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Asbury Park High School.  By Paul Goldfinger, September  2012


Re-post from 2012 when high school was a different experience than 2020.

Remember the song “See You in September?”   Well, high school is where you go when summer vacation is over.  And how dangerous was the 2020 summer moon above?

Next year buy a dog — they love you and they are faithful.   — PG

From the soundtrack of “American Graffiti” it’s the Tempos:

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Colt's Neck, NJ. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Paul Goldfinger ©  Rt. 34,  Colt’s Neck, NJ.

BUDAPEST PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA.  “Cavalleria Rusticana: Intermezzo sinfonico.”   By Pietro Mascagni. From the film Raging Bull.  Re-posted from June, 2014.

This place is at  Delicious Orchards.  Don’t miss it.


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October 9, 2013. By Paul Goldfinger ©

October 9, 2013. By Paul Goldfinger ©   Click left.


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Photo by Paul Goldfinger. Blogfinger.net. December, 2015. ©

Photo by Paul Goldfinger. Blogfinger.net. December, 2015. ©  Click for a larger shopping cart.  I love the design on this ShopRite, especially on a bright, sunny day with brilliant colors.  It seems very nostalgic and comfortable. Re-post.

The ShopRite of Belmar is located in zip code 07719, which is the same for Wall and Belmar.  It seems that the store is known by both town names. Even their customer service department is not sure which is the official town.

Therefore, as with King Solomon, I will split the baby and award a prize to either chosen town.   (We had a contest to name the town in 2015.)

JUNE CARTER CASH:  From the album Wildwood Flower.

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By Paul Goldfinger ©

By Paul Goldfinger ©        c.1990.

REBECCA LUKER:  “Summer With You.”

Rebecca Luker

Rebecca Luker

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Suffragists put up a poster in Long Branch. Joe Czachowski 2010 fromLibraryof Congress; Remembering the Jersey Shoere 1915

Suffragists put up a poster in Long Branch, 1915.   Photo from the Library of Congress in   Remembering the Jersey Shore  by Joe Czachowski, 2010.


Christabel Pankhurst. British protestor (for the vote.) From PBS doc. About 1905.


Riots and violence in London. Suffragists beaten and arrested. PBS.



By Paul Goldfinger


“Votes for women” activists were busy in the summer of 1915. These three were advertising a speech by activist Anna Howard Shaw whose biography  The Story of a Pioneer”was published that year.  Suffragists  organized concerts, lectures, parades and even ball games from Keyport to Atlantic Highlands to Asbury Park.    

Alice Paul, an American feminist, was born in Mt. Laurel, NJ  (see Ocean Grover Mary Walton’s book about Alice Paul, available at  the Comfort Zone).  If you watch the PBS special on the Suffragists, you will see Mary, former Blogfinger reporter, interviewed.

Alice Paul, a Jersey Girl and a feminist.



The Historical Society of Ocean Grove has a great deal of information about the women’s movements in OG.


SOUNDTRACK:  COUNT BASIE AND TONY BENNETT—What is the world coming to??


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Monmouth Battlefield State Park. By Paul Goldfinger 2014. ©

Monmouth Battlefield State Park. Atop Combs Hill.  By Paul Goldfinger 2014. ©


The Battle of Monmouth took place in the vicinity of Monmouth Courthouse in Freehold.  The vista above is from Combs Hill where the Continental Army had placed their artillery.  The battle took place on June 28, 1778 when Gen. George Washington attacked the British in the midst of a 100 degree heat wave  to regain that territory.   The park is a beautiful place where you can visit, picnic, ride horses or sleighs.  The visitor center is near where I was standing to make this photograph.

I enjoy photographing battlefields, although this is only my second.  The first is Gettysburg which we have visited quite a few times.  Battlefields are evocative of so many qualities of man including bravery, fighting for right and freedom, loyalty and sacrifice. It seems as if you can  time travel back in such a place like this, and that is an emotional experience.

I tried to capture that mood in this photograph which is much better felt in black and white than with color.  —Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

BAND OF HM ROYAL MARINES:  “Main Theme from Saving Private Ryan”  (2006)  Written by John Williams.

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Asbury Park, New Jersey. Seen from Ocean Grove across Wesley Lake. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Asbury Park, New Jersey.  c.1965.   Seen from Ocean Grove across Wesley Lake. Paul Goldfinger photo © Click left for full view.


BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN.  4th of July (Sandy)

“And the boys from the casino dance with their shirts open like Latin lovers on the shore
Chasing all them silly New York virgins by the score

“And Sandy, the aurora is rising behind us
This pier lights our carnival life forever
Oh, love me tonight, for I may never see you again
Hey, Sandy girl
My, my, baby…”

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Asbury Park Boardwalk. Sunday September 14, 2014. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Asbury Park boardwalk. Sunday, September 14, 2014. By Paul Goldfinger ©  Enlarge by clicking the image.


ETTA JONES.   From The Music Man by Meredith Wilson:



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Bradley Beach. November 2013. By Paul Goldfinger

The other side of Bradley Beach. November 2013. By Paul Goldfinger. ©   Click to enlarge


LES PAUL  AND MARY FORD.  “The Moon of Manakoora”  from the soundtrack of Silver Linings Playbook.

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