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HOA: stuck in the past or ready to do what’s right?


By Paul Goldfinger, MD.  Editor at Blogfinger.net


On February 27, 2021 the OGHOA will have a membership meeting:  10:00 am by Zoom.   They will not only go over their survey, but other topics as well;


OGHOA February Membership Meeting
Saturday, February 27 – 10:00am Zoom Meeting

They say:

“We will have a special presentation on the highlights of the OGHOA Survey that so many residents of Ocean Grove took last December. OGHOA volunteer James McNamara, who along with BOT member Bob Lamont developed the in-depth survey, will share with you some important results that are guiding us to new ways we can effectively meet the expectations of our growing membership. “


We say:

So they have a “growing membership,” but it won’t be growing for long if they fail to solve the most pressing problems worrying the residents of town–such as parking, taxes, ground rents, ignoring State laws such as RSIS,  condoization, illegal zoning, tourism glut coming to giant events that clog our town regularly in season  (including religious and commercial tourism,) worthless representation at the Township Committee, lack of recognition of the town’s resident community—a faction that they have ignored over the years, failure to address quality of life for residents, pollution of Wesley Lake, the condition of our parks–including the horrid fence in Firemens Park, the Asburian invasion, the need for a dog park/beach, and the obscene plans for the North End, never opposed by the Groaners;—-just supported by them.

And finally, they should reorganize to include all residents—renters and homeowners.


But what really caught our eyes was this:


We will have important updates on the two most important issues in Ocean Grove today: Parking & NE Redevelopment

If they have “important updates” for us, then why are they sitting on them waiting for a Zoom meeting?  Is this for dramatic effect, as if they have accomplished something on these topics?  Why play games?  Why haven’t we heard of these announcements  from them or in the local dopey media?


And looking at where they are coming from, Blogfinger had this to say a couple of years ago:


“Because of indifference by the public, organizations, and special interests, Ocean Grove may become an at-risk town which could end up a failed historic place without focus and character, such as is seen in other shore towns—unless the public pays attention and the organizations here begin to work together for the overall benefit of the town and not just on their narrow pet projects, like the Homeowners Association which is currently circulating a simple-minded parking survey while ignoring the improprieties and illegalities around town regarding land use issues. The HOA has teamed up with the Neptune Committee ever since 2008 when it supported 165 residential units, mostly condos, at the North End.”


And this BF photo is from a disgraceful HOA meeting June 24, 2019  when the leadership censored questions from the audience to protect the OGNED speakers from embarrassment:


And finally, at their meetings they may get 50 people showing up.  But Blogfinger has averaged 500-1000 visits per day.  Yet the HOA has never participated in discussions with citizens on Blogfinger regarding any of the issues that we cover.  They lack knowledge and courage, and they, like the Neptuner shlocksters, are afraid to stick their necks out on our OG  site.


So this announcement?  Why I am getting that old feeling?




Suggestion:  Bring in entertainment in case this meeting bombs.  How about some tap dancers?

Like the cast of Mack and Mabel:




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Blogfinger promotional slogan. Blogfinger.net ©


Blogfinger Editorial Board:  August 27, 2019. Ocean Grove.


The Ocean Grove Home Owners Association has had a parking committee since 2015. Below is from their web site today, August 27, 2019:

“Parking Committee:

— “Joyce Klein, Chair — Ken Buckley, Barbara Burns, Theresa Checki
— Billy Faccidomo — Julie Hekker, David Phillips
— Richard Williams”

This is their “mission statement:

“The OGHOA Parking Committee’s goal is to improve homeowners’ and residents’ access to parking near their homes during periods of peak parking demand.”

“We conducted a parking survey of Homeowners to better understand concerns in all sections of OG and to solicit suggestions from members of OGHOA.”


If you read through their web site’s Parking Committee report, you will find a famous hair-brained idea which proposes parking along Lake Avenue in front of Founders Park.  That one suggestion alone nullifies all credibility which they might have had.

So now, after the total failure of their Parking Committee, the Groaners are forming yet another committee.  This one consists of the Groaners in “partnership” with the newly formed “Better Parking Alliance” composed of a group of OG residents.   The HOA announcement, which was sent today by email, doesn’t even mention their Parking Committee.   So what happened to them?  Have they been banished to a gulag somewhere?

In that email the HOA  introduces the problem with the understatement of the year:   “Access to parking in Ocean Grove is difficult.”   Really?

Remember, at the last Groaners’ meeting, they forbade the members from asking pertinent questions of OGNED, the North End pseudo- Redevelopers. That board should all resign because of their totalitarian approach to the residents of this town.

The new Parking Alliance is taking a bad first step by associating themselves with the ineffective and dictatorial Groaners board.

However, the first announced step is that this new partnership plans  to rope you all into yet another survey.

So, the Groaners will engage another committee and do another survey, and this is their idea of progress.

Blogfinger conducted a poll in 2017 asking, “Do you support permit parking in Ocean Grove?”  166 votes came in.  47% said yes, 47% said no, and a handful said “unsure.”  This was before any public hearings were held.  So, do we need another poll?  No, we need effective action.

What OG needs as the center-piece of a multi-dimensional plan is residential permit parking, and that won’t happen without a professional parking study which the Township hasn’t done,  and which the Groaners haven’t pressed for.  As usual, the Groaners have missed the boat as to how to conduct a forceful revolution.

Maybe they should invite the two current Republican candidates for Township Committee to tell them what they might do about our parking situation.  The current Committee has no interest.

As for the new Alliance, it seems that they are sufficiently impotent that they won’t step forward on their own, independent of the Groaners.  This failure to flex their own muscles suggests that they  are hiding in the shadows;  just a bunch of wheel spinners like the previous Home Owners’ Parking Committee.

Below are their names, but what are their qualifications that would make them experts on this subject?  This list is from the OGHOA.

It would be good if they would present themselves to the public and proclaim their independence.  Otherwise it sounds like a larger OGHOA parking committee.  We invite them to send us a press release as to what they are about and why we should rejoice at their appearance on the scene.

Lisa Boyd     Paul Kaplan     Andy Levine
Nan MacMorris     James McNamara     Cynthia Soler     Arnold Teixeira

Let’s wish them luck, and maybe the new “Alliance” will find some courage  (like the Cowardly Lion) and do something meaningful with the parking situation in the Grove.


Editor’s Note:  For those of you who have sent or plan to send your own theories about parking, that is not the purpose of this post.  We are not going to debate plans such as permit parking here and now on Blogfinger.
You can read our past discussions by using the search box in the top right of the home page.  Type in  “permit parking” or “parking problems” etc.
Let’s give the new kids on the block a chance to dig into the situation.   —-Thanks,   Paul@Blogfinger

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Future President of the OGHOA. Vote for her at the next election. Saucy Susie will do a better job for the citizens of OG. Blogfinger photo. ©

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

Bonnie Graham writes for the Coaster, but she mostly specializes in reporting on HOA meetings. She is more like a stenographer because she writes down everything that happens, and then the Coaster regurgitates it all in their next edition 5 days hence.  She does a fine job of putting every ounce on paper, so no one really needs to go to those meetings.  All you need to do is read the Coaster if you can bear the pain of wading through it all.  But the June 1 account of the May 27 Home Groaners  meeting contains some gibberish which Blogfinger has an obligation to share with you, because it might otherwise just sink to the bottom of the sludge in Wesley Lake.

a.   The subject of “additional parking spaces along Main Avenue” was raised.  President Barbara Burns is quoted as saying, “We asked the Township to assume the administrative burden without funding, and the OG Chamber of Commerce is not pushing the parking issue.”  So, speaking of gobbledygook, someone please explain the meaning of this quote.

b.  Carol Rizzo, Township Committeeman who lives in the Grove,  is quoted by Bonnie  as saying, “OGHOA always sends 4-6 members and trustees to the Township Committee meetings. We listen to everybody. The parking recommendations made were a consensus opinion.”

So, who is “everybody” that formed that “consensus” ?  Does the “consensus” include the silent majority? Perhaps that parking “consensus” was formed behind closed doors somewhere. Do the people of Ocean Grove really believe that the answer to the parking issue is to squeeze in more spaces?

Shouldn’t  Committeeman Rizzo be  representing we the people  in demanding more accountability and new transparent  procedures in the decision-making process involving the citizens of OG, the HOA, and the Committee?  And how about those parking stickers for the residents?   And why doesn’t Ms. Graham challenge any of this balderdash?

c.  The Home Groaners announced that they have found something else to “focus” on.  It seems that they have exhausted their work on behalf of Ocean Grove, so, as reported by Ms. Graham, “The group will soon focus on issues in Neptune ‘outside of Ocean Grove.'”

Richard Williams, the Vice President of  the group “spoke at length on the Midtown Urban Renaissance Corporation–MURC—which serves as a liaison between this community and Neptune Township”

What “community?” Can anybody translate this mumbo-jumbo? Did the HOA members authorize its trustees to spend time looking into “Neptune issues such as gun violence, children’s activities, community garden, and fund raisers?”

The Home Groaners should do one thing: be involved in issues affecting home ownership in Ocean Grove. This is what their website says, “The mission of the OGHOA is to protect and enhance property values and the quality of life in Ocean Grove.” (period.)

d.   Ocean Grove fires: Barbara Burns spoke about fires in 2008, 2010, and 2011, but she had nothing to say about the horrendous Warrington fire of March 3, 2017. So Barbara, have you checked on those OG citizens who lost their homes in the fire?  There were nearly 100 of them.  Maybe she has no time now in view of the group’s latest incursion into Neptune’s  Midtown “renaissance.”

e.  And finally, Ms. Graham reported that a former President of the HOA, Ann Horan, said at the meeting, “We live in a diverse community. I have seen some of the most mean-spirited people being invited as summer speakers. I hope none of this year’s pastors are of the same ilk.”  Ugh!

Her ill-mannered portrayal of visitors to the Grove was aimed directly at the HOA’s special guest, Rev.  John DiGiamberadino, COO of the CMA who felt compelled to offer a defensive and embarrassing answer when he said, “We check to try to insure that speakers are non-controversial.”  Really?   He was bullied by Ann Horan, and no one in the crowd evidently protested. What a pathetic, blind-sided swipe at a man who came to the meeting to share good news, not to be rudely attacked by an unforgiving HOA all-star.

Thank you Bonnie Graham for sitting through this lame blather so that some of us could stay home and avoid these obnoxious meetings run by a group which is failing in its responsibility to the community of Ocean Grove.

So, enough of this summary of an event that was like the Mad Tea Party or perhaps an Oscar Meyer Weiner cookout?

Here’s something musical to get our minds off the gobbledygook.

MAX RAABE at Carnegie Hall, 2007






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What we have here is a fine kettle of fish*"

What we have here is a fine kettle of fish*”

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

What are we to do with the totally ineffective Home Groaners? They have a meeting, drag a crowd of Grovers away from their warm beds, and find out that the Groaners accomplished next to nothing.

The first order of business was the Parking Committee report. It seems that the Township accepted none of their recommendations. In particular there will be no parking permits for residents, no parking meters on Ocean Avenue, and no park-and-ride trolley.   Conclusion: A big zero for the Groaners.


Second order of business: Converting the Laingdon Hotel into a rehab facility? Well, the Groaner’s president, a lawyer, announced that she knows nothing about zoning law and that her board was considering spending $5,000.00 for another lawyer to represent the group at the Zoning Board meeting.  She even admitted that she knows nothing about brain surgery either, so the Groaners should be disqualified from discussing zoning or performing lobotomies in the future.

Luckily, the Sprout application was withdrawn and saved the group $5,000.00   The Groaners must have a lot of dough, because they recently wasted $7,000.00 for a lawyer to look at a false alarm—ground rents. (i.e. no weapons of tax destruction were found.)

Oh, and why was the Sprout application withdrawn? The Groaners have no idea. Conclusion: Everyone should have stayed home in bed.


The third order of business: The meeting agenda promised that the HPC would come to discuss the “HPC War” because the Township wants to dilute the HPC historic guidelines, and this is a subject that could impact Ocean Grove’s future.

But golly, the HPC representatives instead reviewed what everyone already knows about  (HPC history 101 minus the Greek Temple ) and ignored what everyone wanted to hear about—i.e. the “HPC War.”

Therefore we regrettably must report that the HPC laid an egg at the meeting and continues to deny the public information about this critical situation.

The Blogfinger correspondent concludes that “The Home Groaners Association knows nothing and does nothing.”

And that, ladies and germs, in the words of Laurel and Hardy*, “Is a fine kettle of fish.”

For our musical enjoyment we offer a suggested theme song for the HGA when the current board resigns and is  replaced by a group of Grovers who will actually accomplish something for the town.



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By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Bloginger

In an announcement e-mailed by Ann Horan, President of the HOA, the OG Home Groaners Association decided that they should discuss Grove parking and the RSIS application because “these topics are very much ‘of the moment,’ and the discussion is sure to be wide-ranging and lively'”

Wow! Where have they been? “Of the moment?” These topics have been topical for years.  And what has the HOA done to educate the people of the Grove about RSIS which is a subject that can impact the  town’s future?

They promise a ” lively discussion,” but without preparation, all the audience can do is listen to  lawyerly propaganda speeches by an organization that has shown little interest in the RSIS issue until now and which has been on the anti-OG side of other  topics including North End redevelopment and zoning.  Where do they stand on other “of the moment” issues such as the Park View subdivision?  Why didn’t they attend the recent RSIS meeting in Trenton?

If it weren’t for Blogfinger hammering away, nobody in town would have a clue about these important subjects.

Those who will attend the event on Saturday, Jan 23 at 10 am in the Community Room, should do their homework and do searches on Blogfinger under RSIS and parking.

This Saturday’s forum will hopefully be  enlivened by informed and involved individuals in the audience who will make sure that the facts are allowed to surface.

Maybe Jack Bredin will be there.  In the past certain officers of the   HOA tried to silence his dissent.



DOM  DE LUISE: Blogfinger is a watchdog, so there’s nothing dirty going on in Ocean Grove—-from the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas:




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