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Internet photo

Internet photo

From Dave of OG:     “Why are domestic cats allowed to wander, killing song birds and using other people’s gardens as litter boxes, while there are such stringent, and appropriate laws for dogs?”

From the original cast of CATS   “Magical Mr. Mistoffelees:”

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Ocean Grove beachfront. By Prosper Bellizia.  July, 2016 ©

Ocean Grove beachfront. By Prosper Bellizia. July, 2016 ©

From Prosper Bellizia (Blogfinger staff):       These signs appeared at each of the former locations of beach drinking fountains. The fountains were here for years.
The questions are: When did the potable water fountains become “non-potable”?
Who determined the water was not drinkable?


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Official Neptune can giving vent wayward water.  Photo by Millie of OGV. June 1, 2016

Official Neptune recycling container  giving vent to wayward water. Photo by Millie of OG. June 1, 2016

Hi Paul,
I don’t think most residents realize that the recycling containers provided to us by the town are designed so the center of the lid can and should be cut out. When they are not, they collect water on the lid after a rain and quickly become a breeding ground for mosquitos. This is especially important now because of the Zika virus being a major health concern.

I hope you might consider posting this on your blog to make residents aware of problems with standing water in these and all outside containers.


Editor’s Note:    Here is a NJ link  about ZIKA:    ZIKA in NJ      From the Westfield Patch .  Thanks Millie, but can’t mosquitoes breed at the bottom of the can?   Those little Tiger buggers might enjoy Cheez-Its  —–Paul


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The Warrington ready for its close-up. March 19, 2015.  Blogfinger photo ©

The Warrington ready for its close-up. March 19, 2015. Blogfinger photo ©  I wonder if the “life is beautiful” artist was here too.  (was Kilroy here?)

From Warrington Wary:

I have gone to every meeting and I cannot understand the owners of the Warrington. They stated that as a hotel that all recyclables are going to be picked up by Neptune or a private company. This is in the minutes of the Zoning Board. This is JUST one of the misunderstandings. At the last meeting they intended to place all the garbage and recyclables at the front of Seaview Ave, blocking the sidewalk because there is no place to accomadate all the garbage, not to mention what impact it will have on the people who live in front of the Warrington or whom are vacationing.

They think a 4 foot easement means that they own the property and have the right to interrupt their neighbors’ privacy.They would like a 5 x 5 foot sign on Seaview Ave, but they said a 3 x 3 sign would be OK.

My question to all is would you like to enter a hotel in the back of it or enter from the front? The owners have no consideration for anyone who lives there. After all, did they ever pay for the 47 violations that closed them down in the first place as a rest home.

I would like to know what my fellow Ocean Grovers THINK?

Editor’s note: One year ago we posted our last article regarding the Warrington. As many of you will recall, this former “rest home” was closed by the State in 2012. If you click on the link below, you can read the status of the situation as of March, 2014.  

BF Warrington article March, 2014

To see other articles on Blogfinger about this subject, use the search engine on top of our home page and type in “Warrington.”  If any of you have any more information or opinions about the Warrington, please comment below. —Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

CAST OF FOLLIES BY STEPHEN SONDHEIM:  “Loveland”  (“where everybody loves to live.”)

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From: Concerned Resident of Ocean Grove:

‘Speaking of dirt piles. Someone needs to check out the piles of dirt that have been dumped next to the Old Ocean Grove High School. Can you dump dirt from a construction site on property that is next to a residential area without it being tested and approved by DEP or EPA?

‘Is this property allowed/zoned to be used as a dumping area with dumpsters and piles of misc. dirt.?(code/health/zoning/DEP/EP)

‘We need answers from Neptune Township about this before this becomes a big deal in the newspapers and blogs.’


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Ocean Grove Fishing Pier, Oct. 2014. Paul Goldfinger photo. Click to enlarge. ©

Ocean Grove Fishing Pier, Oct. 2014. Paul Goldfinger photo. Click to enlarge. ©

From “Go Fish:”

I thought this subject was six feet under.
The fishing shack went with that Hurricane.
The few that patronized the fishing shack are now all resigned to it’s memories. Fishing still can be had from sea level to please the masses.
That pier out to the surf is a sightseeing platform now. Probably the worst on the east coast. It’s not safe at the end for anyone except Ralph.
Unfortunately the town has no money to do anything. So that’s that. Go Fish!

Editor’s Note  (Paul Goldfinger, Editor–Blogfinger.net)  The Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association has said in the past that it wants to restore the fishing pier to its historic dimensions. But it has made no commitment to allowing the OG Fishing Club to participate in the rebuilding and/or to bring back the fishing shack.  You might recall that the original pier at the Embury Ave. location was not for fishing at all.

The OGCMA has done some work at the pier, as noted above, but it is doing post-Sandy restorations in stages. The project for 2015 is the North End of the boardwalk.  The Great Auditorium roof will also be done, and work is planned on Thornley Chapel. The pier has a low priority. Last year FEMA funding for the pier was denied, and the OGCMA decided not to appeal that decision.

Some have suggested that a reconstructed Pier in OG should have a gazebo at the end.  Rich Amole, Blogfinger staff, found this image to suggest how a gazebo might look over there.

Submitted by Rich Amole who was "gazeboing" on Google.

Submitted by Rich Amole who was “gazeboing” on Google.

Here is our last post on this subject:    July 2014 pier article on BF


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Ocean Grove Post Office. Is it the JV, but it is no longer the varsity?   Blogfinger file photo ©

Ocean Grove Post Office. Is it the JV, because it is no longer the varsity? Blogfinger file photo ©

I’m wondering if anyone else in O.G. has had problems with mail delivery.  We have experienced issues on two different occasions in the past month and a half.  I know of someone else who has also had an issue.  Maybe someone has an idea where to go for answers – or satisfaction.

Phone calls and a trip to the Neptune post office just resulted in excuses.

Thank you,

F. Levine

O.G. letter carriers are now based in Neptune.  Pictured here is a drive-by delivery.   Blogfinger file photo ©

O.G. letter carriers are now based in Neptune. Pictured here is a drive-by delivery. Blogfinger file photo ©



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On Blogfinger we are open to new ideas.

On Blogfinger we are open to new ideas.

September 7, 2014.  (Attention is called to the many comments which have been posted since this article first appeared on Sept 7.)   Just look down and click on “comments” to read them.

What do you all  think of this idea:

Each property tax payer in Ocean Grove is given only one  windshield sticker  allowing only those stickered  vehicles to be parked on the north side or west side of the streets in Ocean Grove from June 1st of the year until  September,  the day after the flea market?

This would require an ordinance allowing property tax payers to receive  Ocean Grove parking.

Joel T. Scranton

Ocean Grove, New Jersey

TEDDY THOMPSON  from the movie Brokeback Mountain

Should we allow this man of means to park his trailer in the Grove? 

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Rose:  Kamikaze boogie boarders coming your way.

Boogie boards coming your way.

David Beckham, soccer star, coming at you with his boogie board

David Beckham, soccer star, coming at you with his boogie board

This is a copy of a letter sent today, June 28, 2014, to the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association which owns and runs the beaches of Ocean Grove.

June 28, 2014


To Whom It May Concern:

I am an active woman in her seventies and a resident of Ocean Grove since 1998.  I like to swim in the ocean, but as another season begins my safety is at risk once again by the uncontrolled plethora of boogie boards approaching me from all directions.

There was a time when a roped area controlled this situation, but for several years this has not been in place, nor do the lifeguards assign an area for this activity. I have complained directly to the lifeguards, once when a young man was riding a large boogie board like a surfer.  I was told that he knew what he was doing.  Thank  you.

On the Beach Regulations posted by the Camp Meeting Association under section D: Flotation Devices it states: “Users of these implements must be kept segregated from casual bathers and are therefore not permitted within the central area on the bathing beaches that are delineated by parallel bathing ropes extending seaward.”

Also under B: Prohibited Activities it states: Activity which directly or indirectly endangers the safety of others. That would be me, attempting to enter the ocean by diving under a wave as a boogie board(s) head straight toward my head.

This has got to be corrected. If the ropes are not an option please have the lifeguards just wave or whistle to herd the boogie boarders to a separate area.

If there are other swimmers who feel this way, please contact the Camp Meeting Association.


Yours truly,

Rosaleen Rooney Myers



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Wesley Lake, Nov. 2013 bd  (before desilting)  Paul Goldfinger photo  ©

Wesley Lake, Nov. 2013 bd  (before desilting) Paul Goldfinger photo ©


From Davis:

“The “de-silting” of Wesley Lake got off to a respectable start last week. I have a front row view and I am curious if anyone knows why things have stopped. There were two workers on Friday who appeared to be trying to fix something, without sucess. Meanwhile, the dredge tubing floats free, obstructing swan boats etc. is Neptune monitoring this project? Is the contractor being held to the original promises?”

Editor’s Note:   The reason probably is because the workers object to using a word—desilting—that doesn’t exist.  This is what happens when English majors are hired to do manual labor or deal with dredge tubes.   Do you know any English major who can fix anything? —PG

BRENDA LEE   sings Pennies From Heaven.  Her characteristic style is easy to identify, but the song is out of context for her.  Caesar was the only one to guess correctly, so he wins a prize from Seasons on Main Avenue.—Paul

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