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3 am–May 8:     It won’t be pleasant today; forecast remains discouraging—cold and wet—-We suggest you set up again next Saturday, May 15.   LET US KNOW WHAT YOUR PLANS WILL BE.  WE WILL UPDATE THE LIST BELOW.  We will continue running this post on top all week and publish the change in the media.

For our latest posts, just keep scrolling down.—-

EMAIL:     Eileen and Paul at  Blogfinger@verizon.net

Scroll down for the list of sellers.






WEATHER OR NOT:   Forecast looks good now for May 15.

Tell us if you will join next Saturday.  Other options include  cancelling altogether or staying open today.

And there is now the option of newly joining the list for next Saturday  May 15 if you had not signed on in the first place for May 8.

We will ask code enforcement if you will have to pay another $5.00.

—–Paul and Eileen at Blogfinger.net


Communicate by email—- Blogfinger@verizon.net.  We will be available to react to your emails from 8 am  to 1 pm today  May 8 and then again after 7 pm today.  Or contact us anytime over the next week with your plans and with additions or changes to your sale list.


TOTAL NUMBER OF YARD SAILORS27     Make your own neighborhood group.

You can sign up through May 7.  Blogfinger@verizon.net



Fran and Bill Noll.  73 Mount Hermon Way:   Beach chairs, household items, hand painted mirror, sea shore theme mirror; wooden bench; kitchen items; scrapbook papers, jewelry; Ocean Grove throw; hand made cards; original water colors; scenes made out of sea glass from OG beaches.

YES TODAY    Gina Hertzig    94 Mt. Hermon Way:

Paul and Eileen Goldfinger.  113 Mt. Hermon Way at Delaware.  Many bargains are planned. New CD player; electric drill; air inflator; bistro chairs  (2); bistro table; Wm Sonoma fry pans  (broken in); stock pot 20 quart; childrens toys, items; cooler; electric can opener; vintage table clothes; BP machine; garden tools and pots; misc. tools; vintage watering cans; OG car magnets; signed photographs–black and white; small TV; women’s clothes; more…..

Ray Flautt and Jane Smith:   126 Mount Tabor (corner of Whitefield and Mt. Tabor—North End):  Vintage art pottery; collectibles; LP’s and 45 records; CD’s; eight track tapes; working 8 track player; some Elvis, Beatles, Springsteen, other rock and roll memorabilia; acoustic guitar; cuff links; some furniture.

Ginger Monarch.   102 Mt. Carmel Way.  9 am-3 pm     Books, 12 piece place setting of Black Knight dishes from Czech Sloakia; old books; toddler’s toys and books;  pet costumes; art, dehumidifier, speakers; breast pump; misc.

Jean  Bredin   94 1/2 Heck Avenue:  Brand new crock-pot in box, brand new deluxe Keurig  coffee maker unopened, clothes XL, shoes, pocketbooks, jewelry, set of vintage dishes, brand new patio umbrella, dark green; garden stuff, fabric, various assorted doodads and knickknacks.   (Editor:   What will Jack do without his doodads?)  And yes, Jean said, “It is fun.”

Joyce and Mike Adase:  97 Heck Avenue.  2 vintage sinks, old door, garden fencing, child’s wicker chair, dishes, glassware; some clothing including a couple gowns;  “We’re looking forward to it.”

Mick Kush at 128 Heck Avenue:  Household goods, pictures, baskets, old milk bottles, furniture, chairs., assorted lamps, kitchen stuff.

Ruth Anne Pedersen     135 Heck Avenue:  household stuff, some furniture, etc !!

Michele DeRose    21 Embury Avenue:  Household, kitchen items; linens; gray sofa; lots of artwork; lamp shades; curtains; wrought iron; outdoor furniture.

Loretta McMillen    99 Embury Avenue: 

JP Thompson   75 Embury Ave  (off of New York Ave.) Indoor/porch wicker; tables; folding tables; ottomans; chaise; designer candles; rustic shelves/cupboards/tables;  white iron daybed complete with bedding and Pottery Barn pillows; burnt bamboo type desk; decorative beachy tabletop items; French metal folding chairs;  paisley loveseat with reversible cushion; new exercise bike. And Tole chandelier, windowed folding screen, lanterns, Fiestaware, assorted dishware, storage  ottoman, Union Jack ottoman, vintage style  luggage.

YES TODAY   Cassie Diehm and Zak Kapela:  73 Webb Avenue and New York Ave.   Maytag side-by-side washer (electric)  and dryer  (gas) 2 years old–perfect condition; porcelain pedestal sink; claw foot tub; bathroom fixtures; glass table tops (32 ” round and square;) wicker cabinets and furniture; Victorian lamps; Victorian angel ceiling lights and scones; wood/stained glass medicine cabinet; antique doorknobs; misc.dishes; books; toys; children’s games; leather coats woman’s size 10) and woman’s clothes.   YES TODAY

George and Deanna Griffin.   91 Webb Avenue at Pennsylvania.  Accent tables, decorative canes, antique street sign, perpetual calendar (wooden), and miscellaneous items.

Amanda Arentsen       17 New York Avenue    Toys, games, housewares, clothes, furniture; decor; vintage collectibles; painting; sports gear; zodiac boat bottom, and more.

Geanna and Eric Merola   75 Franklin Avenue.   Solid maple futon couch/bed (great condition); ceiling fan (white; great condition;) marble patio table (weathered but charming;)  electric guitar gig bag (excellent condition;) glass martini set (unused;) glass wear; antique Vulcan gas heater; old post cards; other misc items.

YES TODAY  AND MAY 15  Nancy Naglin  77 Franklin Ave.  (corner of New York Ave.)  For Sale:  Thousands and thousands of recently released Blu-ray and DVD movies, all genres representing all decades—many previously hard-to-find—plus a top-knotch selection of in-demand genre films, some also new to home entertainment or recently re-issued.  Also, household items

OK MAY 15    MaryLou Shipman. 125 Franklin Avenue. (corner Franklin and Whitefield):  MaryLou, an OG artist, will be selling her hand-painted frames with her Ocean Grove illustrations.  She will have note cards and small prints of her OG cat and dog paintings.  And MaryLou will have some of her “trash to treasure” chalk-painted items and some other home decor pieces.

OK MAY 15.   Stan Gerasimczyk  130 Cookman Ave.  Antiques, Disney collectibles, vinyl records, cassettes, housewares/decorative acc.

Ginny and Andrew McDermott  88 Franklin Avenue (between Pennsylvania and New York Aves.)   We are consolidating two homes into one, so there will be a wide range of items, including some furniture, patio table and chairs, floor lamps, a rug, housewares, kitchenware, a complete set of dishes (service for 12), DVD’s, decorative items, some art work, tablecloths and place mats.  Also baby items: Pack and Play, car seat, Baby Bjorn seat.

Tina Pinelli and two others in her apartment building at 43 Webb Ave.  (at Central) will be participating and will have various household goods, musical instruments, electronics, military gear, handmade art, and other misc. items.

Marilyn and Harold Jacobs.  56 Broadway.  Artwork, home decor items, costume jewelry, shoes, clothing and more to be announced.

George Joseph  144 Broadway  Men’s bags; Waterford glasses; housewares; electric drill; signed original plate art; planers; books; CD’s and DVD’s; Red Rose tea figurines; early 20th century sheet music for piano.

Joyce Kane   6 Seaview Avenue  (north end near Ocean)   I will be selling FUN beachy  housewares, art work, home décor,  collectables, small furniture and LOTS MORE!!!

Millie Stires   19 Surf Ave.   Many vintage items, antique dresser and assorted misc. decorative items.

Shirlee Faehner  30 Surf Ave.   Lots of clothes, household items and collectibles.



MAY 15 SAILORS:        PLEASE EMAIL US IF YOU WANT TO BE ADDED TO THE LIST.   Blogfinger@verizon.net.   Be sure to give us a cross street and a list of what you will sell.  You can get on our list of sites right up through May 14 and you can add to your list of stuff until May 14.


Town-Wide Yard Sale. Mt. Hermon Way. Paul Goldfinger photo. Click to enlarge photos.



2019 sale in OG. Blogfinger photo. ©


She found a treasure. Blogfinger photo. 2019


Please practice distancing and masking among clumps of shoppers.

Try to get groups to join in a particular neighborhood.  Help us advertise by word of mouth or signs or fliers on your lawn or home.

Pick up a color flier or more than one at 113 Mt. Hermon Way–at Delaware.  732 539 3524  text. Ask for Eileen.  Suitable for framing in an OG house.

If you know of a merchant who will post, pick up a flier  (We already have Beekman lawyers, OG dentists, Green Realty, and Comfort Zone). And we have Next Door, Coaster, and Craig’s List,

Don’t forget to purchase a Neptune garage sale permit on-line at the Mother Ship and tell them we are having a group sale—price is $5.00.  Go to Neptunetownship.org.


If you want to share this news, email  the link below.   Or click on the email button below and they will receive this post. Or call them (the old fashioned way to communicate) and tell them to go to Blogfinger.net.  This post will remain on top until the sale is over.     If they go to  WWW.Blogfinger.net they will see the information post.

link:    https://blogfinger.net/2021/04/26/town-wide-yard-sale-may-8-2021/


Many thanks to Andrew Gioulis of KFR Communications. LLC   (kfrcom.com)


The Town-Wide Yard Sale is sponsored by



YARD SALE THEME SONGS. Don’t worry about items to sell because these days, anything goes:



Yard Sale music:  We can all use some smiles.   Here’s Louis Prima:


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“The Township of Neptune has established a Green Team to organize and work with volunteers to help move the Township forward in developing a community sustainability program.  The Green Team will take on initiatives to earn certification with Sustainable Jersey – a nonprofit organization whose goal is to support community efforts to reduce waste, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and improve the environment for future generations.” *


On May 10 the Township Committee will meet to discuss drafting a Green Team ordinance.
* From the Township Committee.
Editor’s note:  What will the Green Team do to clean up Wesley Lake?
And why doesn’t the Fabulous Five tell the public why they are making the Green Team a top priority,?
Is this just show business, showing off their ideology, or a response to some real environmental problems in Neptune Township?  Neptune has no history of worrying about the environment.  What’s changed?
Perhaps other issues in Neptune should take precedence.
I am suspicious of political grandstanding by this Committee ever since they planned to investigate every employee including police after the Capitol attack.
Paul Goldfinger, MD   Blogfinger.net

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Paul Goldfinger, reporting with eyes glazed over……


May 7, 2021.  Blogfinger.net

The Coastericans  interviewed Pres. Michael Badger of the CMA, and those results were published in the Coaster on May 6 and reported by us that same day (yesterday,) but a few tantalizing items were omitted by us…..until now:

a.  Badger:   “The OGCMA wants Neptune residents to be able to access the beach and not have Ocean Grove become a  ‘closed community.'”

This is not the first time this obnoxious sentiment has been stated  publicly by Badger. Evidently he sees a problem with “Neptune residents accessing our beach.”  What do you suppose he means?

Is he is referring to African-Americans having some sort of difficulty coming to OG’s beach?  Is he accusing our town of incipient or actual racism?

Isn’t it insulting to that black community to think that they are Incapable of “accessing” our beach?  If there is some impediment, which has not been so far revealed or otherwise imagined, then maybe it is the high cost of going on the beach as determined by the CMA.

I have documented “people of color” arriving after 5 pm to happily enter our beach for free.   That is a lovely time to visit, and I know of no one complaining about it.

Maybe the CMA should have a spokesman who speaks clearly to the press and to the public.  And maybe the CMA should have some sort of means test for enjoying our beach, and then allowing free access to the poor.

And what he means by a “closed community” is a worrisome mystery.

b.  Badger:  “We do not want to lose our Victorian charm and timelessness. Some of these (parking) suggestions {would} create a more urban tone and we want to remain a peaceful town.”   

Would  someone from the CMA care to translate this potentially obnoxious last sentence?  How can we understand the CMA when their vision is presented in a cloud of smoke with language that is unclear?

c.  The CMA’s consultants want to implement targeted meter zones, but, according to the Coaster,  “The Camp Meeting Association opposes any metered parking.”

d. The consultants recommended a shuttle service to the beach and to church services.  But Badger says, “We did have a shuttle service for three years (2010-2012) but nobody used it.”

Perhaps that’s because it was poorly implemented and marketed.  The consultants suggested that a shuttle should be funded by Neptune and the CMA, “but Badger said that the CMA would not fund a shuttle.”

e. As for residential parking permits, the Coaster reports, “As a stand alone program, residential parking permits are projected to range from $420.00 to $1050.00 each based on the number of homes participating.”

How about free permits considering all the taxes which OG pays to Neptune.  Do they charge special fees to residents of, say, Shark River Hills who got a new park and a new marina recently?

OK, we made it to “e” but now we’ve had enough, even though there is more.  You can buy a Coaster and read it; it will be festering in stores until next Thursday

This parking opic is doomed to turmoil.  We await the verdict of the governing body, but don’t hold your breaths.  The Neptuners won’t spend money or time or commitment on a working solution that will make everyone happy. And, besides, there is no such thing!

And the CMA spent a lot of money on a study which they largely disagree with.  They will be asking us for donations, but let’s wait to hear that pitch.

I say, “Jeepers Creepers”  by Kermit Ruffins of New Orleans where there’s no parking on Bourbon Street, and no one gives a damn.  We should serve alcohol on Main Avenue in the Grove and fund designated drivers into town and out.


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Paul Goldfinger ©. Paris.  c. 1980’s.


CONAL FOWKES   from Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris






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The North End… How about parking here?  How about armed guards at the Casino to keep out those Asburian interlopers?  Blogfinger photo.


President Michael Badger of he Camp Meeting Assoc.  has a history of putting his foot in his mouth when giving interviews to the Coastericans and the Asbury Park Mess.

He indicated that A. Park’s parking policies are making things worse in the Grove, but OG has had parking problems long before A. Park’s renaissance.   He refers to Asbury as “the specific issue we have there.”   And, yes, AP nomads who wander over here to take our parking spaces are one issue, but our parking problems are multifactorical as one can tell from the mish-mash put out by the CMA’s $50,000 consultant firm and reinforced by the Better Parking Alliance  (BPA) who are trying to butt in with their not so expert opinions.

The OG  parking dilemma has too many experts and too many opinions and too few agreed-upon solutions.

The BPA President said “We’ve become Asbury’s free parking lot.”

Meanwhile Badger went on to say that he is concerned that any parking plan here might “detract from OG’s historic charm.”  Really?  Since when does the CMA care about OG’s “historic charm?”   They don’t even have their own historian.

And where are they when zone busters come in to make our town into Seaside Heights or Asbury Park South. The CMA is at the heart of the infamous North End Redevelopment Plan where historic single family zoning was dumped to make room for the CMA’s hulking project at the North End.

He also inexplicably took a shot at the residents of OG who try act in self defense by saving parking spots.  That is controversial, but it certainly is not a cause of our parking distress.  He also claims to read minds when he says that saving a spot results in “everyone else being annoyed. ”

Mr Badger, if you want to go after people who create parking glut in town, look in the mirror and at the Chamber of Commercials and at developers who want to destroy our historic heritage and worsen the parking problems in our town.

In addition, Badger has been consistent in opposing any sort of pay-to-park plan which would include resident permits.

Vito Gadaleta, who is the mouthpiece  and Business Administrator for the Fabulous Five at the Mother Ship told the Coaster that he will run  Kimley-Horn’s ideas by the Police Department and Township “officials.”  He says that all of these new suggestions are  “still under advisement.”

This sounds like code for “let’s sweep all of this under the rug and get back to the status quo.”   Neptune has shown no enthusiasm for fixing our parking mayhem.

Can you imagine what the NTPD will have to say about these plans?  Will police opinions matter at Town Hall when lawsuits are flying around between the NTPD and all the Kings’ men  (and one unelected woman)

Meanwhile, we will have a busy summer in the Grove, so residents, get out your orange cones and save your spaces while you try to live your lives.  We can implement our own parking plan for Grover residents. We see those cones as a form of protest.

But watch out because Badger wants Neptune to make a law against the cones.  How about a law against those in town who bring tourists here by the tens of thousands to stifle our lifestyles?

And Badger had even more  lourageous things to say during those interviews.  See part II below.

In the end, the Township and Dr. Brantley will say “No” to most of this.  So here is the theme from the Bond movie  “Dr. No”



Paul Goldfinger,  Editor Blogfinger.net

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Tropicana Park lights.  Ft. Myers, Fla La Land.  Paul Goldfinger © February, 2018. Click to enlarge.



JAN HOWARD:   (Remembering John Denver)


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Paul Goldfinger,  MD,  Editor Blogfinger.net



Many of you have received an e-mail evaluation regarding OG parking by the “Better Parking Alliance” who have recently evaluated Kimley-Horn’s professional (paid by the CMA) analysis.

Blogfinger remains focused on residential parking issues—-but there also are concerns about the merchants, the CMA, and the oceanfront condominiacs.

The BPA  is enthused about the consultants resident permit parking concept, but if taken seriously by the Neptunites, won’t achieve pilot status until 2022.

Permits are not a new idea—just read prior Blogfinger posts or ask Joyce Klein of the HOA Parking Committee, and these opinions have been free.  But the BPA love affair with the complicated  K-H permit system sounds like a distracted infatuation.

But now, with the complex Kimley-Horn consultation open to daylight scrutiny to be digested by the Neptune Comedy,  we may have gone from the virtually impossible to the totally impossible.

The BPA seems to be adopting the jump-on-the bandwagon approach while turning a morass into chop meat.  Here is a quote from the BPA regarding resident permits:

“Embrace Resident Involvement in a Solution…We support the concept of allowing residents to determine if they want permit parking in their own neighborhoods and the 60%/70%/20% framework that Kimley-Horn recommends. This requires that 60% of households in a given area indicate that they want resident parking permits, 70% of the total available spaces to be occupied during a proposed parking period and 20% of vehicles during this period to be from outside the affected area. The 70% and 20% criteria would be tested via independent study in the summer of 2021. Several important details need resolution, however this is a solid framework.” 

As Ray Charles once said, “Baby, what’d  I say?”

I’d rather hunt for parking than try to wade through these tortured analyses.

And as for “total available spaces,” how can any calculations be accomplished  based on baseless numbers unless a truly professional study tries to COUNT the number of spaces.  That has not been done!  The Groaners once tried, but their methodology was less than useless.  Such a count  probably can’t be done for a variety of reasons which only our researcher Jumping Jack Bredin can explain.  But, we already know the answer: too many cars; too few spaces!

And none of these analyses takes into consideration State laws regarding parking in New Jersey’s municipalities. For example, the laws talk about visibility if one tries to enter an intersection.  Most of you have tried to pull out from a side street onto Main Avenue. You know how dangerous that is because you can’t see what’s coming due to parked cars  illegally blocking the sight line.

And how about parking on top of stop signs?  Or those dangerous diagonal parking spaces which the consultant wants to increase—big vehicles stick out and create a hazard. Would you stick your butt out into traffic?  Then why do it to your Escalade?

You can do some minor cutting and pasting, like limiting shopping times downtown, but lets face it—-forget trying to shuffle the same deck and instead do something wonderful like banning all mega-events in season. Find a permit plan specifically for residents during the prime season including shoulders.

Discourage all events that do not improve the life styles of our residents.    If we are to have a glut, at least confine it to beach goers who are the natural glutnicks and are historical.  The Calusa and Leni Lenapi Indians enjoyed going to the beach and they did not bring a single car into town.  Invite them back but skip the casino.


Ray Charles:

“See the girl with the red dress on.
She can do the Birdland all night long.”



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This classic OG house is on Central, near the Great Auditorium.   Paul Goldfinger. photograph ©






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Eileen, at sixteen, in a photo machine. Goldfinger family album. ©

So how did that chubby girl scout turn into this?

As for the color of her hair, what’s the use of wondering?   It’s from Carousel:  Shirley Jones with the Girls’ Chorus.

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I spotted this shirt  (someone was wearing it) on the OG boards yesterday.  It turns out that you can order this shirt and others like it, in various designs and colors on-line at gogannondesigns.com. I ordered one in case somebody wonders where I live.

Why am I promoting this?  Well, when I moved here and when I started Blogfinger, no one that I knew was identifying themselves as a “Grover”   So I adopted it routinely on Blogfinger in 2009 hoping it would catch on.  These shirts will help.

It is rare that we advertise anything on BF, but here is a patriotic exception.  We have not been paid for this or any other promo.




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