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George Held, a guest poet on Blogfinger, seems to  be channeling a past where pennies were more important than they are today.  In fact, will pennies go the way of the half penny?    Does George still have a few pennies clattering around in his pockets?

George doesn’t categorize the two penny pieces below.  He refers to them as “shorties:”



Penny was sixteen and wore penny loafers, a shiny copper penny in each slot. Twelve, you were infatuated by her – her pleated plaid skirt, bobby sox, and those penny loafers. How you wanted to kiss her, but she just laughed when you blew her a kiss across the school yard.


Penny Loafers

Karl, wearing penny loafers, challenges fifth-grade classmate Jorge, in Keds, to pitch pennies against a wall by the gym. But Jorge has a knack for leaners and beats Karl in their “pitch off.” Karl doesn’t mind losing twenty-five pennies, but he can’t bear losing to Jorge. “I’ll get you yet,” he thinks in his devious heart. Jorge becomes a surgeon, Karl a banker.


Gucci penny loafers: $416.00—41,600 pennies– try taking those into Gucci’s.


BRENDA LEE  made a “fortune” collecting pennies from heaven:


Note:  George Held is a retired professor at Queens College.  He has written children’s books which are quite wonderful  (look them up) as well as other writings.  We know him on Blogfinger as a poet.

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Ralph Bunche in 1963 at the Civil Rights March on Washington. Internet photo.

Ralph Bunche in 1963 at the Civil Rights March on Washington. Internet photo.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.  Re-post from Jan. 2020.   For Black History Month.


Ralph Bunche (1903-1971) reminds me of Paul Robeson because both were involved in the civil rights struggle for African-Americans long before the “Civil Rights Movement” actually began. Bunche wrote books about that subject and he became the first black to win a Nobel Peace Prize–he won the award in 1950 for his work in Palestine during the ’40’s. He grew up in Los Angeles, graduated UCLA summa cum laude, and received his Ph.D. from Harvard.

During WWII he worked for the OSS (the precursor of the CIA) and he also was instrumental in the formation of the United Nations. For over 20 years he was the chairman of Political Science at Howard University.

In 1963 he marched with Martin Luther King on the occasion of the “I Have a Dream” speech. He also was on the march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.

Ralph Bunche walked the walk and talked the talk, and society valued him greatly during his lifetime.

We remember Ralph Bunche today on Blogfinger for his role in racial justice, but also because he was a great man who performed  good deeds all over the world;  and I have my eye on his memory specifically for the work he did in mediating peace–an “armistice”– in 1949 between the new State of Israel and the Arab side—Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria.

He said,    “I have a bias in favor of both Arabs and Jews in the sense that I believe that both are good, honorable and essentially peace-loving peoples, and are therefore as capable of making peace as of waging war …” – Ralph Bunche, 1949

In Fort Myers, Florida, there is a lovely beach dedicated to the memory of Ralph Bunche. Ironically, it was the site years ago of a segregated beach for local black citizens.

Bunche Beach, Fort Myers, Florida. Jan. 18, 2015. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Bunche Beach, Fort Myers, Florida. Jan. 18, 2015. Photos by Paul Goldfinger ©

Bunche Beach. Jan 18, 2015. ©

Bunche Beach. Jan 18, 2015. ©



JOHN BARRY   “Coney Island”    From the motion picture Across the Sea of Time



2020 addendum:  There was a historic separate beach for African-Americans in Asbury Park  (see Helen’s comment).  This photo from 1908 refers to “Negroes” at that  segregated beach.  It is from the Internet:   (“history in photos.blogspot.com.)



Paul Goldfinger photograph. Bunche Beach, Fla. 2019.





The Moonglows



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Dec 15, 2019. Micanopy, Florida. #2  Paul Goldfinger ©  Click to enlarge.



Theme from Bridges of Madison County;  Clint Eastwood.




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Re-post since 2018. Some historical tales are worth repeating. —Paul

Fork-in-the-road. Paul Goldfinger © 2004.

Re-posted by popular demand from August, 2017.   By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

A wise man once said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”  (attributed to Yogi Berra).

Unknown-1 Mounttabornj.org

In 1869, when Ocean Grove was founded, another New Jersey campground was also incorporated.  It was Mount Tabor located in the Parsippany-Troy Hills  area of Morris County. It was formed by the same Newark Methodist Episcopal Church which started Ocean Grove, the jewel in the crown of a series of Methodist summer camp grounds.

As with OG, it had a religious basis and went through familiar territory for us, with tents becoming Victorian cottages and a Camp Meeting Association running the place. The cottages were close together with lot sizes of 16×25. Some of its historic places survive today.

piinterest Photo by Pinterest  Mt. Tabor Victorian.

But here is where the fork…

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Trop light….

Paul Goldfinger. Tropicana Park. Florida. Undated



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Mardi Gras parade at the Tropicana Park in Ft. Myers, Florida. Paul Goldfinger photograph. 2/16/21.  She was smiling, blowing a horn and tossing beads to the crowd.



This year, 2021, Mardi Gras was cancelled in New Orleans.  But at the Tropicana Park in Ft. Myers, a retirement community, they have a parade each year where most participants ride around in decorated golf carts.  There were only a few kids and one dog.  This young lady was the star of this show.


CARLY SIMON:   “Manha De Carnaval.”   (The Theme from Black Orpheus.)


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Alone again, naturally. Paul Goldfinger.  2/1/21.  Click to enlarge



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Los Angeles. Paul Goldfinger.  Click to enlarge.



GATO BARBIERI.  “Girl In Black.”     From the movie soundtrack of “The Last Tango in Paris.”


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The meeting is adjourned. Soon we will have the minutes.  Ibis in the morning.  Blogfinger photo.



CAST OF AVENUE Q:   (There actually is a George Bush reference in this show)


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Ft. Myers Lakes Farmers Market. Paul Goldfinger.  Click to view the merchandise close up.

This market has exploded with snake oil salesman’s booths.  For awhile it was all food stuffs, but it looks like the charlatans have reappeared.  This booth offered cures for wrinkles and brown spots.  Another one promised prostate health including cancer prevention.  The turmeric lady is a specialist, and there are all sorts of teas with medicinal or magical properties.

Local honey. Paul Goldfinger photo.


One sign said, “Local Honey” but I thought they meant the sweet young thing at the counter.

There also is kombucha, elderberry elixir, holistic skin care and orange flavored olive oil.


GYPSY cast   “You Gotta Have a Gimmick.”






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