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Mattison Avenue, A. Park. Paul Goldfinger photograph. © Summer, 2019.


JACK TEAGARDEN:   “A Hundred Years From Today.”




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Sunset Lake. Asbury Park. Paul Goldfinger © November, 2019 © Click to enlarge.




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Asbury Park boards. Paul Goldfinger © 10/5/19.  Click to enlarge. Music plays during that change.  Back arrow to return.


From Oklahoma:

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Asbury Train Station by Jack Bredin, Ocean Grove artist. Special to Blogfinger. Photograph by Rob Bredin. © Click to enlarge


And here’s Jack singing the Freight Train Blues:

(actually it’s Roy Acuff)


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Paul Goldfinger. Asbury Park Boardwalk. Undated ©



ELLA FITZGERALD  (With Ellis Larkens)  from her album Songs in a Mellow Mood.  The song “What is There to Say” was written by Vernon Duke (music) and “Yip” Harburg  (lyrics) for the 1934 Ziegfeld Follies. Duke was a Russian immigrant who also wrote serious  “classical” music.


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Main Street (Rt 71). Asbury Park. September 5, 2019. Paul Goldfinger ©.  Number please?  Click on the photo.


CHICAGO:  “Call On Me.”



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Paul Goldfinger ©; September 2, 2019. Paul Goldfinger ©


THE SHIRELLES  (Music by Carole King)

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L1001398 (1)

Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park. Paul Goldfinger © Blogfinger.net.





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The siren call of the Asburian night life.. Paul Goldfinger photo of the AP skyline across Wesley Lake. ©

By Eileen and Paul Goldfinger, Editors at Blogfinger.net

Scene:  It is a stifling peak-season sunny July Saturday afternoon. The Grove is crowded and there is nary a parking space except for one across from where we are standing.

Eileen and I are gardening on the Delaware Ave. side of our house.  A car pulls into that sole remaining space, and a young man emerges. He looks around and then walks over to us.

He:  Can I park here?

We: Yes, but be sure you are close to the curb.

He:  Checking his tires. “I work at the Brick Wall in Asbury, and someone told me that I can park in Ocean Grove for free.”

We: It’s not only the workers who park here, but your customers as well, and we’re not happy with the idea.

He:  Oh….I’m sorry.

We: No need to apologize.  It is legal for you to park here.

He:  I’ve been paying over $100.00 week to park for work.

We: Wow.  (We felt bad for him….he obviously is a “working stiff.”)

He:  Well, thank you.

We:  It’s OK.   Bye.

He:   Smiles and heads towards the New Jersey Avenue Bridge across Wesley Lake to A. Park.


We:  We agree that A. Park is exploiting their workers by neither providing parking or paying for parking.  $100.00 is a lot for this worker. We should feel compassion for these young people, but this is Asbury’s problem to solve, and it is a reasonable concern for Grovers.

The AP City Council refused a plea from Neptune to help us with this parking situation which is their fault, and now they demand that we open our  bridge-gates.

That is Chutzpah!



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Taka, Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park. Paul Goldfinger photo. July, 2019.© click to enlarge.


If you would visit Cookman Avenue on a Saturday night, you would see many college age girls dressed up for bar hopping and fine dining. They might travel with guys, or they might walk about in groups of three or four.

4 little maids from school. Paul Goldfinger photo on the boards in Asbury Park. ©


So here is a song from the Mikado which addresses such a group:





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