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Flag Day Ocean Grove by Jack Bredin. October, 2020. ©



DICK HYMAN, IVAN DAVIS AND MAURICE PERESS:  “Whispering.”   From The Birth of Rhapsody in Blue. Paul Whiteman’s Historic  Aeolian Hall Concert of 1924.  Aeolian Hall was a 1100 seat concert venue in mid-town Manhattan.  It closed in 1926.

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Jack Bredin. The Fishing Pier in September.  March 19, 2021. ©  Photograph by Rob Bredin.  Special to Blogfinger.net.





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Jack Bredin painting. Twilight in the Grove. Main Ave. looking west.  Ocean Grove. 2020.  Photograph by Rob Bredin. ©   Click to enlarge.


KATE HAVNEVIK  from the Hotel Café Presents Winter Songs.


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“A Snowy Day” by Jack Bredin. November, 2020. Special to Blogfinger.net.




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‘Moe”…a pastel by Ocean Grove artist MaryLou Shipman. November, 2020. Special to Blogfinger.net


MaryLou is an artist whose work painting Ocean Grove cats is well known to us.  Some call her the “Cat Lady.”      You can plug her name into our search box above right.

So, we were surprised when MaryLou sent us this pastel of a dog named “Moe.”  She completed this work in 2020.   We have a photographer on Blogfinger named Moe, and I had an uncle Moe.   And there was a show years ago called  “5 Guys Named Moe.”  And then there was a haircut: the Moe Hawk.

We enjoy posting the work of OG artists.

Thank you MaryLou for this work which captures the spirit of Moe.

MaryLou accepts commission work. Contact at marylship@yahoo.com.



HARRY NILSSON     “The Puppy Song.”   From the album Harry.

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“Jean’s Kitchen” by Jack Bredin. May, 2020. Ocean Grove. Photograph by Rob Bredin.


Julia Child’s kitchen is in the Smithsonian, but to Jack, friends and family of Jean, this kitchen, on Heck Avenue is a gourmet’s delight.  Jack works at home, so he didn’t need to travel far for his model.

This is more than a painting of a room.  Jean is there, and Jack has placed some clues to his existence as her best customer:  his glasses and his tush pillow.  We also see other signs of life in the Bredin house: plants, flowers and the cat.

And as a further tribute to Jean, Jack rolled back the years for his sweet partner and cook.


FRANK SINATRA  with a tribute to Jean Bredin:

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Ocean Grove 2005. We need more events like this. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Ocean Grove 2005. We need more events like this. Paul Goldfinger photo ©


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October 6, 2019.  By MaryLou Shipman:   “I am attaching my latest watercolor of Willie. He is my little friend from Ocean Grove’s Cookman Avenue:”


Willie. Cookman Avenue, Ocean Grove. Watercolor by MaryLou Shipman. © 2019. Special to Blogfinger.net.



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Jack the cat. Photo by Marylou Shipman.© Nov. 2016.

Jack the cat. Water color painting by Marylou Shipman.© Nov. 2016.

Original post 1/23/17:

From Ocean Grove artist Marylou Shipman. October 6, 2019.

“Hello Paul…Back in November I was taking my daily walk for coffee when I spotted the purr-fect photo-op right outside of Blogfinger headquarters. There, perched atop your beautiful  porch railing, was Jack the cat from Mt. Tabor Way.

“He made my job easy…more than willing to sit while I snapped several shots, trying to get the composition just right for my watercolor painting. This is a rare event, as you can imagine because the typical cat will not hold a pose if he does not want to. Perhaps Jack was waiting patiently for that next big OG news story to come in.”


Editor’s note:  (Paul @Blogfinger)  We are privileged at Blogfinger to be able to exhibit MaryLou Shipman’s series of cat paintings.  Aside from her great technical skill, MaryLou has created a rogues gallery of actual cats who are also Grovers. She observes their personalities and captures their individualities.

As for Jack Sprat, “The Jack Sprat alluded to in this English poem is reputed to be King Charles I (1625-1649) and Henrietta Maria, his Queen (1609-1669).”  (From the history book of nursery rhymes.)

2019 update: MaryLou  is “still going strong.”  In an email to Blogfinger she says, “Jack can usually be found curled up comfortable into a wicker chair cushion on his own porch on Mt. Tabor Way. I consider Jack to be my good luck charm. His painting won “Best in Show” in the 2017 Canterbury Juried Art Exhibition of Rumson, NJ. The painting was also accepted to the 2017 NJ Watercolor Society’s 75th Annual Juried Exhibition and most recently accepted to the 2019 Audubon Artists 77th Annual Exhibition at the Salmagundi Club, New York, NY, October 28-Nov 8. Very exciting!

Congratulations to MaryLou for her well deserved recognition as an artist.  We are posting her latest work separately.  —

Marylou’s cats  remind me of the Broadway show “Cats” where each cast member is unique.

Here is the most famous song from the show Cats:  “Memory”   (not memories). This version is from the original Broadway cast album.


–Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net


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An OG artist decorated this Main Avenue home for a wedding later that day. The image was obtained shortly after sunrise. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

An OG artist decorated this #10 Main Avenue home with metallic strips  for a wedding later that day. The image was obtained shortly after sunrise near the beach to catch the light and the breezes. Paul Goldfinger photo ©


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