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Tuscany, Italy. By Paul Goldfinger. Silver gelatin print. ©

Tuscany, Italy. By Paul Goldfinger. Silver gelatin print. ©



VICTOR GARBER. “Johanna”  from Sweeney Todd by Stephen Sondheim.  Original cast recording.






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By Moe Demby, Blogfinger staff. ©

By Moe Demby, Blogfinger staff. ©



ALISON KRAUSS.   “Down to the River to Pray.”  From the soundtrack of Oh Brother Where Art Thou?


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Central Park. August, 2014. Paul Goldfinger photo © NYC Street Series. Click to enlarge and really see her bike.

Central Park. August, 2014. Paul Goldfinger photo © NYC Street Series. Click to enlarge and really see her bike.  Did you say you want to see her on the bike?



SAM COOKE    from his album  Love and Let Love.  “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” (1937) by George and Ira Gershwin.  Fred Astaire sang it in the 1937 film Shall We Dance.


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Monmouth Battlefield State Park. By Paul Goldfinger 2014. ©

Monmouth Battlefield State Park. Atop Combs Hill.  By Paul Goldfinger 2014. ©. Click once to enlarge.


Paul Goldfinger, MD, Editor Blogfinger.net

The Battle of Monmouth took place in the vicinity of Monmouth Courthouse in Freehold.

On a blistering hot day on June 28, 1778 the land that is now Monmouth Battlefield State Park was the site of one of the longest battles of the American Revolutionary War.

From the State Parks information:   “Here at Monmouth, Washington restored a reputation battered by defeats in 1777.   In the day-long battle in the hills, wood lots, farm fields and meadows, the main Continental Army, retrained at Valley Forge, repulsed attacks by the main British Army.

 By the end, over 600 men were dead, dying or wounded and the Continental Army held the field.”

The vista above is from Combs Hill where the Continental Army had placed their artillery.

The park is a beautiful place where you can visit, picnic, ride horses or sleighs.  The visitor center is near where I was standing to make this photograph. The address is 16 Rt 33  Business in Manalapan.

I enjoy photographing battlefields, although this is only my second.  The first is Gettysburg which we have visited quite a few times.  Battlefields are evocative of so many qualities of man including bravery, fighting for right and freedom, loyalty and sacrifice.

It seems as if you can time- travel back in such a place as this, and that is an emotional experience.

I tried to capture that mood in this photograph which is much better felt in black and white than with color.  —


Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net


BAND OF HM ROYAL MARINES:  “Main Theme from Saving Private Ryan”  (2006)  Written by John Williams.


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In 1987 the move “Dirty Dancing” became a hit. It starred Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze.  Jerry Orbach played the girl’s father, and the film takes place at a Catskill Mountain “borscht belt” resort. Jennifer plays a nice Jewish girl with a beautiful way about her. Guess what? She falls for the dance instructor.

I loved this movie for a bunch of reasons, but especially because I spent two summers “working” at a resort like that, and the depiction was quite accurate. Those were the best summers ever.  My job at the Hotel Nemerson in South Fallsburg, New York, was on the athletic staff by day and the nightclub staff by night.


Here I am (tall guy) with members of the athletic staff in front of the handball court at the Hotel Nemerson, South Fallsburg.  c. 1960.


All those “mountain” hotels provided a total experience where no one had to leave the grounds. They all had a professional “dance team” who gave ballroom dancing lessons in their studio by the pool and then performed at night in the club, just like the couple in the movie. Did the staff “mingle” with the guests? –you bet they did! Unknown

Every show up there had 3 acts: a singer, a comedian and a dance team. That is why dancing was such an important component in the movie as was music. There was music all around.

Each hotel had a dance/show band and a Latin band. That’s where I learned to play the claves. (sticks you bang together as part of the rhythm section of a Latin band.)

So here is one of the songs from the soundtrack. Actually it was written in the 1950’s and had been recorded by Buddy Holly and Bo Diddly before Mickey and Sylvia got hold of it for this movie. It has a unique feature: a conversation in the middle of the song.

Here are Mickey and Sylvia with “Love is Strange.” —-Paul Goldfinger, Editor Blogfinger.net

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Paris. c. 1995. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Paris. c. 1995. By Paul Goldfinger © Homage to Eugene Atget photographer who documented old Paris.  Click once to enlarge.



Dana Boulé.  “Parlez Moi D’amour”   (tr. “Speak to Me of Love”) From Woody Allen’s film   Midnight in Paris.


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Robert Capa, Life Magazine photographer went into Omaha Beach with the American troops. Robert Capa, Life Magazine photographer landed  at  Omaha Beach with the American troops. They went in at Easy Red/Fox Green sector. June 6, 1944 .He took this photo and won a Pulitzer Prize. *   (see below)


By Paul Goldfinger, MD    Editor @Blogfinger

Robert Capa landed with the troops and shot quickly with his Leica 35 mm camera.  He handed over his film to an aide who got the film out  to a boat and then on to England for processing.  Unfortunately, an overzealous lab tech ruined most of the exposures except for a few. The image above is one of them, and the Capa D-Day collection is among the best examples of American photojournalism.

There were 12 surgical teams that went in on D-Day, but only 8 made it to shore.  Medics quickly organized the wounded. Medical stations and field hospitals were quickly established on shore.  Of the wounded who made it to a medical station, less than 1% died.

During the month prior to D-Day,  American factories manufactured 100 million doses of the wonder drug Penicillin. There were 4,644 U.S. Army nurses who were stationed on the European front in 1944. They landed on the beaches on June 10 and walked 5 miles or more to field hospitals.


Normandy, a few days after D-Day, aircraft bring in containers of blood for transfusion. * Normandy, a few days after D-Day.  Aircraft bring in containers of blood for transfusion. *


June 6, 2022.  Still photographs by Paul Goldfinger obtained from the movie Saving Private Ryan by Steven Spielberg.

Troops dropped off in the bloody water move in to Omaha Beach, Dog Sector.  Paul Goldfinger still.  High mortality in the first wave.


Tom Hanks as Capt. John Miller regains his composure after barely making it ashore. There is mayhem and death all around.    Paul Goldfinger still.


Medics try to save lives on the beach, but deadly fire inhibits  effectiveness. Paul Goldfinger still.


Nazi pill boxes take a high toll on the beach. Eventually Capt. Miller and his men break through to open the log jam. Paul Goldfinger still.



* Reference:  Time Magazine D-Day 70th Anniversary Tribute  (re-issue of the 2004 Time Classic)


MARTHA WAINWRIGHT.  From the soundtrack of the film  The Aviator

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Paris playground. Eileen Goldfinger photo © 1991

Paris playground. Eileen Goldfinger photo © 1991



PAUL DESMOND  “Where is Love?”  from the movie Oliver.


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Shadberry tree.  Blogfinger photo. April 22, 2022.  (currently flowering in Firemen’s Park)  Paul Goldfinger photo.


Paul Goldfinger, Editor.

This  tree, the shadberry,  is also called Serviceberry and Amelanchier arborea. Other names include Shadbush.

The tree blooms in mid-April with its 5 petaled white flowers.  The bloom coincides with the up river run of the American shad fish which heads up the Delaware to spawn. The neighbors feed it and watch for it to bloom each spring, although the bloom only lasts for a few days. Later there will be red berries.  So far, no shad fish have appeared in Ocean Grove.

Fishing during the shad run used to be a big commercial endeavor in Pennsylvania, but the shad was almost wiped out due to over-fishing and pollution. It is making a comeback, and there is a shad festival along the Delaware in late April.




Over 10 years ago, 4  families got together and bought 8 trees for the park.   All 8 have subsequently grown to maturity.  In addition to the serviceberry, we bought a shade tree locust, two red maples, a ginko  (below),  and 2 flowering chestnut trees.

The ginko has an amazing leaf.  They are rare around here, but it and the serviceberry can be found all over New York City.

If any of you live  near an an OG park want to do this, contact the CMA, and then the DPW will plant it.


JULIE ANDREWS  from Camelot

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Forsyth Park in Savannah, Georgia. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Forsyth Park in Savannah, Georgia. By Paul Goldfinger ©  Click left


Johnny Mercer, a son of Savannah,  wrote the lyrics for this song, while Hoagy Carmichael wrote the music.

“Skylark” is from the soundtrack of the Garden of Good and Evil  directed by Clint Eastwood and set in Savannah.

K.D. Lang is the vocalist.  —Paul Goldfinger


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