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This is what Blogfinger said on Nov. 15 when we reported on that infamous and incomplete Planning Board meeting of November 13, 2019:

“What about the ground water pipe from Wesley Lake that discharges into the ocean? The new development will dump its dirty ground water into the Lake. Who has promised that the system will work and be maintained? That should be in writing.

“The developers’ engineer said that dumping that water into the ocean is “a good thing” because “you can’t flood the ocean.” He also claimed that the pipe contains a “water quality device,” but nobody knows if it actually works or how it works. Should we trust this developer to care about the environment?”

Now we have learned that the Wesley Lake Commission, particularly the Asbury Park contingent are interested in this subject.  We heard from Doug McQueen, an involved and knowledgeable member of the the Commission.   He has expressed his concern in writing about a “potential negative impact” which the proposed North End Plan might cause due to increased dirty ground water.

He has contacted the NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection and the Green Acres program. His information to us indicates that Jersey Shore towns, including our two towns, have been dumping ground water into their lakes for many years, and any township can give permission to a developer to do so.  But, since Wesley Lake is part of Green Acres, the two towns are “encumbered” by regulations that would forbid such increased pollution without going through a complex procedure with the GA program.

Mr. McQueen is concerned that the developers and the towns  might seek  loopholes which would permit the OGNED North End proposed development to dirty the lake  (and secondarily the ocean) even more.

It is encouraging that at least one official body is taking an interest in protecting Wesley Lake.  As you all know, Wesley Lake is shared by A. Park and Neptune  (the town , not the planet.).  So finally, the folks on the A. Park side are appropriately worried about the lake.

We will look forward to learning more about the WLC’s efforts.

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Munchkin Land

Ocean Grove. Bruce and Eddie. Paul Goldfinger photo.


From the Motion Picture soundtrack  “The Wizard of Oz”



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Around town with Jean Bredin. Blogfinger staff. Boardwalk Pavilion in Ocean Grove, NJ ©

Around town with Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff reporter. Boardwalk Pavilion in Ocean Grove, NJ © That’s Harry Eichhorn holding the trumpet with his back to us. Click to enlarge.  Photo by Jean.  7/13/16

Jean Bredin: “Every Wednesday night, the Ocean Grove Summer Band plays at the Beach Pavilion at 8 pm.

“Tonight  the band was celebrating 64 years of playing in Ocean Grove.

“Harry Eichhorn does not conduct anymore, but he was in the brass section playing his trumpet.

“Old fashioned fun, what a treat!”

Yo Harry!! Girls in the trombone section!  Photo by Jean Bredin. Blogfinger staff action shot. ©

Yo Harry!! Girls in the trombone section!  Photo by Jean Bredin. Blogfinger staff action shot. ©


A little night music. Jean Bredin photo outside the Boardwalk Pavilion in Ocean Gove, NJ © Blogfinger.net

A little night music. Jean Bredin photo outside the Boardwalk Pavilion in Ocean Gove, NJ © Blogfinger.net



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Ocean Grove historic vision according to Neptune, OGNED, HOA, and  Camp Meeting Association. 2019 proposed.
Does this look like historic America? Or is this just an ersatz masquerade that no one will see as historic? 
After this, OG will never be viewed the same.


The OG beloved by residents and visitors, and honored with a historic designation. Paul Goldfinger ©


The town already has over 300 condominiums, and some of them look remarkably like the new NERP design.  Welcome to Asbury Park South, although most AP condos have character and style, unlike that which is proposed for Ocean Grove.



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Mid-town. August, 2014. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Mid-town. August, 2014. By Paul Goldfinger ©  Click to enlarge

BETTE MIDLER.  From her album It’s the Girls:

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My name is Paul Goldfinger, but I never liked my name much——until I was introduced to Bond, James Bond; then the name thing changed for me.

Scene:   Quick Check, Rt. 33, Neptune.  I am there on a Sunday morning getting coffee and approaching the counter to pay.  A young man, high school age, red hair, awaits my arrival.  He wears a Quick Check uniform, including a green apron and a name tag.  He’s yawning.

Me:  Rough night?

He:  (Smiles)—out with my friends..

Me:  Did you know that teenagers have sleep deprivation in the morning and should take their SAT’s in the afternoon? (I’m thinking, this is a good kid, working a Sunday morning job.)

He: I heard about that. (Just then I notice his name tag.   It says, “Jospeh”)

Me:  Is that your name, or did they misspell your name tag?  (You never know with first names these days—Remember the movie “The Life of Pi?”)

He:  They spelled it wrong.

Me:  How do you pronounce your new name?

He: Jospeh

Me:  Goodbye Jospeh.  (I’m thinking why doesn’t he take off that silly name tag, or is he a kid with a brilliant sense of humor?  I like to think the latter.)

Note: Original post 2017.    I came back many months later  (in 2018 and again on a Sunday  morning in 2019)  and found him at the register. He still wore the Jospeh name-tag. I asked him if he was going to change it.  He smiled and shrugged, moving onto the next customer.

I thought, if I were still in high school, this kid would be my friend, and we all would call him Jospeh.


* “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”      From Romeo and Juliet.


Here is a link to a funny 2012 Charles Layton piece about names, on Blogfinger:




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Farmers Market in Ft. Myers at the Sanibel Outlets. Paul Goldfinger photograph. Feb. 18, 2019. ©


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Taxi in A. Park

Asbury Park train station. Nov. 2019, Paul Goldfinger ©




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OG map from the BPA


Parking in OG–so far, an exercise in stirring the pot.  Keep on dancing.


By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor @Blogfinger.

The Better Parking Alliance  (BPA) is conducting another survey.  This was announced in an email today:

“Thank you again for completing our earlier survey in August/September 2019. We received 622 responses and shared the survey findings with the community on various online forums in late October. Since then we’ve researched parking solutions implemented by other Jersey Shore towns, and we’ve met with key stakeholders in Ocean Grove and the Township. We’ve been busy!

“As we narrow in on a proposed pilot program for summer 2020, we ask that you take this short follow-up survey. Your feedback combined with the responses from other concerned community members will help guide our approach with the Neptune Township committee.”

Editor’s Note:

Although it’s good to know that they are moving forward in a positive direction, this BPA survey of your opinions doesn’t offer much wiggle room.

You can choose an “overnight permit parking plan” or nothing, and there are no details as to what such a plan means or why they chose this approach which seems significantly less than ideal.

If the special reserved spaces are not available until, let’s say, 6 pm, then we will have already been struggling all day during grid-lock to find parking.

So by 6 pm, this plan will be too late, as most of us will have found overnight parking somewhere by then.  It’s not clear why this is the best the BPA could come up with, but I imagine they will offer more details in the future.

The survey does offer a place to put your comments, so even if this plan doesn’t sound so interesting, it’s probably best if we continue being supportive.  But being cornered into voting “yes” or “no”  on a pilot plan seems manipulative.

However, it is wonderful to see some citizens take an activist position in this town. It is the first time since Herb Herbst and his band of brothers  (?and sisters) pushed for solutions to help the residents of our town over 30 years ago.

Here is the email of the BPA—-They say, “Please feel free to email us.”





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Paul Goldfinger © Gasparilla Island, Fla. 2013








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