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Annette Hanshaw  “That’s You Baby.”


Paul Goldfinger © September 14, 2010. Ocean Grove beachfront.

“When an early autumn walks the land and chills the breeze
And touches with her hand the summer trees”


TIERNEY SUTTON  from her album Unsung Heroes.


You can get a sticker like this at the recycling dump on Heck Avenue in Neptune, near the cemetery.

Grovers have small gardens, but somehow they produce sizable amounts of yard waste which is defined as leaves, garden plants, and weeds. And if you are pruning or picking up branches, those would also be picked up, unless the branches are too large for the containers.  In that case, you have “brush,” and that is collected once per month.

The yard waste is collected twice per month and must be put out in reusable containers from June -October.  No grass clippings are allowed. And no waste in plastic or biodegradable bags will be accepted.

There are 4 zones in Neptune.  Two are in Ocean Grove:   Zone B (north of Main Avenue) and Zone C (south of Main Avenue.)  Zone B pickup occurs on the 2nd and 4th full weeks of the month.  Zone C is the 1st and 3rd full week of the month.

You put the waste at the curb on Sunday night for collection by Friday of your collection week.  Extra pails and stickers are available at the recycling center.

If you are as flabbergasted as I am, then don’t despair, even though these instructions are more complicated than some medical procedures.

So the Neptune DPW has a solution to help us Grovers cope with the yard waste pick-up schedule. But you really should get a calendar girl:


Misty Fletcher Lake

Ocean Grove. April, 2019. Paul Goldfinger, ©



TOTAL ADDRESSES: 31 as of April 24. 

Visitors:  Cut and paste and bring a copy, or use your phone to find this list at our web site  WWW. Blogfinger.net.  Or use the link below:

For more information click on the Yard Sale Tab at the top of this home page.

Please share this list with friends or other interested parties.  You can send them a link for the list:

OG Town-Wide-Yard Sale list

Or tell them to go to our web site:   WWW.Blogfinger.net   And then click on the Yard Sale tab at the top of the home page.

If you are a Grover who wants to participate, please email us with your address and, later, with your list of items:   Blogfinger@verizon.net.   Get your neighbors to join in, grouping of addresses draws shoppers.

ATTENTION YARD SAILORS (  IE SELLERS:)  You can help us help you by thinking of places to post our flyers (as above).  You cannot attach them to a telephone poll, but perhaps you have a clubhouse, a church, a convenience store, or whatever to  attract visitors to OG for the Sale and also to remind potential sellers that they might consider participating.

You can pick up flyers at 113 Mt. Hermon Way  (aka the Beegle House or the Bagel House).  Just knock on the door or ring the bell.   Or ask us to email the file to you for home printing.  (Blogfinger@verizon.net)

Also you can distribute flyers via your email to a list or to friends, neighbors, etc.  And you can also post our flyer on your social media sites.-–Thank you.

LIST:    #31 addresses

Objects for sale will be revealed here during the week prior to the sale.

54 Clark Ave.

76 Clark Ave.  (near New York Avenue)

117 Clark Ave.(near Delaware)

138 Clark Ave.

77 Stockton Ave  (at corner with New York Ave.)

29 New York Ave,

75 Embury Ave.

84 Mt. Hermon Way (near New Jersey Ave.)

113 Mt. Hermon Way. (near Delaware)

119 Mt. Hermon Way  (near Delaware)

62 Asbury Avenue

36 Benson Ave  (between Mt.Hermon and Mt. Tabor)

97 Mt. Tabor Way   (between Pennsylvania and New Jersey)

102 Mt. Tabor Way, at NJ Ave.

123 Mount Tabor Way (several sellers at this location)  near Delaware Ave.

61 Delaware Ave.

22 Pitman Avenue

79 Inskip Ave.

122 Inskip Ave.  (between Whitefield and Delaware–multi-family)

9 Main Ave.  (between Ocean and Beach)

146 Main Ave.

123 Franklin Avenue

76 Heck Ave.

86 Heck Ave  (Near Pennsylvania Ave.)

94 1/2 Heck Ave.

85 Pilgrim Pathway  (between Broadway and Abbott)

64 1/2 Broadway (near Pilgrim Pathway)

116 Broadway (at Delaware Ave.)

144 Broadway  (at Benson)

15 Beach Avenue  (corner of Bath Ave.)

4 Spray Ave.


Yard Sale photos:

Jack Bredin at his 2018 Heck Avenue sale. He and Jean had a great time and sold much loot. Now they’ve gone from rags to riches.     Blogfinger photo.©


Ocean Grove Town-Wide Yard Sale. 2018. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©



Tony Bennett:


Fats Waller:


Jean Bredin © Ocean Grove. 4/23/19



Spring blossoms by Wesley Lake in Ocean Grove.   Jean Bredin ©. Blogfinger.net.©  4/23/19





Still life

Dead flowers. New Jersey. Paul Goldfinger ©


JACKSON BROWNE:   “Oh, My Love”  (Written by John Lennon and Yoko Ono)  From the Save Darfur album.




If the heavy trucks come from the south on Ocean Avenue, they would turn right on to the entrance to the Surfers’ Beach just before the AP border line. Blogfinger photo 4/22/19. ©


By Jack Bredin and Paul Goldfinger, Blogfinger.net

When the April 14 North End fire wreckage was turned into two piles of rubble overnight, we celebrated because we imagined that soon it would all be carted away, leaving us to walk by a beautiful new view of the ocean;  but not so fast!

We were told on 4/15, by two CMA employees, that the CMA was going to work with the White Whale’s owner to clean up the mess and that “the Township would not take part,” but it now is evident that the Township is indeed poking its beak into the middle of this project.

At  the regular Monday meeting of the Township Committee on April 22, during the 6 pm Workshop Meeting, the Township Business Administrator, Vito Gadaleta, announced that he had met with the Department of Environmental Protection, the building owner, and the CMA to discuss the situation.

He referred to the “Cleanup Project” when he discussed the removal of the rubble.  This is to be distinguished from the next phase where once the cleanup is complete, the beach would “have to be returned to its ‘last beach replenishment condition.'”

Mayor Rizzo asked  “who is responsible for this staged procedure?”

Gadaleta replied that the Camp Meeting Association has to do it because “they own the land.”

Blogfinger has previously questioned that conclusion regarding who owns the lot on which the White Whale used to sit. We believe that the State of New Jersey  holds the land “in trust” for the people of the State.

The Pavilion occupied only part of that lot.  It was the second largest building in the Grove, after the Great Auditorium, so the lot’s future is understandably in question.  But, putting that ownership issue aside for now, here is what Gadaleta said:

“The plan is to bring in 100 yard tractor trailers to cart away the rubble.”   It is unclear as to how those large heavy trucks will get access to the beach.

One idea is to get permission from Asbury Park to drive the trucks from the north through the Casino and then onto the Asbury beach, at the access part, just before the border with Ocean Grove.

The second plan might be to bring the trucks up Ocean Avenue from the south and enter the Surfers’ Beach through a cement access at the boardwalk which currently exists. But engineering assessments need to be done if those trucks can enter the beach using either of the two proposals.

After the debris is removed, the CMA must first get DEP permission for the plan to restore the beach.

As we have said in the past, the North End Redevelopment Plan is under the supervision of the Neptune Township Committee, so that seems to be what’s going on now, but it’s interesting that the CMA will agree to pay for all this when there is some question about whether they actually own that land.

It appears that the CMA will not quarrel over this ownership issue because they are deeply involved in the current controversy about the North End Redevelopment Plan.

Gadaleta said that the NERP has nothing to do with the Pavilion matter, but the fact is, if one reads the original NERP, which is still officially in play, the White Whale property is part of that, whether or not the Township and the CMA want to admit it, as they navigate stormy waters surrounding that Redevelopment Plan, which is something Blogfinger will stay on top of.

We have no information as to when we can expect those trucks to come rolling in.  Meanwhile you can look straight ahead into the barren Casino, look leftward at the barren North End property, or look to the right at the 2 piles.   Another alternative is to walk backwards and look south at lovely Ocean Grove. You will need a rear view mirror, but don’t look at the mess with rose colored glasses, until we hear those trucks rumbling into town.




This is the cover of the Together Campaign 2015 booklet. This painting was made by Sue Anderson Gioulis, artist of Ocean Grove. ©

This is the cover of the Together Campaign appreciation 2015 booklet. The painting was created  by Sue Anderson Gioulis, Ocean Grove artist. © Re-post in Blogfinger from 2015.  The Together Campaign raised over $1,500,000.


Sign on the Great Auditorium before Sandy hit. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©


August, 2015:      “May what we do and how we do it strengthen and rebuild Ocean Grove.”

“These words introduce the booklet just distributed at the Together Campaign dedication of the newly renovated Cupola in Auditorium Square Park on Sunday, August 2, 2015.  The booklet lists all the contributors, volunteers, organizations, fund raiser events, citizens, businesses, Together Campaign workers, and others who deserve recognition for their contributions to achieve the Campaign’s goals. Over 2,000 people contributed money, large and small amounts.”

“The recognition list of all these groups and people is huge and will make great bedtime reading.    The booklet contains a history of the Sandy super-storm in OG along with many photographs.  It will become a treasured memento.”

“Dale Whilden, President of the OGCMA said  (August 2, 2015) , ‘The great and overwhelming success of the TOGETHER Campaign was achieved by the generosity of dedicated donors, valuable volunteers, extraordinary organizations, and commitment of the Campaign Steering Committee, each of which worked hand-in-hand to accomplish a virtually miraculous outcome’ ”


Editor’s Note, April, 2019:  The OG Camp Meeting Association accomplished quite a few projects with this fund including boardwalk repairs, Great Auditorium roof reconstruction, and Thornley Chapel project, among others.

The Blogfinger Film Festival is mentioned among that large list of contributors.  We brought  film students from  6 universities in the area.  The event was held in the Youth Temple with the help of the NYU Tisch School of the Arts and the OGCMA.  All profits went to the Fund.

Soon the CMA will embark on another fund raising drive which will have multiple goals including restoring the Pier.  We will report on the details.

–Paul Goldfinger,   Editor@Blogfinger.net

ALICIA MORTON and VICTOR GARBER  from Annie—-“Leaping lizards, together at last, together forever”

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