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Photographs by Jean Bredin of Blogfinger.

Around town with Jean. May 21, 2019.  Assembly outside the Auditorium.  Photographs by Jean Bredin.©  Blogfinger.net.


Leo the police dog once again was present for the Memorial Service.


The usual ingredients were there again for the Annual New Jersey Law Enforcement Memorial Service in Ocean Grove at the Great Auditorium on May   21, 2019 :  so many bagpipers that they circle the Auditorium’s interior, representatives of all branches of law enforcement, and speeches to honor those heroes who lost their lives in the line of duty this past year.  Each year the families of those lost men and women are honored.

It is a tradition, so it always seems the same, but yet it is always different, because each year our state loses others who keep us free and enforce justice.

–Paul Goldfinger, MD,  Editor of Blogfinger.net, supporters of America the Beautiful.


Pipes and Drums of the Royal Tank Regiment—-“Scotland the Brave.”



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Sampling at Wegmans. May, 2019. Paul Golfinger photo.©


Setting the scene:  Today at Wegmans an employee was offering samples of lemonade. He looked familiar.

I was standing nearby at the coffee bar wearing my Madagascar raffia porkpie.

He:  That’s a cool hat.

Me:  Thanks.  A good hat will do that.

He: Smiling and humming a tune.  A woman is there getting a coffee.

He to me, introducing her: This is Violet.  I smile.

Me: I remember seeing you handing out samples before.  Is that your regular job?

He:  They often have me sampling a wide variety of their foods.  I stand firm behind their products.

Me:  You might want to change your description of how you stand.

Violet smiles and then returns to her coffee ordering.







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A fence was erected on the west side of the rubble only; what about westerly winds scattering the mess eastward?    Paul Goldfinger photo


We can get some powerful winds at the OG  beachfront. This photo is from October, 2018 when such an event occurred.  Paul Goldfinger photo. 10/18 ©


By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor @Blogfinger.net

An Ocean Grover who is a “waterman” and a surfer was down at the North End beach this morning when a westerly wind blew through and scattered “garbage” from the rubble piles onto the beach and into the ocean.

Those rubble piles have been allowed to stand while the building owner figures out whom he should hire for the job. This piece of information is from Vito Gadaleta, the Neptune administrator, who said so at the last Home Groaner’s meeting.

The Groaners won’t say anything because, think about it, what have they said about the pollution at Wesley Lake? And the Township seems to be indifferent  regarding the environment. Remember when they didn’t set foot on the beachfront after Sandy?

They should be pushing the Land Owner and the White Whale owner to clean the mess now, under penalty of daily fines.

Can you think of another environmentally vulnerable place besides the ocean?  That’s why the NJDEP has got to be looking into this mess as well as the secret plans for the North End Redevelopment project.

As for this situation, a high fence should have been constructed all around the rubble pile; not just on the west side of the mess.

Patsy Cline:

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WASSUP? Ocean Grove

Flea Market w shuttle-1

Note: The Chamber has arranged for shuttle buses to help alleviate the parking situation for this event.



a.  July 6 parade is 10:30-12:30. There will be shuttle buses in and out of town to off-site parking, but not for fireworks that night.

b. Nagles remains closed.  Rumors say that the business is for sale.

c. Tuesday May 21:  Annual Police Memorial Service in the Great Auditorium.  11 am.

d . Asbury may soon ban single use plastic bags, as has Bradley Beach.

e. OG birdwatchers are seeing:  cat birds, rose breasted grosbeaks, robins, purple finches and more—–short shorts have returned.  What have you seen?   And a fire breathing reptile was seen in the Neptune Committee Room.

e.  Free concert in the GA on Sat. May 25 at 8 pm.  Features the Atlantic Wind Ensemble–a 40 piece concert band:  There will be patriotic and military music.

f. Memorial Day parade May 27  10 am, but won’t reach OG until later—maybe 10:30

g.  The wild turkey was seen strolling on Delaware Avenue near Mt. Hermon this morning  5/18/19,  with a fox stalking her.  The fox  (reddish with bushy tail) was standing in the middle of Delaware while the turkey was on the sidewalk  She flew onto a tall nearby tree.

We have a winner in the name-the-turkey contest:

In honor of the Township Committee persons who, themselves are a sort of turkey, we have her new name:
Gobbledygook.”   The winner is Kevin Chambers of Ocean Grove.

Song of the week:

h.  THE DAVE BRUBECK QUARTET:  “Kathy’s Waltz”  from their famous album Time Out.

Don’t expect to hear a waltz when you begin to listen to “Kathy’s Waltz.”

About 1/3 into the piece after Dave Brubeck’s piano intro, Paul Desmond comes in with his wonderful cool alto sax and segues into the waltz tempo.

Brubeck wrote the piece for his daughter. —-PG

I.  1,400 hits on the day of the Town Yard Sale; on May 21 we had 16 foreign countries stop by including Tanzania, Cameroon, India and Poland.  We really should count Neptune Township as a foreign country.  Let’s build a wall around the Grove.

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Paul Goldfinger © Blogfinger.net May, 2019,


LADY GAGA AND BRADLEY COOPER:  “Music to my Eyes.”   (Soundtrack for the film A Star is Born.)

“I’m in love with your music, baby
You’re music to my eyes
I wanna sing you a sunrise”

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Portrait of a boy. Blogfinger Photo. ©



EDWARD SANDERS AND HELENA BONHAM CARTER..    From the movie soundtrack of Sweeney Todd —the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, by Stephen Sondheim.  Highlights version.


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Asbury Park on Memorial Drive. Paul Goldfinger photo.

Asbury Park has gone out of its way to promote beautiful murals all around town. Having art on display is a mood elevator and plays to the most admirable impulses  of mankind in our society.

This work was near the Carousel in A. Park. Blogfinger photo.


There is not enough art on display in Ocean Grove, especially outdoors.  This past Saturday, during the car show,  we did see some outside the TH Gallery on Pilgrim Pathway.   The theme was NYC.


New York City Blogfinger photo. 5/18/19


Coney Island. Blogfinger photo.




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Source: a sign in a window. 5/18/19. Blogfinger photo.


Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

It sounds like a fine idea—bagels in the Grove, but I am concerned about the “ NO GMO” headline banner.  It would have been more promising if the headline could be “authentic New York style deli bagels, made the traditional way.”

I don’t know any bagel lover who worries about GMO’s in their shmeer-laden snacks with that hole in the middle. The basic ingredients in a bagel are wheat flower, salt, water  (preferably from New York City) and yeast.  So I don’t get the fuss here about “natural and plant based ingredients.

We have written a fair number of bagel articles on Blogfinger due to our pursuit of the best bagels in this area.  And in those articles which emphasize qualities such as crunchy exteriors and chewy interiors, the acronym GMO was never mentioned.

We also are aware that there are many bagel imposters such as the ones with the consistency of white bread and puffed up to the size of your head.

In addition, the flier says “natural and plant based ingredients added.”   Well…what can you do with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, raisins, and crispy onions?  And bagels are naturally vegan.  So let’s wait and see to judge these “All Star Bagels.”

We recently posted a bagel article about the new chocolate versions at Wegmans, and, needless to say, we were not enthused.

chocolate bagels at Wegmans

However, in general, we are excited about a bagel place in the Grove.  It is needed. Our new coffee shop is fine, but it falls short in the edibles department, so a quality bagel place on Main should do well.

We will review it as soon as those round delights emerge from the oven.  Meanwhile, the space on Main is totally empty.



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This couple enjoyed the dancers . Paul Goldfinger © 5/18/19.



Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.

I’m not much of an old car buff, but a lively crowd turned out for this event, and many folks seemed to be enjoying it.  I was photographing the street show, but my interest was in the visitors not the cars.  It was clear that most of the crowd were tourists.  I only saw 2 people that I knew.

Visitors pose for pictures on Main Avenue. Vintage Car Show in OG. 5/18/19.

The music was loud heavy metal, and there was dancing in the street.  Those stores that sold food were doing quite well.

So can someone explain to Blogfinger why we need car shows in the Grove?  The British car show will occur later in the season.  Is it the job of our little town to provide this sort of entertainment to tourists on a Saturday in May?

Why not hold the car show in a parking lot outside of town, or a field, or a State Fair grounds?  What’s next, the roar of hundreds of motorcycles?

And by the way, a much better, happier and livelier Grovarian show was happening in Tent Village where families were setting up for the season.  Grovers don’t need throngs of tourists and a bunch of old cars to make our town a joyful place on a sunny Saturday.   Don’t we have enough parked cars in the Grove?

When do the people of this town get to say what they are about?

DON PIPPIN AND GEORGE HEARN:  “I Am What I Am.”  From La Cage Aux  Folles.

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The water motif is appropriate for a guy named Noah.

Noah. Blogfinger photograph. May, 2019.


TOM SHARPSTEEN AND HIS ORLANDOS  (From the soundtrack of the film You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger.)


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