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OG flea market. 2017.  This is the only way Led Zeppelin will get to OG. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Paul Goldfinger.   Editor at Blogfinger.net.   August, 2020.

For many years, the Chester Lions Club ran a weekly flea market.  It was held in an out-of-the-way dirt lot and its size was modest.  It was a fund raiser by the Lions whose main interest was helping those with visual impairments.  It was a treasure for the community and it caused no parking or traffic problems or crowding in the Borough.

In Ocean Grove we have a Chamber of Commerce that will sponsor a “giant” flea market on September 12 which will have over 300 vendors and lure thousands of visitors, if the usual attendance happens again.

A great deal of money will be generated for vendors, the Chamber of Commercials, and the land owner—OGCMA. We don’t know if the Township also will be feeding at the trough.   What does the Chamber do with the money they get?  Why does the Chamber need to make money?    And why are we Grovers the hosts of their fund raising and promotions?

What do they do for the community?  The answer is nothing.

We have suggested that this year’s mob scene would not be in the best interest of our town due to real COVID-19 concerns.  This is on top of the usual crowds and parking glut.

But looking at this topic in a broader sense, we ask the question:  How is this event a benefit for our town?  There are thousands of citizens who make Ocean Grove their home, and other than creating a spectacle, the event is totally unnecessary—a detriment from the point of view of OG’s citizens and community.

It is one of many events held in the Grove that are popular because this is a beautiful town on the ocean, and if it weren’t for the care of our historic homes and the warmth of our citizens, these events would be a lot less popular.

Why can’t the Chamber and the CMA host their mega events at some park, race track lots, school parking, mall parking, or other venues where the local citizens can avoid being overrun by tourists?  No other shore town has nearly as many giant events.  Their citizens get to enjoy their summer towns more than we.

The answer is that they profit from the our Victorian architecture and gardens, along with our porch culture which is so inviting to tourists.  Who says that OG should be a commercial magnet when it is actually a small, residential shore town with a historic and a religious flavor.

Neptune should protect us from exploitation, but it doesn’t care–it is part of the  “Historic District” band wagon and feeding frenzy coupled with an ancient “one hand washes the other” relationship with the CMA.

The presence of the OGCMA is another related topic because of their many summer-long religious events creating crowds that no other Jersey Shore town has to deal with.   They may own the land, but they don’t own the town.

Some have told Blogfinger that anyone who doesn’t like what goes on here should not have moved here, but that assumes that  Chamber and CMA events are set in stone and must be continued into the future;  but most towns evolve in ways that satisfy the needs of their tax paying citizens. Witness what has happened and still happens in Bradley Beach where they no longer have mega-events.

The idea that OG is a historic place is belied by the presence of such happenings as giant flea markets.  Where is the dedication to OG as a recipient of historic designations?


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August is the right time for the Jerseys. We got these at Matt’s in Belmar. $$3.00 per pound on Aug. 10, 2020. Blogfinger photo.  We also got some fine specimens at the Saturday  Sunset Avenue market in A. Park


By Eileen Goldfinger, food editor @Blogfinger.net and Paul Goldfinger (right hand man)

We had family over for a chicken dinner last night, but the stars of the show were the Jersey tomatoes done up by Eileen who prepared her Caprese (Capri style) salad  with slices of tomato alternating with sliced  fresh mozzarella;  See the actual recipe below.

The chicken thighs and wings were prepared with a dry rub and then finished with Wegmans’ Organic Sweet Chili sauce.

In addition we served fresh white Jersey corn and fresh green beans.

Almost all the tomatoes were gone because they were so delicious.   Go out now and buy some.   Remember to look for the fruits where the red reaches the stem and don’t buy if they are too mushy to the touch.

They should have a slight give when gently squeezed, as my friends. (PG) and I discovered in high school.


Here is Eileen’s Caprese salad recipe:


August 10, 2020. Eileen’s photo in her kitchen.




NJ beefsteak tomatoes

Handmade mozzarella*

Fresh basil

Fig flavored balsamic vinegar

Tuscan extra virgin olive oil


Assembling the salad:

Cut four quarter inch slices of beefsteak tomato

Place the slices on a plate and sprinkle with salt

Place a slice of mozzarella on top of each tomato slice and place one or two large basil leaves on each slice of cheese.

Drizzle a small amount of balsamic vinegar over each stack and then drizzle a small amount of extra virgin olive oil over each stack.

Repeat the above steps creating four stacks of 2-layers each.

Use smaller basil leaves as garnish on the plate.

Serves two.

*The wonderful homemade mozzarella came from Antonio’s Gourmet at 2201 Sunset Avenue, Wanamassa, in the same strip as the liquor store.


Fill the night with song…    Music, family and good food—-a fine recipe for a family gathering:


PINK MARTINI:  “Hang on Little Tomato.”


And here is FRANK SINATRA regarding a tomato he found in Italy:

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Ocean Grove boards. A cool 7 am on August 11, 2020. Paul Goldfinger photo.


KATHERINE HO:  From the soundtrack of Crazy Rich Asians. “Yellow”


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Daniel near the pier could be the centerfold for the Book of Daniel. Blogfinger photograph. August 11, 2020. 7 am.



NANCY WILSON:   From her album The Essence of Nancy Wilson.     “Do It Again.”


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Mt. Hermon Way–one of four houses to adopt the SOS philosophy. August 11, 2020. ©. Blogfinger.net

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor@Blogfinger.net

Enough is enough! The largest citizen group  in the Grove are the tax-paying homeowners and renters—a largely secular, not yet organized, organization of thousands of parkers. (The last census had about 3,000 of census qualified people, but now we have many second homers in town–and that group is growing, and most are not census eligible in OG.)

It is time for Grovarian residents to provide a parking advantage for themselves, because the self-indulgent CMA,  the obscenely indifferent Neptune Township, the gutless Home Groaners, and the Not-So-Better Parking Alliance have failed to help us.

It is the opinion of a growing number of town residents that it is eminently reasonable, ethical,  and legal to save a space using a variety of tools such as cones or cone-like objects (see photo above) or to use creative parking techniques to save a space.  You can even use your mother-in-law.

We propose an insurrection, something like the French Revolution, but without the guillotine, where residents save spaces for themselves when they have to go out for any reason.

On our block we already have four homes participating.  Karl, one of our neighbors, said that he is “tired of not getting help—some sort of preference–to make it more tolerable to live in this town and pay, as in his case, $12,000 per year in taxes.”

If many more join the SOS movement, it will be unassailable.  Would the dopey Town Committee dare to produce an ordinance banning this?   It probably would be unconstitutional.  Let the CMA take us to court as they threatened to do a few years ago over parking permits.

”Do You Hear the People Sing?”       Cast of Les Miserables:

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Piazza della Signoria by Eric Lindbloom. This image introduces the book of this collection from Florence, Italy 1994.


By Paul Goldfinger, photography editor @Blogfinger.net

In 1994, American photographer Eric Lindbloom published his book, Angels at the Arno, containing  images in Florence from 1979-1987.

The preface says, “This is a city not so much of paintings and trattorie as of mysterious, hidden sculptures, emerging from the ancient architecture like stone made flesh. As Linda Pastan writes in her preface, Lindbloom’s Florence is “transformed from a city of blaring car horns and leather vendors, impressive piazzas and forbidding facades to a quiet place of small streets and courtyards, of homespun angels whose wings throw light and shadow over everything, even at high noon.”

I saw this collection in 1994 when an exhibit at the Howard Greenberg Gallery in SoHo featured this body of work. As a photographer I was impressed by the soft richness of his images, especially since they all were obtained with a Diana camera, a plastic toy.

Cameras such as this have imperfections due to light leaks and a plastic lens, but in the right hands, they can create remarkable photographs.   There is a cult following for this genre.

I purchased a signed copy of this book at the exhibit as well as one of his prints, all of which were beautifully crafted in the dark room.

Lindbloom, born in 1934,  has continued to exhibit his black and white landscapes, with his most recent gallery show this past summer at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York.  He is one of the founders of the Center for Photography in Woodstock, NY.



Published 1994.


From the soundtrack of the Godfather III.

“Va, Pensiero.”   Nabucco by Verdi.


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Paul Goldfinger. Sandy Hook. 2019. Blogfinger.net ©. Click to enlarge.



SHE AND HIM:   “Stay Awhile.”




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By Paul Goldfinger, MD. Editor Blogfinger.net


Many of you are familiar with OG’s “GIC”—Gadfly -In-Chief Jack Bredin.  He has been in the thick of the struggle to bust illegal political activity in Neptune Township, especially as it pertains to the dreaded North End  Redevelopment Plan.

Jack has had a large megaphone to make himself heard on Blogfinger.   But he often attends Committee meetings at the Mother Ship where he speaks truth to power, and the truth is almost never acknowledged by our elected officials.

Jack addresses the Planning Board in Neptune. Paul Goldfinger photo.  Click to enlarge


If. you had been peeking through a keyhole at a Neptune Committee meeting, you would likely have seen Jack at the microphone.  In this photo from a Planning Board meeting, Jack is wearing his Blogfinger T shirt.  At BF he serves as reporter, researcher and opinion writer.

Some of you may not be aware that Jack has been sticking up for citizens in multiple places including many activist roles in Edgewater, NJ where he was standing up to developers who wanted to plant high rises on the edges of the Palisades, overlooking the Hudson.

Jean Bredin knows Jack better than anyone, and this is what she shared with us today:

“If you think Jack is a fly-by-night protester, he is not.  He has been diligently fighting corruption in land-use since 1977.


“This picture taken about 1980 was a  protest against high rise buildings in Edgewater by the Hudson River. He protested the obvious illegal  approvals of high density construction.

“His diligence sparked the interest of the FBI, which was able to investigate and phone tap the mayor who was taking bribes from developers. The Mayor spent one year in jail.

“Jack Bredin  moved to Ocean Grove hoping to get a breather, but as long as the North End is in the picture, Jack’s eyes are peeled. “

Jack Bredin is also a well known artist, and his paintings are regularly premiered on Blogfinger.


GERRY MULLIGAN QUARTET.    “Aren’t You Glad That You’re You”.   from The Story of Jazz.


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OG Giant Flea Market in 2014. It is usually a yearly event. Paul Goldfinger photo.


From COVID 19.NJ.gov.

TRENTON   July 3:   – Governor Phil Murphy today announced an increased outdoor gathering capacity limit as COVID-19 cases in New Jersey continue to decline. Effective at 6 a.m. on Friday, July 3rd, outdoor gatherings are limited to 500 persons, and outdoor religious services and political activities will continue to have no numerical limits. All indoor gatherings continue to be limited to 25% capacity of the rooms in which they will take place, with a maximum of 100 persons.

“Increasing the outdoor capacity limit has been made possible by continued progress against COVID-19,” said Governor Murphy. “The hard work of the residents of our state is allowing us to make this move, and will make it much easier to hold important events like graduation ceremonies in the coming months.”

Before today’s Order, outdoor gatherings were limited to 250 persons, with the exception of outdoor religious services and political activities.

Face coverings are required in indoor public spaces and in outdoor public spaces when social distancing is difficult to maintain.

Additional requirements for outdoor gatherings include the following:

  • Require attendees to be six feet apart at all times, excluding immediate family members, caretakers, household members, or romantic partners;
  • Prohibit contact between attendees;
  • If the event is an organized gathering, the organizer should demarcate six feet of spacing in the area of the gathering to demonstrate appropriate spacing for social distancing;
  • Prohibit sharing of any physical items provided and require sanitization before and after each use; and
  • Require contactless pay options wherever feasible.

The Ocean Grove Chamber of Commercials has scheduled a Giant Fall Flea Market on the Pathway, for Sept. 12, 2020. There will be over 300 vendors.  The usual crowds for this mega-event run into the thousands of visitors.

They also have scheduled a Fall Festival on several downtown streets on October 10 with over 200 booths.

These events do not sound safe.  Distancing will not be possible, and distancing is the best way to prevent COVID-19 transmission.  Masks will be required as well, but compliance will not be enforced or totally achieved.

The above State orders don’t help us with our questions about giant flea markets nor does it tell us if outdoor yard sales are permitted.

Are any of you interested in a town-wide yard sale for October?

We have sent an inquiry to the Governor’s office.

Paul Goldfinger, MD.  Blogfinger.net

ARTHUR PRYSOCK.  “I Worry ‘Bout You.”

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 May 31, 2014. Flea Market Day. Paul Goldfinger photo. Blogfinger.net ©. Ocean Grove lifestyles.


JOHN PHILLIP SOUSA.  “The Washington Post.”  Patriotism is part of Ocean Grove’s history. Sousa often played in the Great Auditorium, and the  American flag flies around the town of OG.

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