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Lucia Micarelli. Mardi Gras. Tremé. Paul Goldfinger still photo. New Orleans.



LUCIA MICARELLI. (VIOLIN)  “Smile” from her album Interlude.



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Mardi Gras Parade.. Still photo by Paul Goldfinger from Tremé Season One. Click to enlarge.


JACK TEAGARDEN.   “Basin Street Blues”    From Mis’ry and the Blues


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The Senior Prom 1959. Rutherford High School. Ellen, Georgene and Buddy–my classmates.

By the time senior year came along there were so many tidal flows that our heads were spinning.  90% of our class was headed to college, and what to do with those high school romances?

Bud was the quarterback of our football team and he went on to West Point;  my friend Frank injured his knee doing the pole vault, I played soccer and tried to score in the fall, and Ross was a goalie on the soccer team, and he didn’t know which way to spin as those line drives blew by.   We lost games, but we were no losers.

All my friends  were all in the marching band, and we rode the bus with the cheerleaders.  These girls were doing splits on the field, and we enjoyed that motion from the stands.

Remember the song “See You in September,” but few of us fulfilled that promise.

Emotions ran high, and pop music provided those rhythms. Sam Cooke brought it!   This was one of those songs:



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Summer portrait by Bob Bowné.  August 2015 in Ocean Grove, NJ ©  Click for a better look. Special to Blogfinger.


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Asbury Park Fire Department. Paul Goldfinger photo. Winter 2022. Click to enlarge.


The Overcoat

January wind wraps me
in bits of shell, weed, and bone
from the ice-wracked shore--

a gritty garment stitched
with flecks of the dead
from the skittering waste.

By Charles Pierre

FLEET FOXES: "White Winter Hymnal"

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Eileen (l) and kid sister Hope. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©


John Boutté and Friends:  “Sisters”.  From Tremé Season 2.



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Girls in their summer clothes: Blogfinger.net .Paul Goldfinger photo. 7/2/22 Click once to Seymour.  ©



AARON NEVILLE: from the album Bring It On Home.


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IMG_5647 (2)

Cute cottage.   Neptune, New Jersey.   Paul Goldfinger photograph. © Blogfinger.net.  October, 2018.


We have a winner of our “Name that Jersey Shore Town Contest.”

Gerard Yosca of Ocean Grove says,  “I love that little house. And it’s a short walk through the adjacent parking lot for a tattoo or some fish from Jody’s.”  He wins a signed and numbered print by OG artist Jack Bredin.




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Paul Goldfinger still photograph. From a Polish movie. Ballet class.




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Jack Bredin, Blogfinger Emeritus staff and OG artist, visits his friend the cardiologist. at Blogfinger headquarters.     Ocean Grove. 1/18/23




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