Seaside Heights. September, 2018 © Paul Goldfinger photo. Click to enlarge.



Haiku by George Held

saul leiter my room

“In My Room” by Saul Leiter.



Your bra & panties

hanging on the door—

Do Not Disturb


Haiku by George Held



Joao Gilberto “Outra Vez” (Tr: Another Time)

Truro Dunes

Cape Cod. Scanned from a darkroom silver gelatin print c. 1993. By Paul Goldfinger. Image published on the cover of Internal Medicine News. ©

Truro Dunes, Cape Cod. Scanned from a darkroom silver gelatin print c. 1993. By Paul Goldfinger. Image published on the cover of Internal Medicine News. ©  Click on photo to enlarge.

THELONIOUS MONK SEPTET.    “Ruby My Dear.”  The tenor sax player is probably John Coltrane.  Monk wrote the piece in honor of his first love Rubie R. (1947)  Netflix is currently showing a documentary about John Coltrane who once was part of Monk’s group.  It is “Chasing Trane.”

Ocean Grove, NJ. September 21, 2018. Paul Goldfinger photo ©. Blogfinger.net


To the Editor:

Our “unique look” is disappearing slowly but surely. And we all see it. We’re blind if we don’t. Our status as “a shining light on the hill” is becoming a farce. The CMA doesn’t have the backbone that it once did.

The Neptune people in government aren’t helping our founding fathers’ goal or mission at all.

And we are “a welcoming place” to whom? Certainly not the locals. The New Yorkers are grabbing up every piece of real estate available with no concern of our history. They’re here for investment purposes only.

They have no intention of making Ocean Grove a better place to live and experience.


The writer is a resident of Ocean Grove.

September 23, 2018.




Ocean Grove Beach. at Heck Avenue September 22, 2018. 6:30 pm. Paul Goldfinger © Click to sort it all out.


The OG Beach at Heck Avenue was pretty active at twilight on a Saturday.  A big party with dancing and a sit-down dinner on the front lawn was going on across the street at the Handford House on Ocean Ave.

On the beach there was a bridal photo shoot near the dunes, and by the water was a big volley ball game.

Who said that the “season” is over after Labor Day?


BOB DYLAN:  “When the World Was Young.”


Room with a view

Paris. Paul Goldfinger ©. Silver gelatin darkroom print. Undated.


Eileen: A Portrait

Photo by Paul Goldfinger ©

Eileen.    Photo by Paul Goldfinger ©



WASSUP? Ocean Grove

Wassup:   Blogfinger blue cow. Our blue milk is Kosher. Buy no udder, but never on Saturday.


a.  Asbury Pollutes:  12 hours of noise pollution wafting across Wesley Lake from the Asbury Obnoxious Noise Machine. Began about 11 am and ended about 10 pm on Saturday, September 22, 2018.  Non-stop amplified “music” was loud at the OG north side.

Recorded 9 pm from the corner of Mt. Tabor and Delaware–“Standing on the corner listening to all the noise float by.”  Crank up the volume for a more realistic experience.



b.  Chamber of Commercials in OG sent out a mailing with an ad from “Odyssey Coffeehouse” to open “this fall” at 50 Main Avenue.

#50 Main Ave. Comfort Zone is left. On right would be the location of a coffeehouse. Windows are covered.  Blogfinger photo. 9/22/18 ©


c. Speaking of A. Park pollution, what is the plan for street water runoff from the new skyscraper on Ocean Avenue. ? Into the ocean or into the lake?  Did the iStar tycoons provide for that with a water treatment facility?

Below is an ugly storm sewer on Sunset Avenue.  At least the Parkers know that their dirty water (pollution) is running into the Lake.  Hopefully their system of street drainage is better than this example chosen at random.

Sunset Ave. near Main Street. 9/22/18. Blogfinger action photo. © Gulp!


d.  Run for your life:  Last weekend we had a crowd here running for the Arts.  Yesterday we had a large group walking for breast cancer.  Why don’t these people find a park or a school field somewhere–we have plenty.  Or they can go to one of our racetracks around here to run or walk for something.  What is the point of running for a disease or for an arts center anyhow?  How do these events help the people of Ocean Grove who pay for these historic houses?

This town is not cut out for large competitions or amplified outdoor concerts.  Next weekend thousands will show up for an Asbury event.  We don’t have enough parking for these invading barbarians (at our gates).  Let them start in Asbury and then bus them into Bradley Beach where they can proceed to Spring Lake for the big finish.

And the Zombies will be back in A. Park  with blood and vomit on October 6.   I say we build a wall to keep out those Zombies and all the rest of that Asbury crowd.  And let’s get the Mexicans to pay for it, if we can get them off the roofs and the riding mowers.

The light in the piazza…

Ocean Grove Beach. Sept. 22, 2018. © Paul Goldfinger ©


LONDON CAST OF THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA:   “All I Ask of You  (reprise)”

“Let me be your light
you’re safe, no one will find you
your fears are far behind you.”


A lovely event was held on Saturday, September 22, 2018 on Ocean Avenue at Main and Heck.  This single family house is doing just fine without being divided into condominiums. All that is required are owners who care about the town.  Such owners could have been found for the Aurora.  Blogfinger photo.


In August, Blogfinger questioned the decision by the Board of Adjustment to allow the single family zoned Aurora to be turned into a 4 condominium building.

Here is a link to that post:

Aurora zoning change

In that article, we asked, “Why didn’t this Board insist on the single family zoning that was present when the owner bought the property? Do you think any promises were made to that owner, and who might have made those promises?”  Zoning is supposed to protect the town and its citizens.

We know that the previous owner had trouble selling the property, presumably because of the single family zoning, but he bought it that way and lived with it that way, and this historically important building should have been left with its original zoning.

Some might argue that it is unfair to require that this old hotel be continued with single family zoning, because they say, “What can you do with such a big single family home?”

But you can visit any Jersey Shore town, including Ocean Grove, and find very large single family homes.

For example, on Ocean Avenue in OG are such buildings.  Our photo shows a beautiful single family home which was happily occupied by 2 people before it was acquired by the current owners who left the zoning alone.  You can see that it is often rented out for events, and none of its history has been compromised.   It is located on Ocean Avenue, lovingly straddling Main Avenue and Heck Avenue, for all visitors and residents to enjoy.

Will you be able to say the same thing about the new Aurora?

–Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net


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