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Military band on Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park. March 11, 2018. All photographs by Paul Goldfinger ©. Blogfinger.net.  Click on our images to enlarge them.  Then back arrow to see the rest.—PG


Paul Goldfinger, Blogfinger Editor.

The first parade occurred when groups of  revelers in green parked on the Ocean Grove north side and then marched across the New Jersey Avenue bridge to see the 5th Annual St. Patrick’s  Day parade in A. Park.  This Sunday was a bright and sunny day–perfect for a happy parade.  A large crowd assembled along Ocean Avenue and on Cookman.  In A. Park this is a charity event, privately financed and run.

St. Paddy’s Day is supposed to be a celebration of the Irish experience in America, although technically it is about St. Patrick. Today’s event was very well done, and they had mummers bands, fire trucks, Days kazoo ensemble (from Ocean Grove,) rock bands, children’s groups, bag pipers, and all sorts of Asbury Park organizations marching.

The theme of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations generally seems a bit unclear to me. We never had one where I grew up, and in New York City I saw drunken revelry in the streets.  But the parade in New York City, where there is a huge Irish population, is supposed to be a spectacular tribute to the Irish.

Today, there was out-in-the-open drinking at the bars along Cookman Avenue, but no one that I saw got out of hand.  It felt more like New Orleans than Dublin.

Ironically,  in Dublin, the focus is not on drinking. It is mainly a religious event, and the first St. Patrick Day parade was in America, not Ireland. I understand they don’t eat corn beef and cabbage over there as part of the holiday.

Many children were present today, and they were having a great time.  I suppose you can say that in A. Park, it’s party time with a green hue and an Irish accent, devoted to celebrating  the City of Asbury Park.

In Ocean Grove, our Independence Day parade has a strong identifiable theme,and,  like this one, with a strong sense of community pride.  Our last parade was really weak in the music department.  This one today was not.

I was impressed by the Neptune High School marching band which was in full array with fine uniforms and all bases covered.   They were quite the sight. They weren’t playing when they went by my location, so I can’t comment about their music.   But I can only hope that they show up in Ocean Grove on July 4 with the same excellent complement of musicians and pride.

There will be after-parade events, and because of the fine weather, many of the thousands of visitors will probably stay awhile. Maybe some will put down their drinks and wander over to Ocean Grove for a quite different experience, and “viva la difference.”


Enjoying refreshments on Cookman Avenue during the parade. Blogfinger.net


These kids were dancing on the sideline. Blogfinger.net


This mummers group had a Mexican flavor. Blogfinger.net ©


A 2018 Irish lassie. Blogfinger.net ©


Mummers from outer space. Blogfinger.net ©


BAND OF HER MAJESTY’S ROYAL MARINES  play “A Bridge Too Far.”  But the bridge in Ocean Grove isn’t far enough.



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March 13, 2016. Asbury Park. By Jean Bredin © Blogfinger staff.

March 13, 2016. Asbury Park. By Jean Bredin © Blogfinger staff.


St Patrick Day parade. By Jean Bredin , Blogfinger staff. Asbury Park 3/13/16 ©

St Patrick’s Day parade. By Jean Bredin , Blogfinger staff. Asbury Park 3/13/16 ©

THE DUBLINERS   “Whiskey in the Jar:”

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