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Mt. Hermon Way. A ’50’s look with a 2021 digital camera. Paul Goldfinger.


Color rendition can vary among old still color images as well as movie film. Directors of movies can choose among various color qualities.   This was shot yesterday with a 2009 Leica M-9 camera.  The color can vary according to software manipulation.




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The Georgiana Villa.  We don’t have a date or a clue. Click once to enlarge. The sign says “Boarding'”



A Grover sent us this and wonders what’s it all about Alfie.  It seems that it is a boarding house, and such businesses were common in the early years of the Grove.

Every person in the photo is a woman.  Is that a significant observation?   You know, Mrs. Love ran the place.  It was not unusual back then for women to manage or even own such establishments.  Do you think that Mrs. Love had some sort of gender policy?

We welcome facts and speculation about the Georgiana Villa.  What can you say about the architecture?  The HPC would know, but they never contribute to Blogfinger even though we have had over 4 million hits since 2009.

Maybe the equally elusive Historical Society of Ocean Grove would comment, but don’t count on it.  Perhaps our friend historian David Fox will help us out.

Notice the finials, erect on top of the structure.  What do you suppose that means? We have a few on top of our house.  The HPC liked it, but why?

I can tell you that a long list of hotels were part of Gibbons History of the Grove,  (1939)  but the Georgiana was not there. Probable because it was not considered to be a hotel.

Maybe the OGNED North End developers would have placed a true historic building ie a boarding house  for women only instead of a hotel.

From the soundtrack of the movie Quartet:  Valerie Masterson and some of her girl friends:  “So Please You, Sir, We Much Regret.” :

What the deuce are these girls talking about?   Understanding women is a sport going back to ancient times.

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Interlaken, NJ

Paul Goldfinger photo. 5/22/22. Can you name the species?


THE LATIN CASINO ALL STARS      From the film soundtrack of The Irishman

“Pretend You Don’t See Her.”



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Paul Goldfinger photo at the Jersey Shore. ©

Win a prize.   Be the first to tell us where this photo was taken.


2015 OG Town-Wide sale. Lots of fun, and we had 75 participants.
Mike and Joyce Heck Avenue.


We currently have 9 addresses, but we would like many more.   The more participants, the more success we will have.  Get rid of your stuff.

Perhaps COVID is a factor, but attending outdoor yard sales is a heck of a lot safer then going to that Giant Craft Show that day.   If you are worried, just slip on a mask as you approach a crowded sale. Or just stand aside until a surge peters out.  Sellers:  try to spread out

You can have  a sale even if you only have a few things. It is a social event mostly for your OG neighbors plus a handful of out-of-town yard  sale fans..  The latter will be inhibited by parking;  Grovers can walk and bike around

Email us to join the list of names and addresses and stuff for sale.   Blogfinger@verizon.net

If you go to the Municipal Building for a permit, tell them you are with us—$5.00 per address.

See the list by clicking the yard sale at the top of our home page.

If you have a place to hang a flier, please email me—we deliver.

You are allowed to hang a flyer on a front porch column, but not on a telephone pole around town. We will look for merchants who allow fliers, but they are few these days.


Paul  (Goldfinger )  Blogfinger.net editor.



SAM COOKE    “The Best Things in Life Are Free”   or they are almost free at our yard sale



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Matt with Pooka on the OG beach. May, 2022. Paul Goldfinger photo. Click to enlarge.    ©


Paul Goldfinger,  Editor.  Blogfinger.net, Ocean Grove.


This husky look-alike is a far distance from the frozen tundra where his ancestors are found.  Actually Pooka’s breed originates in Siberia. They are called Samoyeds and they are herding and sledding dogs. We are not sure of how to spell Pooka, but he doesn’t care.  In fact, I am not sure that he is not a she.

Here Pooka can herd girls in bikinis.  Matt is one of many dog owners in the Grove.  Doggers have a sub-culture of their own.   They really need a dog park and a dog beach here.  We should give the name Ocean Grove to the CMA and call this town Dogtown, NJ

No one in governance or the CMA has recognized how much of a dog-town we have here, except for the poop bag dispensers found in the parks.


Who’s walking whom? Firemen’s Park 5/22/22 Paul Goldfinger photo.


I was up on the pier this morning, during a foggy day in London town.  Matt seemed eager to walk Pooka in the fog, but this dog should know how to navigate the driven snow, so the beach here should be easy.  Hopefully he will have a crew cut for the  summer.


BOBBY SHORT  from his album You’re the Top.






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Paul Goldfinger photo. Click to enlarge. OG May 2022.  Thoughts and prayers go out,  but…

Thoughts & Prayers

are offered right after the gunfire of mass murder: preachers and pols reflexively offer "thoughts & prayers" just before they defend the right to bear arms, the ultimate law of the realm. But thoughts & prayers are cheap, a ritual response after a massacre's victims are carted away, but might suffice no more. No one deserves to die because a guy with a gun zeroes in on him, though he'll get lots of "thoughts & prayers." How do they make you feel?

George Held poem

TERCER CIELO "Yo Te Extranare" Mariachi

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From the OG article in the New Jersey Monthly Shore edition.



By Paul Goldfinger, MD,  Editor, Blogfinger.ner


Whenever the media reports about Ocean Grove it presents the town as being a religious seaside resort. They give people the idea that the Grove is a Christian community, driven by ideology,  unbroken through the years since the 1869 founding when it was a theocracy approved by the state of New Jersey.

Typical media articles  (as we saw in the National Geographic) usually feature the religious lifestyles and events in town as if that is all there is.  Typically they  focus on the Tent Village and they never recognize that we are a diverse town, much different from the Ocean Grove of 1869.    They never mention that we have a large secular population that lives a lifestyle apart from religious mandates.

The media is lazy and has a narrative about our town that doesn’t allow for them to tell the truth.

Early this month we wrote a similar piece about the misuse of language in discussing our town.

Sloppy use of language in OG, fueled by CMA officials and unsigned Coaster reporting.


This edition of New Jersey Monthly magazine is about the Jersey Shore.  As predicted, in their Ocean Grove piece, they feature Tent Village as if it is the only aspect of the Grove worthy of highlighting.   Their photographs  show the tents with smiley young tenter-renters in front.   They use the photographs to create a false impression about our community.

But you should judge their representation of OG for yourself.  Here are quotes from that article:

“More than 300 people–some of whom have been waiting since the 1980’s–are on the tent waiting list.”

“In 1870, the state granted the OGCMA a charter, setting Ocean Grove aside as a place of perpetual worship to Jesus Christ.”

But they don’t explain that the charter was set aside in 1980 by the NJ Supreme Court  and that the composition  and life styles of this town are much different now.

To continue that misleading  narrative:  “The Camp Meeting Association still rents the seasonal tents, owns much of the land in town, and works with the Neptune Township Historic Preservation Commission to preserve the Victorian design of residences and businesses.”

“While neighboring towns such as Bradley Beach evolved, Ocean Grove, or ‘God’s Square Mile’  remains rooted in its ministry.”

“Tenter-renters are not required to be Methodists, but the nondenominational association  expects them to pray and believe in God”

“The association expects tenters to respect designated quiet time between 10 pm and 7:30 am”

So, unless someone is a religious zealot, they will find nothing in this article to persuade them to vacation or visit OG.

And, for those who live in this town, any of your friends  and relatives who read this article will wonder whether you have lost your mind.

Once again, the distorted use of language and the false presentations of history continue to be utilized by media such as NJ Monthly.

Did they interview anyone in the  Grove who knows what actually goes on here?



Aaron Neville     “Tell It Like It Is…”


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Paul Goldfinger. Memorial Day 2017. Ocean Grove.



Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association Presents

The Atlantic Wind Ensemble – “We Remember”


Free Concert – Saturday May 28, 2022, 7:30 PM – The Great Auditorium

Featuring Patriotic/Military Anthems, Popular Marches and Americana



In the spirit of the Memorial Day holiday, the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association (OGCMA) will kick off its 153rd summer season with a FREE concert by the ATLANTIC WIND ENSEMBLE on Saturday, May 28, 2022.

Showtime is 7:30 pm in the Great Auditorium, located at Pilgrim and Ocean Pathways. The Great Auditorium is handicapped accessible. For more info visit www.oceangrove.org or call 732-775-0035.


Founded by Harry D. Eichhorn in 1990 and currently under the Direction of Eliot Prowse, with assistant Ted Freeman, the Atlantic Wind Ensemble is a 35-45-piece collective of volunteer musicians carrying on the Concert Band tradition of the Jersey Shore for the sheer joy of performance and entertaining others.


The Atlantic Wind Ensemble is excited to be back in the Great Auditorium after completing “normal” year of concerts at several different venues. This concert will open with Arthur Pryor’s “On Jersey Shore” March which Pryor wrote for his first Asbury Park appearance in 1904. As in past years American Legion Post 432 Spring Lake, NJ will post the Colors as well as help honor the U S Armed Forces.


Order of Program:


National Emblem Trio   ̶  (EE Bagley) with Presentation of Colors, American Legion Post 432

Star-Spangled Banner

On Jersey Shore – Arthur Pryor

Taps – Kate Freeman, Trumpet

Amazing Grace – arr. Frank Ticheli, conducted by Ryan Weimke

Lincoln Legacy  ̶  Michael Sweeney

Miss Liberty March  ̶  Karl L King

First Suite in Eb  ̶  Gustav Holst

His Honor  ̶  Henry Fillmore, conducted by Ted Freeman

America the Beautiful   ̶  Samuel Ward, conducted by Ted Freeman

Somewhere Out There  ̶  James Horner/Barry Mann/Cynthia Weil

Chicago Pop and Rock Legends  ̶  arr. John Wasson

Armed Forces Salute  ̶  arr. Bob Lowden, American Legion Post 432

God Bless America   ̶  Irving Berlin, Kate  Freeman, Soloist

Stars and Stripes Forever   ̶   John Phillip Sousa




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Eileen Goldfinger photo.  May 18, 2022,  Click to enlarge.



LONDON PHILHARMONIC.   “The Four Seasons,  Spring, Allegro.  Opus 8.   Vivaldi.


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The C.D.C. is now advising all people 50 or older to get a second booster as Covid cases rise across the U.S.
The second shot is recommended if at least four months have passed since their first booster dose. Previously, only those over 65 or with underlying conditions had gotten that advice.
The C.D.C. said it was changing its advice because of a steady rise in infections over the past month, coupled with “a steep and substantial increase in hospitalizations for older Americans.”


PG:      Mask assurance means that if you are indoors in a crowded situation, even if you are wearing a mask, which you should do, it would be best if others there are also wearing masks.

Masks reduce the transmission of infected droplets.

At least 10 companies are racing to bring out better designed and more effective masks.


Paul Goldfinger, MD

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