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The old Neptune Township Municipal Building. Undated. Photo hangs on the wall of the Township Committee. Blogfinger photo.

The old Neptune Township Municipal Building. This undated photo hangs on the wall of the Township Committee. It should be an inspiration, but they don’t know much about history over there.

On Jan 1, 2017, a Neptune Twp.government organization ceremony will be held at the Neptune Twp. Municipal Building at noon.

But since things have gotten out of hand at town hall, here’s a modest proposal:   they go back to basics by moving into their old building again and seeking some new (?or old) values and ideas.

M. WARD with a song that finds new ideas in an old composition:


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By Paul Goldfinger, Editor@Blogfinger.net

As many of you know, when Eric Houghtaling was elected to the State Assembly last month, a space was created for a new Democrat on the Township Committee.   The 5 person Neptune Township Committee contains 5 Democrats.   Houghtaling will attend the Jan. 11 Committee meeting and then he will be sworn in for the New Jersey State Assembly the next day.

Eric Houghtaling was popular in Ocean Grove because of his special interest in our part of Neptune, even though he is from another district.

The replacement for Houghtaling  in Neptune will be chosen by the Democratic County Committee. It turns out that the DCC is comprised of individuals from Neptune Township—- a man and a woman for each of the 20 districts in town.  For Ocean Grove’s 3 districts, we have the following representatives:

District one:  Randy Bishop and Ann Gunderson

District two:  Paul Ristow and Carol Bernard

District three:  Jeff Wood-Yesline and Kate Wood-Yesline

The DCC members are elected in the June primary (held every other year,) and one of their tasks is to choose the Democratic candidates for November. As you may recall, the Democrats recently won the two open seats on the Township Committee.

They will choose Eric Houghtaling’s replacement from a list of three candidates.  We will probably not learn the identity of the new Committee person until the January 25, 2016 Township meeting.

Here is the oath of office to be taken by the Committee on January 1, 2016:  (the sample is for Dr. Brantley; provided by the Clerk’s Office, Neptune Township, NJ.)


So what price will Ocean Grove  continue to pay by  having one-party rule in Neptune Township and without having a Committeeman who has a special interest in Ocean Grove?   Why doesn’t the oath say something about enforcing State standards and regulations—or Town ordinances?   But it does mention “under the authority of the people,” so don’t forget that as you the people ponder the performance of the Neptune Committee, their power flows from us.

Will  some Committeeman wake up and break out from the chorus to sing a solo?    Here’s a tune from How to Succeed Without Even Trying  by Robert Morse:

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Newly-elected Committeeman Nicholas Williams (L)  poses with re-elected incumbent Committeeman Dr. Michael Brantley. (source: Candidates web site)   Williams lives in Neptune, but he is a member of the Ocean Grove Citizens Patrol, so he knows how to spot trouble. We have high hopes for him.   Perhaps Dr. Brantley will pay more attention to OG issues in 2016.      Internet photo.


In a recent Blogfinger poll, 88% of respondents said that they did not trust the Neptune Township Committee to do what is fair and just for Ocean Grove.  310 respondents voted. 85% said No; 9% said Yes; the rest were unsure.

In January there will be a new Neptune Township Committee. Returning are Dr. Michael Brantley (newly re-elected), Kevin McMillan (incumbent and new Mayor)  and Randy Bishop (incumbent.)   Taking the place of Mary Beth Jahn is Nicholas Williams (newly elected.)  We don’t know yet who will take the place of Eric Houghtaling.

Mary Beth Jahn was not nominated to run again  by the Monmouth County Democrats despite the protests of Randy Bishop. Eric Houghtaling will vacate his seat on January 12, as he will move up to the Assembly in Trenton.

Randy Bishop may soon be vacating his seat voluntarily, but there is no official word about that.

In 2016, the Committee will remain all Democratic. Neptune used to be solidly Republican. Now it is the most Democratic town in Monmouth County.   Some say that party politics are not important in local elections, but don’t believe it. If you look at the Facebook page of Brantley and Williams, after winning, they said, “Democratic residents of Neptune. This was a victory for you.”

Hopefully it will be a victory for all of us.

At Blogfinger our New Year wish is that the newly reshuffled Committee, headed by a new Mayor, will take a fresh look at the way Ocean Grove citizens have been treated with regards to our historic designations, fair and equal zoning applications, out-of-control property taxes, parking standards, and protection against being overrun by condo-building developers.

We have been especially worried about how the North End Redevelopment is being handled.  How about zoning all of OG for single family.  And how about cancelling the redevelopment zone at the North End.

Also, many of us believe that the current application for an RISS exemption in Trenton will jeopardize our town’s future. Why not trash that application to the SIAB and start enforcing the State parking law in the Grove.

We want our Committee to represent us in a fair and transparent manner.   Hopefully that poll, when repeated in 2016, will show a better relationship between the Committee and Ocean Grove.

We also want to remind the Committee that the OGHOA does not represent most Grovers, so the Committee needs to do more outreach in the Grove to judge what our citizens prefer.  Don’t wait for the citizens to come to you.   Let’s reach out of the box.

–Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger



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