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Kennedy Buckley in 2013. Last night, 12/21/17,  he challenged the Township Committee regarding the North End plan which threatens the future of Ocean Grove. Way to go Kenny ! Blogfinger photo 2013.


December 22, 2017:


In a surprise reversal, the Homeowners Association indicated last night that it may finally take the side of OG residents and ask the Township to nullify the Re-development Plan at the North End.

At the Neptune Township Committee meeting, OGHOA spokesman/trustee Kennedy Buckley demanded that the Township Attorney answer his question which was, “Can the Committee withdraw the North End redevelopment designation now?”

Gene Anthony, the Neptune attorney, said, “Yes.”

This surprise revelation indicates that the HOA might be amenable to accepting Blogfinger’s challenge regarding their history of siding with the Township on this issue.

This quote is from the Blogfinger post on December 19, 2017:   “The OGHOA should immediately cancel its support for the NERP and get behind the citizens in totally opposing such projects.  If the Township refuses to take us down a sensible road, then we will know where their loyalties lie, and the same applies to the Groaners.”

In a prior survey of public opinion on Blogfinger, January , 2016, we asked the question:  “Is it time for the Township Committee to scuttle the illegal North End Redevelopment Plan?”

250 votes came in, and 80% said “YES.”

So congratulations to the Home Groaners for finally standing shoulder to shoulder with the residents of the Grove who want the North End zoning to revert back to single family homes only.


Editor’s note. Blogfinger.  3/11/23.    Unfortunately, the Groaners never came through; not even to now.  Our article was just a dream:


The OG North End Jan. 2023. Paul Goldfinger photo.


ROY ORBISON.  “In Dreams”


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Future President of the OGHOA. Vote for her at the next election. Saucy Susie will do a better job for the citizens of OG. Blogfinger photo. ©

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

Bonnie Graham writes for the Coaster, but she mostly specializes in reporting on HOA meetings. She is more like a stenographer because she writes down everything that happens, and then the Coaster regurgitates it all in their next edition 5 days hence.  She does a fine job of putting every ounce on paper, so no one really needs to go to those meetings.  All you need to do is read the Coaster if you can bear the pain of wading through it all.  But the June 1 account of the May 27 Home Groaners  meeting contains some gibberish which Blogfinger has an obligation to share with you, because it might otherwise just sink to the bottom of the sludge in Wesley Lake.

a.   The subject of “additional parking spaces along Main Avenue” was raised.  President Barbara Burns is quoted as saying, “We asked the Township to assume the administrative burden without funding, and the OG Chamber of Commerce is not pushing the parking issue.”  So, speaking of gobbledygook, someone please explain the meaning of this quote.

b.  Carol Rizzo, Township Committeeman who lives in the Grove,  is quoted by Bonnie  as saying, “OGHOA always sends 4-6 members and trustees to the Township Committee meetings. We listen to everybody. The parking recommendations made were a consensus opinion.”

So, who is “everybody” that formed that “consensus” ?  Does the “consensus” include the silent majority? Perhaps that parking “consensus” was formed behind closed doors somewhere. Do the people of Ocean Grove really believe that the answer to the parking issue is to squeeze in more spaces?

Shouldn’t  Committeeman Rizzo be  representing we the people  in demanding more accountability and new transparent  procedures in the decision-making process involving the citizens of OG, the HOA, and the Committee?  And how about those parking stickers for the residents?   And why doesn’t Ms. Graham challenge any of this balderdash?

c.  The Home Groaners announced that they have found something else to “focus” on.  It seems that they have exhausted their work on behalf of Ocean Grove, so, as reported by Ms. Graham, “The group will soon focus on issues in Neptune ‘outside of Ocean Grove.'”

Richard Williams, the Vice President of  the group “spoke at length on the Midtown Urban Renaissance Corporation–MURC—which serves as a liaison between this community and Neptune Township”

What “community?” Can anybody translate this mumbo-jumbo? Did the HOA members authorize its trustees to spend time looking into “Neptune issues such as gun violence, children’s activities, community garden, and fund raisers?”

The Home Groaners should do one thing: be involved in issues affecting home ownership in Ocean Grove. This is what their website says, “The mission of the OGHOA is to protect and enhance property values and the quality of life in Ocean Grove.” (period.)

d.   Ocean Grove fires: Barbara Burns spoke about fires in 2008, 2010, and 2011, but she had nothing to say about the horrendous Warrington fire of March 3, 2017. So Barbara, have you checked on those OG citizens who lost their homes in the fire?  There were nearly 100 of them.  Maybe she has no time now in view of the group’s latest incursion into Neptune’s  Midtown “renaissance.”

e.  And finally, Ms. Graham reported that a former President of the HOA, Ann Horan, said at the meeting, “We live in a diverse community. I have seen some of the most mean-spirited people being invited as summer speakers. I hope none of this year’s pastors are of the same ilk.”  Ugh!

Her ill-mannered portrayal of visitors to the Grove was aimed directly at the HOA’s special guest, Rev.  John DiGiamberadino, COO of the CMA who felt compelled to offer a defensive and embarrassing answer when he said, “We check to try to insure that speakers are non-controversial.”  Really?   He was bullied by Ann Horan, and no one in the crowd evidently protested. What a pathetic, blind-sided swipe at a man who came to the meeting to share good news, not to be rudely attacked by an unforgiving HOA all-star.

Thank you Bonnie Graham for sitting through this lame blather so that some of us could stay home and avoid these obnoxious meetings run by a group which is failing in its responsibility to the community of Ocean Grove.

So, enough of this summary of an event that was like the Mad Tea Party or perhaps an Oscar Meyer Weiner cookout?

Here’s something musical to get our minds off the gobbledygook.

MAX RAABE at Carnegie Hall, 2007






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By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Bloginger

In an announcement e-mailed by Ann Horan, President of the HOA, the OG Home Groaners Association decided that they should discuss Grove parking and the RSIS application because “these topics are very much ‘of the moment,’ and the discussion is sure to be wide-ranging and lively'”

Wow! Where have they been? “Of the moment?” These topics have been topical for years.  And what has the HOA done to educate the people of the Grove about RSIS which is a subject that can impact the  town’s future?

They promise a ” lively discussion,” but without preparation, all the audience can do is listen to  lawyerly propaganda speeches by an organization that has shown little interest in the RSIS issue until now and which has been on the anti-OG side of other  topics including North End redevelopment and zoning.  Where do they stand on other “of the moment” issues such as the Park View subdivision?  Why didn’t they attend the recent RSIS meeting in Trenton?

If it weren’t for Blogfinger hammering away, nobody in town would have a clue about these important subjects.

Those who will attend the event on Saturday, Jan 23 at 10 am in the Community Room, should do their homework and do searches on Blogfinger under RSIS and parking.

This Saturday’s forum will hopefully be  enlivened by informed and involved individuals in the audience who will make sure that the facts are allowed to surface.

Maybe Jack Bredin will be there.  In the past certain officers of the   HOA tried to silence his dissent.



DOM  DE LUISE: Blogfinger is a watchdog, so there’s nothing dirty going on in Ocean Grove—-from the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas:




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By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

The New Jersey Site Improvement Advisory Board (SIAB) will meet briefly on Thursday, December 17, 2015 in Room 129 of the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.  The meeting will begin at 10:AM and should be over by 10:30 AM.  The agenda is attached.

Immediately following, the streets and parking committee will discuss the special area application for the Ocean Grove neighborhood in Neptune Township, Monmouth County.  This meeting should end by noon.  If more time is needed for testimony, the committee will meet at a later date.  Note that there will be an opportunity for public comments.

This is a chance for citizen activists to voice their concerns that an approval of the Neptune application might make it easier for condo conversions without parking to continue in Ocean Grove.

And,incidentally, Blogfinger will attend the meeting, and jack Bredin, our researcher will present a novel idea to the sub-committee.  Some of you should come just for the shear spectacle of it all. Maybe the Home Groaners will show up along with other do-nothing representatives of OG’s citizens including the Township Committee.



Meeting Agenda for Thursday, December 17, 2015





  1. Ocean Grove proposed standards to be discussed by streets & parking committee





BF link “secretive Neptune Twp”

BF link on special standard part 2

BF article Nov. 21, 2015

Take a look at the link below and pay attention to the permitted uses in the historic district, especially the ocean front area. This is what was submitted to the Federal Government  in the 1970’s  when permission was requested for the historic designation. What would they think now  if they saw the NERP plan and the condos in that area?

OG special area app appdx part B

Below is a portion of the above document (screen shot)  which describes how the North End was when Ocean Grove was first developed—-this is the true OG history which should be emulated with the same spirit, including nothing residential east of the boardwalk and nothing west either, although a hotel was later built over there to the west.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 11.33.18 AM


Do you believe that “anything goes” when it comes to Ocean Grove zoning issues?    Well, most Grovers do not trust the Township to do what’s best for OG.  You might consider going to this meeting.

As Frank Sinatra once said, “Anything Goes.”



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State Senator Jennifer Beck (R) of Monmouth County represents 17 towns including OG. 8/29/15. Ocean Grove. Blogfinger.net.

State Senator Jennifer Beck (R) of Monmouth County represents 17 towns including OG. 8/29/15. Ocean Grove. Blogfinger.net.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor@Blogfinger

It must be catching. First the Ocean Grove United wouldn’t speak to  citizens at their recent demonstration in Auditorium Square Park, and now, at the OGHOA annual politicians breakfast meeting, held at Days, the trustees of the HOA seemed to want silence to prevail—they did not provide a microphone, so most of the questions from Grovers could not be heard in the back, and some who might have asked a question did not for fear of standing up and having to yell.

The silent treatment was carried forward when those who should have been there were not:   no mayor, no Congressman, no State assemblymen, no Randy Bishop and no answers, other than from Senator Jennifer Beck who offered a coherent discussion of mostly state level issues.

She spoke about approving more gambling in the state, lowering estate taxes, not increasing the gas tax, good news at Ft. Monmouth and Monmouth Park, and funding for Sandy rehab projects.   Sen. Beck said that she was elected “to be your voice.” She wants to be your “advocate” and she wants to  “hear from the residents.”

Most of the questions regarding Ocean Grove topics were dodged by Deputy Mayor McMillan who said that the Committee would “look into it” or “keep it in mind” or “there are two sides to that question” or “it’s on our radar screen.” He had no answers, but at least his voice was audible.

Committeeman Brantley was there, but he must have taken a wrong turn on Rt. 33 since he wanted to discuss West Lake Avenue (wherever that is) and widening of Rt. 66—a project that won’t begin until 2019. When he heard that there were no questions for him, he said, “Good” as he flashed a bright white dentist’s smile.

We asked the Deputy Mayor how the town can function properly without a mayor who shows up.   He essentially said “no problem” because “we all fill in when necessary.” I suggested twice to him that a new mayor be named, but he dodged that proposal—more silence.

The silence theme continued regarding Ocean Grove, as such issues as zoning abuses, RSIS parking rules, and North End redevelopment did not come up.

But there were two questions dusted off from the past and asked, but not answered—-again, silence.     One of them, which goes back to the time of the Jews wandering in the desert, “What will be done about the parking problems in Ocean Grove?”

The second was, ” Why do we keep the Wesley Lake bridges locked at night?”   The woman who asked the question asserted that there were no other ways to get back to the Grove. She also framed the question as “a borderline civil rights issue.”

The Deputy Mayor had no clue, but a member of the audience who had remained awake, said that we should wait until the merchants on Cookman Ave. give up locking their stores behind metal fronts, and then we in OG can perhaps feel safe enough to unlock the gates. Bravo—let’s make him mayor.

As for the HOA, the perpetrators of this silent meeting, they were praised by the Deputy Mayor for attending Committee meetings and “keeping the Committee on its toes.”  Really? At the last Committee meeting, the HOA members did not open their mouths regarding the new north Boardwalk and they are lost wandering in the wilderness of the North End project. This sounds like a “Heckuva job Brownie” moment.

But we did learn that there is a new HOA trustee, however she was not present to meet the members—another silent partner.   And mark your calendars; next year the entire Home Groaners board can be replaced, preferably by members of the silent majority who actually want to get something done.
JULIE RAFFERTY    from her album “No Finer Place.”

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