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Paul Goldfinger ©   Asbury Park, 2015.  Click to enlarge. Blogfinger.net







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Sunset Lake, Asbury Park. By Stephen Goldfinger, BF Asbury reporter ©

Sunset Lake, Asbury Park. By Stephen Goldfinger, BF Asbury reporter ©  April 17, 2016.


PATTI LuPONE    (live)   “Meadowlark”  from the (flop) Broadway show The Bakers Wife,  1976.  It’s a cult favorite.   Stephen Schwartz is the composer, and this recording is from Patti LuPone’s show “On Broadway” 1997.  (Patti chats with the audience at the end.  We will try to find the song from Oliver that she references.–PG)

“Come along,
fly with me, my meadowlark,
fly with me on the silver morning,
past the sea where the dolphins bark
we will dance on the coral beaches,
make a feast of the plums and peaches
just as far as your vision reaches
fly with me.”

Patti LuPone speaks to the audience and introduces a song which we will post shortly—from Oliver.

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The other side of Wesley Lake: Raspberry Park. 2013. By Paul Goldfinger © Blogfinger.net

The other side of Wesley Lake: Nocturnal Asbury Park. 2013. By Paul Goldfinger © Blogfinger.net.  Click for the full monty. Reposted from 2015.


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Asbury Park, NJ.. Paul Goldfinger photo. January, 2016. ©

Asbury Park, NJ. Paul Goldfinger photo. January, 2016. ©


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A blond in a black dress ordering coffee. That’s who you see around a corner in A. Park at Café Volan.   Paul Goldfinger photo © 9/14/17  Click to enlarge.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor@Blogfinger.net

It seems like Greenwich Village by the sea. Café Volan can be a bit hard to find.  It’s tucked into a side street, at an angle off of Cookman, unobtrusive on the left side of Bangs Avenue.

When you walk in, it feels like a beat up Beatnik hangout from the sixties. You expect to find Alan Ginsburg sipping an espresso. The crowd is not boisterous; in fact it is downright in whisper mode with no laughing.  The customers seem serious, but maybe that’s because they are seriously enjoying a superb cup of real coffee. The cappuccino’s are excellent, although they serve them warm–the baristas say that’s the correct temperature.

I like the vibe  at Café Volan.  Steve Valk, who is spending a month in the Grove (from Germany where he lives) loves to go there, and it is not because of the V thing.  It’s about the mood and the coffee. We met there to discuss a variety of subjects. The place  feels comfortable.

Steve is  is enjoying his family in the Grove while developing some serious academic ideas as he plans for his PhD studies.  Next week he will go to Duke for discussions with faculty there.

But now, in the Grove–where he spent his childhood summers—he tries to figure out how we could obtain some coherence among the Groverian factions.  Steve has a lot of experience working with diverse populations and he is an optimist.

He wants to meet with anybody in authority:  CMA/Neptuners/HOA or whoever would agree to talk to him  (besides Blogfinger—we like to talk to Steve)  because he has ideas as to how to pull this town together.

Personally, I don’t see much chance of that without a sea change in attitudes among Grovers of various stripes.

BOB DYLAN.   He would like Volan. He played a lot of coffee houses in the day.  This song is from his latest album Triplicate.

“I Could Have Told You” is a Sinatra song and a standard.  It’s a far cry from the folk music scene of the fifties and sixties, but Volan is a far cry from Bleeker Street and the Bitter End.



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Nov. 2013. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Nov. 2013. By Paul Goldfinger ©  Click left for a bigger view of the Asbury Park skyline.


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Sunset Avenue market. at Main  and Sunset.   Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm. Across from Sunset Park.  Farmers markets are community events which enhance lifestyles. 7/1/17. All photos by Paul Goldfinger ©  Click image to enlarge.


Sunset Avenue farmers market. A. Park comes alive with fresh foods. © 7/1/17


It’s also a flower market. Surprise your family and place flowers on your dining room table. A. Park 7/1/17©


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

The reason why the Saturday farmers market in Asbury Park did not open until today is that the farmers weren’t ready.  As more crops appear, more vendors will show up.  Today there were about 8, and they had fresh eggs, tomatoes, piri-piri sauce, breads from Paterson, flowers, vegetables and many other items.

But the best part, as with all farmers markets, was the sense of community. Parking was easy, dogs came along, and the vibe was one of happiness and chit-chat.

We have visited farmers markets in Florida, Martha’s Vineyard, Manhattan, and Rhinebeck, and they all have that element of conradarie and sharing of food.  After all, sharing food is sharing love, and growing food goes back about 12,000 years.

Eileen got to discuss eggs with Leslie of piri-piri sauce fame, while I got to talk sociology with the Italian baker who came to the US in 1966 and never left the Paterson area. We bought one of his fine traditional baguettes.

Leslie said that she knew the crew from Moonlight Acres Farm and she thought they would “be a good fit” for Ocean Grove.

Leslie used to inhabit the Carousel market on the A. Park Boardwalk, but that venue closed.  However she “brought over” some of her people to Sunset and Main (Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm.)  Leslie is the proprietor of Wildcraft, a charming shop for herbs and teas at 1213 Main St. in AP.

One of the vendors told me that working a farm is difficult, and as the demand for farmers markets across the country grows, it becomes harder to find farmers to participate in markets like this.

We will return as we always do—–lots of photo ops while Eileen shops.


FRANCINE JARRY    “It’s a Good Day.”

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Asbury Park Santicon, 2015. Photo by Paul Goldfinger © Blogfinger.net


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Asbury Park. Monday June 5, 2017. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©  Click to enlarge.


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Asbury Park boardwalk. By Paul Goldfinger, Blogfinger.net © Undated.




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