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Distancing is a moving target at this fairly crowded event. Most are wearing a mask. Paul Goldfinger photo. 2/17/21


This sign is quite detailed, but Eileen says that I am the only one there to read it. Blogfinger photo. Click on image to read it.



By Paul Goldfinger, MD   2/17/21.

In Florida there has been a pretty loose effort to do lock downs as well as masks and distancing.  Restaurants, businesses, and schools are open, and the Governor here believes that lock-downs are damaging to the citizens.   Their results in terms of deaths and new cases are middle of the road.

Despite the signs here, most seem unconcerned, even at this higher risk event.  Eileen knew exactly what we needed, and we arrived early before the mobs appeared.  But you might be able to discern the line heading left to right–that’s where you get “New York bagels.”   Hmmmm!   Call me skeptical. So most had masks, but Eileen is in that line, and the folks do crunch ahead.

I tried to distance as I took some photos illustrating some of the COVID ironies.   People seem to be disbelievers, and many in the military and elsewhere are refusing the shots.   But I don’t know anyone who is refusing a shot if offered.  We got out of there pretty quickly. We did not stop to have a coffee and a French pastry, which is our usual routine.

We drove 3 hours each way to grab a 1st shot appointment  in Tampa a few days ago.   So to actually get the vaccine was a real shot in the arm for our mood. They say that the second shot makes you sick.  Another irony.


And then there is prayer:   This is the Preservation Hall Jazz Band in New Orleans:


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Paul Goldfinger. February, 2021.
Los Angeles.


“Now d’ya hear about Louie Miller?
He disappeared, babe
After drawin’ out all his hard-earned cash..”

Lyrics to Mack the Knife by Bertolt Brecht.    (Music by Kurt Weill) in 1928 for The Three Penny Opera.

 When I was in a freshman English class at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Rutherford, my professor was Charles Angoff, the Editor of the American Mercury magazine as well as a full Professor at FDU.  He insisted that we all go into New York City, individually, (20 minutes away by bus) to see the Three Penny Opera in the Village.  I had never seen a New York stage production before. My girlfriend at the time was an English and Russian major.  Her head was filled with Dostoyevsky, so this was exciting for her also.  I tried to provide thrills whenever possible, and she taught me a few words in Russian, but I can’t reveal them;   and off we went.

I can’t express the impact which that live theater production made on me.

If you have a child ready for college, consider sending them to a NYC university, or one nearby.

SOLOMON SONG    by Ellen Greene.    From the 1976 NY Shakespeare Festival revival of the Three Penny Opera.


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Eileen Goldfinger   Water lilly.






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“It’s a fine feather day, isn’t it?”
Oh well, live life with no egrets.”


Photograph:   2/21 Paul Goldfinger photo. Ft. Myers, Fla.  Click to enlarge.

Winning caption by “Northender.”  Even though captions are usually not conversations, this was too punny to reject.

Thanks to all the captioneers—very funny stuff, but no booby prize–because, yes, we have no boobies today.  And where were the duck sauce jokes and the waiter’s special: duck?    PG



A pond that’s more than it’s quacked up to be.  (Michael Gillan)

Mom told me not to date ducks.   (Binary)

Try talking to a duck–all you get is fowl language.   (Myron Cohen)

“It’s a fine feather day, isn’t it?”
Oh well, live life with no egrets.”       (Northender)

“Ignore me while I duck”   (Barry Sokol)


AND:  from the Internet:

Why do ducks have tail feathers?

To hide their buttquacks.



From The King and I.


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“Penny” Pine Island Shrimper. Paul Goldfinger photo. 2019.


Pine Island is the largest island off of Florida.   It is on the Gulf Coast, southwest, near Cape Coral.    The fishing is excellent.   This is why you can buy unfrozen shrimp in Ft. Myers. ©






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Paul Goldfinger photo. 2019.


Fire on the Beach

By Charles Pierre


Driftwood burns more brightly on cold starless nights,
when gray logs washed to smooth indifference by the sea
remember the green vigor of seed time and sapling years
and burst once again in the air through which they sang,
waving as flames of primal color. In this ancient language
is the hot breath of spirit rising above sand and water,
a voice of fire sparkling more brightly than stars can shine.
DALIDA:   “Le Torrent” from the film  Fading Gigolo by Woody Allen

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Someone’s sneakin’ round the corner; could it be Macheath’s wife?   Mack the knife? Lulu’s back in town?    Paul Goldfinger. Ft, Myers.  Click to enlarge.   2/13/21


BOBBY DARIN  From  The Three Penny Opera:






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Justin Simini in Auditorium Square Park. He likes to dress "snazzy." Paul Goldfinger photo

Justin Simini in Auditorium Square Park. 2014.  He likes to dress “snazzy.” Paul Goldfinger photo ©  Click on photo to enlarge.  Re-post 2021.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

Believe it or not, Justin Simini dresses like this most of the time.  He loves the clothes of the ’20’s and ’30’s, and this style of dress is supposed to be reminiscent of Gene Kelly, the song and dance man who appeared in so many great musicals including Justin’s favorite “On the Town.”  Justin is on the town here because his sister Brittany is getting married tomorrow to Jordan Whilden.

Justin lives in Bernardsville, but he is originally from Ocean Township.  He works as an investigator. Maybe he’s undercover today. We pressed him on why he is dressed like Gene Kelly,  but he insists that it’s just a question of “looking good.”  He really does look like a member of the cast in “Singing in the Rain” but, unfortunately, he can’t dance.

This afternoon we found him in the park, just a hop,skip and a jump from the  Tabernacle where the wedding will occur. Undoubtedly he will be wearing something more up-to-date tomorrow.  Let’s hope that the weather will be nice so that Justin won’t have to be singing in the rain.

GENE KELLY  from the film “Singing in the Rain.”


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Rear window…

Paul Goldfinger ©



ROY ORBISON  “Come Back To Me My Love.”



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By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor @Blogfinger   Re-post 2019.

This is a wonderful movie.  We wrote this review after the film opened in December, but now it is up for an Academy Award as best picture, and the Oscars are this Sunday on Febl 24, 2019.  So we are re-posting this article for those who missed it.  It also has a bit of a political back story, because there are those in our society who don’t like a plot line where a white man befriends an African-American.

Green Book is about a sophisticated black concert pianist who hires a blue collar Italian Bronx bouncer to drive him on a concert tour through the deep South.   They are an odd couple, but as you might expect, they share happy, funny, and worrisome moments in the film and eventually bond in friendship.

Viggo Mortensen plays Tony, the warm hearted overweight tough guy, while Mahershala Ali plays Dr. Don Shirley, the elegant and polished musician.  The film is about their two month road trip together, and, as you can predict, they run into racism.  Reviewers acknowledge that audiences love this film but they are critical  (that’s their job–they are critics) of the predictable events along the way.

In one scene in Alabama, Dr. Shirley  is to play a Christmas party in a fancy country club, but they won’t let him in to have dinner with the whites in his party.  Shirley refuses the gig, and he and Tony wind up in a smoky black bar where there is close dancing, laughter, live music, and fun. Sure enough, Don gets to play piano with the house band, and he does just fine with the boogie-woogie music, even though he is one black man who has never eaten fried chicken.

Eileen and I loved this movie.  The cinematography is beautiful as they travel through snow storms, driving rain and then visit scenic areas including a field where blacks are working picking cotton.  The local southern color and people are as foreign to Tony as they are to Don.

The music is of great interest since it is difficult to pigeonhole .  The formally trained pianist is primarily a jazz player, but he builds his compositions on a classical sensibility.  I enjoyed his playing very much.

I wanted to make my review out of still photos taken off the screen. The result is a bit blurry, but I like it, and I will try it again.

The Green Book title refers to the special book which tells visitors travelling through the South where black people may stay, eat, etc. The National Board of Review named Green Book “best picture,” and this film will be in the running at the Academy Awards.   Go see it–most of you will like it.   And here are some of my photos–true screen shots:

Tony watches his “boss” perform in a smoky black bar in Birmingham.

Tony and Don become friends despite inevitable friction at times.

Don Shirley off the concert stage and into the hearts of down-home folks in a place where he learns quickly to feel comfortable.

Tony makes it home in time for Christmas eve in the Bronx. Does Don join him there?

Christmas eve in the Bronx.

This music is from the fine soundtrack:


DON SHIRLEY    “The Lonesome Road.”

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