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The Strand. Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard. c. 1997. By Paul Goldfinger ©

The Strand Theatre. Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard. c. 1997. By Paul Goldfinger ©    (reposted from 2014 on Blogfinger–and updated.) Tri-X Collection.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

We recently ran a post regarding the Ocean Grove North End’s Strand movie house which no longer exists.  Some years ago I visited Oak Bluffs in Martha’s Vineyard where the Strand theatre there, a historic site, was still functioning. Oak Bluffs is where a camp meeting ground still exists on that island.  Judging from the Bruce Willis film, the photo is from 1997.

The Strand Theatre in Oak Bluffs  was built in the 1920’s and closed around 2010. After that it became a bicycle rental shop. But in 2015, the Martha’s Vineyard Theater Foundation raised money to reopen the Strand for movies.

Movies can seem so real and important, so the MV community made sure that their cinema was brought back to life.   Back when, we told our kids, “It’s only a movie.”  But the magic of movies draws you in.

Try to stay disengaged if you see “Captain Phillips” with Tom Hanks.

Seen any good movies lately ?  Tell us if you have. Comment below.

Oh, do sad movies make you cry?  Sue Thompson says, “Yes.”      See below.






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By Paul Goldfinger, music editor @Blogfinger

“Something Wonderful” is from The King and I.  Carly Simon has a YouTube video where she addresses the women in the audience and asks them to think of these lyrics when they are upset with their man.  Carly says this song is one of the most beautiful ever written.   It was composed by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II.

This version is performed by Peggy Lee. She is a popular singer who is not particularly known for this song, but her repertoire has been wide ranging. Listen for the strong bass parts towards the end which add drama and are probably by the trombone section . Also there is a soft oriental gong at the very end–a tip of the hat to The King and I.

Peggy Lee

Peggy Lee

Peggy Lee also was a lyricist for many hit songs, and, as a doctor, I always enjoyed her rendition of “Fever.”  And as a man, I always enjoyed her rendition of “Fever.”

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The Band, one of the most celebrated rock and roll groups in history, had its roots back in the 1960’s. It was comprised of four Canadians and one musician from Arkansas. They were the backup band for Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond and other heavyweights from that era, but they became famous on their own in the 1970’s.

After sixteen years on the road, they had a farewell concert, “The Last Waltz” in San Francisco, which was filmed by a young Martin Scorsese. Unlike the usual boring style of filming rock concerts, Scorsese brought a professional Hollywood style moviemaking, and the film, which was released in 1978, is still a classic, and a re-release version came out on DVD in 2002 along with a 4-CD box set. The concert movie is excellent and can be rented on Netflix or purchased.

The five talented musicians in the group shared singing parts and all of them played multiple instruments. For the “Last Waltz” concert, there was a brass ensemble on stage, and a number of big stars appeared including Van Morrison, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr, Neil Young, Dr. John and others. At the end of the event, everyone came on stage to join Dylan in “I Shall Be Released.”

The members of the group were Rick Danko (bass), Garth Hudson (keyboards), Levon Helm from the US (drums), Robbie Robertson (lead guitar) and Richard Manuel (harmonica and many other instruments). Helm, Manuel and Danko are no longer alive. Helm remained a big country star, best known for his singing, until he passed away this past April.

This song, from the “Last Waltz” collection, is called “Ophelia” and is sung by Leon Helm. He was probably the best singer in the group. This video has been viewed over 1.2 million times on YouTube.

The audio is poor on the video, but it gives you an idea about how they looked over 40 years ago. Also below is the MP3 audio from the album — better sound quality. The video is not from the movie—the mp3 audio is.

— Paul Goldfinger   (re-posted  on BF from 2012)

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The Aurora in Ocean Grove

The Aurora in Ocean Grove. 6 Atlantic Avenue.  Internet photo.


Aerial view of the Aurora. Source: Zillow


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger   (updated post from 2013)

The Aurora on Atlantic Avenue in Ocean Grove, NJ has  30 bedrooms, and 5 bathrooms.  It is listed as a single family home. It sits on 4 lots with ocean views from 3 levels (and the top.)  The house is 6,615 sq. ft. and it is still for sale—since 2013.

Built in 1884 , the Aurora  has a garage and room to park several cars  (or maybe two Bentleys)  In 2012,  the owner paid $31.263.00 in taxes. More recently the taxes are $29,402.  Below is the current listing on Zillow.


This former hotel is considered a major Victorian historic treasure even when compared to the rest of the country  (per historian Ted Bell.)  It became even more renowned when the current owner converted it to a single family house.  It cannot be changed  back into a hotel.  If you buy it, you will need a few more bathrooms.  The word on the street is that it needs a lot of work inside.

The Aurora Hotel when it was a hotel. They say that Broadway celebrities liked to stay there. (Source–Zillow)

The Aurora is perfect for the man who has everything, including more than one wife; or a playboy with lots of playmates.   And, in case you are wondering if there is enough room, the Aurora also has a finished basement.

So, even though the price has been reduced substantially and seems to be a relative bargain, the issue is what can a buyer do with it?   The current owner purchased the grand old hotel because he wanted room for his large family, but 30 bedrooms?  That would be one bathroom for 6 bedrooms, which has the potential for some family warfare.

Blogfinger will offer a prize for the most inventive use which might seduce a buyer into purchasing the Aurora.  But you have to consider zoning.

Other uses, besides a hotel, are also technically prohibited because of zoning, including a drug rehabilitation facility, a casino,  a brothel, a frat house, a dormitory for Yeshiva students, a rooming house for Camp Meeting religious tourists, a multi-family condominium, a school, or a rooming house.  You cannot rent rooms in Ocean Grove—so Airbnb is out.  And there is no parking for more than 4 cars.

Of course, creative zoning without on-site parking is part of the Ocean Grove/Neptuner culture.  How about Mary’s Place where two single family houses were supposed to go?  It is now a  spa/respite shelter for female cancer victims.  It is officially a single family house with 10 bedrooms.

The Mary’s Place  precedent might work for the Aurora. Turn that into a shelter for some victim group.  The Neptune Zoning Department has proven itself to be very creative under Bernie Haney. They were the ones who found a solution for Mary’s Place, not the Planning Board.  There’s a lot of money going into drug rehab these days.  Del Ray Beach in Florida is such a place.

And how about the Grand Atlantic Hotel which was turned into a home for nuns?  What kind of zoning legerdemain made that happen?    And what kind of zoning allowed Grove Hall to become a conference center/65 room hotel for  visitors to use while attending religious based conferences?

Or consider the North End Redevelopment Plan which was supposed to consist of 25 single family Victorian style houses, but now the plans, after major zoning changes,  consist of 165 residential units including condominiums, an underground garage,  and a hotel.

And then there was the Surf Avenue House conversion into condominiums without parking.  That hotel was officially listed as a single family house before the owner got the designation changed to “hotel” so it could  go condo.    And how about the the Manchester Hotel which was to go condo until it burned down.

That’s the problem with precedents.   The double standards and favoritism in town create precedents.  What’s to stop the Aurora buyers from tapping into the same sort of special treatment?


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Horse Show at Chubb Park in Chester Township, New Jersey. Chester is not far from where the US Equestrian team trains. By Paul Goldfinger. © Click image for full view.  Reposted from 2012 on Blogfinger.

This photograph shows the gentle and elegant sport of horses and all the rituals, postures, clothing and casual styles of these aficionados blended with the formality of it all. When we lived in Chester, we often saw “horse people” (usually women) shopping or walking around town in their special clothes. I like the black coats and hats on these riders.

That’s why I chose Gato Barbieri’s “Girl in Black”  (Para mi Negra) — a tango by the jazz saxophonist  (b. 1934 in Argentina) who wrote the incredible score for film “The Last Tango in Paris” with Marlon Brando.

This song seems to fit for this photo. Argentina is horse country,  and the tango is very  sexy.

Do you see any of that in the photo?  How do those riders get out of those pants anyhow?

–Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

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Reposted from July, 2013, 9 months after Sandy:   Later this July,  the non-fishing pier will be extended further about 80 feet by the volunteers from the American Fence Company in Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, instead of clam bait and croakers, the view out at the pier has improved considerably. Bring your favorite model and do a photo shoot.

Ocean Grove, New Jersey. Anybody see a sixties fashion statement? Photo by Paul Goldfinger © Left click for a bigger view

Ocean Grove, New Jersey. Anybody see a sixties fashion statement? July 2013. Photo by Paul Goldfinger © Click for a bigger view.  Blogfinger.net.

DJANGO REINHARDT.  From the movie Stardust Memories, filmed partly  in Ocean Grove.  “Body and Soul”

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Mary Chapin Carpenter

Mary Chapin Carpenter. Reposted 2013 BF.

“I’ll Never Fall in Love Again” was written by Burt Bachrach and Hal David for the 1968 show “Promises, Promises” starring Jerry Orbach.  This version is lovely and is from the soundtrack of the 1997 blockbuster movie “My Best Friend’s Wedding.” Mary Chapin Carpenter (b. 1958) is a country singer/songwriter who has won five Grammys.  The soundtrack is a very good compendium of popular singers and styles.

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Mt. Hermon Way. ABout 5 inches on the ground. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Mt. Hermon Way. 5:45 am   Friday,  Jan. 3, 2014.   Paul Goldfinger photo © Left click makes it bigger

GIGI:    “Ice Skating Sequence.”

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October, 2014. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Freehold farm.   By Paul Goldfinger ©   Reposted from Oct. 21, 2014.  Click to enlarge.

“You Complete Me”  from the Hundred Foot Journey  by A.R. Rahman (soundtrack for the film)

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By Paul Goldfinger. Naples, Florida 2013. ©

Paul Goldfinger. Naples, Florida 2013. ©  Reposted from 2014.

MATT MONRO   “And We Were Lovers”    Theme music from the 1966 film “The Sand Pebbles” with Steve McQueen which was nominated for best picture.  It was about the US Navy in a turbulent China, 1926.

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