/16/18.



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Plant Sale 2014. Ocean Grove Camp Town ladies at work. Paul Goldfinger photograph. ©

The ladies in red have  been raising money for Ocean Grove since 1944. They donate thousands of dollars each year to a variety of projects. A few years ago they gave $20,000 to the Together Fund.  And recently they gave $10,000 to the Fountain Fund—Founders Park.   (As announced by the Coaster this week.)

Their events include book sales, fish and chips dinners, plant sale, ice cream social and Christmas Boutique.

The OG Ladies Auxiliary is an arm of the Camp Meeting Association, so we can nickname  OG “Camp Town.”

The plant sale was this past May, but the fish and chips dinner in the Pavilion will be in July. Don’t miss it; it’s great.

Consult your CMA Summer Program Guide.


PETE SEEGER with Stephen Foster’s timeless song    “Camptown Races.”


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Source: “Ocean Grove 2018 Summer Program Guide.”


Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.   Shaboom, Shaboom.

The Doo Wops used to usher in the summer season in OG and then return in September with a different lineup. But in the last couple of years, the CMA has eliminated most pop concerts from the summer schedule—except for the Beach Boys.

But now, in a surprise announcement, the CMA has taken seriously the adage “See You in September” with a “Doo Wop Extravaganza” on September one in the Great Auditorium.  The program contains all excellent choices, so this concert should not be missed if you like the music from that era.

There is magic associated with the Doo Wops in Ocean Grove, because every year a large crowd would assemble, and they always seemed to be the same age year after year, never getting older than old enough.

This Doo Wop concert is one of two secular pop  musical shows this season.  The other is The Beach Boys on August 18.

JAY AND THE AMERICANS:   “Come a Little Bit Closer”




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Our sources tell us that Rev. John Digiamberardino has left his position as Chief Operating Officer of the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association.  He reportedly left on March 9.  We have no further information.

Here is a link to our 2016 article about his appointment

CMA COO 2016

And here is a link to a post from January on BF analyzing a statement which Rev. John made.  It raises some provocative points about his views.

January 2018 post regarding a CMA statement.

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Fletcher Lake in Ocean Grove.  Part of the “community?” Click to enlarge and see what’s at stake when Ocean Grove policy is commandeered by the CMA and the Township. How about the citizens?    Paul Goldfinger photo.  ©

This post from last August 25 deconstructs a portion of the CMA letter about permit parking which revealed a great deal about how they feel about the town.    Here it is again because of our recent discussions on this subject. Note the comments.

The quote below is from Rev. John DiGiamberardino’s statement to the Neptune Township Committee at their regular meeting on Monday, August 14, 2017, in the Municipal Building. He is the COO of the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association.:

“The OGCMA, founder of the community, has existed for 148 years as the leading organization and tax payer in Ocean Grove seeking the good of the community, residents, and visitors.”

The context of his statement was to object vigorously against the idea of permit parking for OG citizens and to threaten a law suit if the CMA’s demands are not met.

But if you read the CMA quote above carefully, you will see that we need to clarify some of his words and definitions. Words have meaning, and I assume that the Reverend wants us to understand his meaning.

a.  “The OGCMA, founder of the community…..”    What does “community” mean?  He refers to the “community” as being separate from “residents” when he says that “OGCMA seeks the good of the community, residents and visitors,”  so “community” evidently refers to something other than the citizens who live here.

He introduces the OGCMA as the “founder of the community” as if that has some special significance in terms of governance  in this town in 2017.  When the State Supreme Court turned  Ocean Grove over to Neptune in 1980, that left the CMA as being just another group or entity in OG with no legal special influence in the decisions of the Neptune government, such as what to do about parking.

b. ” The leading organization..” Does this mean the most important organization in town?  Does he claim special entitlement because of being “the leading organization?”

c. “The leading taxpayer” seems to refer to the OG entity which  pays the most tax money to Neptune Township. Does he mention this because those who pay the most taxes deserve the most attention or the most influence?     We have residents in this town who pay no property taxes.  Do they have no influence?

d. “148 years”  Does he mention this because he wants to teach us some history or does it mean that the oldest organization in town deserves some special consideration?    Otherwise, why do we need that number?

e.  ” The CMA is seeking the good of the community, residents, and visitors.”  In order to understand this claim,  we need to know the definition of “good.”  It seems to be condescending for the CMA to know what “good” we residents need, and then to demand public policy based on that unique knowledge.

My guess is that the CMA thinks that it has some special advantage over the rest of us that entitles it to apply its  unique influence in getting the Township to make decisions in its favor, such as re-zoning the North End and refusing to consider a permit parking plan.

The CMA threatens a lawsuit over this.  If they think that they are  more important than any other constituency in town, and if the Township agrees with that, then that seems like a potential Constitutional violation  if laws are passed in their favor.  (“Equal justice under the law.”)

Are we wrong?  Are we totally misconstruing what Rev. John said in that statement?   What do you think this means?

And the entire statement by the COO can be found in the article below about political intimidation.


Written August 18, 2017,  by Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger


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See anybody you know?    Dec 24, 2017. Ocean Grove, NJ. Paul Goldfinger ©


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The statement below is from John DiGiamberardino, Executive Director (COO)  Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association.:

“The Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association (OGCMA) is excited to announce the commencement of a greater than $ one million reconstruction project for the North End boardwalk area from McClintock Street to Seaview Avenue. The project will begin in early January, 2018, and completion is targeted for May 2018. This represents the next phase of the Camp Meeting Association’s ongoing efforts to improve our boardwalk for residents and visitors alike.

“The Camp Meeting’s goal is to match the new decking material with that of the most recent renovations to the other sections which were installed since Superstorm Sandy.

“For your safety and awareness, there are certain things you should be informed of as the project gets underway. The electricity for boardwalk lighting to the area has been turned off, and the existing sections of boardwalk will be removed. For safety reasons, the entire section under construction will be closed to the public.

“You can expect construction traffic and construction noise, with the most significant noise taking place when pilings are being driven. A number of Ocean Avenue parking spots on the east side of Ocean Avenue will be closed from public parking in order to provide a temporary walkway for pedestrians.

“Together we can look forward to a beautiful new section of boardwalk in spring 2018!   Watch our Facebook page or sign up to receive our newsletter on our website (www.oceangrove.org) for updates on the project.”

Editor’s note:  The CMA announcement on January 10 did not include these details regarding safety and construction, so we appreciate this update from Rev. John.

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Illumination Night 2016. Paul Goldfinger, Blogfinger.net. image © Click to enlarge.  

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor, Blogfinger.net

Illumination Night is a traditional event that was brought back to life in 2014.  The latest version will be held  this Friday, August 4, 2017, in the evening from 8-10 pm. As before, the activities will be in Auditorium Square Park, the Hub and the Hub’s Courtyard.  (All adjacent to the Great Auditorium.)

Lights will be installed around the park and on houses and tents. The light motif is especially important this year because it reflects the Camp Meeting Association’s  theme for this summer, “Let your light shine.”

Paper bag lights are being decorated by the children of the Thornley Chapel kindergarten and students from the Riptide school.

Illumination Night has become a community event.  Neighbors come with the kids and meet friends. It has been a happy occasion of the sort that Ocean Grove needs more of.  Blogfinger has been impressed with the numbers of young families and children who enjoy being out for this  night-time gala occasion.

However, last year there was concern on Blogfinger as to whether this event would evolve into a secular or a religious event. In 2016 there was a sermon and some Christian music.

This year there will be live music  and there will be catered food such as hot sandwiches for sale.  Other town eateries may participate. There will also be displays by the OG Candy Shop, the Historical Society and the Chamber of Commerce.

Lynda Kusick, the Hub Manager, is setting up the event.

Here are some related links:

Link to the July 2014 first  modern-day Illumination Night in Ocean Grove. There was no repeat in 2015.

2014 Illumination Night

Link to the 2016 edition.  There is a nice photo gallery to enjoy here.

2016 Illumination Night and gallery

Link to a video in Ocean Grove:

Festival of lights


SINEAD LOHAN  “Sailing By”


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