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Paul Goldfinger photo. Jan 23, 2018.,


To win, you must provide us with the brand, model, year and the official name of this color.  Whoever comes closest will win.   A man named Ray has owned this car for over 50 years.  He takes it to car shows.


We have two bonus questions which might take you over the finish line in case of a tie:  What brand tire is on this vehicle, and does the car have a rumble seat?

Good luck and may the best man. (or woman–but unlikely) win.





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Hawaiian Leopard Mei-Ling. An orchid. Edison Estate. Eileen Goldfinger photograph.  January, 2021.



PEPE AGUILAR   “Que Sepan Todos”


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Britney.   Outlets Friday market. Ft. Myers Florida. Paul Goldfinger photo. 1/22/21 ©


We met Britney as we were leaving and she was arriving. She looked my way and smiled.  At least I thought she was smiling because she wore a mask. I asked her to take her mask off briefly for a portrait,  and when she did, there was “that face, that face, that wonderful face! It shines, it glows all over the place”     (Sinatra lyrics)

I showed her the portrait, and she was thrilled. She gave me her email so I could send her the photo or a link to this post.

Britney said that her family was from the Dominican Republic.  She has never visited Washington Heights in New York, and Eileen told her about the show “In the Heights.”


Cast of the Mambo Kings:    “Beautiful Maria of My Soul.”



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Threesome: Left to right: Hayley, Morgan,and Rachel. Paul Goldfinger in Ocean Grove. © October 26, 2019. Click to enlarge.


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Ocean Grove boards on Oct. 1, 2017: bikes and dogs allowed whenever. Dogs can also go on the beach.   A woman with blue hair-is she blue?    Paul Goldfinger photo. ©  Click image to enlarge the picture.

By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor @Blogfinger

Notice the sign. In big letters it says WARNING!!!  NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY.  Isn’t that enough warning for those who might consider swimming?  So why do we need 3 exclamation points?  We don’t need even one.

Recently we heard from a surfer dude who wants red flags to be posted in October when the water is dangerous.   But maybe this sign is more than enough to try and discourage dopey daredevils.

And the sign says “No Diving!”  Is there any way  anyone could dive at this beach?  I suppose someone might walk over to the pier and dive in, but if anyone is so inclined, the little message on the bottom of this sign is not likely to be influential. And besides, it’s all sand under there. Maybe the sign should also say, “Don’t stick your head in the sand!!!”

The lady with blue hair smiled at us as she went by, but she was moving fast, and we don’t know why she smiled or why she has blue hair in Ocean Grove.   This is a rare sighting here, but maybe she was going to Asbury to attend a meeting of the Blue Hair Society.

And the girl on the bike?  She was on the beach and came up to get her bike—seemingly caught between the seasons.


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Good Morning Dr. Paul Goldfinger. Here are today’s top stories. Friday, September 23, 2016.


The CBS News (9/22) website reports that “falls are the number one cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among adults over 65,” researchers concluded in a report published in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

The report found that “in 2014, older Americans fell 29 million times, leading to seven million injuries” that sometimes landed people in the emergency department. Unfortunately, “more than 27,000 falls led to death.”

In a press statement, CDC Director Tom Frieden, MD, MPH, said, “Older adult falls are increasing and, sadly, often herald the end of independence.” Dr. Frieden went on to emphasize that falls can be prevented.

Below is the  link to the excellent CBS News article on this subject.


Blogfinger medical commentary by Paul Goldfinger, MD, FACC:

These stats are impressive, and the article describes certain elements that we might not ordinarily think of.  Once someone falls, there are a variety of variables that need to be evaluated in order to prevent more falls.   For example, is the patient keeping his falls secret for fear of losing independence? Family members must think of this if, for example, bruises are seen or balance problems noticed.

Falls can be minor or terrifyingly dangerous.  Falling down even a few steps can result in horrible injuries. And that damage can be made worse by coexisting factors such as chronic therapy with blood thinners, causing traumatic bleeding to be worse than expected.

Don’t forget the need to have an “I fell down and can’t get up” button around the patients neck. I had a patient who fell and got wedged between the toilet and the bathtub, and she could not reach a phone; luckily a friend came by to pick her up for her regular card game.   And how about a cell phone to be worn in a holster all the time? There are exercises to improve balance, and make sure to check the lighting in the house.

Head injuries can be deceptive, and, if one occurs, an ER visit and then subsequent observation are essential.

Some of the prevention  factors include safe footwear, regular eye exams,  and getting rid of throw rugs.

If a senior gets in a car accident, don’t allow him/her to just go home and rest.  Always take them to the hospital to be checked. And if they do go home make sure that someone provides oversight to look for emerging signs of trouble.

As we have pointed out in our BF articles, seniors are often on multiple medications, and those may be overdosed, mixed up,causing side effects, or interacting with each other. The end result might be a fall, due to dizziness or a drop in blood pressure. There are other medical issues, such as cardiac rhythm disturbances, that could cause falling, so if someone falls, have them checked even if there is no obvious injury and be sure to have his medication list reviewed—-bring all the meds with you.

We have also reported on drug dependency in seniors, and that might be a factor.

For some seniors, they tend to rush around, and that can cause quick turns and loss of balance.   My mother was like that, so I stuck a big sign on her fridge:  “Slow Down.”  Of course, she gave it back to me by saying, “You talk too fast and not loud enough.”    She used to say, “Stop mumbling.”  At least she didn’t put any signs on our fridge.

The psycho-social issues resulting from falling are very important as well.  Patients sometimes lie about what happened in order to avoid unpleasant consequences such as  neurologic findings which could result in loss of a driving license and thus loss of freedom.  A neurologist might pick up a problem with peripheral vision which could result in a car accident.

Families of elderly patients must be vigilant.

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Tropicana Park. Camelia River neighborhood. Ft. Myers, Fla.  Q2M.  Jan. 18, 2021 Paul Goldfinger photo.  Click image to enlarge©


This staghorn fern needs no soil. It has roots which are for attaching to trees or other objects.  You can even hang them on a wall.

They get nutrients and water through their fronds.  This one has attached to a tree along the Camelia River.





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Do you know??

There are some unanswered questions.  If you know the answers, please share with your OG neighbors:


a.   What happened to the Camp Meeting Association’s expensive parking study?  That report was supposed to be available after the summer, but don’t you think that the summer is over?    Why hasn’t the CMA released that report which they said was being bought as a public service.   Maybe the CMA didn’t get the answers that they were looking for.


b. What is the status of the North End/OGNED plan to turn that part of town into Asbury Park South?  The last we heard, it was tied up in Trenton where the DEP was holding up the CAFRA approval pending a period of public opinion.   We never did find out who, besides two lawyers from OGNED, actually commented.

Blogfinger sent them two of our environmentally- oriented posts, but we never heard back.   Surely that public portion is over by now, so we contacted our friends at the DEP, and this is what they said, “Paul:  The application remains pending. The ongoing 90-day review period for this application ends Feb. 16, 2021.”

Boy, they’ve had this tempest in their Trenton teapot for a long time, and now we learn that there is a 90 day review period going on.  How long does it take to figure out that this project poses an environmental risk to our town?


c.  Eileen Goldfinger gets banned from a Facebook page in Florida.  Take my word for it—she did absolutely nothing wrong, but some Yahoos/Visigoths on the Board of a Homeowners Ass. down here didn’t like her mild opinion about something. So they blocked her access, disrespecting her Ocean Grove beach badge on her hat and her “LOVE” sweater.

Eileen in Florida where they violated her free speech rights. Photo by Paul Goldfinger.


This current phenomenon of depriving citizens of their freedom of speech/expression extends beyond mega-tech worlds like Twitter  and  has already filtered down to ordinary AARP-ladies in Fla-La-Land.  I contacted the American Civil Liberties Union, but, believe it or not, they are too busy to listen to my complaint.

But, like Paul Revere, I am sounding alarms for a free society.  A lawyer down here told me that certain small local groups, like homeowners associations, tend to be so full of self importance that they are known to be secretive, oppressive, unjust, opaque and ignorant of human rights.   But these mid-westerners haven’t met too many Jersey boys.

I started a blog here just for a few months to provide a venue (it’s like Paul Revere’s horse) for free expression of opinions.

“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

United Nations,   Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


BEACH BOYS:   There is a flip side to the tropical paradises way down in Kokomo.



—-Paul Goldfinger, Editor at Blogfinger.net

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Mysore Fig (aka Brown Woolly Fig) at the Edison Estate in Ft. Myers, Florida. Jan 18, 2021. Paul Goldfinger photo ©  Q2M.  Click to enlarge.


Today we had to get out.  The weather in southwest Florida has been chilly, going only to 70 degrees.  To the natives here, that is a cold spell. So we arrived early at the Thomas A. Edison Estate.  There were few people around and they all wore masks and kept their distance.  The gardens, dedicated to Tom’s wife Mina, were struggling to produce blooms in this weather.

The gardens are a big deal, although they are not extravagant.  Edison himself planted this 108 foot tall Mysore Fig tree himself in 1923 when it was just 4 feet high. The tree has its origins in China, Southeast Asia, India and Australia.

We like to walk the grounds along the Caloosahatchee River.  Edison, despite his over 1,000 patents and huge wealth, probably akin to the mega tech-rich today such as Elon Musk, seemed to be a fairly down-to-earth guy.  He liked to fish, tinker, and hang out with his buddy Henry Ford who also had a winter house next door. The Edisons also had a guest house on the property.

The garden staff here have labeled every plant. There is a sign on the estate which warns of falling figs.

His house is very comfortable in its design and decor. You can walk up onto the porches and peek inside from a few portals. He and his wife had a maid and probably a gardener.  They stayed all year round while he went north in the summer.


PAUL DESMOND    “Where is Love.”  This song is from the album Summertime and was first heard in the show Oliver.  Paul Desmond is the immortal alto sax player who was a member of the Dave Brubeck Quartet.  Oliver’s music was by Lionel Bart.

“Where is love?
Does it fall from skies above?
Is it underneath the willow tree
That I’ve been dreaming of?
“Where is she
Who I close my eyes to see?
Will I ever know the sweet hello
That’s meant for only me?”



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Southwest Florida. Tropicana Co-op. Paul Goldfinger © Jan 17, 2021. © Click to enlarge



DEAN MARTIN    From his album Pretty Baby   (1957.)


“Sleepy time gal, when all your dancin’ is through
Sleepy time gal I’ll find a cottage for you
You’ll learn to cook and to sew
What’s more you’ll love it I know
When you’re a stay-at-home , play-at-home
Eight o’clock sleepy time gal.”










Paul Goldfinger  Blogfinger.net


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