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Founders’ Park. 6/7/19. Paul Goldfinger photo ©  Click on the image.


Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

Tom Higgins and his two beautiful Bearded Collies were out walking in Founders’ Park  on Friday morning. His Collies are Jax (1 1/2 years old) and Coco (3 1/2 years old.)   Jax is the black and white and Coco is the brown and white.  Tom says, “We’re out every morning at the crack of dawn.”

I was trying to get some photos of Jax and Coco, but these two lovable characters were jumping around as I got my Leica lenses out of the way. Finally we got together for a portrait.

Tom says that Ocean Grove is a dogs’ world, and the popularity of dogs in the Grove is self evident. We agreed that OG needs a dog park or a dog beach.  Unfortunately, neither the Township or the CMA has made that happen.




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Paul Goldfinger ©. Ocean Grove, New Jersey. April, 2019. ©

Ocean Grove is a dog town.  It is a marvelous place to have a dog. People and their pets meet and socialize in our parks. We suspect that there are more dogs per square mile than in any other town in New Jersey.

Yesterday a neighbor stopped to chat with me in front of my house. Just then a man with a Weimaraner strolled by—the large dog was beautiful and elegant with a silver gray coat. The dog moved slowly towards the young lady. She looked at the dog and then engaged the dog owner about his pet.

I don’t have a dog, but Grovers are familiar with the importance of dogs in our community.

Social interactions like this happen often in Ocean Grove.

It’s a shame that the CMA could not understand this phenomenon when they precipitously rejected a public petition to have a dog park or a dog beach in the Grove. They said that it didn’t fit with their mission.


HARRY NILSSON   from the movie  You’ve Got Mail soundtrack.


–Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

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Even cute dogs and kids need to follow the rules. Paul Goldfinger photo. © OG lifestyles.

Even cute dogs and kids need to follow the rules. Paul Goldfinger photo. © Ocean Grove, NJ   lifestyles.

Setting:  Eileen is looking out our window onto Delaware Avenue.  A woman is walking her two dogs on our grassy strip. Eileen steps out onto the porch and speaks to the dog walker.


E.:   Could you not let your dogs do their business on our grass?

DW:   I’m cleaning it up.

E:   The urine kills the grass.

DW:   I’m doing the best I can.

E.:   That’s why you have the dogs on a leash.

DW:  Well, it’s not really your grass–it belongs to the town.

E.:   I am responsible for the grass.We grow the grass and we take care of it.


Below is a link to a related article in Blogfinger, 2015.


walking the dog in OG 


Editor’s note:   The ordinance which governs this matter says, ” No person owning, harboring, keeping, walking or in charge of any dog shall cause, suffer, permit or allow the dog to soil, defile, defecate on or commit any nuisance on any common thoroughfare, street, sidewalk, passageway, road by-pass, play area, park or any place where people congregate or walk or upon any public property whatsoever, or upon any private property without the permission of the owner of the private property.”


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Diesel (L) and Chico (now a Grover dog) relax at the Channelside Dog Park in Tampa, Fla.  Photo by Moe Demby

Diesel (L) and Chico (now a Grover dog) relax at the Channelside Dog Park in Tampa, Fla. Photo by Moe Demby

By Moe Demby of Ocean Grove and Blogfinger staff:

Winter time in the Grove is very quite and peaceful. The streets are mostly empty and the only sound heard throughout the town is the chime of the church bells.

If you travel east, the scenery changes, and despite cold wind, snow, and rain,  life fills the beach. It’s the sub-community of Ocean Grove dog owners. The winter allows residents to let their four legged friends stretch their legs, run in the sand, dive in the waves and socialize with their doggy neighbors. It’s a unique social scene where Grovers meet everyday to share laughs, while their dogs wrestle and play in the sand.

As May approaches, this little puppy paradise will come to an end; the beach and boardwalk will be closed to all our furry friends. So dog owners in the Grove are left asking the question: with so many dogs in this town and so many little parks- why isn’t there one area in town that’s fenced off and designated for our four-legged  friends?

A dog park serves a unique purpose for both dog owners and those who don’t own dogs. Having a dog park in town will drastically cut down on dog traffic in the towns other parks –  Dog owners police themselves and will always say something if another dog owner doesn’t pick up.

A dog park is a special place which allows locals to socialize and exercise their pets. There are plenty of grassy spots in town which could serve this purpose- so why don’t we have one?


Thank you,    Moe




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