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Micanopy #1  2018 series. The Garage Café. All photos are dated December. By Paul Goldfinger. Blogfinger.net

By Paul Goldfinger, MD.  Editor@Blogfinger.net

Micanopy, a historic town in central Florida, was founded in 1821 after the United States purchased Florida from Spain. It is the oldest inland town in the state.

A wealthy Moroccan immigrant named Moses Levy founded the town after purchasing a large tract of land from the Seminoles.  He brought in immigrants to start a new life and a variety of businesses, and the place was successful.

The settlement was practically destroyed during the Second Seminole War  (1830,)  but it survived.

Levy became a well connected businessman there, and his son eventually became the first Jewish U.S. Senator in American history.

We have visited this historic town  (on the US National Historic Registry) twice.  The census  population is about 800. There are old preserved buildings, art galleries, shops and restaurants.

My special  interest is in finding photographic subjects for my Micanopy project. Last year we had Micanopy series 2017.  This year we are working on 2018.

While we were there, a young couple, she, lovely in a white gown, were posing for a photographer who seemed to enjoy positioning them in front of a decrepit wall down a side street.  The visuals are nice, but the idea of it is confusing.

Anyhow, I snapped a few photos from a distance.  The groom spotted me and waved. I gave him a thumbs up. We will show that photo soon.


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Cranbury, New Jersey. January, 2011. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Cranbury, New Jersey. 2011. By Paul Goldfinger ©


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By Paul Goldfinger. Naples, Florida 2013. ©

Paul Goldfinger. Naples, Florida 2013. ©  Re-posted from 2014.

MATT MONRO   “And We Were Lovers”    Theme music from the 1966 film “The Sand Pebbles” with Steve McQueen which was nominated for best picture.  It was about the US Navy in a turbulent China, 1926.

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Quiet tents. Winter in Ocean Grove. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Quiet tents. Winter in Ocean Grove. 2014.  Paul Goldfinger photo ©


DISTURBED:   “The Sound of Silence.”

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Fox hunt anyone? Taking this photo, behind me, is the grand Hudson River. © Can't recall the name of this place. Downton Abbey?

Paul Goldfinger ©  Fox hunt anyone?  This is the gilded age Mills Mansion in Staatsburg, NY . Looking for Maggie Smith?   Click to enlarge and rent a room  (Airbnb?)


Lookiing back down the hill is this view. Rhinebeck, NY. Paul Goldfinger photo © c.2013

Back down the hill is this view of the Hudson River in Staatsburg, NY.  Autumn.  Paul Goldfinger photo © c.2013     Click to enlarge.


From the album Cocktail Swing

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Portrait of Eileen. Paul Goldfinger photograph. ©

FRANK SINATRA.   This version is live at Madison Square Garden in 1974.  The orchestra keeps repeating the introduction until Frank decides to jump right in.  That’s called a vamp.

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By Paul Goldfinger © Autumn View from inside the GA 2013

By Paul Goldfinger © Autumn View from inside the Great Auditorium 2013

Re-post from 2014.

ELIZABETH GANTER.   Mozart’s “Clarinet Concerto in A Major.”   Gordon Turk, please bring this to the Great Auditorium.



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Ocean Township, NJ.. Paul Goldfinger © Nov. 6, 2018



EVA CASSIDY:  “Early Morning Rain.”  From her album Imagine.

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No Turns New York. By Paul Goldfinger ©

“No Turns.”  By Paul Goldfinger ©  Mid-town Manhattan.

FRANK SINATRA recorded this song in 1979 for his Trilogy album. It first appeared in a Martin Scorsese film in 1977 called New York, New York and was written by  Kander and Ebb (Cabaret, Kiss of the Spider Woman)  and first performed by Liza Minnelli in the film.

Robert de Niro rejected the first song written by Kander and Ebb for the movie, and our song below was the result of the re-do.  It was first titled, “The Theme From New York, New York.”

I recall hearing this song performed in that film by Liza.  It was a nightclub setting, with the spotlight on her. It struck me that it was an amazing song, and I remember wondering why I hadn’t heard it before.  It’s the only thing from that movie that I recall, although that’s true of many of the movies I have seen.—Paul @Blogfinger.

“Start spreadin’ the news, I’m leaving today

“I want to be a part of it: New York, New York.”

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San Gimignano, Tuscan hill fortress. By Paul Goldfinger ©  Re-posted 2013.


San Gimignano is a medieval hill town near Siena.  It was founded in the fifth century BC as an Etruscan village. To protect the town, stone walls and tall towers were constructed and still exist–a tribute to Italian erectile engineering skills.

Stop by our rear  garden at 113 Mt. Hermon Way to see the metal sculpture called “The Etruscan Horse” by America sculptor Jo Ubogy.  Here is a link regarding that Ocean Grove work of outdoor art.

Etruscan horse sculpture.


LUIS ENRIQUEZ BACALOV.  “Il Postino—Theme (instrumental)”   This 1994 film from Italy won an Academy Award in 1995 for “best music.”   The recording below is by John Williams conducting the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra with Itzhak Perlman on violin. The album is called “Cinema Serenade.”

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor  @Blogfinger

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