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Blogfinger has been asking for permit parking for some time. Our articles can be found by using the search box above.   We have posted about 40 articles about parking in the last 5 months.  It is a pivotal topic affecting the lifestyles of the residents of Ocean Grove.

The proposed plan would offer permits to residents, including renters, for a small fee. Anyone with a permit sticker would be able to park anywhere, while others would be denied access to one side of certain (?all)  streets. We don’t know any more details.

There are those who fear that this plan would deny parking for visitors who come into town.

It would be helpful to have some data.  If the plan results in many empty spaces, then it will fail. Remember that many resident cars are out of town at various times.

Would the numbers show that there will be a space for every resident car? If that is the goal, it will fail. A plan would have to provide a reasonable number of resident permit spaces, but a number that is less than the number of permit cars.

So sometimes a resident might not find a special space, but having the residents occasionally compete for the permit spaces is still better than what we have now where the residents compete for all spaces on the same playing field as everyone else including the barbarian Asburian invaders.

Ironically, our last poll on this subject revealed that a substantial number of Grovers oppose such a plan—-I have met some of them.  Many of them worry  that this plan will deprive visitors of parking. Others would not commit because they wanted more details.

But every Grover currently has to park somewhere. So whether they are parking in a permit space or a non-permit space, the total number of spaces for them should be the same.

Total spaces in town minus total spaces used by residents equals the remaining spaces for visitors, regardless of a permit plan or not.   But, under permit parking,  those visitors might have to struggle more than residents to find parking, but why worry?    It’s about time that residents get some measure of advantage.

And as for the meter dodgers from over the border, Neptune would do well in reconsidering metered parking, especially at the beach area, downtown and at the North End, with a free pass somehow for residents who are forced to park in a metered space.

It would be great if many citizens attended that meeting on Monday, Nov. 27 at the Mother Ship (Municipal Building on Neptune Blvd; Take 33 to Walgreens and turn right after that onto Davis. The giant medical building will be on your left. Turn right into the parking lot.




Ocean Grove., New Jersey.   Paul Goldfinger © 2012



Wesley Lake postcard.   Undated. Click these postcards for more detail. 

Notice how rural the Asbury side appears. There are many trees there which are mostly all gone now.     There are boats at both shores, but especially on the Ocean Grove side.  Lake Avenue appears to be a boardwalk , and clearly it was not intended to be a street. Notice the clothing of that time.


There is no bulkhead back then.

From Ted Bell:

In the early 1800’s there were seven coastal bodies of water from Avon to Long Branch draining into the Atlantic Ocean. By size Deal Lake was the largest with Long Pond (later, Wesley Lake) as the smallest. Years passed, and Wesley Lake became more of a recreational area with over 300 boats available for pleasure and transfer of people from and to the camp meeting grounds of Ocean Grove.

Eventually bridges were built connecting Ocean Grove to Asbury Park.  Tolls were collected and shared by the two communities, until the cost of the bridge was paid from the tolls collected.

As a coastal lake Wesley Lake had a natural opening to the ocean. Tides occurred every 12 hours as there was no natural barrier to the flow of sea water into and out of the Lake. Early pictures show a debris line along with some vegetation along the lake shore with a band of sand/silt further up on the sides.  This is an indication of tidal action.

Several dams were constructed at the ocean end, turning the Lake into a fresh water lake. The tidal line disappeared. The Lake, over the years, became a silt basin with occasional overflows from heavy rain storms. The question of  State Riparian Rights is not addressed in the Annual Reports of the Camp Meeting.  The are around Fairly Island was also filled.

At some time the Lake was bulk-headed. The two level terraces from Pilgrim Pathway to the ocean were filled , and a cement wall was constructed (? PA project.)  The rest of the lake was bulk-headed.   The bulkhead eliminated most of the pleasure boats due to docking problems of the passengers embarking/disembarking from the boats.


ANNIE LENNOX  from her album Nostalgia:


Internet photo


Asbury Avenue. OG. Paul Goldfinger photograph ©   Nov.17, 2017.


CAST OF “PROMISES, PROMISES” on Broadway, 1968.   Hal David and Burt Bachrach wrote the music for this show.   This song and dance  number, “Turkey Lurkey Time” was in Act 1, where a lively Christmas office party was happening.

And here is a video version from the movie Camp.  Courtesy of Gerard Yosca of Ocean Grove.  Great fun!




WASSUP? Ocean Grove


Maybe Neptune Township will change the zoning for this idea.

a.      We have learned from DPW that the leaf pickup will be on Friday, November 24.


b.  From Surfer:  The Asbury Park Press reports that Asbury Park property values jumped by 20%  (from the Nov. 18, 2017 edition, while Neptune Township went up 8.8%.  This was from the preliminary assessments for the 2018 tax year.

 c. Our Congressman Chris Smith  was one of 13 Republicans  (4 from NJ)  to vote against the House tax bill.  He did that in protest against the loss of  SALT deductions for property taxes, state income taxes, and sales taxes.   SALT= state and local taxes.

By Michael Goodwin of the NY Post:

“Of the 13 Republicans who voted no in the House, five are from New York, including two of my favorites, Pete King and John Faso, and four from New Jersey. Their main objection is that the House bill allows filers to deduct only up to $10,000 of local property taxes against their federal income and eliminates deductions of state and local income and sales taxes.

“The pols fear they will get blamed if those SALT eliminations mean some upper income families in their districts see tax hikes.

“While changes are likely in a final version, there already are so many other key improvements, such as rate cuts and doubling the standard deduction, that the results still would be overwhelmingly positive.”

c.  The Nov. 16 Coaster reported that Ocean Grove won a Neighborhood Award from the American Planning Association (NJ).

We posted two article on that subject in October.   Below is a link to our editorial regarding the concept of neighborhood in Ocean Grove.

Best neighborhood editorial.

There is a photo in the Coaster that shows all the OG organizations that take credit for OG’s being “designated as one of the greatest neighborhoods in the state.”  Those groups pictured are:  Neptune Township, Chamber of Commerce, Historical Society, Historic Preservation Commission, Camp Meeting Association,  Homeowners Ass., OG United, Beautification, Citizens Patrol, St. Paul’s Church, Ladies Auxiliary, Fire Dept., Wesley Lake Commission,  and Fletcher Lake Commission.

And below is a link to our article about the award where you can read the criteria for choosing OG as one of the “designees” for the Neighborhood Award.  We are on the same page as Pier Village, a commercial section of Long Branch.

So how does an entire town, i.e. Ocean Grove, become a “neighborhood?”  We have a clash of definitions going on here—to suit what agenda?  Do you suppose that the CMA and the Chamber got to provide a script to the APA?

The actual APA award posting does specifically mention most of the groups posing in the photo, but only in passing.

The only ones that get inflated mention are two organizations that are famous for pursuing their own agendas, not those of the “community” of neighborhoods in the Grove, namely the Chamber of Commerce and the CMA.

The APA web site says, “The Ocean Grove Chamber of Commerce and Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association sponsor public activities that encourage social activity and create an overall sense of community.”   What we have here is gibberish and fake news.

And how about the APA recognizing all the groups for promoting “spiritual growth and renewal?”

The one group not mentioned is the most important one which should get credit for our “neighborhoods” and OG lifestyle—that would be the residents of Ocean Grove, the people who actually live here.

OG award

Paul Goldfinger © Preservation Hall, New Orleans.

SIDNEY BECHET.  A New Orleans saxophonist performed on an album called “A Christmas Eve in Paris.”  We are putting up some Christmas music before you all have had enough and it still sounds fresh.  Actually we like to play some Christmas music on Blogfinger all year round.


Blogfinger presents.

You can skip the talking part—or not.  It’s 2 1/2 minutes long before you get to the meat and potatoes.:

Angels-By-The-sea. By Rich Despins, a neighbor from the north country--Bradley Beach. Undated. ©

Nagles-by-the-sea. Ocean Grove, NJ. By Rich Despins, a neighbor from the south country–Bradley Beach. Undated. © Special to Blogfinger

WARREN VACHE´  “”Something to Remember You by.” by Arthur Schwartz and Howard Dietz (1930)

“Oh, give me something to remember you by
When you are far away from me
Just a little something, meaning love cannot die
No matter where you chance to be..”

Paul Goldfinger © Washington Square Park. NYC.