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“Romeo” by Marylou Shipman of Ocean Grove.© Special to Blogfinger.net 2017.

Hello Paul…

Happy Spring! It’s that time of year when I’m starting to see more of our feline friends hanging around outside and happy dogs walking with their people along the boardwalk. I thought I would send you my latest painting, Ocean Grove dog “Romeo”. Actually, I heard that Romeo has since moved to Asbury Park, however when I met him, he was an O.G. dog. I first saw him one day while I was walking past the Tumblety Gallery and saw his adorable face peeking out at me from inside.

He is a Brussels Griffon, one of my favorite dog breeds. I could not pass up the photo op even if it meant tempting a barking episode…which it did! Romeo’s owner, who was at the Gallery doing some renovation work, saw the commotion and asked if I would like to meet this funny fellow. You can imagine my joy when he opened the door and out came this happy, tail wagging little guy in a blue sweater. What a thrill!



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Tiger Lilly by MaryLou Shipman of Ocean Grove.

Tiger Lilly by MaryLou Shipman of Ocean Grove.

“Hello Paul,
I’m sending you my latest Ocean Grove cat painting entitled “Tiger Lilly.”    This little beauty lives on Heck Avenue. I often see her outside enjoying the sunshine as I walk by on my daily stroll through town.”

“This past Saturday I saw Tiger sprawled out on the sidewalk. I stopped to let her know that I just finished her portrait, however, she was not interested… too busy soaking up the sun.”


Editor’s Note:   MaryLou Shipman loves cats.  She paints them all the time. Her subjects are often wild creatures tip-toeing around the Grove.  She sends them to us, and we can’t resist posting their pictures.

Dog lovers wonder why cats are allowed to roam around while the dogs can’t.  In fact, cats love to torture dogs—they hide in ambush and then leap out from the side yards and scare the dogs and the dog walkers.  But MaryLou continues to show the cats as beautiful creatures, and we love to post her paintings.   —PG

LIZA MINNELLI :   “Me and My Baby.”

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Pointing by Marylou Shipman. Submitted April, 2016. Ocean Grove, NJ ©

Painting by Marylou Shipman. Submitted April, 2016. Ocean Grove, NJ ©

Marylou says, “This is ‘Baby Cat’ from Mt. Tabor Way who can often be seen hanging out with his neighbor ‘Jack’ the cat.

“Also, I am happy to say that Steve from ‘The Comfort Zone’  has kindly agreed to display my series of greeting cards, ‘Ocean Grove Pets’ which will be for sale in his wonderful store.”

Below is a link to another cat portrait by Marylou Shipman:    (Note to OG artists, please submit your work to BF for exhibit, to be viewed by many more people than would see your work in a gallery.  Join some of our great local artists including Jack Bredin and Marylou. ——PG)




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"Maggie" by MaryLou Shipman

Ten years ago, my sister and I purchased a two-family home here in Ocean Grove. Shortly after we moved in, my niece, who was 13 at the time, lost her beloved cat, Simon. Sadly, he died of natural causes at the ripe old age of 16. The very next day, a female carbon-copy of Simon showed up in front of our house. She greeted us with a “Please rub my belly” burly roll and we were hooked. Simon had something to do with this for sure! Our mail lady told us that she knew of a similar cat in the area whose name was “Maggie.” We weren’t positive if she was the same cat, but the name stuck and Maggie has been a part of our lives ever since.

We came to learn that she was left behind by neighbors who moved away. My sister and I have our own indoor cats. Maggie was welcomed to join the club; however, she insisted on going outdoors. I had her spayed and by the grace of God (and geography) a wonderful couple moved in two doors down. They adopted Maggie as an indoor/outdoor cat and, not long after, blessed her with a sister beagle named “Maya.” We are not sure if Maya is a blessing or a curse in Maggie’s mind. She has been seen, however, following closely behind her dad and Maya on their daily dog walk. While patrolling the street, Maggie is always willing to stop by for a belly rub and a quick conversation. She’s also the volunteer taste tester at evening barbecues.

Ocean Grove is a haven for cat and dog lovers. Over the years I have become acquainted with many four-legged friends on my walks through town. I still say “hello” to Jason, the senior citizen dog who takes himself for a walk and could probably tell you his phone number (if he remembers). I will always recall, like many tent owners, the big black-and-white cat named Oreo who lived near the auditorium. He could often be seen lounging across his front porch step or wandering from tent to tent. As an illustrator, I have managed to capture several of the neighborhood cats, including Maggie, in my own paintings. That way, they will always be in my memory as well as my own home gallery of Ocean Grove cats.

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