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An OG artist decorated this Main Avenue home for a wedding later that day. The image was obtained shortly after sunrise. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

An OG artist decorated this #10 Main Avenue home with metallic strips  for a wedding later that day. The image was obtained shortly after sunrise near the beach to catch the light and the breezes. Paul Goldfinger photo ©


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Ocean Grove Summer Band in the Boardwalk Pavilion. 7/5/15. By Jean Bredin, Blogfinger.net staff. ©

Ocean Grove Summer Band in the Boardwalk Pavilion. 8/5/15. By Jean Bredin, Blogfinger.net staff. ©    Click to enlarge

Re-post from 2015.   “Around Town With Jean:”

“Harry Eichhorn’s Summer Band is a treasure. It is reminiscent of days gone by.
Where else can you hear a rousing song, feel the ocean breezes, then stroll for ice cream?”

–Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff.

Here is a link to a 2013 article which we posted about Harry :     Wild about Harry


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Auxiliary volunteers serve dinner at this annual fund raiser. 7/17/19 Blogfinger.net  Paul Goldfinger photographs


The fresh made dinners were wonderful; fried fish and fried potatoes–what could go wrong with that? Finished with ice tea and apple pie. © Blogfinger photo   Auditorium Pavilion, right next to the Great Auditorium.


Caterer was cooking right there. The take-out line was longer than the sit-down group. But the fine staff kept it all moving. Ocean breezes made it comfortable.   Blogfinger photo ©  7/17/19


Eileen Goldfinger enjoys fried food, but not too often. ©


Dr. and Mrs. Dale Whilden decide to laugh at the photographer. Dr. W.   was going around to the tables saying, “You may rinse now”



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Fish and chips dinner.  OG Ladies Auxiliary.  July 17, 2019. Paul Goldfinger ©   Click to enlarge


ANGELA LANSBURY:   From Beauty and the Beast

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Bob Bowné capatures an intriguing image. It was a memorial service on the Ocean Grove beach. November, 2015. Special to Blogfinger ©

Bob Bowné captures an intriguing image. It was a memorial service on the Ocean Grove beach. November, 2015. Special to Blogfinger ©  Click to enlarge.

KAREN O. and EZRA KOENIG.  “The Moon Song”

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Ocean Grove Memorial Day Weekend. 5/27/17 Paul Goldfinger photo ©  Click to enlarge.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net.  2017 Re-post.

It was cool and breezy during the Atlantic Wind Ensemble concert on Saturday night, May 27, 2017–Memorial Day weekend in Ocean Grove, NJ.

The band entertained a large crowd with a fine selection of music including Haydn, South Pacific, Dixieland, James Bond and God Bless America among others.

Outside, tent city was largely uninhabited, but one dwelling was displaying an American flag, and in the waning soft light of the early evening, with the doors of the Great Auditorium open, you could see that flag floating in the breeze. Its colors seemed dreamy–not bright like the usual red, white and blue display.  In between band selections, I walked across the GA and outside to get this photograph.  No one was around except for some ushers, but the flag seemed just right for Memorial Day and all it stands for.

Memorial Day concert. Great Auditorium. 5/27/17. Paul Goldfinger photo. © Click to enlarge.

The first number on the program after the Star Spangled Banner was a Spanish piece called “Amparito Roca.”  Here it is as performed by the University of Illinois Symphonic Band.

The announcer said it was famous as a vehicle for dancing the Paso Doble, a dramatic and romantic dance from Spain, which I saw performed many years ago by a professional dance team at the Hotel Nemerson in South Fallsburg, NY.  But the Atlantic Wind performance for this piece sounded like march music.  So, naturally, I went home and Googled it.  And, sure enough, it is both: march and dance music for the Paso Doble.

So here are Susanna Reid and Kevin on You Tube doing that dance to the music of “Los Toreadors” (Bizet from Carmen)

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Malaina (R, age 4 on Saturday) and sister Addison (age 1) pose in Firemen’s Park. 7/4/19 Photo by Dad Adam Kuczynski © Special to Blogfinger.net

These two were enjoying a visit to the park with Dad on July 4, when Malaina Kuczynski spotted the planter with the flag. She went up to it, conjured up this pose, and asked Dad to take a photo.  He complied, and then one year old Addison joined the photo-shoot. for another take.

When we asked Malaina how old she was, she raised three fingers, but Dad showed her four, however technically Malaina was correct. Her birthday is on July 6.

The girls are visiting Gram’s house for the holiday weekend.


JAMES BASKETT   from Disney’s “Song of the South.”

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Next stop is the Jumping Brook Country Club in Neptune. May 22, 2015. Blogfinger photo by Paul Goldfinger. ©

Next stop is the Jumping Brook Country Club in Neptune. May 22, 2015. Blogfinger photo on Main Avenue in Ocean Grove  by Paul Goldfinger. ©  Click to enlarge.      Repost

Five friends posing for pictures in Firemen’s Park, Ocean Grove.  How beautiful can you look?  How wonderful the day? Thus we are re-posting this fine memory for these friends.

We found this happy crew standing for photographs in front of the bell, but get outta here! What about that gorgeous chariot at the curb, waiting to take them to the Neptune High School Prom?  Let’s take the picture over there.

These five Scarlet Fliers are a group of friends—they said so.  How lucky can you get? Let’s get close together and how about a big smile?

So who do we have here?   We have, left to right,  Nicholas Severson, Rebecca Sokol, Victoria Alaniz, Sasha Murphy, and Max Schmidt.

The red “limo” is a 1940 Ford owned by Michael Yencarelli.  The car has been in his family for 30 years.

Since we have a car from the 1940’s, let’s go retro for music from that same era.

Ladies and gentleman, from the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas, it’s Frank Sinatra with Count Basie and his Orchestra:

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Note:  The Trolley tour will be hosted by Ted David, author of two OG history books.  Each passenger is invited to participate in the 150th Anniversary Photo Booth.  Light refreshments will be served.   The trolley is covered and has climate control.

To read about Ted David, do a Blogfinger search at the top right of this home page.

The price per person is $25.00, and tours will run every half hour from 1-4:30 pm.


JUDY GARLAND: 1944, from the film Meet Me in St. Louis.


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Flea Market. May 30, 2015. Paul Goldfinger ©.

Flea Market. May 30, 2015. Paul Goldfinger ©.  Click to see more stuff.

What to do at night after the  OG flea market? It’s the same 2015 or now, 2018.


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