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Suffragists put up a poster in Long Branch. Joe Czachowski 2010 fromLibraryof Congress; Remembering the Jersey Shoere 1915

Suffragists put up a poster in Long Branch, 1915.   Photo from the Library of Congress in   Remembering the Jersey Shore  by Joe Czachowski, 2010.


Christabel Pankhurst. British protestor (for the vote.) From PBS doc. About 1905.


Riots and violence in London. Suffragists beaten and arrested. PBS.



By Paul Goldfinger


“Votes for women” activists were busy in the summer of 1915. These three were advertising a speech by activist Anna Howard Shaw whose biography  The Story of a Pioneer”was published that year.  Suffragists  organized concerts, lectures, parades and even ball games from Keyport to Atlantic Highlands to Asbury Park.    

Alice Paul, an American feminist, was born in Mt. Laurel, NJ  (see Ocean Grover Mary Walton’s book about Alice Paul, available at  the Comfort Zone).  If you watch the PBS special on the Suffragists, you will see Mary, former Blogfinger reporter, interviewed.

Alice Paul, a Jersey Girl and a feminist.



The Historical Society of Ocean Grove has a great deal of information about the women’s movements in OG.


SOUNDTRACK:  COUNT BASIE AND TONY BENNETT—What is the world coming to??


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