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NJ Transit. December, 2014 © By Paul Goldfinger

Jersey Coast Line.  December, 2014 © By Paul Goldfinger



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Boca Grande, Fla. Paul Goldfinger © Click on image to enlarge.

CONRAD POPE with “Arthur’s Notebook”

From the 2011 movie: My Week with Marilyn starring Michelle Williams in an award winning performance as Marilyn Monroe.

The notebook writer is Marilyn Monroe’s husband playwright Arthur Miller.  In 1960, Arthur wrote something very special for Marilyn.  Click on our link below to read about that and to see the two of them dancing on the set of The Misfits.

And also to hear a wonderful jazz performance by Toots Thielemans with Til Bronner.  I love this song.

Meanwhile here is some music from the movie “My Week with Marilyn.”

CONRAD POPE  ( American composer) from the movie:


And here is the link to the Blogfinger article from last year with the photograph of the couple dancing.

BF post about Marilyn Monroe




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“A Ticket to Ride?”   Hollywood Cemetery. Richmond, Virginia. 2016. Paul Goldfinger © Blogfinger.net  Click to read the message.



JOHN COLTRANE:  “In A Sentimental Mood.”   With Duke Ellington.



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Asbury Park from the OG North End. By Paul Goldfinger, c. 1967 ©


EVA CASSIDY.  From her album  Imagine.

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Central Park. August, 2014. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Central Park. August, 2014. Paul Goldfinger photo © Click to enlarge

NAT KING COLE   (requested by Kevin Chambers)  The song is by Ray Noble from 1941, and there was a movie of the same name that featured this song.   Re-posted—A girl in her summer clothes.

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Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, left bank. Built by Marie de´Medici, widow of King Henry IV of France. Photo and silver gelatin print by Paul Goldfinger © c.1995 Don’t know the month of the photo, but can tell you the century. (20th)  Click image to enlarge.

Re-posted from 2014 on Blogfinger.net  (with a slight modification of the image.)

It’s April in Paris, right now.  And it is a fine time to visit that most romantic of cities, but sometimes April there can dip down to the 40’s—sound familiar?  And, despite Yip Harburg’s lyrics, chestnuts in blossom don’t happen till May, and nobody is setting “holiday tables under the trees.”  In Luxembourg Gardens, blooms are starting to pop in April, and they have a bandstand there. However, choose May.

“I never knew the charm of spring
I never met it face to face
I never new my heart could sing
I never missed a warm embrace

Till April in Paris
Whom can I run to
What have you done to my heart”

This song, “April in Paris” was written by Yip Harburg and Vernon Duke for a 1932 Broadway show called, “Walk a Little Faster.”  Harburg also wrote the lyrics for “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”  So many have recorded “April in Paris,” but Count Basie made the most famous version.


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Clippity clop. NYC Street Series. Aiug. 2014. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Clippity clop. NYC Street Series. 2014. By Paul Goldfinger ©  Click to enlarge

SIERRA BOGGESS    Album:  New York City Christmas–a benefit for ASTEP. Christmas music is always in style.

Sierra Boggess

Sierra Boggess


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Ft. Myers, Fla. Feb 18, 2018. © Paul Goldfinger photograph. Click to enlarge.



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CAST OF A CHORUS LINE    “At the Ballet.”

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Paul Goldfinger ©


“Hatikvah (The Hope)”  is the national anthem of Israel.   This version is conducted by John Williams from the soundtrack of the 2005 film Munich.

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