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Sent to Blogfinger by a concerned citizen reporter. Jan 2, 2019.

We have been informed that flyers (see above) are being left on some windshields of cars at the North End  (the part of Ocean Grove where most of the A. Parkers go to get free parking.)  This idea seems desperate and weak—- adrift from much chance of success. But it shows what one frustrated citizen will do in the absence of help from the HOA or the Township of Ineptitude.

Yet most of us do nothing—just grin and bear it, and the Township has been totally useless in dealing with this problem.   The Comedy promised publicly to contact the A. Park Council, but nothing came of that.  And the Home Groaners are totally inept and ineffective on this issue.

And now we see the sad result of inaction regarding the interlopers whom we watch as they pile out of cars parked on our side, then walk over to A. Park, and then return early in the morning talking loudly and waking us up.

So now we have these winter flyers. Who wants to claim that this problem is only for a few weeks in the summer?


—Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.    Thank you to the citizen who is helping keep all of us informed.






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Don’t worry about a ticket—-“everyone knows” that the police will ignore this (and they did) Blogfinger photo.©  Although they do sometimes ticket parking violations.   8/31/18


An interesting question is whether enforcement of such violations might improve the parking availability on gridlock summer weekends in Ocean Grove?  Yes, because enforcement promotes obeying the law, and that will insure a less chaotic parking function in this town including less resentment.   And of course, there are a number of safety issues.

And even a Bond car should get a ticket—the equal justice clause:

FROM THE BOND FILMS  “Octapussy, All Time High.”    The City of Prague Orchestra.

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At Pilgrim Pathway near Mt. Hermon Way. Blogfinger photo. Friday 8/24/18. ©


Pitman Avenue at the edge of Auditorium Square Park. Blogfinger photo. 8/24/18. ©


It was the beginning of a beautiful beach weekend.  On Friday afternoon, the floodgates of vehicles had already opened for another gridlocked weekend  in the Grove.  Ironically, both these parking games were being played out within one block of each other, almost on top of the NTPD substation next to Thornley Chapel.

By Saturday, I had to park over 3 blocks from my house, and while walking back, the sloppiness of parking on our streets was evident, with large segments of curb being empty, but not quite large enough to be a parking space.  If only some parkers were more considerate and less arrogant.

Some have suggested marking the parking spaces in town, but that would, I am told, take up even more parking spaces given the sizes required.   Have you noticed how large each marked  handicapped space is?


JULIO IGLESIAS     (” The games of love I played with arrogance and pride, including my parking habits.” )


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Fantasy parking garage in OG. Another symptom of OOGPDS.


From Linda:

Neptune/CMA clearly missed the boat. Using eminent domain, they could have taken the property from the Jersey Shore Arts Center to Broadway. Then, built a 3 story parking garage with easy access to Route 71. Charge for parking.

Run shuttles to beach and auditorium.

Of course, this paid lot for visitors would  bring in millions of dollars if the visitors were offered no free parking in Ocean Grove, the entire town for resident parking and friends or family of residents (with special passes).


Editor’s note:  This sort of idea is nothing new.  Here is a link to a Blogfinger post from 2014 which has something similar to say, only better:

Parking garage at the Arts Center 2014 BF post





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Broad Street, Red Bank. 2013. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

Red Bank has a difficult parking situation downtown, and this has been a major issue for many years. In an article in today’s Asbury Park Press, the problem in Red Bank is described as “terrible.”

There is constant competition for spaces in the White Street lot which can accommodate 273 vehicles.  Merchants are losing money because shoppers from affluent surrounding towns are reluctant to drive to downtown.  Unlike Asbury, Red Bank has no parking garage.

Parking on White Street in Red Bank by Paul Goldfnger ©

There are 1135 meters there, but they are badly out of date and cannot perform the high tech functions seen in other towns such as Asbury where the price can vary according to the time of day and day of week.   Some merchants want a parking garage, but experts say that garages are out of date.  (Did you hear that CMA??)

Red Bank will embark on its first parking study in 20 years, but the idea that creating more spaces is desirable is not such a good plan; instead better use of existing spaces should be emphasized.

Here are a few quotes from that article which is linked below:


APP:  In a sharp break from the “auto-centric” thinking that turned vast stretches of America’s cities and suburbs into paved parking lots, today’s top parking experts are advising cities from Princeton to Pasadena that the solution to their parking problems isn’t to add more spaces, but rather to better manage the spaces they already have.  

(Thank you Home Groaners for their recently added and  dangerous diagonal spots)

““The old paradigm assumes that parking should be abundant and free at most destinations. It strives to maximize supply and minimize price,” he explained. “The new paradigm strives to provide optimal parking supply and price. It considers too much supply as harmful as too little, and prices that are too low as harmful as those that are too high.”

“And, for that matter, why invest tens of millions of dollars on a new downtown parking garage when in the not-so-distant future your self-driving vehicle will be able to just circle the block or park in a remote lot until you’re ready to be picked up?”

In Ocean Grove, Blogfinger has been stressing that the Groaners are hopelessly mislead in finding new parking spaces, when what we need are parking meters, parking permits, and less cars in town.

We need to abolish all but a few giant events which clog the Grove’s existing parking most of the weekends in season. It’s about time that our parking emphasis should be on the residents here whose quality of life is adversely affected by car glut.

Red Bank’s issues are focused on their downtown.  That is what defines them, but OG should fulfill its destiny and master plan by promoting a residential, historic small town for the future.

COUNT BASIE,   who was born in Red Bank.  With JOE WILLIAMS:


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Nov 27, 2017, Main Avenue at Firemen’s Park. Note the red vehicle moving into the other lane. Blogfinger photo.


TREME BRASS BAND   “Just a Closer Walk With Thee”   (HBO show Treme soundtrack)


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A flier in Ocean Grove. 11/26/17

Paul Goldfinger,  Editor @Blogfinger

In recent days these fliers have been appearing on our windshields in town.  They are promoting support for the Neptune township/OGHOA parking plan which is to be presented at the Monday, 11/27  6pm workshop meeting at the Mother Ship.

For some reason those who are distributing the fliers do not identify themselves.  The wording is that of the OGHOA, but it could be anyone. It’s interesting that this attempt at information provides nothing more than the basics that have already been promulgated by the Groaners.   They did not see to it that we all receive a detailed copy of the plan to review in advance.

Do you think the Groaners might be afraid of scrutiny by the public?   Maybe they think you all are too stupid to comprehend, so they will try to spoon feed you some low calorie concepts at the meeting.

The idea seems to be to get a crowd to show up, but all that might do is create an impression of support for the plan to impress the Committee, but it is also possible that in the audience will be those who oppose the plan.

If you want to speak, you may have to wait quite a while, and then you can give a 5 minute speech.  If you ask a question, it’s not likely that they will respond, but you can try.

In our last article, we pointed out that the process of dealing with new plans for parking in the Grove can be complicated–unlike the description on the mystery flier.

We don’t know what will happen at that meeting, but we will let you know afterwards  in case you are home sipping a gin and tonic.

And as for the unknown flier perpetrators, if they are so eager to get us to attend the meeting, why not sign their name??  It seems a bit sleazy.

BRANDI CARLILE     “The Heartache Can Wait.”



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By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

Blogfinger has been asking for permit parking for some time. Our articles can be found by using the search box above.   We have posted about 40 articles about parking in the last 5 months.  It is a pivotal topic affecting the lifestyles of the residents of Ocean Grove.

The proposed plan would offer permits to residents, including renters, for a small fee. Anyone with a permit sticker would be able to park anywhere, while others would be denied access to one side of certain (?all)  streets. We don’t know any more details.  This information is from the OGHOA.

There are those who fear that this plan would deny parking for visitors who come into town.

It would be helpful to have some data.  If the plan results in many empty spaces, then it will fail. Remember that many resident cars are out of town at various times.

Would the numbers show that there will be a space for every resident car? If that is the goal, it will fail. A plan would have to provide a reasonable number of resident permit spaces, but a number that is less than the number of permit cars.

So sometimes a resident might not find a special space, but having the residents occasionally compete for the permit spaces is still better than what we have now where the residents compete for all spaces on the same playing field as everyone else including the barbarian Asburian invaders.

Ironically, our last poll on this subject revealed that a substantial number of Grovers oppose such a plan—-I have met some of them.  Many of them worry  that this plan will deprive visitors of parking. Others would not commit because they wanted more details.  The Camp Meeting threatened to sue if the Township passes such a plan.

But every Grover currently has to park somewhere. So whether they are parking in a permit space or a non-permit space, the total number of spaces for them should be the same.

Total spaces in town minus total spaces used by residents equals the remaining spaces for visitors, regardless of a permit plan or not.   But, under permit parking,  those visitors might have to struggle more than residents to find parking, but why worry?    It’s about time that residents get some measure of advantage.

And as for the meter dodgers from over the border, Neptune would do well in reconsidering metered parking, especially at the beach area, downtown and at the North End, with a free pass somehow for residents who are forced to park in a metered space.

It would be great if many citizens attended that meeting on Monday, Nov. 27 at the Mother Ship (Municipal Building on Neptune Blvd; Take 33 to Walgreens and turn right after that onto Davis. The giant medical building will be on your left. Turn right into the parking lot.   (Note: Davis Avenue was closed on Nov 20. Roadwork.)




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Internet photo

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Meg Baker (CBS News) interviews Joyce Klein* ( foreground) on Jersey Joyce’s porch in Ocean Grove. Overhead is the Bronx Botanical Garden. 5/26/16. © Paul Goldfinger photo.


The letter below is from Joyce Klein, Chair of the HOA Parking Committee. She is reporting on an HOA breakfast meeting which was held on Saturday, August 26, 2017.

“To all of you who have made your voices heard about the parking issues in OG at the Township Committee meetings so far–THANK YOU!

“I think that we are making progress. As Committeeman Rob Lane said this morning at the HOA breakfast, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease…..” We need to continue to be the squeaky wheel when it comes to parking. The Camp Meeting’s statement at the last meeting opposing permits and threatening an unspecified law suit can not be met with silence. We need to make it clear to the Township Committee that they should not be cowed by the threat of a frivolous law suit, but should instead implement a pilot permit parking program to see if it works. My prediction is that it will help and will not cause the horrors suggested by the CMA and other naysayers.

“I am hopeful that the Township Committee will see fit to have further discussions of permits and perhaps other parking solutions in the coming weeks.

“So, if you can make it, please try to come to the meeting and speak up for permit parking on Monday night. Feel free to bring your friends and neighbors. For better or worse, we are not a community of spring chickens, so if you can, or you know someone with mobility or health conditions that make walking a distance from one’s car to one’s home difficult, it would be helpful for the Township Committee to hear from those people.

“As always, if you would like me to text you when it is time for the public comment period, let me know and I will do so.

“Thanks again.


Editor’s note @Blogfinger.  The Neptune Township Committee meeting will be held on Monday, August 28, at 7 pm, Municipal Building.  If you have any spring chickens, bring them along, but no chicken fat please. —–PG


*Joyce Klein interview with CBS News


JOHN PIZZARELLI    from South Pacific:

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