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It’s all about protecting Ocean Grove as a unique place in America. Paul Goldfinger photo ©   This is the OG side of Wesley Lake.  c. 2012.

In the guest editorial below, Kevin Chambers threatens to sue Neptune Township once again over zoning violations in the Grove which he calls “a travesty of the law:”

“The township is in direct violation of law and in contempt of court. When the State Legislature established RSIS, (Residential Site Improvement Standards)  it required all towns to establish a minimum lot size that included parking.

“An OG lot is non-conforming to the law. It may be a pre-existing non-conforming lot, but Neptune Township cannot by law use it for their definition as a conforming lot. When RSIS was created, Neptune was under a court order, as all towns were, to create lots that met this requirement.

“Neptune has knowingly been using a non-conforming lot size for their standard for Ocean Grove. All three Neptune Attorneys have known this, but because of Judge Lawson, a past Mayor of Neptune, who protected and permitted Neptune to violate the law to collect greater taxes, the residents of Ocean Grove were endangered.

“I will be suing any attorney who permits the continuation of this violation of law through their clear intent to commit fraud and perjury.

“The definition of perjury is the withholding of facts relevant to a court case. All  these Neptune Township attorneys have been withholding the fact that the Township is in direct violation of law and in contempt of a court order.  That is perjury.
“I believe that Ms. Krimko (the homeowners’  lawyer) withdrew the Heck Avenue driveway application because it would have forced her zoning expert to testify that the township’s zoning for OG is truly in violation of law and in contempt of the court’s order.

” Even if Krimko tried to have her expert circumvent this fact, I would have forced it. It would have shown that for each and every application that has created a condo, it has been through a violation of law on the part of  attorneys representing Neptune.

“I will also be filing against the Township when they try to create new parking on Main Avenue without first bringing the zoning for OG. These parking spaces are a way to circumvent the requirement for the 15 parking spaces required for the 11 units that was illegally created on Main Ave. I’m going to use this argument to bring my case back into court to have Judge O’Brians ruling vacated.

“What is happening in this community is a travesty of the law. What the OGHA is doing is whoring the community. This has to stop sometime. No matter how long it takes I will continue to fight it.


Ocean Grove, NJ, April 26, 2017

The writer is a long time citizen of OG who has been President of the Historical Society of Ocean Grove. He also is an activist and an expert on land use law.  In the past he has brought a number of suits related to the issues described in his editorial above.

JUDY COLLINS—–for Kevin:

“I’m on your side
When times get rough
And friends just can’t be found
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down.”

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Auditorium Park by Paul Goldfinger. The OG Homeowners Assoc. needs to do more to protect our historic town. © c. 2014. Click to enlarge.

E mail to members from Barbara Burns, President of the OGHOA:
“The application for a variance to construct a driveway at 27 Heck Avenue has been withdrawn, and will therefore not be on the agenda for the May 3 meeting of the Zoning Board of Adjustment. A new application will be required if the property owners seek to construct a driveway in the future.
“Thanks to all who attended the hearing on April 5 to support strict enforcement of the Neptune Township Land Use Law. Consistent and strict enforcement of zoning regulations is key to maintaining the designation of Ocean Grove as a National and state Historical District, a proven factor in sustaining property values in Ocean Grove.”

Editor’s Note:  Really Barbara?  The HOA is bragging that they “support strict enforcement of the Neptune Township Land Use Law.”  In addition they now believe in “strict enforcement of zoning regulations” in order to retain our historic designations?


Talk about jumping on the bandwagon!  The track record of the HOA has been either to ignore land use abuses in OG or to participate in the mutilation of our town as when they joined with the Township to promote the high density, unhistorical North End Redevelopment Plan.


They also were nowhere in site over the Warrington, The Park View, and the Whitfield.  They even wanted to allow parking on Lake Avenue in front of Founder’s Park.   And their most recent contribution is to praise the new diagonal parking in residential areas of town.


And where are they regarding the plans by the Township to change the HPC guidelines? They also spent $7,000 of the group’s money to hire a lawyer to investigate ground rents, but they refuse to make public that lawyer’s findings.  They claim to have negotiated a deal with the CMA over ground rents  (see their web site about this,)  but nothing has really changed with that issue.


This is a group that has a large membership and a potential to exert some pressure on behalf of Ocean Grove to deal with land use travesties.  But they seem to be comfortable with just their Board floundering around and doing whatever they please.


So maybe they have had a slight change of heart at the HOA, deciding to be for the people instead of being for the developers.  But we need more evidence of their sincerity.


Yes, they did step up in a minor way regarding the driveway saga on Heck Avenue.  They wrote some talking points which were never talked about at Town Hall.    We’ll see how strong they are as other land use issues emerge, especially regarding the North End’s alleged springing to life once again.


Meanwhile, we will continue referring to them by their nickname “Home Groaners” because they have not proven themselves when it comes to protecting the town, its zoning, its plans for the future, and its historical preservation.   They need to do more and stop dancing in the dark.




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Guess who? It’s from a few years ago, but who posts a current photo? Not even Lady Gaga.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger  (interviewer and interviewee:)

Q:  Why did you name Eileen Goldfinger as food editor?  Isn’t that nepotism?

A:  No.  I prefer to call it “affirmative action”

Q:  Where will you be eating dinner tonight?

A: Well, it should be in the dog house, but we don’t have a dog

Q: You really like music. How did that interest develop?

A: My mother sang show tunes all day long and she insisted that I play the sax. In the band I met some nice girls with rhythm, so I stuck with it. I liked to watch the horn players use their spit valves.

Q: Who is your favorite photographer and why?

A:  Edward Weston. Because his black and white images of peppers, sea shells, nudes and toilet bowls were beautiful and  unique…..also he slept with all his models.

Q: Do you miss practicing medicine?

A: Only the fun parts, like when I would talk into my stethoscope and say, “Testing, testing, testes.”  Some of my former colleagues still enjoy that one liner. But, you know, it’s all in the timing.

Q:  What was your most amazing medical case?

A:   A young woman came to the ER when I first entered practice.  She had a heart rate of 180/min.  I turned her upside down—-then right side up.  She was cured and I was famous.

Q. What cars do you like?

A:    I love stick shift sports cars. Over the years I have had a Fiat Spider, Triumph Spitfire, Porsche 911 and a BMW Z4.  I don’t go fast, but my favorite maneuvers are cornering and acceleration.  (That’s how I am in bed also—when I am sleeping.)   In Ocean Grove I have the Blogmobile.

Q:  Were you in the military?

A. Yes, I was an officer in the  Navy Medical Corps  and I fought the battle of Virginia Beach.  I had three haircuts in one month. I also had a rubber stamp that said  “bull****” The best part was the saluting.

Q: What is the future for Blogfinger?

A: We will spend a lot of time searching for an honest man.  We also hope to interview a real celebrity some day, like Ted Bell.

Q: What do you like best about Ocean Grove?

A:  I enjoy the way people are interested in raccoons, snow plows, good coffee, and flying the American flag on their houses. The demographics are fascinating: always changing— like the sands.     I also have an unpaid job as official thong counter down at the beach. Last summer the count was zero. You heard it first @Blogfinger.

Q:  If you could speak at a high school graduation, what would you say?

A:  For the boys:  “Have no fear; girls want sex also”   For the girls: “Read Erica Jong’s books and don’t believe the feminists.”

Q: What should we call you?

A.  Call me Paul. My middle initial is @.  Only my childhood friends call me Pee Gee. My last name  must be sung to the Shirley Bassey version of “Goldfinger”. If you hit my doorbell on Mt. Hermon Way, it plays the song. You can hear it at the top page that says “About.”

Q: What do you think of this interview?

A:  It sucks. Can I say “sucks” on this blog?

Q: What’s your favorite song?

A:  I have many, but I guess, anything that takes me back to the gym at Rutherford High School when, festooned with crepe paper, and with the lights semi-low, my friends and I strolled over to the girls’ side and found a few who would slow dance with us.

For example, here are THE VELOURS with a song and lyrics that do resonate even today.

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A Caribbean portrait by Paul Goldfinger. 2012. ©  Click to enlarge.

ALLAN HARRIS   from his 2016 album Nobody’s Gonna Love You Better.  “Ruby.”

Ray Charles released an album in 1961 called Dedicated to You. In it he presents 12 songs, each dedicated to a particular woman, identified by first name—here we have “Ruby” performed over 50 years later by Allan Harris, a 60 year old jazz musician and singer from Harlem.

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Boynton Beach still-life. By Paul Goldfinger. March, 2017. ©  You will have to click and enlarge.


I generally don’t  like to photograph trees or other still lifes. But this photograph taken at a nature preserve in Boynton Beach, Florida (east coast) is not about the trees.

You can win a genuine Paul Goldfinger  (me!) black and white signed photograph mounted on mat board and ready to sit on a shelf in your house. No frame is needed or desired. It is an objet d’art, if I say so myself, which I do now.  Be the first to identify the creature in the tree.

And while you are searching, start the music (below) to add a soundtrack to your quest.



We have a winner.  5 Blogfinger readers spotted the little owl, but Lee Morgan was first.  We also saw an owl family, Mom, Pop and 2 kids, but I didn’t get that photo.  The kids got wet and dried themselves with a towl.

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Mt. Hermon Way. 4/26/17.  Blogfinger photo.


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Paris 1937 by Lucien Aigner. Currently at the Gallery Kayafas, Boston.

By Paul Goldfinger, photography editor @Blogfinger.net

The photojournalist Lucien Aigner was born in Hungary.  He moved to Paris where he worked with some of the pioneer Leica-toting photographers such as Robert Capa. When WWII happened, he escaped to America where he continued his work.  He spend his last days organizing over 100,000 of his negatives.

I have been a Leica photographer most of my life, including now when I work with a Leica digital, the M-9.  But I still spend time scanning negatives for digital files to create prints and to post on Blogfinger.

Josephine Baker was an American singer who moved to France where she was a sensation. She liked to perform in abbreviated costumes including one where she wore a very short skirt made of bananas.  She was famous in Europe, but less so in the US.

Baker was active in the US civil rights movement; she would never perform in front of segregated audiences. During WWII, she assisted the French Resistance, and DeGaulle personally gave her their highest honor.

Her biggest hit was “I Have Two Loves”  (“J’ai deux amours.”)  which we have played on Blogfinger in the past.  (see below)


Josephine Baker 1930.

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The North End on the occasion of the NERP’s ninth anniversary. Blogfinger photo 10/16. ©  Click to enlarge.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor and Jack Bredin, Researcher.

At the April 24, 2017 Committee meeting, Jack Bredin went to the microphone to ask about the recent Coaster ad seeking a redevelopment attorney for Neptune Township. He found out that the ad was placed by the Committee without a formal resolution to back it up.  This is not a position which is part of the usual Township line-up of employees and consultants.  The Township already employs very knowledgeable attorneys for the Planning Board and the Township who are currently on the payroll.

But evidently the Committee needs a  lawyer who has a bigger tow truck to pull the NERP (North End Redevelopment Plan) out of the haze, smoke and mud it’s been stuck in for years.

Hiring for such a position, which undoubtedly will be costly for the Township, should be justified in a resolution, but Jack was told that no resolution was required. The Committee said, “We don’t need one.”

You might recall that the original NERP from 2008 was still in effect. It consists of 165 residential units (mostly condominiums,) an underground garage, and a hotel.  Many are skeptical regarding the latter two components.  You might also recall that no formal engineering plans have ever been submitted to estimate  the costs and to explain the engineering challenges of the whole project, especially the garage and the pilings.

WAVE and the CMA are still listed as the redevelopers, although the CMA has said that it no longer wanted that job.  WAVE has been promising to present its financing arrangements and to identify its investing partners, but that hasn’t occurred so far either.  A redevelopment plan cannot go forward without those financial details.  Also no formal re-developers agreement has ever been signed.

In January a newly enlarged redevelopment committee was announced which will not only deal with the OG North End, but with other redevelopment projects around town. No one from Ocean Grove is on that line-up.  How about some affirmative action for the Grovers?

It would appear that the new lawyer will have a lot of  ‘splaining to do.

THE OINKER SISTERS:  The current NERP has been a dead duck for some time… or is it a pig?   Well, it’s time for a new way to walk at the North End.  (song by Joe Raposo on Sesame Street)







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We were visiting the Thomas Edison summer estate in Fort Myers, Florida when we stumbled on a wedding party arriving for a photo shoot.  We posted some of those images in 2012.  Here it is for a re-post. Click on the word “Blogfinger” below:




Fort Myers, Florida. March, 2012. By Paul Goldfinger.  Left click once for full view; arrow to go back.

SOUNDTRACK:  From the movie (1952)  “Annie Get Your Gun” by Irving Berlin. Sung by Howard Keel: “The Girl That I Marry.”

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