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Rich Amole © Solar eclipse, August 21, 2017. Blogfinger staff photo.

Hi Paul:

Here’s a photo that I got from my backyard in northeast Philly. Had abaout 78% coverage of the sun. It will track closer in 2024.


Thanks Rich for being on the sunny side of the street.

ALEXANDRE DESPLAT   “New Moon”  from the movie soundtrack  Twilight. (He is a French film composer who won an Oscar in 2015)

Hi Paul:

Greetings from Manhattan. Sometimes the working methods of the sea seem so similar to those of the poet, that they could be considered a metaphor for poetry composition. Here is the poem “At Sea Level,” from my work-in-progress, Circle of Time.

Best wishes,
Charles Pierre


Paul Goldfinger © Gasparilla Island, Florida. c. 2014.

At Sea Level

By Charles Pierre

On this low-lying island,
edged all around with surf,

land and water absorb
each other along beaches,

where driven tides wash sand
to the sea, then shower it back

across shore, like a poem
in endless revision,

each new sheet of sand
spread flat and blank,

its shape and texture
worked by the weather,

until the draft is crumpled
and flung to the waves.

“You Complete Me” from The 100 Foot Journey.

Daniel Hickman works with the sound equipment at his musical block party, Jersey Shore Arts Center.    8/20/17 Blogfinger photo ©


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Some of the guests at Daniel’s party. Blogfinger photo. Ocean Grove JSAC 8/20/17 ©

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

We recently posted a piece about Daniel Hickman, the luthier who is the proprietor of Don’t Fret Music, a guitar repair and music shop located in the Jersey Shore Arts Center in Ocean Grove.  Here is a link to that article from July 19 on Blogfinger:

Is there a luthier in the house?

Today Daniel held a very special event, one of those rare cultural happenings that are produced by Grovers to bring something unique to town besides the usual bill of fare: Great Auditorium shows and concerts, big festivals, and the wonderful summer classical assortment of concerts sponsored by the CMA.  Then there is the popular OG Summer Band.

But it is rare for locals to present cultural events that are designed for the locals to enjoy—-ideas that help promote a sense of community.  You may recall when Kevin Chambers came up with a Walt Whitman poetry festival in the Auditorium park.

We used to have small art shows for local artists.  The Blogfinger Film Festival brought young university film-makers to the Youth Temple, and we also conceived of the People’s Garden Tour—-primarily for Grovers. We have had street musicians and a violin ensemble perform here outdoors.  Musically who can forget the big band end-of-season concerts held on the porches of Embury Avenue.   Perhaps you can think of other examples which help add to a tapestry of special community events.

Daniel got the idea to have a free musical block party to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of his business.  It was held on Sunday afternoon, August 20, in the parking lot of the JSAC—quite an appropriate venue for a musical event.  We heard the Glimmer Grass Band—a fine bluegrass group. There were some other performers as well. He served lunch and had a raffle for an acoustic guitar.

So Daniel Hickman joins the small club of Ocean Grovers who have figured out how to bring a hyper-local original cultural event to town. Hopefully he will continue this event because it takes up to five years to get a tradition going.

We need more of that.   Thanks to Dan.  And here is the sound of bluegrass—rarely heard in Ocean Grove:




Paul Goldfinger ©. Ocean Grove. 8/20/17. Enjoying the fun: Johanna Castillo (R) Dominican Republic; Gabriello Nieves (C) Puerto Rico; Grace Pollioni New Jersey (L)




That’s All….

The morning of a  Fort Hancock wedding day. 2015 © Paul Goldfinger.


Paul Goldfinger © September, 2016. Ocean Grove beach.  Click to enlarge.


BOB DYLAN  “September of My Years”  From his album Triplicate.

“One day you turn around and it’s summer
Next day you turn around and it’s fall
And all the springs and the winters of a lifetime
Whatever happened to them all?”

Sent to us by Dan Hickman at Don’t Fret Music. The event is at the Jersey Shore Arts Center, Main at Main.

Here is the link to our July post about Dan the luthier:

Don’t Fret Music




Delaware Avenue, south of Main.Parallel parking is an adventure. Click to Seymour. Blogfinger photo 8/19/17 ©

This is Delaware Avenue,  just south of Main Avenue.  Ironically, there is a funeral home to the right. This street here is very narrow, as are many OG streets.  It’s a sunny Saturday in August, and there is gridlock. About 60 seconds before this photo was taken that parking spot was vacated.  The prior occupant pulled out of the space very slowly.

30 seconds after that, this vehicle showed up.  There was room for parking, but parallel parking in a place like that always feels as if you would hit the car on the other side. You have to have faith in the Lord that you will not do so, and almost always you don’t. This driver must have been sweating this experience.  Behind his car is another car waiting.

But why should parking be a frightening experience and why do we allow our town to overflow with cars—many more than there are spaces?

NJ.com  June 2016:  The Neptune mayor was interviewed about OG parking.  “We have to take a look at the proposals that do what’s best for the greater good,” McMillan said.  Bull!!

This is double talk for “we are not going to seriously look at the OGHOA permit parking proposal.”  This also is fake news because he doesn’t tell us what “greater good” means.  He certainly isn’t giving the residents any advantage.

Parking should not be an absolute democracy.  Permit parking works in many other towns which recognize that their residents are special and need assistance. That is the greater good!    The objections mentioned by the CMA earlier this week (Aug. 2017 ) are bogus.

In that 2016 NJ.com interview, McMillan said, “There’s no easy solution to the parking issue, and the best way to address it is to let the political process play out.”  Is he serious??  We cannot trust the “political process”in Neptune.   Ask them what happened to the revised  HPC guidelines——MIA.

And he said, “We’re not going to run away from the problem.   More gobbledygook!  Look what happened over the ensuing year—-nothing but poppycock. Our local government specializes in poppycock and they should hang a banner to that effect in front of the Mother Ship.

And now, 2017, Mayor Brantley tells the Coaster  (but not the citizens of OG) that permit parking is dead.

Consider Belmar:  In 2015 they closed down the entire town when the number of cars exceeded the number of spaces during a seafood festival.  But the official Belmar stance on parking, as stated by their mayor, is that they place the interests of their residents first.

Their online site says,  “Belmar’s leadership and citizenry always understood that lack of parking is a serious problem here and that increases in the availability of parking must accompany any increased development.”

Do you think the Neptune leadership ever had this thought in mind when it approved condos without parking?

Paul Goldfinger Editor @Blogfinger.net

MARLENE DIETRICH.  She sings this to the Neptune Committee on behalf of OG residents:

WASSUP? in Ocean Grove





Site stats for Thursday, August 17, 2017: 1,200 visits including 12 foreign countries among which are India, Israel, Norway and Germany.  Most linked post by far was again about the CMA speaking out in public and threatening to sue over parking ; Also Airbnb,  and Quote of the Day.

Song of the week  LITTLE WILLIE JOHN:

DOO WOPs are not dead, even though the CMA dumped them this summer. The word on the street is that the Christian ventriloquist on July 8 had less than 100 people in the Great Auditorium audience.  But this summer, the Paramount Theatre in Asbury  is having a fine Doo Wop show featuring the Coasters, the Ronettes,  and the Crystals. Red Bank is also having Doo Wops this summer.

Here’s a link to our post on this subject:

Doo Wops in OG



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