Truro Dunes. Cape Cod. Prize winning photograph by Paul Goldfinger. © Click left to enlarge

Truro Dunes. Cape Cod. Prize winning published photograph by Paul Goldfinger. © Click left to enlarge


LEONARD BERNSTEIN:  “Somewhere” from  West Side Story.  Renata Scotto:


Postcard from Cape Cod.


This postcard is over 100 years old. We don’t have an exact date, but the New Englander who sent it to me last week via the USPS  says that it is his grandmother, so he has some sense of the dates.

On the back of this  post card  it says, “HAND COLORED.”

That term is usually used to describe the hand coloring of black and white photographs.  Eileen used to hand color some of my images.  If you have some old photographs you might consider hand coloring them.

On the back it says, “A PRETTY BIT OF ROAD BETWEEN PROVINCETOWN AND RACE POINT,  Coast Guard Station, Cape Cod, Mass.”

Race Point is the extreme northernmost place on Cape Cod at the National Seashore, run by the National Park Service.

My friend was born in Provincetown.  The Truro Dunes  (seen in my photo above) are nearby and protected by the National Seashore Park.


FRANK SINATRA:   “Time After Time.”



Paul Goldfinger. View  after stepping off the bridge from OG  6/22.©  Walk one block to Cookman Avenue, A. Park.  Click to enlarge. It won’t make the music louder.


REBECCA LUKER:   “Summer With You.”


Seeing Things….


Paul Goldfinger. 6/25/22. Ocean Grove, NJ    Summer Saturday–out of focus.


JAKOB DYLAN  from his album Seeing Things:  ” Something Good This Way Comes.


“Now, watching the streets filling up
I’m watching the streets filling up
In the shade of the summer sun
In the shade of the summer sun

“Cause they know something good this way comes
Yeah, something good this way comes.”







Best view is in the bleachers. By Paul Goldfinger.

On a hot day, the best breezes are in the bleachers. By Paul Goldfinger reporting from the Greatest Auditorium. Left click for biggest view.


Editor’s note: To explain this photograph you have to understand the work of Eugéne Atget, the French photographer who photographed the architecture and street life of old Paris at the start of the 20th century.

His images were documentary, but they also were artistic compositions that were appreciated by great artists of that time including Matisse and Picasso. When asked how he always got the best shots of old buildings, he said, “It’s where you stand.”

So, with the spirit of Atget in mind, I found myself in the back of the GA during a concert on a very warm sunny day. I simply counted 1-2-3-4 and stood in just the right place. Voila!  — PG    (This post originally published on Blogfinger in 2012. )


SOUNDTRACK:  What do you say to a topless lady? I don’t know, but here is a suggestion:


From the movie “DeLovely” about Cole Porter:


Dusk emerges, and the last visitors leave the Ocean Grove beach. Paul Goldfinger 8:20 pm 6/27/22 © Blogfinger.net . Click to enlarge


Paul Goldfinger, MD    Blogfinger.net   6/27/22


No other state in the Union charges ocean beach admission but New Jersey.  There are only a few NJ towns that offer free beach admission including Atlantic City and Wildwood Crest.

Here is a quote from a famous Maryland Beach:   “There’s so much to do in Ocean City, Maryland that’s free of charge. Our 10 miles of beautifully kept beach are free and open to the public from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.  (their boldface)– no beach tags necessary! And during the summer, OC is jam-packed with free family activities like movies on the beach, concerts, even a dance party!”

In Ocean Grove, only those who pay get on, but it is free after 5 pm. Those who pay to get on are mostly white people.  Yet our governing town, Neptune Township, has a large African-American population, and  most of the people on our beach who come after the lifeguards leave are Black or Hispanic.  (There is no data, but that is my observation)

I assume that occurs to avoid the substantial admission fees. How many poor families can afford to pay for their family to get onto the beach when the sun is shining?  However there may be some other factors, other than economic.

Is this not segregation?  It’s not segregation by law, but segregation by circumstance—–circumstances which may be correctable.

Does the Camp Meeting Association care that there is racial segregation on their watch?    They never speak of it.  They should look at it and think about it.    And they are seemingly oblivious to the bad optics of an  unfortunate historical  fact that their predecessors shut blacks out of town except to work in the hotels, etc.

Why doesn’t the CMA rise above the crowd and cancel all admission charges for Neptuners including us in the Grove.  They can work something out with the Neptune Committee regarding finances. Or maybe those who qualify can get a pass.

Why not turn over beach and boards management to Neptune and let them handle it?   This might be the only new  local tax worth initiating. Call it the “free our beaches tax.”

Then provide shuttles for any Neptune citizen to visit the OG beach whenever they want.

And, regarding shuttles, Neptune should invite all citizens to enjoy the big parade on July 2, and lets make sure that groups from all parts of Neptune are included among those who are marching.






In 1987 the move “Dirty Dancing” became a hit. It starred Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze.  Jerry Orbach played the girl’s father, and the film takes place at a Catskill Mountain “borscht belt” resort. Jennifer plays a nice Jewish girl with a beautiful way about her. Guess what? She falls for the dance instructor.

I loved this movie for a bunch of reasons, but especially because I spent two summers “working” at a resort like that, and the depiction was quite accurate. Those were the best summers ever.  My job at the Hotel Nemerson in South Fallsburg, New York, was on the athletic staff by day and the nightclub staff by night.


Here I am (tall guy) with members of the athletic staff in front of the handball court at the Hotel Nemerson, South Fallsburg.  c. 1960.


All those “mountain” hotels provided a total experience where no one had to leave the grounds. They all had a professional “dance team” who gave ballroom dancing lessons in their studio by the pool and then performed at night in the club, just like the couple in the movie. Did the staff “mingle” with the guests? –you bet they did! Unknown

Every show up there had 3 acts: a singer, a comedian and a dance team. That is why dancing was such an important component in the movie as was music. There was music all around.

Each hotel had a dance/show band and a Latin band. That’s where I learned to play the claves. (sticks you bang together as part of the rhythm section of a Latin band.)

So here is one of the songs from the soundtrack. Actually it was written in the 1950’s and had been recorded by Buddy Holly and Bo Diddly before Mickey and Sylvia got hold of it for this movie. It has a unique feature: a conversation in the middle of the song.

Here are Mickey and Sylvia with “Love is Strange.” —-Paul Goldfinger, Editor Blogfinger.net

OG boardwalk. Paul Goldfinger © 6/26/22   Click to enlarge.


FOO FIGHTERS   “Learn to Fly”


Peaky Blinders. Paul Goldfinger still image.    Danger looms.


LAURA MARLING  from the original TV soundtrack of Peaky Blinders  streaming on Netflix.


“What He Wrote”


Photo by Moe Demby, Blogfinger staff. Undated. ©

Photo by Moe Demby, Blogfinger staff. Undated. ©





Notre Dame Glee Club

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