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The siren call of the Asburian night life.. Paul Goldfinger photo of the AP skyline across Wesley Lake. © 2019.  Click once to enlarge.


By Eileen and Paul Goldfinger, Editors at Blogfinger.net


Scene:  It is a stifling peak-season sunny July Saturday afternoon. The Grove is crowded and there is nary a parking space except for one across from where we are standing.

Eileen and I are gardening on the Delaware Ave. side of our house.  A car pulls into that sole remaining space, and a young man emerges. He looks around and then walks over to us.

He:  Can I park here?

We: Yes, but be sure you are close to the curb.

He:  Checking his tires. “I work at the Brick Wall in Asbury, and someone told me that I can park in Ocean Grove for free.”

We: It’s not only the workers who park here, but your customers as well, and we’re not happy with the idea.

He:  Oh….I’m sorry.

We: No need to apologize.  It is legal for you to park here.

He:  I’ve been paying over $100.00 week to park for work.

We: Wow.  (We felt bad for him….he obviously is a “working stiff.”)

He:  Well, thank you.

We:  It’s OK.   Bye.

He:   Smiles and heads towards the New Jersey Avenue Bridge across Wesley Lake to A. Park.


We:  We agree that A. Park is exploiting their workers by neither providing parking or paying for parking.  $100.00 is a lot for this worker. We should feel compassion for these young people, but this is Asbury’s problem to solve, and it is a reasonable concern for Grovers.

The AP City Council refused a plea from Neptune to help us with this parking situation which is their fault, and now they demand that we open our  bridge-gates.

That is Chutzpah!



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Additional info from the  BPA:

“In response to people’s requests that the BPA provide more opportunities for in-person discussion of parking challenges in Ocean Grove, we’re offering the following Open Forums for discussion.

We’ll start each session with a review of the BPA’s proposed pilot program designed to alleviate growing congestion on the north side of town. We’ll then transition to exploring group ideas to improve parking for all who live, work, and visit Ocean Grove. We invite you to help us find viable solutions to this growing problem.The Forums start Saturday, March 7. Details follow, and you can sign up at BetterParkingAlliance.EventBrite.com.

If you need to reach us, just email us at BetterParkingAlliance@gmail.com.
Thank you again for your interest in improving parking in Ocean Grove. We hope you’ll be able to join us at one of the sessions on March 7, April 4, or June 6.
Andy Levine
Better Parking Alliance

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Let’s hire an expensive consultant to create more parking spaces in the Grove.

Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

In the Feb 5, 2020 Asbury Park Press, CMA President Michael Badger gave an interview which explained his goals with respect to our parking problems. You can read it yourself (link below:)

He begins the video by comparing OG with every other shore town in this area.  He said, “Parking is always difficult in a shore town.”   But OG is different than other shore towns.




He said, “The association is deeply concerned about the struggles people are having. My hope is to make improvements that will benefit everyone.”

He wants a solution which is “equitable and fair.”  But “equitable and fair” need further definition.

In fact, “fair” for the citizens of OG should be to place Grovers at the top of any priority list for parking.  There is nothing wrong with favoritism for those who make this their home.  Many communities believe in that—did he ever hear of permit parking?

In the video portion he enunciates the “microproblems” which we face in the Grove.  He mentions beach goers and the Asbury Park overflow situation.

But he doesn’t want anyone to have to pay and he does not mention the residential community all around OG as being on his list of concerns.

He also forgot to include our other “microproblems” including too many secular mega-events in such a small town, too many large CMA events bringing in thousands of religious tourists, too many street closures, a North End plan which will exacerbate our parking chaos, and increasing numbers of short term renters.

Instead he expresses his compassion for taxpayers who live in Neptune.  He says that “their beach” is OG, so we should find ways to help them have access to parking.  After all, he said,” Do we want to say to Neptuners, ‘Don’t come to Ocean Grove;  we don’t want you here? ‘”

He said that if we discourage Neptuners from parking in the Grove, then that would make us “elitist.”

But the problem for him is that no one in OG would ever discourage Neptuners from visiting here.  He should apologize to all Grovers for his obnoxious implications.

What Badger doesn’t admit to is that his top priority has always been to provide parking for religious tourism in the Grove, a phenomenon which is actually growing. Instead he hides that concern within a fog of nonsense.

He plans to hire a “nationally known” consultant. The parking consultants  which they have chosen are  Kimley-Horn.  Look at their website yourself. Is this the right company for the Grove?  Will Kimley-Horn perform some magic to make even more parking spaces for tourists?



In 2017, Badger posted a very provocative letter in the Coaster about parking in the Grove.  And the comments section is very good.  Here is the link;

Badger letter on parking 2017. Critique by Blogfinger.



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On December 23, the OGCMA expressed its official opinions in the local news (Asbury Park Press)  about parking in the Grove. We responded that day on Blogfinger  (scroll down)

So what started out as a project by the Better Parking Alliance  (BPA)  has evolved into a free-for-all after the Township Committee hacked it to death and now, after the CMA, uncharacteristically, went public in the paper with their self-indulgent parking opinions.

So, once you have stuck your heads out the window to yell, you may comment here about the CMA’s opinions and/or about anything parking related.   That topic is the gift that keeps on giving, even after Christmas.

And since everybody’s talking again about parking,  here is Harry Nilsson from Midnight Cowboy:

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Christmas spirit in Ocean Grove on Christmas Eve 2017. Paul Goldfinger photo ©


In a lead article in the Asbury Park Press dated 12/23, CMA President Michael Badger went on the attack regarding parking in the Grove.  He rejects parking meters and permits for residents.

And,  in a fine example of fake news, he has decided that our parking difficulties are all the fault of Asbury Park. He seems to have forgotten that parking troubles in town go back to when A. Park was a backwater dump without visitors, not too long ago.

He also is worried about Grovers getting permits when those who live in Neptune proper get none. Really?

So he will be hiring a firm to do a study, but he wants Neptuners to join the discussion since how can we exclude them from having permits?

Once again he fails to understand that there are thousands of us who live in this town, and the problem is mostly ours.  Including tourists (in this case Neptunites) and the Chamber of Commercials in the discussion just muddies the waters.

He also is disingenuous when he fails to mention that CMA mega-programs are part of our problem, and that his real concern is providing parking for religious tourists flocking into the Grove and sucking up parking that should be prioritized for those of us who actually live here.

So what gives him the standing to make these pronouncements publicly as if he is an elected official in town?  It betrays a bad  image and attitude coming from our neighbors the CMA.

And what kind of news organization lives at the Asbury Park Press?   There is no one interviewed for this article that would reject Badger’s ideas.

Read the article yourselves.  Pick up a copy of the APP today or view it on line.  It is quite revealing as to where the OG Camp Meeting Association is coming from.

You can comment here now, but most of you have better things to do on Christmas Eve, even if the President of the CMA has chosen the wrong message today.

We will open another discussion on Thursday.  You can send me an advance opinion now at Blogfinger@verizon.net or by commenting here, or wait till we start returning to this issue after Christmas.


—–Paul @Blogfinger.net


DARLENE LOVE wishes for something other than a parking fix on Christmas Eve,2019.


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In 1878, there were no parking problems, but after the automobile arrived, Neptune removed the stables but did not provide parking garages. There are photos of parking gridlock in OG after the Model T came off the assembly lines.


By Jack Bredin, Blogfinger reporter and researcher and a resident of Ocean Grove with one car.

August 29, 2019.

This post is in response to the BF post on 8/28/19:  “When you don’t know what to do, form a committee.”   (just scroll down)


New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the United States, and this fact causes known problems:

a. Traffic congestion costs millions in wasted fuel, lost time, wages, and air pollution.

b. And we should not have to drive in circles when we reach our destination.


So, the NJ State Legislature put two “Planning Rules” in place over 40 years ago:

Rule 1:  A municipality cannot approve a site plan application for development that creates traffic congestion or adds to any existing traffic congestion.

Rule 2:  Every site plan application must provide all the parking spaces required by State parking standards, including handicapped parking.  The basic idea is that any site plan must provide enough parking.

To insure that these two basic traffic and parking rules are followed:

1.   A licensed professional must prepare a site plan for the applicant  (developer) pursuant to State Law, and the plan must include a plan for parking. The site plan is signed, sealed and dated by the professional, certifying that the plan provides adequate parking.

2.  When the plan is filed with the town, a copy is sent to both the town’s planning consultant and engineer, and they will also determine, on behalf of the town, that the plan provides adequate parking.

Their written reports are made part of the application, and under oath the professionals present the plan, which could be bogus, to the members of the boards  (zoning and/or planning.)

After approval, board members can say, “We rely on our experts.”  But those experts may not be in compliance with State laws.

So, to correct the “culture of corruption” which exists in Neptune Township, the Ocean Grove Home Owners Association is acting as a traffic engineer as they pursue a parking solution, but they don’t have a clue about  New Jersey Land Use procedures.

They did the “Parking Study” that led to a “Parking Task Force” that recommended a few dozen diagonal spaces in the Grove, making the Town of Ocean Grove more dangerous to drive in.

From day one, Neptune did not enforce New Jersey Land Use laws in OG until the Court ordered them “to obey the Law” in 1980.

After 1980, the Township has disregarded the Court order and continues to violate Land Use Law in OG.

The Township has been consistent in ignoring the minimum amount of parking that the State requires, and State Law supersedes local Municipal Law.  As a result, hundreds of projects have been approved by the Township Committee without providing enough parking, either off street or on street.

So all those approvals have been illegal, and that failure to enforce the laws is the main cause of our parking problems today.

Kevin Chambers has been telling us that for years, and I agree with Kevin.  And Blogfinger is the only media outlet reporting this nonsense.

Does the Neptune Twp. governance fit Lincoln’s* description “of the people, for the people and by the people?” Are they what the Continental Army fought for?   There’s Jack, standing guard in the rear.


* From Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address:…. “...this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

And for a musical metaphor, let’s hope the townsfolk keep trying to solve the parking problems—–a new group has formed and will continue the effort. To them we say, “Keep on dancing.”





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June 26, 2019

OGCMA, those wonderful folks who opposed parking permits for residents because it would leave fewer spots for visitors, have a lot of nerve.
For Bridgefest last Saturday they asked residents of Arlington Court (brick condos next to Youth Temple) to move their cars to accommodate the visitors.
The Arlington people did not comply with this request.
The writer is a resident of Ocean Grove.



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Sent to Blogfinger by a concerned citizen reporter. Jan 2, 2019.

We have been informed that flyers (see above) are being left on some windshields of cars at the North End  (the part of Ocean Grove where most of the A. Parkers go to get free parking.)  This idea seems desperate and weak—- adrift from much chance of success. But it shows what one frustrated citizen will do in the absence of help from the HOA or the Township of Ineptitude.

Yet most of us do nothing—just grin and bear it, and the Township has been totally useless in dealing with this problem.   The Comedy promised publicly to contact the A. Park Council, but nothing came of that.  And the Home Groaners are totally inept and ineffective on this issue.

And now we see the sad result of inaction regarding the interlopers whom we watch as they pile out of cars parked on our side, then walk over to A. Park, and then return early in the morning talking loudly and waking us up.

So now we have these winter flyers. Who wants to claim that this problem is only for a few weeks in the summer?


—Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.    Thank you to the citizen who is helping keep all of us informed.






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Don’t worry about a ticket—-“everyone knows” that the police will ignore this (and they did) Blogfinger photo.©  Although they do sometimes ticket parking violations.   8/31/18


An interesting question is whether enforcement of such violations might improve the parking availability on gridlock summer weekends in Ocean Grove?  Yes, because enforcement promotes obeying the law, and that will insure a less chaotic parking function in this town including less resentment.   And of course, there are a number of safety issues.

And even a Bond car should get a ticket—the equal justice clause:

FROM THE BOND FILMS  “Octapussy, All Time High.”    The City of Prague Orchestra.

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At Pilgrim Pathway near Mt. Hermon Way. Blogfinger photo. Friday 8/24/18. ©


Pitman Avenue at the edge of Auditorium Square Park. Blogfinger photo. 8/24/18. ©


It was the beginning of a beautiful beach weekend.  On Friday afternoon, the floodgates of vehicles had already opened for another gridlocked weekend  in the Grove.  Ironically, both these parking games were being played out within one block of each other, almost on top of the NTPD substation next to Thornley Chapel.

By Saturday, I had to park over 3 blocks from my house, and while walking back, the sloppiness of parking on our streets was evident, with large segments of curb being empty, but not quite large enough to be a parking space.  If only some parkers were more considerate and less arrogant.

Some have suggested marking the parking spaces in town, but that would, I am told, take up even more parking spaces given the sizes required.   Have you noticed how large each marked  handicapped space is?


JULIO IGLESIAS     (” The games of love I played with arrogance and pride, including my parking habits.” )


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Fantasy parking garage in OG. Another symptom of OOGPDS.


From Linda:

Neptune/CMA clearly missed the boat. Using eminent domain, they could have taken the property from the Jersey Shore Arts Center to Broadway. Then, built a 3 story parking garage with easy access to Route 71. Charge for parking.

Run shuttles to beach and auditorium.

Of course, this paid lot for visitors would  bring in millions of dollars if the visitors were offered no free parking in Ocean Grove, the entire town for resident parking and friends or family of residents (with special passes).


Editor’s note:  This sort of idea is nothing new.  Here is a link to a Blogfinger post from 2014 which has something similar to say, only better:

Parking garage at the Arts Center 2014 BF post





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Nov 27, 2017, Main Avenue at Firemen’s Park. Note the red vehicle moving into the other lane. Blogfinger photo.


TREME BRASS BAND   “Just a Closer Walk With Thee”   (HBO show Treme soundtrack)


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By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

Blogfinger has been asking for permit parking for some time. Our articles can be found by using the search box above.   We have posted about 40 articles about parking in the last 5 months.  It is a pivotal topic affecting the lifestyles of the residents of Ocean Grove.

The proposed plan would offer permits to residents, including renters, for a small fee. Anyone with a permit sticker would be able to park anywhere, while others would be denied access to one side of certain (?all)  streets. We don’t know any more details.  This information is from the OGHOA.

There are those who fear that this plan would deny parking for visitors who come into town.

It would be helpful to have some data.  If the plan results in many empty spaces, then it will fail. Remember that many resident cars are out of town at various times.

Would the numbers show that there will be a space for every resident car? If that is the goal, it will fail. A plan would have to provide a reasonable number of resident permit spaces, but a number that is less than the number of permit cars.

So sometimes a resident might not find a special space, but having the residents occasionally compete for the permit spaces is still better than what we have now where the residents compete for all spaces on the same playing field as everyone else including the barbarian Asburian invaders.

Ironically, our last poll on this subject revealed that a substantial number of Grovers oppose such a plan—-I have met some of them.  Many of them worry  that this plan will deprive visitors of parking. Others would not commit because they wanted more details.  The Camp Meeting threatened to sue if the Township passes such a plan.

But every Grover currently has to park somewhere. So whether they are parking in a permit space or a non-permit space, the total number of spaces for them should be the same.

Total spaces in town minus total spaces used by residents equals the remaining spaces for visitors, regardless of a permit plan or not.   But, under permit parking,  those visitors might have to struggle more than residents to find parking, but why worry?    It’s about time that residents get some measure of advantage.

And as for the meter dodgers from over the border, Neptune would do well in reconsidering metered parking, especially at the beach area, downtown and at the North End, with a free pass somehow for residents who are forced to park in a metered space.

It would be great if many citizens attended that meeting on Monday, Nov. 27 at the Mother Ship (Municipal Building on Neptune Blvd; Take 33 to Walgreens and turn right after that onto Davis. The giant medical building will be on your left. Turn right into the parking lot.   (Note: Davis Avenue was closed on Nov 20. Roadwork.)




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