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Paul Goldfinger photograph. Jersey Shore. 2015. ©

Sandy Hook.   Paul Goldfinger photograph. Jersey Shore. 2015. ©   Wedding day. Click on image to see the road runners roasting on the roaring fire.



RUFUS WAINWRIGHT  “If Love Were All”  Live at Carnegie Hall:   “Rufus Does Judy”


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She will greet you when you enter Johnson's Restaurant;t Supply on Rt 33, one block outside of Broadway exit. Blogfinger photo. © She will greet you when you enter Johnson’s Restaurant Supply on Rt 33, one block outside of OG’s Broadway exit. Blogfinger photo. ©  8/22/16.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor


She reminds me of Mrs. Lovett, the accomplice  to the demon barber of Fleet Street from the show Sweeney Todd.  She also was the owner of the meat pie store where most of the show centers.


JOHNNY DEPP AND HELEN BONHAM CARTER with “By the Sea.”   Maybe they’ll open a shop on Main Avenue in Ocean Grove.  We could use some unusual cuisine.


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Photo by Paul Goldfinger © Dec. 2013

Photo by Paul Goldfinger © Dec. 2013.  A look back on 3rd Avenue, Spring Lake, NJ


LAWRENCE LEBO:  “I Want a Big Butter and Egg Man”  with the “Little Big Band” from the album  Don’t Call Her Larry.


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Ocean, New Jersey. 2013. By Paul Goldfinger©

Were you ever taken to the cleaners?     Ocean, New Jersey. 2013. By Paul Goldfinger©


STEPHEN SONDHEIM.   From ” Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum”    (the album is Putting It  Together)



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Wickapecko Drive, Wanamassa, New Jersey. 2012. By Paul Goldfinger



Picture a guy standing by the water as the sun is going down. He’s writing an email on his iPhone, and as he thinks of her, this song emerges, floating past him.

He looks at the water and as he listens to Leon Redbone, he wonders, “Should I jump or should I hit ‘send?'”      —Paul Goldfinger, Blogfinger.net.


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Ocean Township. October 28, 2012. 8:37 am. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Ocean Township. October 28, 2012. 8:37 am. By Paul Goldfinger ©  Click to enlarge this peaceful autumn day.


JIM BRYANT    Original soundtrack of West Side Story

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Allenhurst, New Jersey. By Paul Goldfinger. 2014 © click to enlarge

Paul Goldfinger ©  Allenhurst, New Jersey.  2014.  Click to enlarge


JULIE RAFFERTY.   Music from The Fantasticks.  From her album No Finer Place.


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By Paul Goldfinger. © Left click for full view.

By Paul Goldfinger. ©Click for full view.


THE CHARIOTEERS.  (An American gospel and pop group from 1930-1957)    “Sweet Lorraine”



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“White Jaguar on Broad Street,”  Red Bank, 2013.  By Paul Goldfinger ©  This would be a marvelous blogmobile if it were mine.




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The Village of Loch Arbour, New Jersey was founded in 1958. According to the 2010 census, the population is 194. This photograph was obtained on a gorgeous June day at 7 pm—the “golden time” for photography.  The image shows a group of homes arranged in a courtyard.  It is reminiscent of Ocean Grove with historic houses going back to the early 1900’s.  There is a porch culture like ours.

I spoke to a family sitting on their porch having a drink.  The kids were doing cartwheels under a giant  tree, and we met Mom and Dad, who  is a volunteer fireman.  The common areas are beautifully tended, and all the neighbors share that expense.

It seems like the kind of a place that would be a setting for a Jimmy Stewart movie. I got the impression that this is a neighborly place, a place where memories are made.

—Paul Goldfinger, Editor  Blogfinger.net


Loch Arbour. June, 2012. Paul Goldfinger photo.©  Originally posted here in August, 2012. Blogfinger.net  Click to enlarge.






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