September 23, 2021


Albatross: Internet photo showing condos on the left and a private home on the right. Ocean Pathway.



By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor Blogfinger.net


We found Bill Reilly, the owner of the Albatross, mowing his lawn this morning.  He wasn’t enthused to say much, but he assured us that there is no definite sale at this time  for his property.

He did acknowledge that he is having discussions regarding a sale.   He wouldn’t say who the prospective buyer is, but he did agree that a buyer could only use the property for a hotel.  If it were to be demolished, it could be replaced by a single family home.

As we have recently reported, a condo conversion is not in the cards, unless a new owner could coerce Neptune Township, as occurred with the Aurora.

We believe that the current owner had hopes for a condo conversion in the past, but it was not in the cards.

If Neptune  could do it for the Aurora, then how could they refuse the Albatross?  You would think that a sale deal would have to include official reassurances regarding any zoning changes.

On the other hand, there is a history of hanky panky in this town when it comes to zoning.  And the fact that the Albatross is a historic gem, worth restoration, makes no difference to the indifferent, untransparent, money-hungry Neptune Comedy.

It’s time to wait and see what happens with this story.


THE NUTMEGS    “A Story Untold.”




Paul Goldfinger. The crowd is gone but the jelly fish linger on. A. Park. 9/20/21 morning.  Click to enlarge.   ©


A. Park morning. Paul Goldfinger photos. 9/20/21 .  Going fishing.Click to enlarge ©


A. Park. 9/20/21  Paul Goldfinger.  Yoga and reading and smiling at Blogfinger. ©  Click to enlarge. ©


Try to get 3 dogs to pose for a portrait. 9/20/21 A. Park. Paul Goldfinger. Click to enlarge.






Smashing Pumpkins were live in A. Park.


PEARL JAM:    “Last Kiss.”   They were there too.



Pearl Jam

This event is an annual happening in Asbury Park.  Many Ocean Grovers walk over to see the Sunday parade each June.

“Jersey Pride strives to promote community participation and visibility between lesbians, gay men, bisexual, transgendered, and intersexed people and the general public of New Jersey” (Source: Wikipedia)”


Pride Parade. NJ.com photo

Pride Parade. NJ.com photo  2014 .


Main Street, Asbury Park. June 2, 2014. Blogfinger photo

Main Street,
Asbury Park. June 2, 2014. Blogfinger photo


Paul Goldfinger Cookman Ave. Pride. 2019.



HARRY McCLINTOCK from “O Brother Where Are Thou”





We want to be able to communicate medical facts which most of you have not heard about.

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Paul Goldfinger MD, FACC  BSM    (Blogfinger School of Medicine.)

Have I sinned?


Paul Goldfinger photograph. Ocean Grove boardwalk. August 2019. ©. Click to enlarge.



DONNIE ELBERT.   From the original soundtrack score of  The Irishman.


May 19, 2015. Ocean Grove Beach. Blogfinger photo ©

May 19, 2015. Ocean Grove Beach. Paul Goldfinger photo ©  Click to enlarge the ladies who lunch.





The Aurora Hotel. Bob Bowné photo in 2014. Now it has been turned into 4 condominiums. It could have been refurbished for its historic value. The creepy Neptune crowd let this happen with the help of the Greedy Grover Society.   Blogfinger.net



September 22, 2021.

David H. Fox:

“People have higher expectations for hotels today than in the 19th century. A bathroom down the hall or even shared is off-putting. Elevators are always nice. I once stayed in a hotel where the ceiling was the underside of the floorboards upstairs. Every movement thundered into my room. This hotel has since been heavily renovated.

“This summer, I stayed at the Shawmont and was very pleased with the rebuilding carried out in the decade or so since my previous visit. Fire resistant room doors had been installed and the bathrooms completely renewed. Fire detectors and sprinklers were everywhere and gave a reassuring presence. However, the steep original stairs still remained.

“I found hotel rooms to be very short supply and could not stay as often as I had desired.

Converting a hotel to a condo actually reduces parking needs as condos tend to be far larger than hotel rooms. Of course, single family houses would use even fewer spaces. Condos are year-round things whereas hotels have to make their money in only two or three months. One can appreciate the economic challenges.”


Here is a quote from the Neptune Township Master Plan:

“The decline of the hotels and rooming houses that previously provided summer lodging gave rise to conversion to multi-family residential uses or provided additional rooming and boarding uses for the indigent. These changes had deleterious effects on Ocean Grove.”

“Ordinance changes prohibiting similar conversions of hotels  to multi-family use have resulted in limited additional deterioration and facilitated a renaissance of investment for single family housing*, bed and breakfasts and historic hotels. These types of uses, in conjunction with and as shaped by the unique lay-out and civic design of Ocean Grove are more appropriate to the scale and character of the district and provide an appropriate type of growth and evolution that preserves the character and fabric of Ocean Grove.”

“Through these efforts the Township has demonstrated a strong commitment to the protection of all properties designated as having architectural and historic significance.”


Blogfinger:  The last sentence above by Neptune is a lie.  Just witness what happened to the Aurora.

David Fox would like to see old hotels be refurbished, not only for historic reasons, but because he thinks we need more hotel rooms. That is a solid conclusion if such a conversion is truly historic and especially if parking can be provided. which is highly unlikely.  And it is economically unsound.

But creating new hotels, as proposed for the North End, is just wrong and shouldn’t have been allowed.  Someone should erect large signs at the North End with quotes from the Master Plan.

The conversion of an old hotel to condos is forbidden, but a condo developer who can twist some arms at the Mother Ship can be given special permission   (ie a variance) by the Board of Adjustment  (ie The Board of Special Influence)  even if the conversion comes with no off- street parking.  Over the recent years, there have been many such inappropriate condo conversions, but read above where the Master Plan says that such conversions are deleterious.

Blogfinger was at the meeting where the Aurora developers’ lawyer was rude and dismissive of what’s best for the town, and his reward was permission to ruin “one of the the most important authentic historic hotel structures in town and in America.” *


*Quote from the late OG historian Ted Bell regarding the Aurora.


HARRY NILSSON :  “Remember”


Noah update…

We have been following Noah on Blogfinger ever since he was an ultrasound shadow and we learned that he was a boy.

He is now 3 years old and he can say a few words in Spanish and Portuguese, and he can swim underwater.   You can tell that he is living in a very special place but those details must not be disclosed.

ASHLEY GRAMINS   from her album “Mama Rocks !”


Albatross as it appeared in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire. Paul Goldfinger photo from the video.


Rumor mill reports sale of the Albatross on Ocean Pathway in the Grove. Await confirmation.    More condos without parking?   Paul Goldfinger photo undated.


By Paul Goldfinger,   Editor Blogfinger.net   September 21, 2021.  Scoop de jour.

The Albatross has been in sad shape for some time.  There was talk in recent years that it was a habitat for vagrants while others said that it was still being rented to guests who didn’t mind the rough interior. Residents of the area told us that renters continued to stay there since they may have found the derelict situation to be charming and/or just plain affordable.

A couple of years ago we heard that the owner wanted to convert to condos.  And then, most recently, we heard that the owner was hanging on but wanting to sell.

The news headline above was passed onto us by a resident of Ocean Pathway. If any of you have more information, please share with Blogfinger. Anonymity is guaranteed.


A few years ago we had this to say on Blogfinger:

“Why can’t these old hotels succeed as they did in the past?  The Manchester Inn seemed successful, but the owner wanted condos….and then it burned down. Single family homes resulted.

Other hotels in town just deteriorated like the Whitfield which was demolished and became single family homes.

One hotel on Ocean Avenue recently tried to become a drug rehab center, but that wasn’t going to happen.   And yet others have become condominiums with pseudo-Victorian facades and no parking, increased congestion, and no character.

We don’t know what is in store for the Albatross, but Neptune’s elected officials should owe their allegiance to the citizens of the “historic district” and not to developers.

The ideal should be a historic town that brings comfort and beauty to the residents and the visitors. It should be a place with honesty, light and air. It should attract art, music, children, flowers, teenagers, yard sales, dinner on the porches, bicyclists, film festivals, ice cream, theater, girls in summer clothes, good eateries, diversity, and more….not trash and scum in Wesley Lake, not politicians in the shadows, and not cigarette butts on the ground.

Too bad for the owners, but the dying old hotels should revert to single family homes. Why did the Township bother to write a master plan?

And what will happen to Ocean Grove in the future—maybe it will become like Ocean Grove, Australia, which now bears no resemblance to Osborne’s dream. It’s a surfers’ town now.

Maybe that’s OK. Some wouldn’t care if our Grove were to drift away to become something else.   At least let’s hope for quiet nights on the Pathway.







Paul Goldfinger. Ocean Grove hardy hibiscus. Bloom is 10 inches in diameter.  September 2021. Click to enlarge.



This isn’t actually a rose nor is it Irish, but what the hey:



Uncle Nick's, Ninth Avenue. NYC Street Series. By Paul Goldfinger ©. Blogfinger.net.

Uncle Nick’s Greek Cuisine, Ninth Avenue. NYC Street Series. By Paul Goldfinger ©. Blogfinger.net.  Click to enlarge.




You don’t have to be Australian to go waltzing Matilda.:


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