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By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.

In a letter to prospective members, The Groaners President presented the Annual Report in which the group bragged about all that they have accomplished during the “year just ended.” (This is gibberish for 2018.)

The Groaners would have us believe that they actually accomplished something as they wrestled with a variety of issues:

a. Parking. The Groaners Parking Committee “worked hard” to “resolve the problem.” But, by December 31, 2018, they had accomplished nothing.

b. The North End Redevelopment. The Groaners “continued to monitor the negotiation and to report on its progress.” And, in an outrageous example of fake news, they sought to milk a cow that ran out of gas years ago. They took credit for “being instrumental in persuading the Township to reduce the density of the project by scaling back the number of condominiums and hotel rooms. and requiring the inclusion of single family homes…”

But that change in the NERP was just talk–it never happened. The only plan still current is the original one from 2007.

The Groaners have supported the commercial development at the North End from day one. They should have opposed the illegal zoning changes and violations of the Master Plan. They still are on the wrong side of this issue.

What did they accomplish in 2018 regarding the North Redevelopment? Absolutely nothing!

c. They keep busy by going to Township meetings, praying for Certified Local Government preservation grants, having parties, and entertaining political figures who barely know anything about our problems

The Groaners say that they “enjoy and are proud of our work” but what tangible results did they accomplish in 2018? Nothing to write home about or to write a report about.

The Ocean Grove Homeowners Ass. may be well intentioned, but they are not helping the home owners in the Grove with their main problems.

We need a new organization: one with courage, imagination, and results—-representing all residents of this town. OG is a residential community, which is primarily whom they should represent. They need to stop worrying about Neptune mid-town, fake antisemitism, and the approval of one-party useless Committeemen and developers. Where are they on Airbnb issues, Wesley Lake, has lifestyles of residents, excess mega-events, tourism choking the town, the Master Plan, rising property taxes, relations with the Camp Meeting, and changing demographics.

And don’t forget members—-send them money.


MONKS CHANT:  From Monty Python’s Spamalot:

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Florence, South Carolina. Paul Goldfinger © 2019.

CONAL FOWKES AND EDDY DAVIS.   From the Woody movie Hannah and Her Sisters.

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She’s quite pretty and she is accompanied by a young man. She orders a cocktail and then another. Her tattoo is on the right arm but not the left. Does this art work enhance her allure? Paul Goldfinger candid photograph. Florence, South Carolina. March, 2019. ©

I guess the answer to the question depends on who is responding: age, sex, socioeconomic class. education, other variables?

What do you think?   Comment below.


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I delivered 30 babies, most at DC General Hospital, the huge city hospital where 3 medical schools rotated their students through OB. We welcomed the mom and guided her through labor and delivery. Then we put on our pediatrician hat. This post is repeated from 2015 on Blogfinger; Click on word “Blogfinger” below here. —Paul


The George Washington University Hospital, Wash. D.C. c.1966. Photographer Bill Adams, MD. The George Washington University Hospital, Wash. D.C. c.1966. Photographer Bill Adams, MD. Medical school obstetrics  rotation. What a thrill!  Paul once delivered a baby in a cab on Madison Avenue in NYC.

PAUL DESMOND  “Where is love?”

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This fellow got rambunctious with one of the Blogfinger cows, so this is what happened to him after the moo-too movement finished with him. Paul Goldfinger photo at a bar where the BF staff hangs out.

HANK WILLIAMS, JR.   p.s.  The bull denied all charges saying that he was not misbehaving, and that ain’t no bull.

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Paul Goldfinger ©. 2017. Tent Village in winter garb.


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Neptune Township 2015. Paul Goldfinger photograph ©   Thinking of Laurie.


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There was a fire on Main Avenue in 2016. The residents came out of their apartments onto Main Avenue. . Everyone was OK. It was a scary but harmless event. Blogfinger was there, and so were other Grovers, anxious to help. We are a community. Paul Goldfinger ©

KELLI O’HARA  from Broadway

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Sponsors of the 2018 hypertension guidelines.

By Paul Goldfinger, MD, FACC. Editor@Blogfinger.net

Part IV: Q & A about hypertension

Q: What’s the best device to measure blood pressure?

A: We used to use machines that measured BP with mercury inside a glass tube. You need some skills with a stethoscope for those mercury devices. That was the gold standard. Now we rely on automatic electronic machines. Omron makes the best. Most doctors have given up on the mercury sphygmomanometers.

Q: What’s the best technique to measure BP?

A. The diagnosis of hypertension cannot be made with just a few readings. The least accurate way is in doctors offices, for a variety of reasons. Ideally home readings obtained on multiple occasions is best. Some experts prefer 24 hour recordings (ambulatory readings,) but self measured readings done properly is best. Always take your readings sitting and after resting for 5 minutes. Then repeat 2 or 3 times before writing own the measurement for your doctor

Q: Which of the new guidelines should your doctor follow?

A: He should use the one that he has most confidence in, but he should be aware of the concerns of experts in multiple American guidelines as well as those from Europe. Mostly he should persevere until your BP is below his target, which is generally 130-140 systolic, depending on age and other variables such as atherosclerotic risk factors and other diagnoses such as kidney disease. Doctors need flexibility to provide the best care, and sometimes rigid rules by non-physicians stand in his way.

Q: Why do doctors need flexibility in caring for their patients?

A: Dr. Franz Messerli, in the European Heart Journal said, “Regardless of how guidelines define hypertension, we should remember a simple but inescapable truth in medicine: patients are genetically, physiologically, metabolically, pathologically, psychologically, and culturally different. Accordingly, there never will be only one way to diagnose and treat many medical disorders, including hypertension.”

Q: At what point should treatment begin for hypertension and at what point is treatment successful?

A. The guidelines spell out these thresholds, and the disagreements are not very far apart. Most American doctors would and should go by the American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology recommendations. This means that all patients (and there are exceptions) should achieve a BP of less than 130/80. But under 120 systolic is generally considered excessive.

Q: What are the caveats regarding successful treatment of hypertension ?:


——1. Patients over 65 years old can be more sensitive to drugs and are at risk of consequences due to BP readings that are too low for them resulting in risky events such as dizziness and fainting. If you are having such symptoms, take your blood pressure standing to assess for “orthostatic hypotension.” Your medication may require adjustment.

—-2. What about young and apparently healthy individuals with hypertension? Doctors can begin with non-pharmacological forms of treatment such as dietary modifications, exercise, weight reduction, stress control, etc. But if a young person has worrisome risk factors such as family history of early coronary disease, then more aggressive early approaches should be considered.

—3. Drug treatment often should be done with 2 or 3 kinds of medications at the same time; even rolled into one pill.

—-4. Diastolic hypertension is less important than systolic, but all guidelines encourage doctors to pay attention to that variable.

—–5. Should mild hypertension be treated: yes

—–6. The new guidelines will diagnose people who consider themselves to be heathy. The diagnosis can cause all sorts of psychological adverse reactions. Doctors need to be conscious of these consequences.

—-7. “Masked hypertension” is when office blood pressures are normal, but home readings are high. This is unusual but must be treated.

—-8. “White coat hypertension” with high readings only in the office is a worrisome condition that requires treatment

—9. Most of the time a “primary physician” can handle a case of hypertension, but sometimes a referral to a specialist is needed. Patients should demand that guideline goals be met.

If you have hypertension, get a machine at the drugstore and take your readings frequently. Keep a written record with the time of day and special circumstances (such as forgetting your meds, or being stressed out, or losing sleep, etc)

Do not place the cuff over clothing, be seated, keep cuff arm level with heart, make sure cuff is not too small for your arm, and take your device to the doctor to compare readings on the assumption that the doctor has kept his equipment calibrated. (Fat chance, but at least your readings at home will be on the same page with his.)

Omron makes one that is for doctors offices, but it costs about $500.00 A perfectly good Omron for home use is about $60.00 depending on features.

I hope our 4 part series has alerted you to the complexity of hypertension and the importance of obtaining quality care under the guidance of a real doctor who treats you as an individual and believes in the doctor-patient relationship.

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Grover found a “buy” at the Town-wide sale 2017. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

We have begun our list of addresses. If you are planning to participate, please send us your address now, because others will be encouraged to do the same.

But, you can send us your address up to and including May 10. You can always email us to remove your address if needed, and your list of items for sale can be sent to us whenever you are ready.

Contact us at Blogfinger@verizon.net. The list can be viewed by clicking on the page at the top. You will need a $5.00 permit obtainable at Town Hall.

We would like bragging rights at the shore by having many participants, and the more we get, the more buyers will show up.


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