Ivory of Ocean Grove is a member of a designer breed “Goldendoodle.”   (Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle) Paul Goldfinger photo 5/29/17 at the Memorial Day parade heading east on Main.


In front of Firemen’s Park. The Memorial Day Parade, consisting of a band, some veterans, and a long procession of official vehicles sufficient for a small invasion, was a fascinating sight for the kids along the way.  Paul Goldfinger  photo 5/29/17 ©


Procession of vehicles. Blogfinger photo.


Remember this—two years ago. Caylee (L) and Mom Rachel. Firemen’s Park. May 25, 2015. Paul Goldfinger photo. © Click to enlarge

Next year science may deliver a humandoodle. Sort of a combination of a person who is curious, frisky and wants to talk and a poodle which is friendly and likes to smell things and eat doggy treats.

You can train this breed to take its own poop bag to the park where it will use it, tie it, and toss it out.  Since the Goldendoodle is part French, it will enjoy a hamburger served on a brioche washed down with a little red wine and then a Gauloises cigarette on the porch.


Hi Paul:
     Greetings from Manhattan. For a writer, finding a voice often requires leaving home for a new place in which to live and work. Here is the poem “Voyage” from my collection-in-progress, Circle of Time.
Best wishes,
Charles Pierre

Voyager takes flight. Sanibel Island, Florida. 2017.  Paul Goldfinger ©  Click to enlarge.



By Charles Pierre


I first heard the call of wind and wave

on the unlettered shores of Centerport,


where cold silence and polite reserve

were anchored in the faces of locals,


where my tidal need for a voice

swept me from our sheltered harbor


to the voluble streets of Manhattan,

where speech and salt air flow as one,


where the daily work of shaping words,

from dawn starts to starlight corrections,


is a line-by-line voyage through image

and phrase, an uncharted sailing away


from my mute early life, toward home

in the sea-borne sounds of a new poem.



Gov. Christie on Main Avenue in Ocean Grove.  June 10, 2016.  Paul Goldfinger photograph.

Here is a link regarding the visit shown in this photo.

Gov. Christie works the crowd in OG



Memorial Day weekend in the Grove. May 28, 2017. Paul Goldfinger photo. © Click for a closer view.


“It’s Easy to Remember (and so Hard to Forget).”   This song is from a 1935 movie Mississippi by Richard Rodgers (music) and Lorenz Hart (lyrics.)

“Your sweet expression
The smile you gave me
The way you looked when we met
It’s easy to remember
But so hard to forget

“I hear you whisper
‘I’ll always love you’
I know it’s over and yet
It’s easy to remember
But so hard to forget

“So I must dream
To have your hand caress me
Fingers, press me tight
I’d rather dream
Than have that lonely feeling
Stealing through the night

“Each little moment
Is clear before me
And though it brings me regret
It’s easy to remember
And so hard to forget…”


JOHN COLTRANE   (instrumental)



Kidz R Us

Asbury Park Boardwalk. Photo by Paul Goldfinger, Blogfinger.net © Click to make them not-so-small, after all.



Ocean Grove. May 27, 2017 Paul Goldfinger photo © Click to enlarge.  Taken during the Memorial Day concert in the Great Auditorium.

GERRY MULLIGAN QUARTET:   “Aren’t You Glad You’re You?”

Ocean Grove Memorial Day Weekend. 5/27/17 Paul Goldfinger photo ©  Click to enlarge.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

It was cool and breezy during the Atlantic Wind Ensemble concert on Saturday night, May 27, 2017–Memorial Day weekend in Ocean Grove, NJ.

The band entertained a large crowd with a fine selection of music including Haydn, South Pacific, Dixieland, James Bond and God Bless America among others.

Outside, tent city was largely uninhabited, but one dwelling was displaying an American flag, and in the waning soft light of the early evening, with the doors of the Great Auditorium open, you could see that flag floating in the breeze. Its colors seemed dreamy–not bright like the usual red, white and blue display.  In between band selections, I walked across the GA and outside to get this photograph.  No one was around except for some ushers, but the flag seemed just right for Memorial Day and all it stands for.

Memorial Day concert. Great Auditorium. 5/27/17. Paul Goldfinger photo. © Click to enlarge.

The first number on the program after the Star Spangled Banner was a Spanish piece called “Amparito Roca.”  Here it is as performed by the University of Illinois Symphonic Band.

The announcer said it was famous as a vehicle for dancing the Paso Doble, a dramatic and romantic dance from Spain, which I saw performed many years ago by a professional dance team at the Hotel Nemerson in South Fallsburg, NY.  But the Atlantic Wind performance for this piece sounded like march music.  So, naturally, I went home and Googled it.  And, sure enough, it is both: march and dance music for the Paso Doble.

So here are Susanna Reid and Kevin on You Tube doing that dance to the music of “Los Toreadors” (Bizet from Carmen)

Days at dusk.

Days Ice Cream in Ocean Grove. Undated photo. Silver gelatin print by Paul Goldfinger ©

Days Ice Cream in Ocean Grove. Undated photo. Silver gelatin print by Paul Goldfinger ©


“Ah, the apple trees,
Blossoms in the breeze,
That we walked among,
Lying in the hay,
Games we used to play,
While the rounds were sung,
Only yesterday, when the world was young.”


Ocean Grove—under the pier. By Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff. © 5/26/17

Jean says, “I loved discovering these two guys just hanging around..they were busy checking their smart phones….maybe checking the weather forecast for the weekend.”


The view from Asbury’s south end boardwalk: You can see  Ocean Grove’s open North End. Wouldn’t a park be great?  (especially without the White Whale.)      In Shark River Hills Neptune gave them a marina and a park by the river.    Nothing to spoil that location. Paul Goldfinger photo. © Click to enlarge the view.

LISA ONO:  Music from a Broadway show  and later a movie called “On a ClearDay You Can See Forever.”

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