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Power to the people of Ocean Grove. Blogfinger photo taken in Ocean Grove, NJ ©

Power to the people of Ocean Grove. Blogfinger photo taken in Ocean Grove, NJ  by Jean Bredin.©  Reposted from Jan. 2016. ©


FRANK SINATRA    Just substitute Ocean Grove for Chicago.

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OG North End . No parking. Really?   c 2015. Paul Goldfinger photo.©



This is a monument to double standards, favoritism, failure to follow State laws (e.g. RSIS) and callous disregard for the people of this town. Do you want that repeated at the North End?   Be aware!  Blogfinger photo on Ocean Avenue ©. 2016

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger and Jack Bredin, Blogfinger reporter/researcher.

At every Township Committee meeting, someone from the OGHOA stands up and asks the Neptune  Township attorney whether WAVE finances have been settled in order to allow a Redevelopers Agreement to be signed.  And each time  they are told that no progress has been made.

However, those financial negotiations are only one item that needs to be addressed before a contract between WAVE and the Township is signed, and the Township and the Groaners need to read the North End Redevelopment Plan (NERP)   which was signed in 2008 and which still remains in effect.

There is a North End Redevelopment Subcommittee which has been supposedly following the entire project since 2008, but they don’t seem to be meeting.

The following is a partial list of separate items that the Redevelopment Subcommittee and the OGHOA should have been following, because these issues need to be addressed before the Committee and a redeveloper sign a Redevelopers Agreement to develop the North End project.

Page 23 of the NERP:    “The redevelopment agreement (s) shall contain provisions to ensure the timely construction of the redevelopment project, the qualifications, financial capability, and financial guarantees of the developers (s) and any other provisions necessary to assure the successful completion of the project.”

–Qualifications means, what has WAVE ever built?

–Financial capability means, do they have the money?

–Financial guarantees would require a letter of credit from a bank, payable to Neptune Township if the project is not completed on time pursuant to the Redevelopers Agreement.

–Timely construction of the project means a schedule of dates for when each phase of the project will be completed. The Subcommittee must prepare this schedule

Page 24 of the NERP:  “A redeveloper shall be required to pay their proportional share of the cost of any studies, plans, reports, or analysis prepared by the Township or its designated redevelopment entity as part of the Ocean Grove North End Redevelopment Plan. Any such payments required to reimburse the Township shall be specified in the Redeveloper Agreement.”

–The total could exceed $800,000.00, but according to an OPRA request, many financial records have been destroyed. They must be recovered by the Subcommittee.

Page 19 of the NERP—-under “property to be acquired:”

–“Neptune Township will limit its use of eminent domain to instances where there is a clear public purpose, such as roadway improvements.”

Page 8 and Page 13 of the NERP show a redevelopment map and minimum front yard setback requirements. These pages when viewed together, identify:

–The last block of Beach Avenue to the west.

–The boardwalk to the east.

–The Wesley Lake walkway to the north.

–These 3  are shown as existing municipal streets according to the plan, but they are not; and they need to be acquired through the process of eminent domain before the Redevelopment Contract is signed.    We cannot rely on a fraudulent map.

Page 14 of the NERP—–  Required offsite improvements: “The redeveloper shall reconstruct the structural retaining wall/bulkhead along the site’s frontage on Wesley Lake”

–What is the estimated cost of reconstructing the bulkhead?

Page 6 of the NERP:—-Boardwalk:  “The site is bisected by the boardwalk which provides pedestrian access to Asbury Park to the north and to the Ocean Grove beachfront. The designated developer will be required to create a gateway design feature at the north end of the boardwalk”

–A gateway design feature has not been selected. It is now up to the Subcommittee to select this design feature such as a statue or monument for that location, along with the estimated cost.

Page 14 of the NERP:  What is the estimated cost of “site improvements for streets, water supply, sanitary sewers, and storm water management facilities?”

Page 19 of the NERP—-Easements: “Provisions should be made for an easement to allow access to the eastern parcel (the Pavilion Building) for services, garbage collection, and deliveries.”

Several other major issues related to the NERP must be addressed:

–What is the estimated cost to prepare a plan for the underground parking garage?  Currently there is no plan for a parking garage, and what is the estimated cost to build the parking garage?

–What is the estimated cost to excavate and remove the soil from the site?

–What are the estimated costs to drive the pilings and to construct the hotel? There also is no plan for pilings.

–What are the estimated costs to build the single-family houses and multi-family condominiums and townhouses?

–What are the estimated costs of rebuilding the North End Pavilion (ie the White Whale?)

–What are the estimated costs to rebuild the boardwalk to 60 feet, pursuant to the redevelopment plan, and at what elevation?

–What are the estimated costs to build a waterfront promenade along Wesley Lake?

–What are the estimated costs to build the proposed boat docks? And, can you have a boat dock in a detention basin?

–What are the estimated costs to build the pedestrian bridge over the boardwalk connecting the hotel and the pavilion.


Note:  The Committee must be mindful that there will be only one (!) monolithic structure on Block (1).  The pilings, parking garage, hotel and residential units are all attached.

Reporters’ Note:  Before signing a contract with WAVE, the Township must have an estimated total cost of the project along with security bonds from WAVE in that total amount payable to the Township if the project is not completed on time.

So far, after 8 years, the Township Committee has nothing.

We do not need another Esperanza in Ocean Grove.

There are no OG songs, so try this one on for size:



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Ocean Grove North End Redevelopment Zone. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Ocean Grove North End Redevelopment Zone. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger and Jack Bredin, reporter and researcher @ Blogfinger.

On July 27, 2016,  we posted a summary regarding the North End Redevelopment Plan.  You should read it before you proceed with this article. Link below:


Committeeman Brantley showing the North End project to a "developer." on July 27, 2016. Blogfinger photo ©

Committeeman Brantley showing the North End project to a “developer.” on July 27, 2016. Blogfinger photo ©

One issue that was raised on July 27 was:   “Why was Committeeman Michael Brantley inspecting the North End property on July 27, 2016, at 11 am? He wasn’t going swimming. He was dressed in a business suit and was with two other ‘suits.’   Shouldn’t he explain himself since the North End Redevelopment Plan (NERP) is a public project? Doesn’t this look peculiar?”

At the August 22, 2016 Neptune Township Committee meeting, Brantley volunteered that he indeed wasn’t swimming when he visited the North End on July 27 wearing business attire.  He explained that he was there showing the re-development property to a developer who evidently was not WAVE, the developer who has been sitting on this project for 8 years.

This information tells us that the Township is tired of waiting for that derelict property to be turned into something functional,  historical and beautiful. We know that despite the long engagement, the Township is not married to WAVE, because those parties never signed a redevelopers agreement.

Some of us hoped that if the WAVE plan fell through, that the Township and the CMA, especially with new Committeemen on board, would do the right thing and revert to original zoning for 25 single family homes.  But evidently  that is not in the cards since Brantley, the Committeeman who made the motion to adopt the NERP in 2008, is still looking for a big commercial project, and why not, since it means more money for the Township, the developers, the CMA and perhaps others who are in play to get rich on such a plan.  The heck with the Master Plan and the wishes of most citizens in the Grove.  Check the Blogfinger poll below from January, 2016. Click on “view results:”

Also, in our July 27 piece:  The Township Attorney Gene Anthony said that he had nothing to report publicly at the Committee meeting about the North End negotiations because he hadn’t heard from WAVE or their attorney.

Well, it seems that the Township has been taken for a ride by WAVE because at the August 22 Committee meeting, the Township attorney once again reported  that WAVE  (represented by William Gannon III)  failed to contact him with certain financial information.

The entire process continues to be cloaked in secrecy—it’s a fog that doesn’t lift, but since it is a public project, transparency  should be required.  But not in Neptune Township where they ignore NJ RSIS laws, where they hold secret, behind-closed-doors meetings regarding the North End, where they don’t reveal the identities of those who would develop the North End—ie WAVE,  and where they don’t represent the views of those who elected them .

And, Committeeman Brantley, who was the developer that you were showing around?  Why have you failed to reveal publicly that you are conducting such a search, and are all the Neptune Township Committee members aware of your efforts?    And has the Committee formally put out a required public request for developers to look at the project?  And, Dr. Brantley, which other developers are you speaking or negotiating with?  And, finally,  Dr. Brantley, how about explaining to the public why you believe the NERP to be the best course of action for the people of Ocean Grove?

Back in 2007, WAVE was handed the redevelopers mantle without such a public search process.  We know that some developers did look at the project, but WAVE was predestined  to be the crown prince no matter what.   Consider this email to Blogfinger  from a developer who tried to be hired for the job:

Entire content of an email from a redeveloper regarding a North End proposal. We are not revealing that company's identity. Blogfinger.net ©

Entire content of an email from the president of a major developer regarding a North End proposal.  Blogfinger.net ©

The Neptune Township Committee is behind the NERP (North End Redevelopment Plan).  In 2007 they provided legal cover for the CMA/WAVE planners to get the zoning that would be essential to substitute 160 condos for the 25 Victorian single family homes that was the original zoning.

Our new Committeemen (2016) have now inherited  the zoning charade and all that goes with it including the secrecy and the questionable motives of all concerned including the OGCMA.  If the NERP gets into legal trouble, the entire Committee will be exposed including you freshmen.  Is this what you entered public office to do?

We ask that the Neptune Committee give up on WAVE and cancel the phony re-development zoning, returning the Grove to single family housing at the North End.

Editor’s Note:    If you enter “North End Redevelopment” into our search box at the top of this homepage, on the right, you can catch up on our many articles about this subject.



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Tree meets wood at the North End boardwalk in Ocean Grove.. May 23, 2016

Trex meets wood at the North End boardwalk in Ocean Grove.. May 23, 2016. click to enlarge the splinters.  Blogfinger photo ©


Workmen strive to get done by Memorial Day. 5/23/16. Blogfinger photos. ©

Workmen strive to get done by Memorial Day. 5/23/16. Blogfinger photos. ©



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This is the boardwalk in August, 2015 in front of the White Whale.   No one knew that the piles and sand underneath would be unable to support the new boardwalk.  Blogfinger photo.  ©

This is the boardwalk in August, 2015 in front of the White Whale. No one knew that the piles and sand underneath would be unable to support the new boardwalk. Blogfinger photo. ©

The original cost of the North End boardwalk reconstruction was to be $622,739.00 to Bird Construction.  On March 14, the Township committee adopted a resolution  (change order #1)  which authorized an additional $72,942.58. Note that this project was supposed to be completed in March.

The problem is that flood waters from Sandy ran under the White Whale and washed out the sand and damaged the concrete piers which were supposed to support the new North End boardwalk under the asphalt at that northern location.

So now new piles are needed, and a new increase in cost ($55,000 for change order#2) brings the total cost up to $811,534.20.  Some of that funding is being provided by the CMA.  The latter change will be voted on at the April 11 Committee meeting

We thank Citizen Reporter R. S. for contributing to this report.

–Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.





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Welcome to the Ocean Grove North End Redevelopment zone. Blogfinger photo.

Welcome to the Ocean Grove North End Redevelopment zone. Blogfinger photo.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor  @Blogfinger.net.     Jack Bredin, Researcher @Blogfinger.

Since 2007, the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association and the North End financial backers–WAVE— have been promising to move ahead with the North End Redevelopment Plan. That official NERP was passed by the Neptune Township Committee in 2008.

In order to get the process really moving, beyond the conceptual phase which has been dormant  for years, at least 3 affirmative votes by members of the new 2016 Neptune Township Committee would be required to approve a Redevelopers  Agreement  (contract) with WAVE regarding that 2008 NERP.   After that, a resolution approving the contract would be signed by the Mayor and the Township Clerk. Public hearings should be held to announce the new agreement.

If WAVE wants to change the plan from the 2008 concept to something else, then the entire process has to start again from scratch.

At the February 8th meeting of the Township Committee, the Committee’s attorney, Gene Anthony, announced that he had recently received a message from WAVE that WAVE and the OGCMA were completing their private agreement and that, secondly,  WAVE has a new investment “partner.”   When everything is finalized, they will combine their financials and make a presentation. They will have to disclose everyone involved who has over a 10% interest in the plan.

We don’t know if any of the present members of the  Township Committee have attended any of those private meetings along with the Township Attorney.   We don’t know if any of the 2016 Committee know  much about the NERP and its questionable features.

The agreement announced by Mr. Anthony should be completed by mid-February, so then we’ll see if Sisyphus can push this boulder up the hill.



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Condominiums at the Time Warner Center were found to have a number of hidden owners over a decade who had been the subjects of government investigations. Credit Edward Caruso for The New York Times Advertisement Continue reading the main storyContinue reading the main storyShare This Page Email Share NY Times

Condominiums at the Time Warner Center were found to have a number of hidden owners over a decade who had been the subjects of government investigations. Credit Edward Caruso for The New York Times

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

In a front page article in the NY Times*, it is reported that the Justice Department is looking into secret investors who are behind high end real estate deals. They are especially interested in professionals such as real estate agents, bankers, and lawyers who are involved in developing such entities.

Oftentimes shell companies are formed such as LLC’s**  (Limited Liability Corporations)  that shield the identities of investors. Frequently foreign buyers are involved using cash payments as they seek real estate deals to hide or launder their money.

Currently the investigators are focusing on New York City and Miami.

There is an LLC that is involved in the North End Redevelopment Plan. It is called WAVE, and we posted an article about it in April, 2015.


Since 2007. the identities of the WAVE investors have been hidden, even though they have been doing business with Neptune Township, the governing entity that is in charge of the North End Area in Need of Redevelopment.

You would think that any group doing business with the Township would be required to disclose the identities of its investors, and if it refuses, the Township should open bidding for others to be redevelopers of the NERP. But the Township continues to be involved with WAVE.

This is not to say that there is any evidence that WAVE’s principles are doing anything illegal,  but any entity doing business with the Township should be totally above board  and transparent, or it should be excused from participating in this project. This is about appearances, and the Township ought to make sure that its business associates are squeaky clean.  As far as we can tell, the Committee does not know whom it is dealing with.

**”Simply put, an LLC is the least complex business structure. Unlike an S corp or C corp, an LLC’s structure is flexible. It also gives you the perk of pass-through taxes, limited liability (obviously), and legal protection for your personal assets. Plus the added benefit of looking more legit than the other guys.”  Internet definition.

NY Times link:*


CAROL HANEY   from the Pajama Game.

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A fine kettle of fish. Phrase made famous by Laurel and Hardy to describe a big mess.---PG

A fine kettle of fish. Phrase made famous by Laurel and Hardy to describe a big mess.—PG

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor at Blogfinger and Jack Bredin, researcher.

At the October 26, 2015 Neptune Township Committee meeting, the following conversation took place:

OGHOA member: Did you hear from WAVE?

Gene Anthony (Township attorney:) No, but there are not any other developers knocking on the door.

Jack Bredin: Did you advertise a request for proposals?

Randy Bishop: It isn’t necessary because this is private property.

Jack Bredin: Did you ever hear of the Riviera Plan?*

Bishop: Yes.

This conversation indicates that the Township has abandoned the 2008 public North End Redevelopment Plan and has, instead, substituted a general development plan which is something that private land developers do, but ordinarily, to do that, they must conform to the Township zoning which, in Ocean Grove,  is single family homes.

As you may recall, when the Committee allowed the North End to become an Area in Need of Redevelopment, it was approving a change in zoning to allow 165 residential units instead of single family homes.

In doing so, the Township Committee became in charge of the process and was supposed to advertise for redevelopers, however, somehow that step was skipped, and WAVE and the CMA were anointed as redevelopers, and now the Township wants to keep the Redevelopment zoning for 165 units while allowing the process to proceed as if this were a private development project. Mixing those two is illegal.

This quote is from the  NJ Municipal Land Use Law regarding Areas in Need of Redevelopment:  “The municipality shall be responsible for implementing redevelopment plans and carrying out redevelopment projects pursuant to section 8 of P.L. 1992, c.79 (C.40A:12A-8).”

WAVE will try to hide behind this subterfuge as they complete a new North End Plan which is something that a private developer could do, but not a redeveloper. Randy Bishop presented a new plan from the redeveloper WAVE at an April, 2015  Committee meeting, but that fishy plan has not yet been adopted by the Township. So far, no Redevelopers Agreement has been signed either, despite promises to do so.

The original 2008 NERP, under control of the Township, still remains in force. We expect that WAVE, acting through the Township Committee, will try to pass a new plan or use the old plan as the centerpiece of a private general development project.

What we are witnessing is a crooked manipulation of zoning in order to permit the abandonment of the restrictive redevelopment process while keeping the special zoning component and thumbing their noses at the people of Ocean Grove.

Randy Bishop says that the process is now “private,” so it seems unlikely that WAVE will divulge their members’ names as promised.

How to block this illegal situation? When the original or a new plan is submitted by WAVE without a “request for proposals” by the Township, a citizens group could file a suit in Superior Court against the Township.

Ideally, that would be the Ocean Grove Home Owners Association’s responsibility, but as you know, those Home Groaners are ineffective, feckless, clueless, enablers of this fine kettle of fish.

*The Riviera project was an extensive North End plan created by a serious and well known developer from Allenhurst who submitted his design for approval. He was rejected and he has angrily  complained that the process was unfair and illegal and that he was treated badly by the Ocean Grove principals involved with the North End Redevelopment Plan. We have his comments expressed in an email exchange.  Bishop said (above)  that he knew of the plan.


The Township Committee and its cheerleaders including the OGHOA never respond to our articles about wrongdoing; they simply whistle a happy tune,  but they have to know that someone besides Blogfinger might expose them in the future.

DINAH SHORE  from the King and I.

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Whitefield Avenue runs down the middle of Embury Arms providing private parking spaces. Blogfinger photo. 9/22/15 ©

Whitefield Avenue runs down the middle of Embury Arms, oriented north and south,  providing private parking spaces. Blogfinger photo. 9/22/15 ©

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

Recently a reader wondered about the Embury Arms condominiums. Her concern came about in the midst of our real time discussions of the North End Project and Mary’s Place zoning. She asked how that large condo project came about and whether there were issues then similar to the ones that we have been considering recently.

Embury Arms condominiums on Whitefield Avenue consist of 112 units. It was built in the 1980’s. Old OG newspaper reports say that the CMA approved the project in 1978, and then the ground breaking ceremony was held in 1980.  Those news reports never mention approvals by Neptune Twp nor do they mention any concerns about historic preservation.  They do talk about energy conservation measures that won awards for the developer.

These condos are 1 and 2 bedroom apartments within four large 3 story buildings. The complex sits in the middle of the Grove, surrounded by Benson, Delaware, Heck and Abbott Avenues. Embury and Webb Avenues stop short as they go west to Delaware Avenue, right at the border of the Embury Arms  condos, and Whitefield Avenue goes straight through the middle, with private parking spaces on the perimeter of a public street.

Ocean Grove Times, August 25, 1978.

Ocean Grove Times, August 25, 1978.

An ad in a 1982 local newspaper  describes “authentic Victorian designs.”  The apartments were starting at $49,900.00.

These are the Embury Arms buildings as seen from the Delaware Avenue side. Blogfinger photo/ ©

These are the Embury Arms buildings as seen from the Delaware Avenue side. Blogfinger photo/ ©

The official 2015 CMA summer guidebook map shows Webb and Embury going straight through  to Lawrence Avenue, but they do not and they never did because west of Delaware, where Embury Arms now sits, there were stables, used mostly for storage by the Camp Meeting Association. Apparently some of the buildings were rented out for parking, but it was not an area for public parking.

It is not our intention to review the detailed history of this  condo project, but anyone walking by has to wonder how the heck the developer got permission to do this distinctly un-Grovian style condominium complex. It not only is contrary to the Master Plan as we know it, but it takes up space that could have been filled with single family Victorian style homes in order to match the appearance of the rest of the Grove.

Embury Arms provides PRIVATE parking by allowing head-on placement of vehicles on Whitefield Avenue that is partly on private property (using the theoretical front yards of those lots) but it also allows the cars to stick out over where the public sidewalks should be. In other words, that parking lot violates the public pedestrian right of way.

Note how

Note how the sidewalk (pedestrian right of way) ends to allow parked cars to protrude into that right of way.  This is Whitefield Avenue taken by walking from Heck Avenue.  Blogfinger photo ©

Normally the right of way along a public street is 40 feet wide, consisting of the road (auto right of way) and the sidewalks (pedestrian right of way) measured together.

Yes they put some recessed sidewalks there, but that is private property, and public access could theoretically be shut down at any time. The Whitefield Ave. auto right of way is intact for cars driving through, but is not inviting for autos to drive through, and warning signs threaten anyone who would dare park there.

In addition, the project deprived Ocean Grove of many potential public parking spaces if private homes had been built on streets. Instead, all those curb cuts created a giant parking lot. Where else in town is a public street (in this case Whitefield Avenue) used for private parking?

The property was originally used for stables, so no private homes were demolished to make room. Undoubtedly the CMA, the Township, and the developer were in collusion to create this massive mistake, but the history of the time* indicates that OG was not as proactive in historic preservation then. It was a time when governance here was in a state of flux**, and the public did not protest much.  There was a suit that delayed completion, but eventually the Embury Arms condominiums were finished.   At least the condo developer of Embury Arms provided parking, even though the law was stretched to make that happen.

We have no information as to how the zoning was finessed to allow this, nor do we know what the Planning Board had to say. At any rate, it is a done deal, and nothing can be done about it at this point.

It is interesting that there is an earlier precedent.  In 1964, across from Days, a large hotel burned down, and in its place rose the Arlington Court Co-op.  consisting of one bedroom apartments for which no mortgages were allowed.   This was a new idea for the Grove, and evidently no one cared that single family Victorian homes were not built.  The CMA was in charge then and they must have supported the idea.   (? sound familiar)

However, now we are in a position to do something about the largest condominium development in the history of Ocean Grove—the North End Redevelopment Project.  But there is concern that public apathy will once again allow a wrong-headed condo project to go ahead. We have seen this illegal process before.  If no one takes  legal action when work begins or sooner, then, as with other projects in town, nothing can be done after the fact.

The CMA and the Township are counting on public inaction.  Will we let them do it again?


Ted Bell*, Ocean Grove historian

Jack Bredin, Blogfinger researcher

Tom Constantino, Blogfinger researcher

** In 1980, governance of Ocean Grove was turned over to Neptune Township by the NJ Supreme Court. That transition must have taken years to work out, but the Embury Arms project took hold during that delicate time.

NANCY WILSON  “Please do it again.”

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The boundary line between OG and Asbury is in front of that bench. Blogfinger photo. 8/25/15

The boundary line between OG and Asbury is between those two benches (see below). Blogfinger photo. 8/25/15 ©

This is where the new boardwalk will be 35 feet wide in front of the White Whale. 8/25/15. Blogfinger.net photos.

This is where the new boardwalk will be 35 feet wide in front of the White Whale. 8/25/15. Blogfinger.net photos.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

August 25, 2015.     GOOD NEWS posted today by J.P. Gradone, COO of the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association:

“I am pleased to announce that FEMA and NJDEP have approved our expansion of the North End boardwalk from 20’ wide to 30’ wide, and the expansion of the area in front of the Homestead building from 20’ to 35’. 

“As of last night, Neptune Township awarded the bid to Epic Management, Inc., which is the same company that installed the Middle Boardwalk last spring.  We plan to begin construction in early Fall with completion before the holidays.”



  1. There are three North End boardwalk plans: the one sent to FEMA, the one described in the 2008 NERP, and the one voted on last night, but there are differences between the NERP and last night’s plan in terms of width, elevations and easements.
  1. The Mayor (Mary Beth Jahn) and the Township Engineer (Leanne Hoffman) did not attend last night’s Committee meeting to explain why the approved plan is different from the official Committee plan (i.e. the North End Redevelopment Plan of 2008.) They should be identical.
  1. No one at the meeting last night including Blogfinger has ever seen the actual boardwalk plan which was submitted to FEMA by the CMA. The engineer who designed the FEMA boardwalk plan, Peter Avakian, was not present. He is the same engineer who designed the 2008 NERP, and his company designed the plan which was voted on last night.   He should have been at the meeting to answer technical questions. No one at the meeting showed diagrams of the plan to those in attendance or explained the technical details or handed out copies.    FEMA requires that any plan which they approve is followed assiduously by the Redeveloper. By the way, there is no official Redeveloper yet and no Redevelopers Agreement yet. Boardwalk work can begin under the supervision of the Committee.
  1. At last night’s meeting, Committeeman Randy Bishop said “The new boardwalk will have a bulkhead that will protect it from future storms.” But he gave no details.


  1. The old boardwalk which is 30 feet wide north of the Pavilion will be patched, not replaced.
  1.  The section of the new “North End Boardwalk” that will be within the “Area in need of Redevelopment” and is now under the authority of the Township will begin at Sea View Avenue and go north to the Asbury Park boundary line which is about 45 feet north of the White Whale.
Boundary between OG and AP. Look carefully at the arrow. Blogfinger photo © 8/25/15.

Boundary line between OG and AP. Look carefully at the arrow where it says OG. Blogfinger photo © 8/25/15.  No one knows what the rest of the boardwalk (i.e. Asbury property) will look like as it extends to the Casino.

  1. Originally, the North End boardwalk was 60 feet wide in this section when the commercial area was built in 1910. The NERP calls for a 60 foot boardwalk, but we are going to get 30 feet now on the OG side, except as noted by Mr. Gradone.
  1. Easements will have to be revealed because there will be pipes under the boardwalk for electric, water, gas,etc to reach the White Whale or its replacement, and access easements on top must be revealed for future garbage pickup, deliveries, trucks, etc. Elevations are important to be disclosed because there are new 100 year federal flood recommendations after Sandy. The new boardwalk must align with all adjacent elements.
  1. Note that Wesley Lake goes under that north end boardwalk, so we suggest that the Wesley Lake Commission be part of these discussions.

SPECULATION: (Blogfinger is making some educated guesses:)

  1. No underground garage will be built. Instead they will build an above-ground garage–at least two stories high.
  1. These new boardwalk specs might not work when the final North End plans appear, and the $600,000 FEMA North End boardwalk might have to be torn up.
  1. Perhaps the single family homes will get lost in the condo shuffle.
  1. The CMA will be removed as a redeveloper, leaving WAVE as the only one. WAVE will hire a developer to do the actual construction. When the identities of all WAVE investors who own over 10% are revealed, some CMA trustees will be on the list.

Credit: Jack Bredin of Ocean Grove, researcher.

THE FLAMINGOS:       We only have eyes on who?

“I don’t know if we’re in a garden or on a crowded avenue.”

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