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NYC Upper East Side. By Paul Goldfinger, summer 2014. © NYC Upper East Side. By Paul Goldfinger, summer 2014. © M-9.   New York City Street Series.


JOHN COLTRANE:  “Violets For Your Furs.”


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Central Park. c. 1995. By Paul Goldfinger ©. NYC Street Series.

Central Park. c. 1995. By Paul Goldfinger ©. NYC Street Series.. Click to enlarge

BECK  “Blue Moon”   Music from the HBO series Girls, Vol. 2

Beck performed this song at the 2015 Grammy Awards and won for Best Rock Song.

Song bird calling across the water,

Inside my silent asylum.”


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Fifth Avenue. By Paul Goldfinger. NYC STreet Series. August, 2014. ©

Fifth Avenue. By Paul Goldfinger. NYC Street Series. August, 2014. ©  Click to enlarge and see this satin doll smile. ©


ANITA O’DAY: “Satin Doll”   Music  by Edward (“Duke”) Kennedy Ellington and Billy Strayhorn.  Lyrics by Johnny Mercer.


“Cigarette holder which wigs me over his shoulder, he digs me
Out cattin’ that satin doll
Baby, shall we go out steppin’, careful, amigo, you’re flippin’
Speaks Latin, that satin doll”



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Central Park c. 1970. By Paul Goldfinger

Central Park c. 1970. By Paul Goldfinger



SUSIE ARIOLI from her album “That’s For Me”


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Violet at the Arte Restaurant. April 9, 2013.

Violet at the Arte Restaurant. April 9, 2013. By Paul Goldfinger ©  Click left for full view.

By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor @Blogfinger   (This post was originally published on Blogfinger  in April, 2013)

While shooting some images in Greenwich Village, I wandered over to University Place for a Blogfinger Film Festival meeting with our producer Marlee. On the way I spotted a small restaurant just a few steps down the block on East 9th Street.   The restaurant caught my eye for two reasons.  One is that it is a place that looks like Europe.  There were tables out front with flowers , and the rich colors  of the facade  and the lights showing from inside said, “Eat here—it’s authentic.”

The other element that made the image even more visually arresting was the presence of a very tall young lady walking back and forth in front, speaking on a cell phone.  Her striking appearance was enhanced by her color scheme—-bright turquoise  shoes and yellow skirt.

I went up to her and asked if I could photograph her.  She said, “Sure.”   It turns out that she is Violet Hasangjekja. I could not resist asking about her nationality.  She said that she and her family are from Montenegro. Violet is the manager, supervisor, and event planner for the  family-owned Arte Restaurant at 21 East 9th Street.   The cuisine is Northern Italian.  The neighborhood is very scenic—right near the Washington Mews, one of the most famous streets in the City.

I was intrigued, so I went home later  to review all the visitors that came to Blogfinger from Montenegro in 2012. There was just one.  Violet’s image on the blog will make her our second Montenegrin visitor.

GLORIA ESTEFAN:  This song  “Hablas de mi” is  not what you might probably hear in Montenegro, but it means “talking about me” and we are talking about Violet, and this music seems to fit with her charming image.

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August 2014. NYC Street Series. By Paul Goldfinger © Blogfinger.net

Times Square.  August 2014. NYC Street Series. By Paul Goldfinger © Blogfinger.net  Click to enlarge


We had a Blogfinger visitor yesterday  from Hong Kong, no small city either.  This music is called “A Countess from Hong Kong” and is a soundtrack selection from the movie Charlie Chaplin.  The performance is by Carl Davis conducting the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

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The lower east side. Little Italy. By Paul Goldfinger from the NYC Street Series. ©

BILLY JOEL  —pictured here in the “neighborhood” when he played 2nd base for John’s Pizza. But then he grew up—moved away; however years later he had to come back because of his New York state of mind (“Now I need a little give and take.”)

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Central Park. August 2014. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Central Park. August 2014. By Eileen  Goldfinger ©   Click to enlarge

NORMAN BLAKE   from O Brother Where Art Thou

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“I’ll take Manhattan.”   Central Park in early spring (April 22, 2014) by Paul Goldfinger ©  Blogfinger.net


By Paul Goldfinger, Poetry editor @ Blogfinger.net.   Re-post from March, 2018.


This song is dedicated to those New York poets who enhance our e-pages with their art.  Charles Pierre and George Held often reference New York City in their poetry.

Both of them have sent us offerings set in early spring as crocuses emerge from the snow and as a poet finds nocturnal inspiration in a City park,  but I am waiting till all the nor’easters fly with the birds to other locales.

I try to make the reality of life provide a backdrop for their work when it is presented on Blogfinger.

Coming up soon  (Oct. 29,  2020) is a Charles Pierre poem for the 8th anniversary of super-storm Sandy.

The song below, sung by 5 time Grammy nominee jazz singer Karrin Allison from her album Collage,  was written by jazz bassist and songwriter Jay Leonhart.  I believe Jay is the bassist on this recording.

I have heard Jay perform live  on a number of occasions, and he is known for singing his original and funny songs while playing his upright bass. Sometime he works alone—singing while accompanying himself.

Jay Leonhart has played bass with all the greats, including Sinatra, Gerry Mulligan, Marian McPartland, Tony Bennett and so many others.


I suspect our BF poets will enjoy this song called  “Robert Frost.”  It’s wonderful!



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Bryant Park. From the NYC Street Series. By Paul Goldfinger

Bryant Park. From the NYC Street Series. By Paul Goldfinger.


MADELEINE PEYROUX.     “La Javanaise”   by Serge Gainsbourg.   From the album Half the Perfect World.    


“Life is not worth living without love

But you’re  the one who wanted it that way my love

Whether it pleases you or not

In dancing the Javanaise

We loved each other for the length of a song”


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