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Jack and Jean Bredin. Ocean Grove citizens and Blogfinger staff. 2016 Paul Goldfinger photo.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor  @Blogfinger

At the end of each Neptune Township Committee meeting, a citizen is allowed to come up to the microphone and speak for 5 minutes. The citizen may ask questions or make a statement. No Township official has to respond, although they are free to do so.

We have received a report from Mr. Jack Bredin on Heck Avenue that he  went to the podium last night to express some concerns about the North End Plan. He was in the middle of his time when he asked why the Mayor was not present at the April 15 meeting which was, according to the Township Clerk, supposed to be about negotiations for a Redeveloper Agreement. Mary Beth Jahn is one of the two Committee people who were chosen to participate in those negotiations.

However, Mayor Jahn reacted angrily to Mr. Bredin’s question by slamming her gavel down several times—a signal to have a policeman come in and remove the citizen.

The officer assigned to attend Committee Meetings approached Mr.Bredin, at the podium, to indicate that he should return to his seat.

As this was occurring, Mayor Jahn allegedly said into the microphone that she could have him thrown out because “I am a bitch!”

None of the representatives of the Homeowners Association and none of the other elected officials rose in Mr. Bredin’s defense.

NORAH JONES:    “Cold, Cold Heart.”

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Neptune High School graduation. Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove, NJ. Photo by Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff. ©

Neptune High School graduation. Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove, NJ. Photo by Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff. ©

Monday night.  June 20, 2016.  the first day of summer.

Text and all photos below by Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

I got to the Great Auditorium as the names of the Class of 2016, Neptune High School, were being read.  There was a joyful noise as cheers erupted, one after the other, like a happy chain reaction. Then they all stood for the Star Spangled Banner, and then  over 300 Scarlet Fliers were clutching their diplomas as they flowed out into the twilight.   I stood there,  enveloped by the moving throng.  There were hugs, kisses, laughter and yes joy all around me.  It was hard to focus the camera.

The crowd was in motion as the grads greeted their families, friends and colleagues.  No doubt there will be parties, as there should be, because this is such a momentous accomplishment for these teen-aged students.   At this moment, only the here and now seemed important.

I was shooting very quickly, recording motion all around, trying to capture moments of truth.   There was little chance for composition.

When the images later popped up on the computer screen, I was surprised to see the faces.  Besides excitement and happiness, so many seemed serious. What was in their minds?  Was it fear of the future or were they merely overwhelmed by the moment?  They can’t control the expressions on their faces, but they will have many chances later to reflect on the meaning of what just occurred.

So congratulations to all the grads of Neptune High School  ’16.  This is an achievement to be proud of.

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Memorial Day parade in Ocean Grove 2013.  Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Memorial Day parade in Ocean Grove 2013. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

The parade will form on Neptune Blvd at the Municipal Bldg. at 10:00 am. Then it will go east on Rt. 33 to Rt. 71  (Main Street at at the top of Broadway.) They will stop there for a brief service at the monuments there. Then it is north a short distance on  71  (Main Street)  and make a right onto Main Avenue (Ocean Grove) They go the length of  Main Avenue to Ocean Avenue and then turn north (i.e. left) At Surf they turn left to Pilgrim Pathway and turn left again. There will be a service at Auditorium Park by the Great Auditorium 


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Main Avenue, Ocean Grove: Small town America.  By Paul Goldfinger ©

Main Avenue, Ocean Grove: Small town America. By Paul Goldfinger ©

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

Viewing the big picture, it is clear that there is no certain set of rules that encompasses how all things work in this town. There are many holes in the fabric that keeps the town functioning, and those holes, as in “nature abhors a vacuum,” are where the most interesting aspects can be found.

Consider a current headline which we have been covering: “South End flooding persists intermittently despite completion of a two year water drainage remediation project by Neptune Township.”

At first it wasn’t clear if the Township was willing to do anything more, except for Band-Aids such as clearing the storm drains during a heavy rain. But a group of neighbors led by Connie Ogden complained to the Township Committee (over 25 people went to the microphone) resulting in the Township’s plan to so some further research into the matter, consult with their engineers, and then come up with an analysis and solutions, which we will hear about at a meeting on Dec. 1, 7:00 pm, at Thornley Chapel.

After the neighborhood group blew some whistles, the Home Owners Association decided to jump into the act, so they produced a questionnaire (requested by the Township) to survey about 35 South End neighbors regarding such things as sump pumps in their basements. The results of that survey have not been made public.

Now, Vito Gadaleta, Township Administrator, has called for that promised meeting to be held in the promised land of Ocean Grove. He was seeking a small venue because he was expecting a small crowd of South End citizens. The HOA sent out an announcement of the meeting which said that Gadaleta “will meet with residents of Broadway” regarding flood issues.

The Thornley Chapel was selected because the Community Room was busy. It holds about 70 people. Gadaleta was unwilling to call this a “public meeting,” but he didn’t think that any citizen who wanted to attend would be told to leave. He did say that no one would be permitted to bring up any subjects other than the flood issues. He also said that the press was welcome.

So, what is this meeting? It’s not private, but it’s not exactly public. If he’s presiding, would he really refuse to answer an unrelated question from the audience?

And what is the role of the Home Owners Association here? This is a Neptune Township meeting being arranged and presented by the Township Administrator. Perhaps a Neptune Committee person or two will show up. (Really, doubtful , or fuhgetaboutit?  Let’s do a poll.)

In addition, why wasn’t a larger venue chosen? Why make the assumption that only South End residents care about this flooding problem?  J.P. Gradone, COO of the OGCMA said that if a larger crowd were to show up, the meeting could be segued into the Thornley Annex or even the  Youth Temple.

As far as the Thornley Chapel is concerned, it seems that a public meeting can be held in that church, giving it the feel of rural town hall meetings which are often held in churches—- something very American. Is this a precedent setting event at the Thornley Chapel, or have there been such meetings before? Gradone said that other secular meetings might be held there in the future, but only if the content of such events pass muster.

I’m sure that some of you, including my wife,  who reached this sentence are wondering, “What’s the big deal?”   Well, it’s not a big deal——small town news is often just small town talk.  I find it interesting.

And finally,  Vito Gadaleta of Neptune Township, the OGCMA, the HOA and the citizen activists of the South End all should be congratulated for finding ways to solve one of Ocean Grove’s  problems together and to close some openings in that fabric.

To use an expression which I find both annoying and helpful, “Just saying….”

Link to the last Blogfinger article about the flooding problem (September, 2014):   flood link BF

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