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"The corner of Surf and Beach Ave. looking a little different these days!!!! Was working over there and thought your readers would be interested….." Photograph by Bob Bowné. Special to Blogfinger. ©

“The corner of Surf and Beach Ave. looking a little different these days!!    Was working over there and thought your readers would be interested…..” Photograph by Bob Bowné. Special to Blogfinger. ©

DR.  HOOK.   Nobody will be sharing the night together again at the Whitfield Hotel in Ocean Grove.

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This is why Grovers need to pay attention to HPC issues. Blogfinger file photo. ©

This is why Grovers need to pay attention to HPC issues. Blogfinger file photo. ©

The  Township Committee is having a first reading of the new HPC guidelines this Monday at 7:00.  The Historical Society sent out an unsigned email stating,
“These new guidelines are very damaging to the historic district and threaten our historic designation. I’m hoping to get a good showing at the meeting to voice our concern.
The draft can be found on the township web site under committee agenda for Dec. 12. Scroll all the way to the bottom .
Thanks for any help you can offer.”

Below is the official announcement by Neptune Township regarding the HPC guidelines ordinance:



WHEREAS, the Historic Preservation Design Guidelines have needed amendment from time to time based on changed circumstances,

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Township Committee of the Township of Neptune in the County of Monmouth in the State of New Jersey that the Land Development Ordinance, Volume II Section 508, entitled, “Historic Preservation Design Guidelines” is hereby amended as follows:

§508 – Historic Preservation Design Guidelines.

c. The Design Criteria in Guidelines: The aforesaid Guidelines, also known as the “Ocean Grove Historic District Architectural Design Guidelines for Residential Structures” are hereby adopted as an integral part of this Ordinance and incorporated in the Ordinance by reference to the Guidelines available as part of this Ordinance for review in the Clerk’s Office of Neptune Township. Future amendments to the Guidelines, where minor in nature; that is, not amending the entire Guideline document, may be amended by Resolution with all dates of amendments noted in the Guideline document.

All Ordinances or parts of Ordinances that are inconsistent herewith are repealed, but only to the extent of such inconsistency.

The amended Ordinance shall become effective immediately upon its passage and the publication as required by law.


___________________________ Richard J. Cuttrell,
Municipal Clerk

___________________________ Kevin B. McMillan,


Editor’s Note:    

Here is a link to read the guidelines:


Click on Dec 12 in the agenda column and then scroll down to Ordinance 16-45 and then keep scrolling down and you will find the Guidelines dated October, 2016.

But where are the latest changes?  Is there an official document that enumerates the changes?   And who wrote these Guideline changes and why?

Someone sent us a notice from the OGHOA which said, “A key change will limit application of the design guidelines to the street-facing facade only of a building. The result of this change alone is not difficult to imagine. The sides and backs of homes could be faced with different materials, and historically appropriate materials would no longer be a requirement on non-street-facing facades.”  

—Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger



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This photo of the North End is from our Oc tobver 30, 2016 post which said, "Nofrth End Plan celebrates its ninth anniversary of...broken promises. Blogfinger photo ©

This photo of the North End is from our October 30, 2016 post titled, “North End Plan celebrates its ninth anniversary of…broken promises.”   Blogfinger photo ©

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

In the October 30, 2016  BF article we said,  “Isn’t it time to bring in a new North End plan? This one is a losing proposition and should be replaced by something that will improve the town, not the developers and politicians. Where are the Home Groaners??”

We have made it crystal clear in multiple past articles that the only official North End Redevelopment Plan was passed by the Township Committee in 2008, and since then no changes have been made. Only the Township Committee can make changes and if they wanted to do so they would have to start the whole process over again including public hearings, redeveloper bidding, etc.  And note that the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association is still part of the plan as the land owner. WAVE is still  the redeveloper, and the identities of the people involved in WAVE have yet to be made public.

And finally no Redevelopers Agreement has been signed between WAVE and the Neptune Township Committee.

Regarding the so-called “New NERP,” below is a link to our last post regarding this subject.  It shows a concept drawing illustrating a sharp reduction in residential units.   Nothing has changed since this April 28, 2015 Blogfinger article.


On November 26, 2016, at the latest OG Homeowners Assoc. meeting, one of the topics discussed was the North End redevelopment. Since the President was not present, the meeting was presided over by Vice President Richard Williams.

According to our reporter, Williams stated that he hoped the North End would “rise up and be re-developed.” Williams asserted that there was “a new plan which would cut the density in half.”

But he seriously misinformed the membership in a very public way.  He evidently didn’t know that  the “new plan”  lies dead and dormant  and thus is totally useless.

Certainly the Township Attorney, Gene Anthony, has never agreed that such a new plan has ever been legally approved, even though ex-Committeeman Randy Bishop spoke publicly about it in 2015,  as did HOA officials who have bragged in the past that they made the new plan happen.

At last Saturday’s meeting, during the public comment portion, Grover Jack Bredin brought out the truth that “the new plan was never approved by the Township.” He also reminded the HOA that the NERP is a public project, so there is no rationale for the HOA to make their case to the Camp Meeting Association.

He also responded to complaints by members at the meeting   that if they were worried about trash, weeds, sloppy fencing, or any other messes at the North End, that would be the Township’s job to correct, not the CMA.

It really would be a wonderful service if the Home Groaners actually told the truth to the public.  The HOA trustees should slow down, go out for coffee, and get their facts straight.

DAVID LOUD  and the cast of 70, Girls, 70.




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Corner of Mt. Tabor and New Jersey Avenues. Photo by Paul Goldfinger, 2011. ©

Corner of Mt. Tabor and New Jersey Avenues. Photo by Paul Goldfinger, 2011. ©

We recently reported on the application for demolition of 102 Mt.Tabor Way. (link below)


Last night, Nov. 29, 2016, our reporter attended the HPC hearing regarding this matter. A presentation by architect Mark Pavliv persuaded the HPC that demolition was needed for a variety of structural problems including foundation issues.  In addition, it was noted that the building, as we already knew, is not Victorian.

There was no information presented that would tell us what the owner plans to do with the property.



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45 Main Avenue, new home of Re/Max realtors in Ocean Grove, NJ Blogfinger photo. ©

45 Main Avenue, new home of Re/Max realtors in Ocean Grove, NJ Blogfinger photo. ©


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

Some of you may remember Arlene Fox who ran the Re/Max office at 45 Main Avenue in Ocean Grove at the turn of this century. That business was closed, and Diane Turton moved in.  Now three local realtors have reopened Re/Max at this address once again. The will have their official opening in early December, but they are now open and operating,  as you can see from the sign above.

There are about 50 homes for sale in the Grove ranging in price from $299,000 to $2.2 million. Some local realtors say that there isn’t much available in town, but this sounds like quite a few.  Mortgage rates have been climbing rapidly lately, rising to about 4.3%, with the risk of going higher looming in the future. The feds are talking about raising rates. Also, there have been concerns expressed in the Times regarding the potential for falling prices in coastal communities, especially in flood prone shore towns. Some owners are thinking about selling.

Realtors have to apprise shoppers of environmental risks.

EDDY DAVIS AND CONAL FOWKES  “Hannah and her Sisters.”  from the album Live at the Hotel Casa Fuster Barcelona: Selections from Woody Allens motion pictures.

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Jersey Shore Arts Center on Main Avenue in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. Internet photo.

Jersey Shore Arts Center on Main Street  in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. Internet photo.  (For those of you smartiepants who think we made an error in this address, this side of the building is on Main Street;  the other side is on Main Avenue.)



Ocean Grove.  September  16, 2016.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.

About three years ago, a group called QSpot moved into the Jersey Shore Arts Center in Ocean Grove, NJ.  They put up a billboard in November, 2013,  on Main Street  to proudly announce their arrival.

This is what we said in Blogfinger about the photo below:

“We saw this banner today opposite the UPS store in the strip mall. I asked a gay friend about it, but she never heard of it. Consulting Google, I learned that this is a social group, founded in Asbury Park in December 2012. It will now be meeting in the lower level of the Jersey Shore Arts Center and its first open house was held last Sunday. It has about 100 members.

“If any of the members of this new Ocean Grove organization want to tell us about the Project, please contact Blogfinger.”

We never heard back from any of that group regarding what Q Spot was about.

Now we have received information that QSpot is an organization  which provides “services” to the LGBT community in this area.   The group thought it would have a long lease with the JSAC, but they were recently informed that the lease would  not be renewed.

Main Street sign announcing the arrival of QSpot in Ocean Grove. Blogfinger photo Nov. 2013. © Click to read the sign.

Main Street, Ocean Grove,  sign announcing the arrival of QSpot in Ocean Grove. Blogfinger photo Nov. 2013. © Click to read the sign.

The reason given by the landlord is that QSpot does not offer arts and education programs. That is the bottom line for those who get to rent space there.  John Mikytuck, the executive director of QSpot, disagrees regarding its programming.  He says that QSpot, founded in 2005, does offer such programs.

In an article by MaryAnn Spoto of NJ.com, she discusses the situation, but, as usual with the press, she fails to get the facts straight when speaking about Ocean Grove:

She said, “A community center providing services for gays and lesbians says it’s abruptly being thrown out of its office space in a Shore town that touts Christian beliefs but has had past struggles with gay couples.”

She also quoted Mikytuck as suggesting that the timing of the eviction notice indicates an anti-gay bias which he links to the Orlando shooting at a gay club.  This assertion is wildly out of order, and the reporter should have probed a bit before printing it.

After that she pursued the anti-gay, anti-Ocean Grove theory by saying, “Ocean Grove , a section of Neptune Township, has had past struggles with the gay community.”

She also mentioned the Camp Meeting Association as being guilty of bias regarding the Pavilion matter in 2007.  What in the world does the CMA have to do with this lease renewal situation, and certainly a good reporter would have determined the difference between the CMA and the town of Ocean Grove.

We will definitely  hear more about this situation, but hopefully, as they cover this story,  the press will do something about their muddled journalism.



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Heck Avenue by Jean Bredin.   4/4/16   Blogfinger staff. ©

Heck Avenue by Jean Bredin. 4/4/16 Blogfinger staff. ©  Click to enlarge.


Jean Bredin:  “I can’t help but think of that famous warning ‘THE BRITISH ARE COMING!!THE BRITISH ARE COMING!!” But in this case, THE MILLING MACHINE IS COMING…!!! THE MILLING MACHINE IS COMING!!     GRIND, BANG, CRUNCH, GRIND,

“Just when you thought it was over, some more hubbub on Heck.
What an operation.! But,I am happy we will get some new streets .”


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Jack Bredin photo.

Jack Bredin photo.

By Jack Bredin:

Ocean Grove residents recently received a letter from L&L Paving Company Inc., advising that milling and paving will begin on Tuesday March 29  and listing the streets to be repaired. Also advising, “Any other questions or concerns please see on-site supervisor”.

But just a reminder that if you do have questions or concerns (missing slate curb stones, etc.) it may be best to call the Township Business Administrator, Mr. Vito Gadaleta, at 732-988-5200 ext 232,  because individual homeowners do not have a contract with L & L Paving Company; the Township does, and all work must be completed to the satisfaction to the Township.

It’s best to talk to the Chief, and not the Indians.

Patience and Prudence:

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Ocean Grove Flower Shop on Main Avenue will not be in bloom this spring,  Jean Bredin photo, Blogfinger staff. March 30, 2016. ©

Ocean Grove Flower Shop on Main Avenue will not be in bloom this spring, Jean Bredin photo, Blogfinger staff. March 30, 2016. ©

By Jean Bredin  (Around the Grove with Jean)

A favorite Rite of Passage in Ocean Grove has always been the profusion of colorful plants lined up welcoming Spring. You would forget about the cold, the snow, the grayness, the bleakness. The corner resembled the Paris flower markets. It was a destination. A place where you could be inspired.

Sadly, we will just have to imagine what it once was, and wonder if we will ever see it again.



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Photos by Prosper Bellizia, Blogfinger staff.  Feb 22, 2016.  ©

Photos by Prosper Bellizia, Blogfinger staff. Feb 22, 2016. ©

From Prosper Bellizia, Blogfinger staff:   “There is a complaint on the window of the Pizza Shoppe for nonpayment of rent, as you had previously reported that the business may not be coming back. ”

Posted on the door.  Blogfinger photo ©  2/22/16   Click to enlarge

Posted on the door. Blogfinger photo © 2/22/16 Click to enlarge

Maybe a real coffee shop might be in the cards?  That would be delightful.

BOB DYLAN   “One More Cup of Coffee.”   from his album Desire.

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