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Cathedral Assembly at the Shore. Asbury Park. By Paul Goldfinger © May 9, 2016.

Cathedral Assembly at the Shore.  Asbury Park. By Paul Goldfinger © May 9, 2016.   Click to enlarge.

EUGENIA ZUKERMAN, “Flower Duet”    From Lakme. Act 1,  arranged for flute, oboe, and piano. Composed  by Léo Delibes .

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Mattison Avenue, A. Park. Paul Goldfinger photograph. © Summer, 2019.


JACK TEAGARDEN:   “A Hundred Years From Today.”




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Sunset Lake. Asbury Park. Paul Goldfinger © November, 2019 © Click to enlarge.




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Asbury Park boards. Paul Goldfinger © 10/5/19.  Click to enlarge. Music plays during that change.  Back arrow to return.


From Oklahoma:

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Asbury Train Station by Jack Bredin, Ocean Grove artist. Special to Blogfinger. Photograph by Rob Bredin. © Click to enlarge


And here’s Jack singing the Freight Train Blues:

(actually it’s Roy Acuff)


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Paul Goldfinger. Asbury Park Boardwalk. Undated ©



ELLA FITZGERALD  (With Ellis Larkens)  from her album Songs in a Mellow Mood.  The song “What is There to Say” was written by Vernon Duke (music) and “Yip” Harburg  (lyrics) for the 1934 Ziegfeld Follies. Duke was a Russian immigrant who also wrote serious  “classical” music.


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Main Street (Rt 71). Asbury Park. September 5, 2019. Paul Goldfinger ©.  Number please?  Click on the photo.


CHICAGO:  “Call On Me.”



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Paul Goldfinger ©; September 2, 2019. Paul Goldfinger ©


THE SHIRELLES  (Music by Carole King)

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L1001398 (1)

Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park. Paul Goldfinger © Blogfinger.net.





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The siren call of the Asburian night life.. Paul Goldfinger photo of the AP skyline across Wesley Lake. ©

By Eileen and Paul Goldfinger, Editors at Blogfinger.net

Scene:  It is a stifling peak-season sunny July Saturday afternoon. The Grove is crowded and there is nary a parking space except for one across from where we are standing.

Eileen and I are gardening on the Delaware Ave. side of our house.  A car pulls into that sole remaining space, and a young man emerges. He looks around and then walks over to us.

He:  Can I park here?

We: Yes, but be sure you are close to the curb.

He:  Checking his tires. “I work at the Brick Wall in Asbury, and someone told me that I can park in Ocean Grove for free.”

We: It’s not only the workers who park here, but your customers as well, and we’re not happy with the idea.

He:  Oh….I’m sorry.

We: No need to apologize.  It is legal for you to park here.

He:  I’ve been paying over $100.00 week to park for work.

We: Wow.  (We felt bad for him….he obviously is a “working stiff.”)

He:  Well, thank you.

We:  It’s OK.   Bye.

He:   Smiles and heads towards the New Jersey Avenue Bridge across Wesley Lake to A. Park.


We:  We agree that A. Park is exploiting their workers by neither providing parking or paying for parking.  $100.00 is a lot for this worker. We should feel compassion for these young people, but this is Asbury’s problem to solve, and it is a reasonable concern for Grovers.

The AP City Council refused a plea from Neptune to help us with this parking situation which is their fault, and now they demand that we open our  bridge-gates.

That is Chutzpah!



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