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At the OG north end, a Grover family returns from AP. 2012. By Paul Goldfinger ©

At the OG north end, a Grover family returns from AP. 2012. By Paul Goldfinger ©  Click left.

KAREN O. and EZRA KOENIG (From Vampire Weekend.)  Academy Award nominee 2014.   “Moon Song” from the movie “Her.” But this is a studio version duet.

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Notre Dame seen from the River Seine. Paul Goldfinger ©.Tri-X collection.


BELA KOVACS   Mozart Clarinet concerto in A Major, Adagio

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Blogfinger Wassup Blue Cow  BF photo.


a.  We mentioned that there will be increased religious tourism in town, and that will include a group called The Liquid Church.   This Christian organization has sites throughout New Jersey, and recently they have begun a Monmouth County branch.   The local group will meet every Saturday night for religious observances in the Great Auditorium.  Between 500-1,000 millennials are expected each Saturday throughout the summer, and even before that.

b. We understand that Nagle’s will not reopen this season, although nothing has been officially announced.  In addition, because of the loss of the Dunes, it will be tough having enough places to eat this season, so many of our tourists will wind up in Asbury Park for meals, but they will still look for parking in the Grove.

c.  Opiate deaths at the Shore:   The DEA is about town.

Special Agent Michael Goldfinger of the Monmouth-Ocean DEA office speaks to nurses and security people at Ocean Medical Center in Brick.

There is a terrible problem of deaths and addiction due to opiates in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, so the DEA has set up a Jersey Shore office here. In 2017 there were 70,000 deaths in the US from heroin, opioids and fentanyl.  Every day in the US there are 192 overdose deaths.

In 2018, Narcan was used 4,179 times in New Jersey.  Overdose deaths are up 40% in NJ.  Deaths from opiates in NJ have gone up even though prescription ordering has gone down, indicating that there are many ways to get these drugs without stealing them from hospitals and clinics or by getting them from irresponsible doctors.

By county,  Essex County is number one in the State in opiate deaths, but Monmouth and Ocean are #3 and #4.  That is why the DEA in Washington established a base here; it is a substation of the Newark Office.   Special Agent Michael Goldfinger was instrumental in setting up the Shore operation, and that is where his base is located.

The biggest problem recently is a potent mixture of heroin and fentanyl.  Fentanyl is inexpensive and is 50-100 times more potent than morphine.  Dealers are mixing the two, and even tiny amounts of fentanyl can kill one person. A small amount of fentanyl powder, the size of half a penny, can kill a roomful of people.

In addition, fentanyl is sometimes used to make fake oxycodone tabs, and a recipient may be in for a dangerous surprise.

Fentanyl is less expensive that heroin, so the dealers make more money mixing it with heroin, and they do not hesitate doing so, despite the risks.

Addicts buy small envelopes with the powdered mix.  The mixture doesn’t even have to be injected. A tiny amount inhaled can cause death.

The DEA is conducting an outreach to educate healthcare providers, and in this case, Special Agent Goldfinger was teaching nurses how to identify addicts and dealers in their midst–patients, visitors, and staff.  He cautioned nurses and staff at Brick’s Ocean Medical Center to take care of themselves and avoid exposure to suspicious materials seen as they move about their floors.

If they see something worrisome, they are to back off and call security or call the police.  The DEA will respond if they are called about a worrisome situation.  The DEA works with local police departments.

Agent Goldfinger said that his group does not arrest addicts.  They are focused on dealers, distribution routes and cartels.  He told the group about some of his assignments in places such as Columbia, Newark, Caribbean, Florida, and even the high seas as they go after shipments.

The fentanyl is made synthetically in China and Mexico, and can easily be smuggled because it is so potent.   The use of Narcan  (an antidote used in OD cases)  by law enforcement and healthcare personnel has saved many lives.

For more information, click link below:

link to njcares.gov


d.  The Town-Wide Yard Sale on May 11 now has 23 sites, already a good number that will please yard sale fans.  Check our yard sale tab on the top of this home page.  You can also scroll down from here to see the current list of addresses.  We expect many more. Email us if you want some fliers to place in good locations.   Blogfinger@verizon.net

e.  Blog stats 2,337 hits the day after the fire. There were 18 foreign countries including China, Norway and France.  But nothing can be compared to the 25,000 hits we had the day after Sandy in October, 2012.



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End of day. Spending time waiting for the sunset. Paul Goldfinger © 2/18. Bunche Beach.  Click for more.


CHICK WEBB ORCHESTRA  “If Dreams Come True.”  From Stardust Memories

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This is a re-post about saving historic buildings. We begin with two hotels in Asbury, then we get into music and photography and finally wind up with a 2018 perspective on Ocean Grove.  Paul @Blogfinger

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George Tice © Belmont Hotel, Asbury Park. 1974. This is a selenium-toned silver gelatin print.

By Paul Goldfinger ©. The Belmont burned down about 7 years ago. By Paul Goldfinger ©. rear view.  Photo taken before the Belmont was destroyed by fire.

Paul Goldfinger, MD.  Editor @Blogfinger.   Re-posted from 2016.  The editor’s note below still rings true in 2018 and has been updated.

There were two historic (over 100 years old) hotels in A.Park which were adjacent to each other on Asbury Avenue—-The Belmont and the Atlantic.   The Belmont had 50 rooms, but it was vacant in 2006.   The entire block was scheduled for demolition, but it burned down during a 5 alarm fire, along with the Atlantic, in December of that year.  The balloon construction made for a deluge with quick destruction up and down the buildings.

An AP historian said, in an APP article, that the buildings were considered historically significant to Asbury Park and Monmouth County.
“This site…

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Firemen on the beach pumping water into the rear crawl space under the Pavilion. Paul Goldfinger photograph.  Blogfinger.net  ©   4/13/19.




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Paul Goldfinger ©. Bunche Beach.  Ft. Myers, Fla.    Spring, 2018.   Click to enlarge.  Blogfinger.net


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.

At the Passover seder,   “Solomon’s Song of Songs” (from the Bible)  is read.   Much of it is about romantic love, but it also has something to say about Spring.

This is from Meyer Levin’s Israel Haggadah for Passover.  A Haggadah is a guide book which is read at seders.  There are many versions of Haggadahs, and one could search Blogfinger’s archives by typing in “Passover” into the search box at the upper right. One was written by an Ocean Grover.

As those attending a seder know, everyone gets a chance to read. The father says, “Like all people, our people in ancient, pastoral times celebrated the liberation of the earth itself from wintry darkness, and rejoiced in the yearly rebirth of nature.  This is beautifully described in Solomon’s Song of Songs read by the mother:”

For, lo, the winter is past,

The rain is over and gone;

The flowers appear on the earth;

The time of singing is come,

And the voice of the turtle is heard in our land;

The fig tree putteth forth her green figs,

And the vines in blossom give forth their fragrance.


Paul Goldfinger © Neptune Township April 16, 2019. Spring is emerging. ©



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Crews worked through the night to get to this point. Blogfinger photo © 4/15/19.  10:00 am.   Ocean Grove North End boardwalk.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

The fire site is quiet this morning.  All fire fighting equipment is gone, and two Camp Meeting Associates observers are looking around before leaving in their truck.  There is no police presence now.

We did speak to those CMA workers, and they told Blogfinger that the CMA was conferring with the building’s owner, Bob Dweck, to come up with a short term plan.  The owner is officially known as “Maplewood Ocean Grove Associates, Inc.”  Neptune Township is not part of the management team currently planning the next steps.

It reminds me of the post Sandy situation when the Township would not send any help east of Ocean Avenue because it is private property.

It brings back the uncomfortable private vs. public issues that were raised in conjunction with FEMA funding. Undoubtedly the building is insured. The CMA “owns” the land, and that lot is part of the North End Revelopment Plan.

The short term prognosis is that no one is being allowed at the site for now.  All the rubble will be removed, and then a path will be created to enable pedestrians to go back and forth through the Casino.   Despite early reports of “collapse” of the boardwalk at the site, we are told this morning that the boardwalk is fine.

But if, for some reason, the boardwalk cannot be used back and forth, then a path will be created through the open lot just west of the boardwalk, ie the “North End Area in Need of Redevelopment.”

It is remarkable how quickly the site was transformed into what you see in the image above. Those who were responsible for that cleanup should be commended for turning that depressing  burned wreck into a safe place for hope.

In a way it seems like the dawning of a new day, because that stretch of beach will be open–a visual delight for all to enjoy, as the sun rises and sets over OG ‘s North End—pending subsequent plans, of course.


BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN:  “Land of Hope and Dreams.”  (live)

“Leave behind your sorrows
Let this day be the last
Tomorrow there’ll be sunshine
And all this darkness past
Big wheels roll through fields
Where sunlight streams
Meet me in a land of hope and dreams”


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By now, we all understand the cultural differences that separate the Grove from A. Park. In this 2015 post from Bob Bowne´ we see that he has found the visuals. Click on “Blogfinger “below this sentence.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Trombonist.  Ocean Grove Boardwalk Pavilion.  Gospel service.  By Bob Bowné.©  Special to Blogfinger

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Tattoo Convention.  Asbury Park. 7/26/15. By Bob Bowné  Special to Blogfinger

CARLOS GARDEL  “Rubias de New York.”

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Photo shoot at the Asbury Park Dog Beach. 7/26/15 Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Photo shoot at the Asbury Park Dog Beach. 7/26/15 Paul Goldfinger photo ©  Click to read the shirt.


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