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PRESERVATION HALL JAZZ BAND “The Bucket’s Got a Hole in It.”

“Yeah, my bucket’s got a hole in it
Yeah, my bucket’s got a hole in it
Yeah, my bucket’s got a hole in it
I can’t buy no beer.”

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Power to the people of Ocean Grove. Blogfinger photo taken in Ocean Grove, NJ ©

Power to the people of Ocean Grove. Blogfinger photo taken in Ocean Grove, NJ  by Jean Bredin.©  Reposted from Jan. 2016. ©


FRANK SINATRA    Just substitute Ocean Grove for Chicago.

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BF tax poll 2015


When we did our poll in July  (see link above) we found out that 80% of respondents reported an increase in property tax, 14% had a decrease, and 6% were unchanged. But we had no information regarding a breakdown.   In reviewing my own final tax bill for 2015, I find that the overall  tax rate had gone down from 2.66 in 2014 to 2.19 now.  In looking more closely, I have a 38% increase in the land appraisal, but an 11% decrease in the improvements  (i.e. the house) appraisal.

We would be interested in knowing if any of you tried to get your tax bill decreased  (I assume nobody asked for an increase,) and if you did, were you successful?   Anecdotes about this would be of interest on Blogfinger.

Do any of you have information that your fellow Grovers might find of interest regarding the property tax issue?


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CAST OF “70, GIRLS 70”

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At the September 22, 2014 meeting of the Township Committee an Ocean Grover suggested that garbage pickups be reduced from two per week to one.  The idea is that the recycling program is so effective that money could be saved by changing the pick up frequency.  What do you think?


LITTLE APPLE BAND.  From Sesame Street:

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Photo shoot in the Grove.  Looking for peace and quiet in our bucolic town.  Blogfinger file photo ©

Photo shoot in the Grove. Looking for peace and quiet in our bucolic town. Blogfinger file photo ©


Certain shore towns such as Allenhurst, Toms River, Ocean Beach  and Deal  opt for quiet and calmness by banning all construction work in their resort towns during the summer months.  Many visitors to the Grove during the summer, especially those who are renting houses, don’t savor the sound of hammering and power tools.   Some towns even ban inside work, such as plumbing or electric, where there is little or no noise.

Would Grovers like a quality-of-life  rule of this sort?   Let’s find out:

Editor’s note;  We will continue polling for a couple more days or until the comments dwindle.  —PG



“C’mon home, let’s light the oven……oowee baby, you’re my honey pie”

Oh, and let’s keep the music and other sorts of noise down too.  Do you hear that Lavay Smith?


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By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

There have been many discussions on Blogfinger in recent years regarding parking. Most of the time the discussions have been about meters or about whether Neptune is following State rules regarding parking, for example for condo developers. We also have discussed the problem of Asbury vagabonds parking in the Grove to escape their meters.   But, on occasion, someone will wonder why the homeowners in the Grove do not receive a reserved parking space. When this subject comes up, we usually hear that it is not feasible.

Here is our last piece on parking.  You should read about it again:     http://blogfinger.net/2013/02/21/parking-here-we-go-again-stirring-the-pot/

However, we have never asked this question in a poll, so we decided to do that and to frame it as asking whether one free space per building would be desirable to help alleviate the parking problems which those of us who actually live here experience.

Arguing about parking is great fun and a sport that is especially unique in this town.  This poll is not scientific but some science is not scientific.  What it is is  (do you know what is is?) a public opinion sampling which may give an idea as to how Ocean Grove feels about this question.  But don’t bet the farm on our results, and please don’t cheat by stuffing our digital ballot box and letting dead people vote or other chicanery.


MONTY PYTHON:    “Decomposing Composers”     (this selection has absolutely nothing to do with parking polling)  Don’t forget the Choir Festival this Sunday.


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Ocean Grove boards  June, 2014.  Blogfinger photo

Ocean Grove boards June, 2014. Blogfinger photo


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Diesel (L) and Chico (now a Grover dog) relax at the Channelside Dog Park in Tampa, Fla.  Photo by Moe Demby

Diesel (L) and Chico (now a Grover dog) relax at the Channelside Dog Park in Tampa, Fla. Photo by Moe Demby

By Moe Demby of Ocean Grove and Blogfinger staff:

Winter time in the Grove is very quite and peaceful. The streets are mostly empty and the only sound heard throughout the town is the chime of the church bells.

If you travel east, the scenery changes, and despite cold wind, snow, and rain,  life fills the beach. It’s the sub-community of Ocean Grove dog owners. The winter allows residents to let their four legged friends stretch their legs, run in the sand, dive in the waves and socialize with their doggy neighbors. It’s a unique social scene where Grovers meet everyday to share laughs, while their dogs wrestle and play in the sand.

As May approaches, this little puppy paradise will come to an end; the beach and boardwalk will be closed to all our furry friends. So dog owners in the Grove are left asking the question: with so many dogs in this town and so many little parks- why isn’t there one area in town that’s fenced off and designated for our four-legged  friends?

A dog park serves a unique purpose for both dog owners and those who don’t own dogs. Having a dog park in town will drastically cut down on dog traffic in the towns other parks –  Dog owners police themselves and will always say something if another dog owner doesn’t pick up.

A dog park is a special place which allows locals to socialize and exercise their pets. There are plenty of grassy spots in town which could serve this purpose- so why don’t we have one?


Thank you,    Moe




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Yea is yes.  Nay is no.

Yea is yes. Nay is no. Hay is for horses.


If you want to know more about the issue, click on our link:

Neptune rent control link on Blogfinger

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We had 204 participants in this poll, and that is a large number for our polls. Thank you all.  As you can see, the overwhelming majority are not in favor of rent control.  This is an opinion survey and is not a scientific poll.    Paul Goldfinger, Editor  @ Blogfinger

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