Wedding Party. Edison Estate on the Caloosahatchee River. Fort Myers, Florida. March  2011. Re-posted by Paul Goldfinger- 2018—-Blogfinger.net ©

—Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.

This photo requires a bit of narrative.  It’s a beautiful Saturday in Fort Myers, Florida, at the Edison Estate  (the winter home of  Thomas A.).  We’re milling about, sizing up the tour which we are about to take, when a white limo pulls up.  Out spills the bridal party. The wedding photographer is fumbling with his equipment, and the women form a protective ring around the bride.

So here I am with my camera, and this scene unfolds right in front of me. I pick up my Leica and start shooting. I’m caught up in the event; I’m a paparazzi, circling the scene like a shark—moving in with my wide angle lens.

Just then, a cell phone rings multiple times, with the sound coming from the right side.  It’s  the bride’s mother’s phone.   I snap the photo, and then the bride says, “Mom!! I think your phone’s ringing!!”

Editor’s note:  The bride was so beautiful;   I can’t leave it like this–with Mom’s phone ringing.  Let’s fast forward and imagine a moment later in the day when all attention is focused on the bride.

Here are the JAGUARS:  This is one of the all-time great love songs—-By Jerome Kern  (music) and Dorothy Fields lyrics.  She said that she cried when she first heard Kern’s melody.

If dreams come true….

End of day. Spending time waiting for the sunset. Paul Goldfinger © 2/18. Bunche Beach.  Click for more.


CHICK WEBB ORCHESTRA  “If Dreams Come True.”  From Stardust Memories

To the Editor:

Commenters on your blog have expressed the idea that drug legalization would be good policy.  But, as someone in law enforcement, I must disagree:

Does legalizing heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, and crystal meth, make these drugs any less addictive?   The answer is no. In fact, most addicts who use these narcotics find themselves hooked after just one use.

Last year, over 47,000 Americans died from drug related deaths; mostly teens and young adults.

Knowing these basic and true facts, would you be OK with your child walking to a 7-11 and buying  a syringe and a bag of heroin?

Making it legal won’t stop the deterioration of a family living with an addict.

Making it legal won’t stop the crime associated with addiction.

Making it legal won’t help the innocent pedestrian struck by the vehicle of a car whose driver is  high.

Making it legal will only make it acceptable to our children because they can now buy without fear of jail or fines; which will certainly mean more addicted Americans and more deaths.

Until you have firsthand watched the life slip away from a 17 year-old while he foams at the mouth, and watch that child’s mother screaming, watch friends crying…..be very careful what you wish for.

Even states that have legalized marijuana prove this point. The numbers of vehicular deaths have spiked in those states.  Many of those deaths are due to innocent victims being killed by people driving high.  The number of regular marijuana users has at least doubled because it’s easy to get and you can smoke it anywhere.

It’s easy to stand of a soapbox and preach legalization, but learn facts and understand the outcomes

Jonathan Anderson

Newark, NJ.

February 20, 2018

Wesley Lake. OG side. Head east, and you will quickly arrive at the Warrington site—it would be a terrific spot for a park, preferably where dogs are invited..Paul Goldfinger photo© 2017

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

This post is a brief update.   We want to keep this journalistic fire from extinguishing and we need to maintain our focus on that lot at 22 Lake Avenue, the site of the Warrington Hotel’s charred corpse.  All that is left is the foundation–an ancient brick structure which, like the Roman aqueducts, remains hanging around with nothing to do but attract conversations.

Blogfinger has been following this strange case for about 6 years, starting with the building’s deterioration into a derelict boarding house and then flaring up nearly one year ago in that massive fire which destroyed the place in addition to other buildings, but the Warrington is where the conflagration began.

This subject has more loose ends than a Tijuana brothel.  Below are some of the active issues. As you know, BF is an information -sharing website, so if you know something, say something  (to us.)

a.  Lawsuits.   We knew early on that some victims were initiating law suits because of their injuries and property losses.  But we have no information regarding those suits.

We do know that a number of insurance companies made payouts and are now seeking to sue the owner and the contractor at the Warrington.  We have no comprehensive information about that, but we can report that such suits are actively being processed.

In addition we reported recently that the owner of the Warrington, Jack Ancona, is suing Neptune Township to try to recover the pre-fire variances and approvals that were awarded to him for turning the old building into a boutique hotel.  But the Township is insisting on proper zoning rulings that require single family homes to be built after an old boarding house is destroyed in a fire  (as with the Manchester Inn.)

b. Arson investigation.  We know that the Feds  (ATF) are still involved and that no final report has been publicly revealed.  We have learned that a suspect was arrested, but again, we have no details.

c.  Fire prevention issues.  Many of you had expressed concerns that not enough had been done to protect the Warrington site, especially with regard to fire risk, but also regarding vagrants who were reported inside that building before the fire.

Since the fire, the Township has been insisting on fences around construction sites.

d.  And a related topic has to to with liability….who is responsible for what happened at the Warrington?

At Blogfinger we invite speculation, so let’s hear about it.


HEATWAVE  “Mind Blowing Decisions.”



Auditorium Park on a warm February afternoon. Plenty of empty benches,;  67 degrees.  Everyone is in Florida.  Rain is coming
By Jean Bredin 2/20/18 © Blogfinger.net


MARTH REEVES AND THE VANDELLAS   (Motown 50th anniversary)

Central Park. Paul Goldfinger © Tri-X Collection. 

Despite the efforts of New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio, the horse drawn carriages remain a nostalgic icon of Old New York, still clop clop clopping around town. Ocean Grove had that for awhile a few years ago, but that treat has vanished.

CAST OF GUYS AND DOLLS, 1992 EDITION.   “Fugue For Tinhorns.”

A new leaf

Sanibel Island Farmers Market. Florida.  February, 2018. Paul Goldfinger ©  click to enlarge.





Ft. Myers, Fla. Feb 18, 2018. © Paul Goldfinger photograph. Click to enlarge.



DEA agents prepare to raid a fentanyl lab in New Jersey. DEA photo, special to Blogfinger. © 2017


From the Asbury Park Press:  

“The raids in Toms River, South Toms River and Berkeley took place in December, led by the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Monmouth-Ocean High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force.”

Since 2012, 700 people died of drug overdoes  in Monmouth and Ocean Counties .  Heroin from Mexico  (mostly via the Sinaloa cartel) was involved in most of those deaths, often mixed with other drugs such as fentanyl.  Most of the latter is synthesized in Mexico, but some of it is pharmaceutical grade originating in the US.  Fentanyl is extremely toxic, even in tiny doses.  It was originally developed as an anesthetic agent for medical use.

In 2016, 64,000 individuals died of drug overdoses in the US.

Most of the recent arrests  (Dec, Jan and Feb) in Monmouth and Ocean Counties were of both men and women.  Heroin, powdered cocaine, crack cocaine, fentanyl, and cash were recovered. These arrests will usually lead to stiff Federal charges. 2 of those arrested were found to be members of the Sinaloa  cartel.

The DEA Monmouth/Ocean office was set up by the regional office in Newark  last year in response to the unusually high rates of drug deaths at the Shore.  It is unclear as to why the overdose deaths here  have been higher than in most counties in NJ.  Typically Ocean County ranks 3rd in the State, while Monmouth is 5th.

Years ago there were drug dealers active in Ocean Grove. Long time Grovers can relate some stories about that.  Note that marijuana remains a problem, but the cartel and distribution connections for fatal, powerful drugs remain the main focus of the DEA who work alongside local and state police agencies, including Neptune Township and the State Police.


Central  Park south Sunday Sundown.  Winter. Paul Goldfinger  Tri-X © Undated.