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Let’s hire an expensive consultant to create more parking spaces in the Grove.

Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

In the Feb 5, 2020 Asbury Park Press, CMA President Michael Badger gave an interview which explained his goals with respect to our parking problems. You can read it yourself (link below:)

He begins the video by comparing OG with every other shore town in this area.  He said, “Parking is always difficult in a shore town.”   But OG is different than other shore towns.




He said, “The association is deeply concerned about the struggles people are having. My hope is to make improvements that will benefit everyone.”

He wants a solution which is “equitable and fair.”  But “equitable and fair” need further definition.

In fact, “fair” for the citizens of OG should be to place Grovers at the top of any priority list for parking.  There is nothing wrong with favoritism for those who make this their home.  Many communities believe in that—did he ever hear of permit parking?

In the video portion he enunciates the “microproblems” which we face in the Grove.  He mentions beach goers and the Asbury Park overflow situation.

But he doesn’t want anyone to have to pay and he does not mention the residential community all around OG as being on his list of concerns.

He also forgot to include our other “microproblems” including too many secular mega-events in such a small town, too many large CMA events bringing in thousands of religious tourists, too many street closures, a North End plan which will exacerbate our parking chaos, and increasing numbers of short term renters.

Instead he expresses his compassion for taxpayers who live in Neptune.  He says that “their beach” is OG, so we should find ways to help them have access to parking.  After all, he said,” Do we want to say to Neptuners, ‘Don’t come to Ocean Grove;  we don’t want you here? ‘”

He said that if we discourage Neptuners from parking in the Grove, then that would make us “elitist.”

But the problem for him is that no one in OG would ever discourage Neptuners from visiting here.  He should apologize to all Grovers for his obnoxious implications.

What Badger doesn’t admit to is that his top priority has always been to provide parking for religious tourism in the Grove, a phenomenon which is actually growing. Instead he hides that concern within a fog of nonsense.

He plans to hire a “nationally known” consultant. The parking consultants  which they have chosen are  Kimley-Horn.  Look at their website yourself. Is this the right company for the Grove?  Will Kimley-Horn perform some magic to make even more parking spaces for tourists?



In 2017, Badger posted a very provocative letter in the Coaster about parking in the Grove.  And the comments section is very good.  Here is the link;

Badger letter on parking 2017. Critique by Blogfinger.



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