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Asbury Park. Zombie Day.   Oct. 5, 2019. Paul Goldfinger ©  Click to enlarge.





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Blogfinger blue cow, we saw you standing alone. Without a love of my own. Udderly ridiculous.     Blogfinger photo. ©




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On the way to becoming a doctor, at The George Washington University School of Medicine.  While there, I had more than a few  imaginary diseases. Photo by Bill Adams, MD.


By Paul Goldfinger, MD, FACC.

I had graduated medical school two years before. Eileen and I were married only 3 years, and we had no children yet. We were excited to move to New York City for my postgraduate training and we got to live in Mt. Sinai’s apartments for house staff.  We were within walking distance of the hospital.  I walked through a long block at the edges of Spanish Harlem and emerged onto Madison Avenue at about 100th Street. There were newsstands, coffee shops, cleaners, and restaurants.  After that it was just two blocks to work.  It really wasn’t work, because being a doctor was so exciting and fascinating.

Eileen was a teacher, and somebody at the school brought in a kitten, and she couldn’t resist.  She named the kitten Sasha.

At the hospital, I became part of a team taking care of one of the “medical floors.”  It was a “teaching service,” so most of the patients were were fascinating or difficult cases.  A chief resident ran the floor, and I was a first year resident in internal medicine. “Attending physicians” were ultimately in charge, and they rounded every day.    The layers of backup were extraordinary.   Everything I ran into was amazing. Most of the patients  had diseases that I never saw in med school.

One evening I was home–a night off.   But all of a sudden I had trouble breathing.  It was mild at first, so I decided to walk over to the hospital.  I had to stop on the way–short of breath. This was worrisome.

I took the elevator to 2 South and walked onto the floor.  An intern took one look at me and called the Chief Resident.   He and two other residents looked alarmed and led me into an empty room where I was quickly examined.   It was frightening to be on that side of the equation.

“Paul, you are wheezing; you have asthma.”   That diagnosis hadn’t popped into my head.  When a doctor is the patient, he becomes like other patients— panicky, fearful, and not thinking clearly.  They gave me a shot of adrenaline and some inhalation therapy and took a history.  How could it be asthma?  My brother had it when he was a young child, but I never did.

John, the CR, said, “It’s the cat!! ”

“OMG—it’s obvious!”

Over the next few hours I returned to “normal.”

We immediately gave Sasha to Eileen’s parents who gave him a good home in New Jersey.   Getting rid of the cat cured me, although after that I discovered other things that could give me asthma, such as dust, dogs, and pollen. I learned a lot about allergies.

I was referred to a Mt. Sinai allergist who said  that the only animal we could have would be an armadillo.

It is ironic, but years before, when my asthmatic younger brother would require the family doctor to visit in the middle of the night to give him oxygen and a shot of adrenaline, I looked on scared and powerfully impressed.   Mel and I shared a bedroom.  The doctor was a big bear of a man, especially in the dark. Years later I thought that I would become an allergist.  Back then I would go with my father to buy goats milk for Mel, because he was allergic to cows milk. If he ate the wrong thing, he would develop horrid hives.

I wish that all doctors could become patients (just for awhile)  because you learn so much about how to be a good physician. There was a movie in 1991 called “The Doctor” starring William Hurt, and it was so good portraying that theme.

Over the years I discovered that physicians don’t always get good medical care.  They try to diagnose and treat themselves, and you had to drag one to a doctor’s office.  Instead they often received “hallway consultations” from colleagues.  They tend to either ignore symptoms or they believe that a headache is a brain tumor.  Medical students are notorious for “getting” every disease that they study.   I think that doctors feel that they can’t get sick; that somehow they are immune.

They say that a doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient.  But he is too busy to be sick; too busy keeping his patients forever young.


DYLAN WITH THE BAND.  “Forever Young.”   From the album  The Last Waltz.







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Jack the cat. Photo by Marylou Shipman.© Nov. 2016.

Jack the cat. Water color painting by Marylou Shipman.© Nov. 2016.

Original post 1/23/17:

From Ocean Grove artist Marylou Shipman. October 6, 2019.

“Hello Paul…Back in November I was taking my daily walk for coffee when I spotted the purr-fect photo-op right outside of Blogfinger headquarters. There, perched atop your beautiful  porch railing, was Jack the cat from Mt. Tabor Way.

“He made my job easy…more than willing to sit while I snapped several shots, trying to get the composition just right for my watercolor painting. This is a rare event, as you can imagine because the typical cat will not hold a pose if he does not want to. Perhaps Jack was waiting patiently for that next big OG news story to come in.”


Editor’s note:  (Paul @Blogfinger)  We are privileged at Blogfinger to be able to exhibit MaryLou Shipman’s series of cat paintings.  Aside from her great technical skill, MaryLou has created a rogues gallery of actual cats who are also Grovers. She observes their personalities and captures their individualities.

As for Jack Sprat, “The Jack Sprat alluded to in this English poem is reputed to be King Charles I (1625-1649) and Henrietta Maria, his Queen (1609-1669).”  (From the history book of nursery rhymes.)

2019 update: MaryLou  is “still going strong.”  In an email to Blogfinger she says, “Jack can usually be found curled up comfortable into a wicker chair cushion on his own porch on Mt. Tabor Way. I consider Jack to be my good luck charm. His painting won “Best in Show” in the 2017 Canterbury Juried Art Exhibition of Rumson, NJ. The painting was also accepted to the 2017 NJ Watercolor Society’s 75th Annual Juried Exhibition and most recently accepted to the 2019 Audubon Artists 77th Annual Exhibition at the Salmagundi Club, New York, NY, October 28-Nov 8. Very exciting!

Congratulations to MaryLou for her well deserved recognition as an artist.  We are posting her latest work separately.  —

Marylou’s cats  remind me of the Broadway show “Cats” where each cast member is unique.

Here is the most famous song from the show Cats:  “Memory”   (not memories). This version is from the original Broadway cast album.


–Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net


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Asbury Park boards. Paul Goldfinger © 10/5/19.  Click to enlarge. Music plays during that change.  Back arrow to return.


From Oklahoma:

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©  Paul Goldfinger photograph on the OG asphalt boards, looking south, near the Casino.  A reminder of what will be lost.


It is treading too lightly to call the NERP “Asbury Park South”    Our North End Redevelopment project will be more intrusive near the ocean than Asbury or other nearby towns  have done.

And don’t forget the White Whale site (where the recent fire occurred) where developers will try to re-build east of our boardwalk.   Which of our neighbors have built recently east of their boardwalk?

The OG North End is currently open space, light, and air.  OGNED will destroy that and create something more congested on our boardwalk than even Asbury has done on theirs.  Their condos are all around the AP beach area, but not on top of the boardwalk as will occur with the NERP.  And their boardwalk is much wider than ours.

The reason for the current asphalt jungle over there is that they need to figure out the elevations for construction immediately adjacent to the west side of the boardwalk


From Grease:   Bring back pedal pushers.   Sha la, la, la, la, la, la etc.

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Asbury Boardwalk. Paul Goldfinger among the zombies. 10/5/19 © Click to enlarge.


Recognize him?   Even zombies have family. Paul Goldfinger ©


Even zombies get the blues. Paul Goldfinger. ©


After the zombie walk. Paul Goldfinger ©


Asbury boards. Yucking it up.   Zombie Day. 10/5/19 Click to enlarge. Paul Goldfinger ©


Time for a drink.  She likes me.   Paul Goldfinger © 10/05/19


Lovely to look at, delightful to know….. Paul Goldfinger ©


BILLIE HOLIDAY:  From Woody’s film Celebrity.




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Saturday, Oct. 5, 2019. Adjacent to Firemen’s Park. This is another example of parking games that people play in Ocean Grove. These 3 people parked and walked away.


By Paul Goldfinger, MD, Editor @Blogfinger.net

Why has Ocean Grove become the go-to entertainment venue on Saturdays for this part of the Shore?   Name another Jersey Shore town, besides Asbury, around here with significant weekend event crowding almost every weekend from May through October? 

And don’t forget that those towns have garages and driveways.  For example, Seaside Heights has quite a few parking lots and facilities.

And then there is Asbury Park, our neighbor to the north.  They are hell bent on having one special event after another, but at least they have a stated mission—to promote large scale tourism.  Today they will bring thousands of Zombies to our neighborhood.  They will spill over into the Grove, if the arts and crafts visitors today leave any open parking spaces.

.But they also have small scale events for residents and visitors such as those at the Stephen Crane house, the Saturday farmers market,  the small Sunday market in Kennedy Park, and the porch musicians which appeared last weekend.

OG is perfect for small events such as last weekend’s cabaret, Town-wide Yard Sale, street musicians, poetry festivals, etc.  but the Township keeps granting permits that stifle the lifestyles of those who live here, including street closures and tourist glut.

Don’t let anyone tell you that our parking issues are only in the summer.  That is fake news, promoted mostly by realtors who don’t want potential buyers to understand our problems.

Again, who benefits from these recurrent events?  How many weekends in nice weather do the residents have the town to themselves?   Why are we hosts to so many large scale 5K runs, craft shows, flea markets, car shows, etc?   The expected beach crowds are not part of this discussion.  Every shore town has that.

A few large events are OK, but the number should be significantly limited by the Township.

And don’t forget the CMA which plans to expand its  programs for religious tourists to year-round.

This town is not a square mile, as the slogan says;  it is about half a square mile,  if we don’t count the ocean.  It is too small for all the tourists and their cars.

The Home Groaners should be on top of this, but they don’t care, so they don’t deserve their preferred name of “Home Owners Ass.”

If any if you are planning a small scale event like the Peoples Garden Tour or small outdoor concerts,  then let us know, and BF will promote it.

For example, from Rise Legato:

I’m having a porch sale at 126 Main tomorrow in OG from 10 to 4.
All welcomed


PINK MARTINI      “Donde Estas Yolanda”


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Ken and Annie plan to make Ocean Grove their home. Founders Park. 7/31/17. Stephen Goldfinger, Blogfinger staff. ©

Annie and Ken, from Inwood, New York City, are singers.  They first met on the OG beach a few years ago when they came to town to sing in the Annual Choir Festival.  But it turned out that they harmonized in ways that they hadn’t planned, and now they are married and they will  soon leave NYC and move full time to Ocean Grove.

Our reporter Stephen struck up a conversation with Annie and Ken in Founders Park where they hit the right note with this spontaneous pose.    (Re-posted from July, 2017)




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Water park. Asbury Park boards. September, 2019. ©    Click to enlarge.  Paul Goldfinger photo.


PINK MARTINI AND THE VON TRAPPS:    (* Pink Martini was in concert at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank last week)










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