Bridge to somewhere. Ocean Grove.  Paul Goldfinger ©  Blogfinger.net  Click image to make the New Jersey Avenue crossing bigger.


RUFUS WAINWRIGHT  from (live)  Rufus Does Judy at Carnegie Hall:  “If Love Were All.”


Asbury Lanes. Derelict building in 2015 before the restoration. Blogfinger.net photo. ©  Click image to enlarge.


The new Asbury Lanes. Reopened on May 18, 2018. APP photo. This historic building was not turned into condos as would happen in Ocean Grove.

Asbury Lanes is a historic iconic venue on 4th Avenue in A. Park; It will have live entertainment as it did in its hey-day.  The night club opens with an impressive music guest list.

Asbury Lanes was once known as a center for the 1970’s punk rock movement.  But this new version is not a throwback to that era; it is a sleek modern concert venue.  Some punk fans hoped for a resurrection of the old days, but that’s not happening.

And, for you fressers out there, there also will be a 24 hour diner  (all night in the summer.)

Here is a link to the APP article on this topic:

Asbury Lanes restoration APP article

In 2015 Blogfinger wrote about this famous derelict building.  Here is that link:

Asbury Lanes restoration


WILD CHILD:  This group will appear on June 7.  Here they are with “Crazy Bird”  It isn’t punk rock, but it sure sounds great.

Paul Goldfinger ©.c. 2015. Ocean Grove Auditorium Pavilion. Blogfinger.net



Thousand Islands, Canada. By Paul Goldfinger, Kodachrome film. Undated. © Blogfinger.net

Thousand Islands, Canada. By Paul Goldfinger, Kodachrome film. Undated. © Blogfinger.net. Click to enlarge. Reposted from 2015.


Princeton University. By Paul Goldfinger. © To visit the campus you have to show the guard your SAT scores.

Princeton University. By Paul Goldfinger. ©  Blogfinger.net.   Re-posted from 2016.
To visit the campus you have to show the guard your SAT scores.


Paul Goldfinger photograph. © 2013  Click to enlarge.

Paul Goldfinger photograph. © 2013  Click to enlarge.  Re-posted from 2013.


If they tow your car, this is where they take it. Or maybe they’ll tow it to Ocean Grove’s north end dirt lot.   Internet photo.


By Paul Goldfinger

This is a common problem in the Grove, especially when someone parks a vehicle in front of your house and doesn’t move it.

The township passed an ordinance last October called #17-40.  Below is the main part, and if you read it, you will see that the procedure for handling the situation is a bit murky. So what is the reality of the situation?   Click on the image to read it easier.

The correct terminology is an “abandoned vehicle.”  If someone is parked on an OG street with an invalid registration, then it can be immediately towed away (“impounded.”)  If it is “a junk vehicle”  (eg  all the tires are flat and the windows are busted) it can be towed immediately.

But if a car is just parked and not moved, technically it has to be stationery for 30 days to be towed.  But it is difficult to document the 30 days.  The police have to use their best judgement because the ordinance doesn’t spell it out. It reminds me of the current  proposed ordinance regarding the new 3 hour parking rules on Main Avenue.

If you see a car that appears to be “abandoned”  (ie not moving for days or weeks) then call the NTPD.  You don’t have to wait for 30 days.   They will come down and investigate. At the very least, they will initiate a paper trail. Sometimes the officer will try to call the owner to find out what’s what.  He will “run the plates” and check the registration. Police can check a car’s registration using a special scanner.     Out of date inspection stickers don’t count, because that is a “moving violation.”  (That’s what they used to call a “date” in my frat house.)

If you have any questions, direct them to the NTPD.    732 988 8000.



img jpg033 (1)

I had a Kodak box camera then. There were some light leaks.  Probably a Brownie, made in England for Kodak. Paul Goldfinger ©



Paul Goldfinger ©. Bunche Beach.  Click to enlarge




This is Tillie, the symbol of funny business in A. Park. But who is looking after the interests of Grovers who live on this side of the Retention /Detention Basin?


Let’s get rid of the gang who can’t shoot straight and elect this woman and her friends to the HOA board. Photo by Brassai. ©


The Ocean Grove Home Groaners Ass. is really digging its heels into all the Grovarian issues that affect the lives of those who live in our town:  At their next meeting they will discuss “the history of the Midtown area of Neptune as a destination for African American tourism, and how that history informs redevelopment plans for Midtown…”

Gee whiz!  Do you think the Midtowners will soon have a program discussing OG history and how that informs our tourism and redevelopment plans?

Is this meeting supposed to reassure Grovers and Midtowners that we care about the redevelopment of Midtown?  Nobody in Midtown will buy it, and nobody in OG will care, except perhaps for some concerned citizens on the HOA Board.

It’s time for the Groaners to get busy and find out something about our own town and its concerns.  Maybe they will determine what they can do to make some real progress for their own constituency right here in River City with a capital O.

ROBERT PRESTON   From the Music Man:


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