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Pray here. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Pray here. Faith Baptist Church. Wickapecko Drive, Ocean, NJ.   By Paul Goldfinger © September  3, 2013. Click to enlarge.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

I frequently pass this church because Wickapecko Drive is a country road that provides an alternate scenic route coming back from Wegmans to the Grove. Just turn right off Sunset Avenue by the firehouse with Chief Wanamassa painted on the side (see below.)

Indians used to paddle their canoes around there. Sometimes they had to take a detour because of Township road work.

The Chief first met white men when the Ocean Township DPW began paving Sunset Avenue.  That historic work continues to this day.

Legend has it that Chief W. had a vision that told him to open a Wegmans nearby.  You can sometimes find him shopping there in the Kosher department for lox.

The Wickapecko Indians were Rutgers fans, and that is why they were called red men.  They would go to football games with no shirts, painting RU on their chests. They have been upset since the 18th century over Rutgers football misfortunes.

The church has a woodsy setting, and the light often twinkles on the front and sides as the massive trees cast all sorts of changing shadows.

I have photographed it many times, but this image, obtained in late afternoon, after making a carrot, dill, and celery run for Eileen who was working on a batch of chicken soup, is what I had been looking for.

I shot it this time both in color and black and white, but the latter, with a “vintage” tint, looks fine.

I have never actually seen anyone enter that church, but maybe I need to go there on a Sunday morning.


THE BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA  From the Imus Ranch Record II

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Sunset Avenue in Wanamassa (Ocean Township). Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Sunset Avenue in Wanamassa (Ocean Township). Paul Goldfinger photo © 2014.       JOHN GOLDSBY:   “Every Time We Say Goodbye”


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Mt. Prospect Cemetery Oct. 11, 2014. See the comments for the winner. Plots still available at 973 824 6871 for the lay away plan.

Mt. Prospect Cemetery.  Blogfinger photo. Oct. 11, 2014. Plots still available.  It’s a lovely spot, and the residents can watch the Scarlet Fliers from there.  Call 908 461 7132 for the lay-away plan.  Click to enlarge.

Mt. Prospect Cemetery . Founded by Wilisford Dey, 1881.  Neptune Township;

Neptune Twp was created in 1879 (carved out of Ocean Twp,)  and Ocean Grove was made part of it at that time.  Re-post from .net,  October 2014.

Note new comment dated 7/1/19.

WYNTON MARSALIS  “It’s Easy to Remember.” Marsalis studied under Phil Smith.

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Memorial Parkway. by Paul Goldfinger © April, 2014

Bradley Beach.  Memorial Parkway. by Paul Goldfinger © April, 2014

THE ANDREW SISTERS  from “All Aboard the Jazz Express.”

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"Two Boys" Long Beach Island. By Paul Goldfinger

“Two Boys” Long Beach Island. By Paul Goldfinger



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Deal Lake 2005. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Deal Lake 2005. By Paul Goldfinger ©  Blogfinger.net.

THE TRAVELING WILBURYS   (Vol 1, 1988:  George Harrison, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison and Jeff Lynne.)

My shoes are wearing out from walking down this same highway

I don’t see nothing new, but I feel a lot of change

And I get the strangest feeling as I’m

Heading for the light.”


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Sandy Hook Flyby. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Sandy Hook Flyby. By Paul Goldfinger ©  Click image to enlarge.  2014

THE CITY OF PRAGUE PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA:  “Octapussy—All Time High”   From the James Bond Collection of 45 years of film music.

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September 3, 2004. By Paul Goldfinger ©

The “golden hour.”    September 3, 2014.   Image was shot from Deal, but the white building is the Allenhurst Beach Club.   By Paul Goldfinger © Click to enlarge.


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Allenhurst. Paul Goldfinger photo. January 2015. ©

Allenhurst. Paul Goldfinger photo. January 2015. ©

MARION McPARTLAND    with “Blackberry Winter”    Album: Twilight World

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By Paul Goldfinger 2010

By Paul Goldfinger 2010  © Seaside Heights.

Note: One of two carousels were destroyed in the 2013 fire at the Seasides. I think this one survived.  The photograph is from 2010.—PG

EYDIE GORME.  Stephen Sondheim’s “Send in the Clowns.”

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