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Notre Dame, Paris. By Paul Goldfinger. Copyright.

Notre Dame, Paris. By Paul Goldfinger. Click to enlarge.


SOUNDTRACK:  From the film “Gigi:”     Leslie Wand is the singer who dubbed the vocals for Leslie Caron.


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80 Spring Street. By Paul Goldfinger © 2013

80 Spring Street. By Paul Goldfinger © 2013. Click to enlarge.



LES ECROCS “Assedic”  from the film “Something’s Gotta Give.”


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Lane Villa: Owners, guests and staff pose out front c. 1905. Jacob Lane is seated with his wife Sarah to his right. photo courtesy of Les Lane

Lane Villa–63 Cookman Avenue, Ocean Grove, NJ.  Owners and staff pose out front c. 1905. Jacob Lane is seated with his wife Sarah to his left. Photo courtesy of Les Lane

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor  Blogfinger.net

We enjoy hearing personal accounts of Ocean Grove history.  Recently  we were contacted by Les Lane who lives in Georgia.  He has been tracing the history of his family whose roots go back to Amsterdam (Netherlands), emigrating to New Amsterdam, New York in 1663.

In 1905, his great-great grandparents moved to Ocean Grove— 63 Cookman Avenue, at the corner of Pilgrim Pathway.  Les doesn’t know anything about the building prior to his family’s purchase.   The property remained in the Lane family for about 35 years.

50th anniversary in OG

Mr and Mrs Lane celebrate their 50th in the Grove.

Mr. Lane says that his family surname was Laenen van Pelt. His GGGF Jacob Lane was born in New Jersey in 1830, while Jacob’s wife Sarah Ann Middlesworth was born in 1836.  Jacob had a tailor shop in Newark. He evidently retired because of health reasons and purchased the property on Cookman to be run as a boarding house.  He did not choose Ocean Grove because of religious reasons; he saw it as a business opportunity.  We don’t know if the family were Methodists.

The Lane daughters: Mae Lillian and Laura Anna in Ocean Grove

The Lane daughters: Mae Lillian and Laura Anna in Ocean Grove

Sarah and their two daughters, Laura Anna Lane and Mae Lillian Lane ran the day-to-day operations at Lane Villa.

Les Lane has no family letters to give any insight into their lifestyle, but he does have his GG-grandfather’s old tailor tools, a pair of opera glasses, and a coffee grinder that was used in the kitchen.

The 1910 census shows the four of them living there.  Sarah died in 1911, while Jacob died in 1915.  The two daughters continued to operate the Villa until the 1930’s. The 1930 census shows them still living there, but by 1940 they were living on Broadway.  According to family lore, the sisters lost the Villa sometime in the 1930’s “to a shady lawyer.”

Les shared his genealogy research with us and commented on the current condition of the property, “It’s truly sad how much the Lane’s  boarding house has changed since the early 1900’s”

The property today is much different.  It consists of multiple apartments.  Too bad the HPC wasn’t around back when.  Thanks to Les Lane for sharing his research about his family in Ocean Grove.

The former Lane Villa: June, 2013. Blogfinger photo

The former Lane Villa: June, 2013. Blogfinger photo


“Thanks for the Memory”– This song won an Academy Award in 1938. The recording is by Regis and Joy Philbin.  The album is “Just you, Just me.”


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Brokeback Mountain’s original soundtrack  (2005) won an Oscar for best original musical score. The music included mostly country selections and, among them was “King of the Road” which was first written and performed by Roger Miller in 1964.

For this movie, it was done as a duet with Teddy Thompson a 36 year old British folk and rock singer along with Rufus Wainwright a 39 year old  American singer/songwriter.  Thompson also has a solo performance on the same album.  —Paul Goldfinger


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Black and blue on Wesley Lake. by Bob Bowné.

Black and blue  by Bob Bowné. May, 2014 ©


“Hi Paul,

“Here is a shot from the weekend…a leisurely evening on Wesley Lake…Black & Blue.



TOOTS THIELEMANS   from his album One More For the Road.

The song “This Time the Dream’s on Me” was written for the 1941 film Blues in the Night by two of the all-time song-writing greats:  Johnny Mercer (lyrics) and Harold Arlen (music).  It is sung by Till Brönner.

“To see you through, till you’re everything you wanna be,

“It can’t be true, but this time the dream’s on me”

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Fay Wray and the Giant Octopus—a drama unfolding in the Asbury Connection aka the Casino. © By Paul Goldfinger.  2012.  Click left for the full Monty.


The hollowed-out Casino has become a passageway — a two-way covered arcade — to connect the Grove with Asbury Park. People seek it out for photography, live music, somersaults, flirting, dancing, walking, running, traversing on wheels or on sneakers, marrying, hugging, eating ice cream, or seeking/making art. Tell us what you’ve seen there (comments below).

Here we have a glamorous photo shoot. This crew is enjoying the special light of the space, but they are not being careful, because there is a giant octopus whose sucker-laden tentacle will soon get tired of its current lascivious location and perhaps will slither over to grab young Fay Wray down there on the Casino floor.


SOUNDTRACK:  I was thinking of the James Bond movie Casino Royal, when I found this piece called “Octopussy — All Time High.”

“Octopussy” is the name of the 13th Bond film, and this theme by the City of Prague Philharmonic opens the film. Although the music has nothing directly to do with our model, who is about to be devoured in the Casino connecting the Grove to Asbury Park, she is pretty as a picture, and, like her,  the music is beautiful.

— Paul Goldfinger. Re-post after 10 years.



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Washington Square Park by Paul Goldfinger © Undated.

Washington Square Park.  By Paul Goldfinger © Undated.


ANN DEE.  From the soundtrack of Thoroughly Modern Millie.


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Snaking our way into Delicious Orchards in Colts Neck. Paul Goldfinger photos © Snaking our way into Delicious Orchards in Colts Neck. Paul Goldfinger photos ©  2013.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor  @Blogfinger   (“Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Blogfinger fans and all of you who aren’t but are reading this anyhow.”)

Tuesday, Nov 26, 2013:        Some years ago we used to buy Bell and Evans chickens at the Pathway Market in Ocean Grove, back when they had a resident butcher there. We liked those chickens, so Eileen decided to try a fresh B & E turkey this year from Delicious Orchards.  We went there this morning to pick up the bird and we found ourselves in a line of traffic on route 34, waiting to get into the store. It took about 20 minutes to enter the crowded parking lot.  Once there we followed the line of cars and found a space way in the back. We walked towards the entrance, and it was quickly evident that we would not be able to get in right away.

A huge line outside had formed, wrapping around and heading back towards the highway. It didn’t seem too bad until we wound up in a tent-like space where people were snaking their way, Disney-style, and thus making a long line seem shorter.   Most people on line, including children,  seemed calm and patient.  The mood was one of anticipation and optimism.

The snake kept coiling and uncoiling,  and it was weird the way people were simultaneously walking toward you and away from you, all the while heading to the same place.  Luckily it was 41 degrees and not 21 degrees.   The specter of a big storm today probably accounted  for an especially huge crowd this early.  We spent about 30 minutes on line, and then we entered the store where people were dispersing in every direction.

The pie department. Boxes piled high. By Wednesday, there will be a pie line. The pie department.  By Wednesday, there will be a long pie line.   ©   2013

Inside, the pies were piled high. They are known for pies. Pie specialists were on duty.

Our turkey was waiting for us in the meat department. It is a young bird, 10 pounds, wearing its logo proudly.  Bell and Evans turkeys are grown in Pennsylvania Dutch country  where the business has been there for over 120 years.  Their turkeys are supposed to be “natural,” bred for slower growing and bigger breasts, and not injected like Butter Balls. (Yes, I am considering a joke here, but never mind)  So more white meat means less fat and calories.  But we were actually thinking “tastes better.”   You can’t worry about fat and calories on Thanksgiving.    That’s why they call it Thanksgiving.

Check out . We found a good aisle at the end of the row. Check out . Look at all the pie boxes.  We found a good aisle at the end of the row.

We also waited in a crowded checkout area. We made it to a cashier;  I asked our Delicious Orchards bagger, a delicious young lady with long red hair, how things were going. “It’s a madhouse,” she said.  I replied that I have seen real madhouses, and this is no madhouse.

“Does everyone in your family have red hair?” I asked her.

She smiled and said, “My four brothers work here also, and they all have red hair.”  She wished me a happy holiday as she resumed filling a bag with groceries for the next customer.

On the way out they gave us a small cup of excellent hot cider, and we bought one of their cider donuts. I ate about 80% of it.–Eileen slowly finished her part, savoring every crumb.  When we lived in Chester, we would go to Hackelbarney Farm—basically a country store in the middle of an apple orchard. Go there and you can watch them make cider, and the donuts and pies are famous. It’s worth a drive into beautiful Morris County.

Then it took about 15 minutes to get from the parking lot out to 34 again.  The whole experience  lasted about one hour, not counting the trip and time spent drinking cider in the parked  car.

I asked Eileen, “Will you do this again next year?”

She said, “I don’t think so.”

But we had fun going for our turkey. We experienced a special event filled with hope as everyone was there preparing for a wonderful American tradition.  It was actually a good time—good vibes–and hopefully an extra good turkey.

As we drove off I said to Eileen, “Let’s not decide now about next year. Let’s taste the turkey first.”

JAMIROQUAI.   From the soundtrack of the movie “Valentine’s Day.” (crank up the volume a bit)

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Rooftops and Central Park. 2014. By Paul Goldfinger © From the NYC Street Series

Rooftops and Central Park. 2014. By Paul Goldfinger © From the NYC Street Series. Click to enlarge.



KAREN O. AND EZRA KOENIG    from the motion picture Her


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What are they discussing? August 19, 2014. Ocean Grove beach. Aerial shot. © Blogfinger photo.

What are they discussing?  Where did she hide her cell phone ?—it’s ringing.    August 19, 2014. Ocean Grove beach. Aerial shot. © Paul Goldfinger photo.  




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