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Delaware Avenue, south of Main.Parallel parking is an adventure. Click to Seymour. Blogfinger photo 8/19/17 ©

This is Delaware Avenue,  just south of Main Avenue.  Ironically, there is a funeral home to the right. This street here is very narrow, as are many OG streets.  It’s a sunny Saturday in August, and there is gridlock. About 60 seconds before this photo was taken that parking spot was vacated.  The prior occupant pulled out of the space very slowly.

30 seconds after that, this vehicle showed up.  There was room for parking, but parallel parking in a place like that always feels as if you would hit the car on the other side. You have to have faith in the Lord that you will not do so, and almost always you don’t. This driver must have been sweating this experience.  Behind his car is another car waiting.

But why should parking be a frightening experience and why do we allow our town to overflow with cars—many more than there are spaces?

NJ.com  June 2016:  The Neptune mayor was interviewed about OG parking.  “We have to take a look at the proposals that do what’s best for the greater good,” McMillan said.  Bull!!

This is double talk for “we are not going to seriously look at the OGHOA permit parking proposal.”  This also is fake news because he doesn’t tell us what “greater good” means.  He certainly isn’t giving the residents any advantage.

Parking should not be an absolute democracy.  Permit parking works in many other towns which recognize that their residents are special and need assistance. That is the greater good!    The objections mentioned by the CMA earlier this week (Aug. 2017 ) are bogus.

In that 2016 NJ.com interview, McMillan said, “There’s no easy solution to the parking issue, and the best way to address it is to let the political process play out.”  Is he serious??  We cannot trust the “political process”in Neptune.   Ask them what happened to the revised  HPC guidelines——MIA.

And he said, “We’re not going to run away from the problem.   More gobbledygook!  Look what happened over the ensuing year—-nothing but poppycock. Our local government specializes in poppycock and they should hang a banner to that effect in front of the Mother Ship.

And now, 2017, Mayor Brantley tells the Coaster  (but not the citizens of OG) that permit parking is dead.

Consider Belmar:  In 2015 they closed down the entire town when the number of cars exceeded the number of spaces during a seafood festival.  But the official Belmar stance on parking, as stated by their mayor, is that they place the interests of their residents first.

Their online site says,  “Belmar’s leadership and citizenry always understood that lack of parking is a serious problem here and that increases in the availability of parking must accompany any increased development.”

Do you think the Neptune leadership ever had this thought in mind when it approved condos without parking?

Paul Goldfinger Editor @Blogfinger.net

MARLENE DIETRICH.  She sings this to the Neptune Committee on behalf of OG residents:

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Site stats for Thursday, August 17, 2017: 1,200 visits including 12 foreign countries among which are India, Israel, Norway and Germany.  Most linked post by far was again about the CMA speaking out in public and threatening to sue over parking ; Also Airbnb,  and Quote of the Day.

Song of the week  LITTLE WILLIE JOHN:

DOO WOPs are not dead, even though the CMA dumped them this summer. The word on the street is that the Christian ventriloquist on July 8 had less than 100 people in the Great Auditorium audience.  But this summer, the Paramount Theatre in Asbury  is having a fine Doo Wop show featuring the Coasters, the Ronettes,  and the Crystals. Red Bank is also having Doo Wops this summer.

Here’s a link to our post on this subject:

Doo Wops in OG



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But if our commenters refuse to give us their email address, we have no way to communicate.  Your email is never revealed on the blog, and no one ever gets to see it except me, and most of the time we do not even know your name.

This is especially useful when a reader is trying to communicate something controversial.   Thank you, the Management.





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By Paul Goldfinger, Editor and Jack Bredin Reporter and Researcher @Blogfinger.net

The meeting hadn’t yet begun, but the Township Committee attendees were greeted outside the Municipal Building by a group of demonstrators with signs complaining about plans to build a bulk-head at the Shark River. Blogfinger has little interest in the subject, but we are impressed that,  for the first time which we are aware, citizen-pickets protested outside.

We need more of that sort of activism when Ocean Grove has demands, and we often do.

Last night the OG Home Groaners planned to pressure the Committee into seriously looking into resident permit parking. They expected citizens to show up and loudly complain (at the microphone) that we need permits.  Even the political arm of Ocean Grove United tried to push the issue on behalf of their allies, the HOA, with a mass email  containing Joyce Klein’s  (HOA Parking Committee Chair) plea to show up.

But since the Home Groaners never publicly revealed their permit plan, how is the public supposed to make up its mind on this controversial issue?  Is this one of those “vote for it first and then find out what’s in it” moments?

As it turns out, an estimated 15 people spoke up, but about half were opposed and the other half were in favor; a somewhat similar result to our BF poll. Since those in favor had no idea what exactly they were in favor of, they basically asked the Committee to “do something.”  And those who were  opposed had no idea exactly what they were opposed to. They basically said “It won’t work.”

And the Committee seemed to cling to its  OG parking strategy which is to squirm in their seats while making believe they care.  This topic offers a no-win situation for them, and they have no courage to address it.   They want it to go away.

And the Home Groaners Ass. once again comes up empty regarding an issue that OG residents do care about.

Two interesting Grovers went to the microphone.  The first was Ted Bell, OG historian and HSOG member.  He said that he was in favor of a permit plan.

The other well known guest was Rev. John DiGiamberardino, COO of the Camp Meeting Association.  He read a prepared statement opposing a permit plan on the grounds that it would not coincide with the group’s “Mission Statement.”    The last time we heard that was when the citizens were rejected for a dog park in the Grove.

He did not hand out copies of his statement.  We will try to get one, since the OGHOA is very influential in town and in their dealings with the Committee.  Also, this must be important to the CMA, because they almost never go public with their views; except when Rev. John sent out a statement in the recent past on ground rents.

But, hang onto your hats, because this was a very long meeting and there was more trash talk to keep the Committee on the edge of their podium seats.

Here’s a song dedicated to the Township Committee from their buddies the OGHOA:


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Blogfinger supports resident permit parking, but it has to be done right. © BF flier. July 2017.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

February HOA minutes:   “Parking Committee:   Joyce reported that at the regular meeting of  the Neptune Township Committee scheduled for Monday, February 27,  a resolution to adopt the Township  Committee’s  parking recommendations would be proposed. The recommendations include:  1. Angle parking on one side of Main Street and one side of Central Avenue and 2. Enforcement of the existing commercial parking regulations.  ”

No mention of permit parking.

April HOA minutes: “Parking report:  Joyce Klein reported that the Neptune Council will have a second  and final reading of the ordinance allowing for the potential addition of about 18 angle parking spots.”

No mention of permit parking.

May HOA minutes:    “Parking:    Richard Williams reported that the striping on Central Avenue is being done; striping at the west end of Main Avenue is yet to be done.”

No mention of permit parking

June HOA minutes : “Joyce Klein provided  an update on parking.  Angle parking has been put in place on Central and Main Avenues, resulting in a net gain of 18 parking spots.  The OGHOA parking committee will resume its efforts to bring about substantive changes to improve the parking situation in Ocean Grove.”

No mention of permit parking

July: no minutes  See link below.

July 8. Blogfinger poll asked if Grovers would support permit parking. 330 votes were cast.    58% said yes, but we suspected that the no votes were inflated.  And it’s hard to vote when the plan details have not been revealed by the Home Groaners. So some skeptics voted no, but if a good plan were conceived, we believe that they will vote “yes.”

July 11: Blogfinger article:   permit parking post by BF 7/11

July 21:  Blogfinger post on this subject:    BF July article about parking fake news

August 12, 2017        Email from Joyce Klein of the HOA:      “I know many have been attending the Township Committee meetings to speak out about the need for permit parking.  We have been effective in keeping the topic front and center and I am hopeful that we will see some action* on parking in the near future.”

(Editor’s note:  “some action* on parking.”  Talk about evasive use of language and fake news. The lack of transparency is evident. The Groaners need to be replaced!)

The HOA brought up the subject of permit parking last  year, but when the Committee ignored them, they folded like a cheap camera and jumped on board for the 18 diagonal parking space solution.  There was no further mention of permit parking until recently when they say that they have been “keeping the topic front and center.” More fake news.

At the last Committee meeting the OG Home Groaners Ass. persuaded some Grovers to speak out during the public session, but the HGA never explained to the public what their permit parking plan will be.  Now again, they want the public to make noise at the Committee meeting coming up tomorrow, July 14.

But why should anyone be enthused about the Groaners’ current efforts when they have never made public their secret plan for permit parking?   We know it exists, because we saw it, and the reason they don’t reveal it is because they don’t want any push-back from the citizens.  The OG Home Groaners are like a secret society with its own agendas and they will even try to change history and spread fake news as  you can see above.

Meanwhile, Blogfinger posted 10 articles in the last two months, mostly to push for permit parking.  Just type in “permit parking” in the search block above.   2 of them are linked above.

Here’s an idea:  A Grover told me about the resident permit parking plan in Hoboken which works:

Most streets in Hoboken are designated on one side (the north or west side) as “Resident Permit Parking Only” with a green sign/white letters, and the other side (south or east side) as “Permit Parking Only” with a white sign and green letters. The remaining streets are typically in commercial areas and designated as metered (time limit) parking.

Hows that for looking after number one?


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Commercial vehicle parked at a work site early on a Sunday morning.  No work being done that day.    7/30/17 ©

The commercial van above should not be left overnight at a job site. Allowing such vehicles to park on residential streets overnight aggravates the parking situation and encourages other contractors to do the same.  However if the commercial van owner actually lives in the Grove, there is an ordinance exception for one such vehicle.

DEAN MARTIN   ‘Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone.”


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Baltimore. Internet photo.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

We have been under the impression that there is no law against placing a cone or other object at the curb to save a parking space.  This issue comes up every summer and during every serious snowfall.  Of course, no one has the right to save a space, so anyone could come along, remove the cone, and pull right in.  Only a few, however, would have the nerve to do that, for a variety of reasons.  We also have been under the impression that the police would not care about this issue and would not likely respond to such a complaint.

So, while at a recent OG social event,  I discovered that some citizens were disagreeing about this issue, and they asked me.  I offered my usual opinion, but I promised to check with the NTPD.

Today I spoke to Lt. Michael Zarro who is the Traffic Officer for NTPD.  He said that saving a space with an object in the road was a violation. Nothing is allowed in the road except the usual suspects—vehicles  (parked or moving.)  And that evidently applies to cones or garbage pails at the curb placed there for reasons other than the legitimate ones, such as a crater pothole, construction, or a pail full of garbage waiting  for the trash men or women.

But enough trash talk…..Lt. Zarro said that his officers will respond if someone calls with a complaint.  They will remove the object and they may actually place it into custody, so don’t use your wife to save a space.  I gather that they may not intervene if no one complains, but I wouldn’t count on it.  It looks like our understanding on this was wrong.

Of course, we know that Grovers are very creative about saving spaces through the innovative spacing of their vehicles. That is not against the law.

We did have a Blogfinger conversation about this subject in 2013, and there are some very good comments  (35 responses)  to read in order to get some insight about your neighbors.  During that discussion some did say that conification of parking spaces is illegal.    A BF poll in 2015 found that 70% of  respondents thought it was OK to save a space.

So if you decide to create a cone zone in front of your house, you may have an issue that you were not anticipating and you may have to face the music.  And if you want to speak to Lt. Zarro, he invites you to call him at 732 988 8000, ext 433.

Saving a space discussion 2013 BF

VINCE GIORDANO AND THE NIGHTHAWKS:  “Let’s Face the Music.” From their album Cheek to Cheek



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Have a thrill: comment on Blogfinger and sign your real name! Paul Goldfinger photo © Long Beach Island, NJ.

From Surf Guy:

Is there a reason we don’t stripe spots on the streets? I see problems all the time with people saving spots, or just parking badly and taking up space that could fit additional cars. Seems like a few more spots per block wouldn’t hurt.

Editor’s note:  For the life of me, I cannot understand why perfectly reasonable  people like Surf Guy won’t put their real names with their ideas.

Please people, use your real names for serious ideas. You will have more credibility if you do so.

–Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.

KATHY BRIER:  “After You Get What You Want (You Don’t Want it)    From Boardwalk Empire  (HBO)

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These Grovers are winners. OG taxpayers should fight to be winners also. Paul Goldfinger ©  OG lifeguards who won their tournament. c.2014.  Click image to enlarge.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

At the present time, there are no details that would describe exactly what such a permit plan might look like in this town, so what we are actually polling about has to do with a concept not a specific parking plan.

Debating specific features of a plan now is a waste of time and a distraction. The Township is trying to cut this off by saying that specifics and a referendum are needed but they don’t really want anything to happen.   They don’t want us to understand the real substance of the situation.

A vote “yes” sends a message to Neptune Township that we, the tax paying homeowners in Ocean Grove, deserve your attention and special consideration when it comes to limited public resources such as parking on the streets of Ocean Grove.

We have a Township government which collects a substantial amount of tax money from each homeowner every quarter. A significant number of parking spaces in town are occupied by non-residents on average. It becomes even more crowded by outsiders when the circus is in town. But those visitors pay nothing. So the homeowners must be given special recognition in terms of Township policies.

The Neptune government has made it clear that they have no interest in looking out for the homeowners/residents of this town. They don’t care about the Master Plan, the lifestyles of residents, the history of this “historic district,” the parking anguish of residents, or pretty much about anything that we care about.

For purposes of discussion we should remember that renters are residents, but homeowners pay the taxes. Ideally, actual residents, including renters and homeowners, should benefit from a new system because they are more important than tourists. But if push comes to shove, taxpayers should be top dogs. But renters have no chance at any benefits if they vote “no.”

The Committee plays up to other parts of town, such as Midtown—to the people whose votes will re-elect them time and time again. The only segment of OG citizenry which the Township favors is the Camp Meeting Association, and most of their trustees do not live in the Grove, and how much of their property is tax exempt?    And they don’t even pay taxes on the land which they say they own.  We do!

When we consider the behavior of Neptune Township governance, forget what they say at public meetings. Instead study what they do. For them actions (ie inactions) do speak louder than words.

So this parking permit question really represents the idea that our elected officials should give the taxpayers an edge when it comes to policy. Until now , they have done whatever they please, including ignoring the parking issue and ignoring OG taxpayers/residents.

It is not unreasonable for homeowners to want a new precedent where the Township does give an edge to tax payers. There is nothing untoward about their making life easier for taxpayers/residents in this town, because we put up money to keep the Township going.  No tourist gives NT   money.

It’s time for the Neptune government to respond to this principal, and the demand for permit parking is the tangible symbol of a change which is long overdue.

So this Blogfinger poll represents a message to our non-representative elected officials who will begin to hear about this principle through our vote. That is why all homeowners and residents should vote “yes.”

This is really about telling them that attention must be paid to us. If you choose “no” then you tell them that their dismissive behavior towards us is OK.

As a bonus, hopefully we will see them recognize their obligation to us and come up with a plan that will show some favoritism to tax payers. And the only way that we can be identified by those indifferent  officials who sit up on that dais is by the issuance of permits.

Let’s not argue now about how many permits, who gets them, etc. Let’s get an advantage in the marketplace of ideas in our town.

I will tell you about how I feel regarding the number of permits later, after the Township takes a real first step, encouraged by our vote in the poll.  There is room for negotiation if only they will pay meaningful attention to us. The referendum is useless and is just subterfuge for them to move on and leave us no where.

From the soundtrack of the film Chef.  It’s about finding an idea and running with  it.

“Stop your messing around (ah-ah-ah)
Better think of your future (ah-ah-ah)
Time you straighten right out (ah-ah-ah)
Creating problems in town (ah-ah-ah)”

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It has been proposed that resident permit parking be established in Ocean Grove. The question pertains to the general idea of permit parking, which many towns already have.  It is understood that the details would have to be debated later.

The HOA is proposing a referendum for November.  Let’s vote now. This vote is an opinion survey for July 2017 and is not binding on your subsequent decisions related to this topic.

This poll is intended for residents of Ocean Grove.  Please do not vote more than once.




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Check the flier at Stoke’s feet. He evidently supports resident permit parking in the Grove. Blogfinger action photo. Click to read the flier. © 7/13/17

In my mind I see this lady with a colorful umbrella and a New Orleans jazz band marching behind her as she goes round and round around Stokes’ statue.  The band would play  “When the Saints Go Marchin’ In” over and over, with a wide variety of lyrics.

Sometimes “hot ” lyrics would be substituted in New Orleans such as:

“I used to have a playmate

“Who would walk and talk with me

“But since she got religion

“She’s  scared the c*** outta me.”


The New Orleans Preservation Hall Jazz Band:


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