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OG Town-Wide Yard Sale. Mt. Hermon Way. Blogfinger photo ©

Now that the weather is getting warmer, you might consider joining the Ocean Grove own-Wide Yard Sale. For more information click on the yard sale tab at the top of this page.  We now have 25 sellers, but that number will grow, and the more we have the better the event.   We expect many more sellers to participate as more sign up in late April and May.

To join, contact us at  Blogfinger@verizon.net


Footsteps, sunshine, and an ocean like a lake. Ocean Grove. April 20, 2018. Paul Goldfinger ©. Blogfinger.net


Scene:  New York City–We were living in New York in 1968  when Eileen delivered our first son, Stephen, at Mt. Sinai Hospital, where I was a doctor in training.

Before she was discharged, she was given some detailed instructions including how to bathe the infant. When we took her and baby-makes-three home, she bathed him in our tiny kitchen sink and she was quite nervous about it:

Me:  Getting paged at the hospital.  Eileen was on the phone; she was in tears.

Me: What’s wrong?

Eileen, sobbing:  I was giving Stephen a bath and I washed the left side first.

Me.   It’s OK; you can start with the left side and do the right side last.


Scene:   Wegmans today. I got on an elevator which was already occupied with a mom and her two young daughters;  the oldest was about four and she was very cute in a sparkly dress with a colorful headband.  I said to her, “Your dress is pretty. What’s your name?”

Little girl:  no answer–too shy

Mom:  Her name is Noa.

Me:  Wow, what a coincidence; my new grandson was born only 4 days ago and his name is Noah.

Mom: No, it’s not a coincidence, Noa is not the same as Noah.

Me: Really?

Mom: Noa is a woman’s name taken from the Old Testament.  The Bible story is that of biblical Noa , one of 5 sisters, during the Exodus, obtaining the right to inherit property in the absence of a male in the family.

So it’s no wonder Mom got a bit testy–her daughter’s name is not about an old guy with an ark; it’s about women’s rights.  Truly a contemporary theme among many found in the Torah  (the Hebrew Bible.)

Mom: We’re from Israel

Me: Oh–thank you for explaining all that.

We had, by then, stepped off the elevator at the 2nd floor cafe, where Mom and her two daughters joined Dad and their young son for breakfast.  They were eating a giant pizza.

DUKE ELLINGTON  “There Shall Be No Night”   From the soundtrack of Ken Burns’ film The War.




Kids rule!

Ocean Grove beach. By Bob Bowné. August 22, 2015.Special to Blogfinger.net

Ocean Grove beach. By Bob Bowné. August 22, 2015.Special to Blogfinger.net.  Re-post from 2015.




The photo we recently posted of the birthday of Noah Michael Goldfinger reminds us of the 1970  photo which I took when Michael Goldfinger was born in New York City, one generation ago.

Carmel Cohen, MD, obstetrician, had a challenge making this special delivery, and he almost lost his gown in the process.—Paul @Blogfinger.net Re-posted from 2014 on Blogfinger.   click on  “view original post” to see the whole presentation including 2014 comments.


Mt.  Sinai Hospital, NYC.  By Paul Goldfinger. Photo appeared in a national magazine (Hospital Physician)  © Michael.  Mt. Sinai Hospital, NYC. By Paul Goldfinger. Photo appeared in a national magazine (Hospital Physician) ©

EVA CASSIDY:   Album: “Live at Blues Alley.”  (Washington, DC)

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This device is a corn planter that is attached to a tractor. Russo's Farm Market, Tabernacle NJ. Paul Goldfinger photos. ©

This device is a corn planter that is attached to a tractor. This Pinelands region , Burlington County, is known for growing cranberries in large bogs.    Russo’s Farm Market, Tabernacle NJ.   Paul Goldfinger photos. ©   See Eileen’s recipe for fresh cranberry sauce. Scroll down to it.  Wegmans currently has fresh cranberries.   Re-posted from October, 2015.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

We visited Tabernacle, New Jersey this October to buy cranberries at Russo’s Farm Market. Tabernacle has been rated as one of the best small towns to live in in New Jersey. We stayed briefly, so we didn’t see much except the town cemetery, across the road from Russo’s, which provided a bit of interesting history.

The first settlers there were the Lenni Lenapi Indians. In 1778, a church was built.  It was made of logs.   It was used to try to convert the Native American population. I visited the cemetary and found out that an early family donated the land  in 1807, and there was a sign that said  “..as long as the wheels of time shall not cease to roll.”  I wasn’t sure what to think about that saying.

Walking around the cemetery, many graves were from the 19th century, and the deceased had first names like Uriah, Hannah, Isaiah and Caleb. Dogs were barking continuously nearby, but otherwise the place was quiet.

I was impressed by a blue sign  (see below; click on the photo if it is blurry)  which said that “whites and indians worshipped here.”   I tried to imagine how that diverse group got along.  Did they live near each other, or were they segregated? Did they have Thanksgiving together?  How many Christian Indians were there, and did they worship at the same time as the whites ?

My mother, a teacher, liked to tell her class that she was part Indian, and she told me that also.  But our family were Jews from Poland, so I was skeptical. However, in my school, historical myths were pretty common also.

When I studied history,  they never told me that settlers and Indians did things together  (except for the Thanksgiving story.) And whatever happened to the Lenni Lenapi’s?

We should have a New Jersey sport team called “The Fighting Lenapi’s” and the mascot could be a giant cranberry with arms and legs.  Let’s call him “Lenny.”  “Go Cranberries!”

If photos are blurry, click on the pictures.

Russo's sold

Russo’s sold “Face pumpkins.” They also had fresh cranberries.  Paul Goldfinger photos. October, 2015.


WASSUP? Ocean Grove

Wassup? This is a woman who is certain of her femininity. She knows wassup. Sanibel Island, Florida. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©

a.   “Seniorgate :”  An anonymous ad appears in this week’s Coaster, unsigned . It encourages supporters of Brian Butch, the dismissed director of the Neptune Senior Center, to show up for the next Township Committee meeting on Monday, April 23 at 7 pm, at the Municipal Building  (ie the Mother Ship.)  The goal is to demand that the Township “reinstate” Brian Butch.  They say that he was dismissed “with no explanation to members.”

Ironically, a photograph of Mr. Butch appears in the same Coaster issue because he received the”Citizen of the Year award”  by the Asbury Park/Wall Elks in Neptune.

b.  Song of the week:  BUDDY HOLLY   from the original master tapes—-“True Love Ways.”

c.  Generic sildenafil  (ie Viagra) is being sold on the radio (generic) for $2.00 per 20 mg. pill, but it is a bit of a scam.    Most men use 50-100 mg per dose, so you would need $10.00 (5 pills) to become a swinger.

But still, this is cheaper than the brand name 100 mg tabs which have been selling for $50.00-$60.00 per pill.  If you shop around, you probably could find 100 mg generics for $20-$30 per dose, and you can order them from Canada for a fraction of that cost.  And you can get a pill splitter and divide the 100 mg tabs into two 50 mg doses, and 50 mg could be enough to attract attention for most men.  But don’t forget to read the side effects and contraindications.  Also, this drug can interact with some common heart and blood pressure drugs. You will need a prescription, so check with your doctor to discuss safety issues.

This view looking south from the North End shows the long stretch of unfinished boardwalk reaching  to the Pavilion. The footings are all in.      Blogfinger.net photo. 4/20/18 ©  Click on the photos to enlarge.


This view, looking north, shows a  completed section up to the edge of the White Whale. Blogfinger photo. 4/20/18 ©


Boardwalk Pavilion. 4/20/18


Curb work.    Ocean Avenue at the Pavilion 4/20/18.   All photos by Blogfinger.net ©  Note the sign “Reconstruction project funded by the OGCMA.”

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

On January 18, 2018, the Camp Meeting Association of Ocean Grove said, “The OGCMA is excited to announce the commencement of a greater than $ 1 million  reconstruction project for the North End boardwalk area from McClintock Street to Seaview Avenue. The project will begin in early January, and completion is targeted for May 2018.”

And, they said , “Together we can look forward to a beautiful new section of  boardwalk in spring 2018.”

Today, we find that most of this Phase II project is incomplete.  The section of boardwalk from Seaview Avenue north a short distance to the southern edge of the White Whale is complete with new boards.

But from there, heading further  north, the old boards remain, and we have no information regarding what Asbury Park will do since their property line begins a short distance from the White Whale’s north edge.  And what will the CMA do with the boardwalk that is supposed meet up along the western edge with a new North End Hotel?

Looking south to the the Pavilion  area, there are footings ready to go.  South of the Pavilion is where the Middle Beach boardwalk meets the Phase 2 boardwalk.

So maybe they will be done by May, as promised, but we have seen no updates from the CMA. Even their website fails to provide current news on this subject   (oceangrove.org)

As for the financing, it was our impression that the CMA received FEMA money for this phase, but a sign from the CMA attached to the Boardwalk Pavilion, indicates otherwise.  It says, “Reconstruction Project funded by the OGCMA”)


ERIC CLAPTON   “The How Long Blues.”

November 3, 2012. Ocean Grove, New Jersey. One of the first fishermen to return. By Paul Goldfinger. Copyright. Click left for full view

November 3, 2012.  5 days after Sandy.  Ocean Grove, New Jersey. One of the first fishermen to return. By Paul Goldfinger  ©. Re-posted from January,2013. Click for full view.  See the comments for some photographic notes.




Lakes Park Farmers Market. "Mom with cell phone and baby makes 3." Paul Goldfinger photo © 2/15/17 Lakes Park Farmers Market. “Mom with cell phone and baby makes 3.” Paul Goldfinger photo © 2/15/17  Click to enlarge.


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God bless America, my home sweet home.


This is onboard one of the US Air Force's C-17 on one of the evacuation trips 
from Tacloban to Manila. Thank you, America. From  Norm Ginsburg of Elberon This is onboard one of the US Air Force’s C-17 on one of the evacuation trips 
from Tacloban to Manila.
Thank you, America. From Norm Ginsburg of Elberon

THE IRISH TENORS.  From the album “Heritage”

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