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Ocean Grove fishing pier pre-Sandy. By Paul Goldfinger. Undated. Blogfinger.net©


Bob Bowné says, “Speaking of fishing piers… I have heard that OGCMA has been completely stonewalling the the OG fishing club pier and club house rebuild.

“Does anyone have any further info on this? What is the agenda here?”


Editor’s note:  When Bob says “Speaking of fishing piers…” he is referencing his photograph which appeared earlier this year.  Below is a link to that post:

Bob Bowné at Belmar pier


RICHARD KILEY  from the Man of La Mancha, the story of a pursuit of truth and beauty.

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Framing at the Whitfield site–Surf at Beach. Photo by a citizen photographer. 4/21/17. ©


Whitfield Watcher says,  “I’m wondering if the scale of these  new homes are really what the law permits. The Whitfield was not nearly this dense. This new Monopoly block of luxury housing dwarfs everything around it. “

Editor’s note:  We have reported on the size of this property which will contain 4 houses on 4 undersized lots. We questioned the permission that was granted for this “subdivision.”  And  what about the height of those houses?  They are obviously out of scale for the neighborhood.  Why aren’t the neighbors complaining?

Here is a link to one of our Whitfield related posts. This is from March 18, 2017.

Alchemy in the Grove

KEVIN SPACEY  from the film Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

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Submitted by Joe Grove:

“Can anyone explain the rules around “camping” in OG?  There is an old white van/camper that has been parked on various streets throughout OG for the past few years. The couple in the van sets their chairs out during the day to sit or are cleaning their carpets, emptying buckets of dirty water etc…the typical chores of camper life.

“Their favorite spots appear to be along Ocean Avenue, and one resident who complained was told by the police the campers aren’t violating any laws and can stay parked in front of his house. What I’m wondering is are they paying for a land lease like the other residents of OG? How about real estate taxes? Or sewage bills for dumping their sewage in the gutter?

“I guess the police officer may have given the simple hassle free answer, but obviously this couple has made OG their home for free and aren’t subject to a lease, a mercantile permit or any taxes whatsoever.

“This behavior is that of two vagrants shaking the dust off their carpets or dumping sewage in the street. If they want to pay their fair share and they can do so while squatting in OG, then so be it, but at least pay.”

TEDDY THOMPSON:  “King of the Road” from the film score of Brokeback Mountain

Editor’s note:  Joe Grove—please send us a photo.


From Neptune Township Ordinance 11-17 (Thanks to the citizen reporter who sent us this reference.)

” No storage shall be permitted on a public road.”

“Any such vehicles stored in accordance with this section shall not be occupied and shall not be provided with utility connections. Permanent or temporary overnight occupancy of recreational vehicles/boats is not permitted.”

Click to access Legals032811.pdf


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The Whitfield. April, 2015. Blogfnger photo. ©

The Whitfield. April, 2015. Blogfnger photo. ©

From Michelle.  May 3, 2016.  Ocean Grove, New Jersey.

I have a question since I moved into the Whitfield in Nov 2014. I never was told about a demolition and I certainly was never notified that I would have to secure other housing at any time. I have not been sent any legal papers—–nothing. Now, what do l do? Where do l go?

Or as one person said, do l just wait for the demolition crew to show up? Seriously? The owners kept taking new tenants even after they knew they were going to knock down the building. How greedy and despicable.


Editor’s Note:   The Whitfield Hotel is scheduled to be demolished,  supposedly on May 15, 2016. The long delay has to do with the disposition of the residents.   Evidently there are still some living there, so it remains to be seen if the demolition will occur as planned.  Our last article on this subject   (November 2015) can be found by clicking on the link below:



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Dave: Don't let this stuff make you dizzy. (Internet photo_

Dave: Don’t let this stuff make you dizzy.

Dave: Nobody moves their cars on Luckie Street. Blogfinger photo.

Dave: Nobody moves their cars on Luckie Street. Blogfinger photo.

From David Philo, resident  of Asbury Avenue:

Can someone explain to me why Neptune takes time to post emergency signs “do not park” for the desperately needed street cleaning then does absolutely nothing to the numerous offenders.

I moved my cars at 5 a.m. today on Asbury Ave, which is a disgusting mess.  I came home from work at 1 PM at which time the actually “sweeping” was taking place. Same number of cars as usual, maybe 30% of curbside area swept.  What a frigging waste of time and money.  Police drove by and did nothing.  Doesn’t anybody give a crap about this.  Shame on my neighbors.  This is the trashiest street in the Grove.

Frigging Editor’s Note:  Dave—When Eileen and I drove through town this morning we noticed the poor adherence to the “move your car” notices tacked onto some street poles.  Like you, we also moved our cars in the hopes of seeing the streets get clean.  Some of the offenders were parked right in front of no parking signs.

Eileen wanted to know why the illegal alien parkers did not receive tickets.  I postulated that the police had better things to do than futz around with tickets and paperwork for these “frigging” parking offenders.

The signs were poorly done and may account for some of the lack of compliance, but there is a law enforcement deficit in this town where many minor offenses go unenforced. We have seen that with yard sale permits, posting signs on poles, dogs off leashes, parking in yellow striped areas, and other offenses which are actually just theoretical offenses.  But, the public is apathetic and very little seems to bother them.  Maybe all those unenforced ordinances should be cancelled, and all the citizens can disobey the rules with a clear conscience—just depend on our collective good will and honesty.

You ask, “Doesn’t anybody give a crap about this?”  Maybe we will get some comments about that.  ——Paul  (Editor @Blogfinger)

So Dave, maybe your expectations are too high.  Maybe it’s just a “hard knock life.”


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Ocean Grove sidewalk in front of a private home on Heck Ave. April 15, 2015. Citizen photographer Penny.

Ocean Grove sidewalk in front of a private home on Heck Ave. April 15, 2015. Citizen photographer Penny.

From Penny of OG:

The homeowners in town are responsible for their sidewalks, but many don’t repair them.  What is the Township’s responsibility for the safety of its citizens who are at risk from broken sidewalks?  Such walkways can be major hazards for pedestrians and even bike riders. Senior citizens are especially vulnerable to falls.

Are Neptune homeowners also responsible for their sidewalks?


Editor’s Note:   Can you imagine walking your girl Sue back home one night from the Great Auditorium.  It’s dark out and romantic along Heck Ave. A summer breeze enhances the mood, and so you try to steal  a little kiss and you get powder all over your vest and in your eyes, and then  KABOOM!

Call Mr. Hogan, but whom will you sue Sue?


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The Warrington ready for its close-up. March 19, 2015.  Blogfinger photo ©

The Warrington ready for its close-up. March 19, 2015. Blogfinger photo ©  I wonder if the “life is beautiful” artist was here too.  (was Kilroy here?)

From Warrington Wary:

I have gone to every meeting and I cannot understand the owners of the Warrington. They stated that as a hotel that all recyclables are going to be picked up by Neptune or a private company. This is in the minutes of the Zoning Board. This is JUST one of the misunderstandings. At the last meeting they intended to place all the garbage and recyclables at the front of Seaview Ave, blocking the sidewalk because there is no place to accomadate all the garbage, not to mention what impact it will have on the people who live in front of the Warrington or whom are vacationing.

They think a 4 foot easement means that they own the property and have the right to interrupt their neighbors’ privacy.They would like a 5 x 5 foot sign on Seaview Ave, but they said a 3 x 3 sign would be OK.

My question to all is would you like to enter a hotel in the back of it or enter from the front? The owners have no consideration for anyone who lives there. After all, did they ever pay for the 47 violations that closed them down in the first place as a rest home.

I would like to know what my fellow Ocean Grovers THINK?

Editor’s note: One year ago we posted our last article regarding the Warrington. As many of you will recall, this former “rest home” was closed by the State in 2012. If you click on the link below, you can read the status of the situation as of March, 2014.  

BF Warrington article March, 2014

To see other articles on Blogfinger about this subject, use the search engine on top of our home page and type in “Warrington.”  If any of you have any more information or opinions about the Warrington, please comment below. —Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

CAST OF FOLLIES BY STEPHEN SONDHEIM:  “Loveland”  (“where everybody loves to live.”)

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80 Main Avenue.  Blogfinger photo from 2011.  ©

80 Main Avenue. Blogfinger photo from 2011. ©

From Dolores Shanahan:   “Did you see the article in the Asbury Park Press about the abandoned houses?  The town is going to take over.  Do you think Ocean Grove could do the same?   What are your readers’  thoughts?”

 Editor’s note:  The article linked below is about the city of Asbury Park identifying 45- 50 blighted and abandoned houses and then planning to implement the abandoned properties law.  We suggested that Dolores also send her inquiry to the OGHOA derelict houses committee.  –PG

APP article on abandoned properties

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The future Mary's Place. This image is from the MP web site and is dated Sept. 24, 2014.

The future Mary’s Place. This image is from the MP web site and is dated Sept. 24, 2014.

“A different issue, but related to neighborly courtesy:

“Mary’s Place: I am a neighbor living next door to the new Mary’s Place site. I am a breast cancer survivor (so far), and therefore supportive of any place that is going to help those who are in need of recovery. However, as a resident of Ocean Grove, a tax payer, and a neighbor, I would like to know:

“What this building will look like, who will be living there, and especially what is the expected date for the construction to be done.

“I wonder if the sponsors of this project have thought about how neighbors will be affected by this?   The construction is underway and our building next door is shaking! Dirt is being piled on the side of our entrance. What comes next?

“Some information will be appreciated.”



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Frozen Fletcher Lake.  By Paul Goldfinger ©

Frozen Fletcher Lake. By Paul Goldfinger ©

I live on Clark Ave. and have noticed that during the past few days while we’ve been having a cold snap, the section of Stockton Ave. between New York and Pennsylvania Avenues, by Francis Asbury Manor, is like a messy skating rink.

There is often water rushing out onto the roadway there, and it froze solid, making my car swerve around. It’s quite dangerous. Does anyone know why the water flows onto the road at that spot?




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Fred, ya know, the Camp Meeting owns the beach, so our taxes won't go up much. Right?

Fred, ya know, the Camp Meeting owns the beach, so our taxes won’t go up much. Right?   (artist Sue Gioulis)


Hi Paul:

Blogfinger is my daily “go to” for OG news – your eclectic offerings from medicine to locally relevant topics, written with a dash of well planned humor never fail to entertain as well as educate.

Recently our new tax assessment arrived in the mail, and while I was expecting it to rise, an increase of $80,000 was surprising. This will mean an approx 30 percent tax increase. Since moving to OG in1999, our taxes have almost tripled!

I was “just wonderin” if you have had any other inquiries on this topic from other OGers.

I have a feeling there will be many unhappy homeowners this Holiday season.

Thanks for all you do – keep up the good work.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Marty Ginty

Editor’s note:   Please read the comments below, and then the conversation continues on Nov. 24 with a post called “Taxes and Appraisals, and online conversation with Bernard Haney, the Neptune tax assessor.  (scroll up to find it)


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Ocean Grove skyline across Fletcher Lake. Paul Goldfinger photo

Ocean Grove skyline across frozen Fletcher Lake. 2004.  Paul Goldfinger photo  ©

From Joel Scranton of Ocean Grove:

I met with two Neptune Township employees yesterday who were investigating the drain that enters Fletcher Lake on the farthest northeast side of the Lake, at the south end of Ocean Avenue. (not the drain into the ocean). The issue is whether or not this drain is working to its full potential.

This drain can be viewed by standing at the boardwalk gazebo between Ocean Grove and Bradley Beach. There you can see the drain entering the Lake.

We discussed how effective a pipe can be that is almost half covered by Fletcher Lake water.  I wonder if the DEP will fine the Municipality for draining the lake so that the water level is below this drain pipe. I called Committee-person Bishop and advised him for update purposes.

I also wrote E-ailed (the m is left out on purpose!), every member of the Neptune Township Committee asking each member to read Blogfinger.net to view concerns being posted by their constituents.
 Then I took just a minute or two to copy and paste the individual comments I have made on Blogfinger and sent my post to the Township Committee; I have previously asked all Blogfinger readers and commentators to do like wise.



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Broadway installation of speed hump in the eastbound lane.  Blogfinger photo

Broadway installation of speed hump in the eastbound lane. Blogfinger photo

The Hump “nightmare” on Broadway is affecting our quality of life and has turned into a never ending noisy nightmare. Approximately 2 of 5 cars/trucks slow down a bit; the rest race through. The noise is continuous; sleep is impossible! My house shakes whenever buses/ trucks a d “loaded” vehicles pass.

Those who slow down..then accelerate through the dangerous Pennsylvania Av. intersection..just what the “hump” was put there to prevent! How can we protest this?..unacceptable for me and neighbors!


Blogfinger link dated August 20, 2014 regarding the Broadway hump.     Broadway hump link

From  “Sleepless on Broadway.”


* Editor’s note:    Sorry Sleepless, but this line is from Mel Brooks film  “Young Frankenstein” when someone asks Igor about his hump.   —PG


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