Paul Goldfinger. January 29, 2022. 4 am. Ocean Grove, New Jersey. ©  Click to enlarge.




Firemen’s Park. Feb. 2010. Paul Goldfinger photo taken while riding a drone. Click to enlarge the snow kids and Mom.




Thornley Chapel. Ocean Grove, New Jersey. ©  By Paul Goldfinger.  2012.


SOUNDTRACK:  The London Philharmonic and Choir

WASSUP?? Ocean Grove

New water pipes are installed on Delaware Avenue near Mt. Hermon. 1/28/22 Paul Goldfinger photo.


a.   Because of redistricting, Ocean Grove has been moved with Neptune Twp  from the 4th Congressional District (represented by Christopher Smith (R-NJ) to the 6th, bringing it back under the representation of Frank Pallone (D-NJ). This will take place in Jan, 2023.

Pallone has represented the 6th District since 1988, and when we first moved here, Pallone was our representative in Congress.

Rep. Pallone enjoys coming to the Great Auditorium where he always takes the same seat. He seems to like classical music.

b.  The Neptune Mayor for this year is Nicholas Williams who once famously said that he would never communicate on Blogfinger, and that campaign promise he did keep.  All 5 members of the Neptune Committee are Democrats. I call them the “Neptune Comedy,”  aka governance with no representation for OG.

c. Have you been staying up late thinking about parking?

Remember that expensive CMA parking study?  It seems to have vanished in a cloud of smoke from their summer bonfire on the beach.

And the Township named its two most inexperienced members to help the Grove with this issue.

Joyce Klein, the Chairperson of the HOA’s Parking Committee told the HOA meeting that she will meet with the two Township parking liaisons:  Keith Cafferty and Tassie York.  Who are they?  Who knows?  Who cares?

And what happened to the Better Parking Alliance?  Have they gone underground? Maybe they aren’t better after all.

d. And from the AMA:

Healthcare workers warn of blood shortage:

The Hill (1/27, Rai) reports that on Thursday, health care workers “warned…that a blood shortage could jeopardize their ability to adequately care for patients.” In a “statement issued by the American Hospital Association, the American Nurses Association and the American Medical Association, workers said that the current ‘severity and duration’ of the blood supply shortage could ‘significantly jeopardize’ the ability of health care providers to meet the many urgent needs around the country.”

Bloomberg Law (1/27, Muller, Subscription Publication) reports the groups added, “The need for blood has increased while staffing shortages and high rates of COVID-19 in communities have diminished donations.”

e.  According to the 2020 census, Ocean Grove needs more diversity, so we have a group coming in a few months, and they will feel right at home in the CMA tents:

Paul Goldfinger photo. 2022. We should have never torn down all those historic stables. These new Grovers have no cars to park.

Gasparilla Gulf getaway

Boca Grande. A perfect place to watch the sun set. Paul Goldfinger photograph. 2015. ©

Boca Grande, Florida southwest.  On the beach. A perfect place to watch the sun set, to sip a daiquiri , and to share some moments while playing Ernesto Lecuono on your iPhone.    Paul Goldfinger photograph.  ©  Click to enlarge the estate.



ERNESTO LECUONO   “Maria la O.”     From his album of Cuban Originals


New water pipes on Delaware Ave, between Mt. Hermon Way and Mt. Tabor Way. Paul Goldfinger action photo. 1/28/22  10:00 am.  Blogfinger.net ©  Click to enlarge.  Leica M-9.


PAUL ROBESON*   (“Live at Carnegie Hall”   1958)  From Showboat.




*Link to the Blogfinger post about Paul Robeson”    https://wp.me/pqmj2-dAA


Eileen Goldfinger (water color) Paul Goldfinger photo–Coral Berry winters in our garden.  January 26, 2022.  ©  Click to enlarge.


LOS LOBOS    “Sabor a Mi”

By Jean Bredin. Secaucus Junction.




Capital Hill. Drew Ungerer, NY Times. Jan 22, 2016

Capitol Hill. Drew Angerer, NY Times. Jan 22, 2016



On the Jersey side….

Delaware River near Lambertville. November, 2018. Paul Goldfinger ©


BILL FRISELL from his album When You Wish Upon a Star.   “Moon Riveris one of the all-time best wedding songs. The vocalist is Petra Haden. It was written by Henry Mancini (music) and Johnny Mercer (lyrics.) Audrey Hepburn sang it in 1961 for the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  It won a Grammy in 1962.

It was new to me, first heard on my father’s car radio, when I decided it should be Eileen and my wedding song.  The band leader never heard of it and he had to do some research in order to play it for our special dance.  Now, who can forget it.



Petra Haden, vocalist.

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