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Friends. Pearl Harbor Day. December 11, 2011. Ocean Grove Fishing Pier. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Friends. Pearl Harbor Day. December 7, 2011. Ocean Grove Fishing Pier. Paul Goldfinger photo ©   Click to enlarge.



BRUNO MARS    Singer and songwriter


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Posted on the OG boardwalk near the pier entrance. Blogfinger photo. 8/1/19

Soliciting donations for the Ocean Grove Pier.
August  1, 2019


This summer is an especially auspicious time for the OGCMA to solicit donations. The Summer Program Guide, pp8-9, specifies their plans for spending if they reach their campaign goal of $1.5 million (which was what the Together Fund raised in 2013 to repair the boardwalk before they received FEMA money to do this.)

I was a bit surprised at their audacity to ask audience and participants at the Chor Festival on July 14 to donate $150 each (think of it as only $1.00 per year starting with the founding in 1869.)

Recently I saw this plea for funds next to the half-pier (see photo above.)  We are approaching 7 years since Superstorm Sandy. All the other shore towns made repairs years ago.

I guess the low land rent from most of us, the high land rent from some of us (construction since 2000,) the beach fees, regular donations to religious programs, profits from secular programs, and rentingn out the Great Auditorium to the Liquid Church do not total enough.



The writer is a resident of Ocean Grove.




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Ocean Grove Fishing Club. 2012. Jack Bredin.© Photograph by Rob Bredin. Click to enlarge both paintings.



“Indian Summer” 2018. By Jack Bredin. Photograph by Rob Bredin. ©


LINDA RONSTADT   from the Mambo Kings:

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Ocean Grove fishing pier pre-Sandy. By Paul Goldfinger. Undated. Blogfinger.net©


Bob Bowné says, “Speaking of fishing piers… I have heard that OGCMA has been completely stonewalling the the OG fishing club pier and club house rebuild.

“Does anyone have any further info on this? What is the agenda here?”


Editor’s note:  When Bob says “Speaking of fishing piers…” he is referencing his photograph which appeared earlier this year.  Below is a link to that post:

Bob Bowné at Belmar pier


RICHARD KILEY  from the Man of La Mancha, the story of a pursuit of truth and beauty.

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Ocean Grove Fishing PIer, pre-Sandy. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Ocean Grove Fishing Pier, pre-Sandy. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.

Two years ago we reported that the Camp Meeting would not appeal the FEMA decision to deny funding for the pier.  Below is a link to that July 2014 article.

After that we heard nothing else on the subject.  The CMA had said that it would rebuild the pier, but that it was not a high priority.  But now that the North End component of the boardwalk reconstruction is done, some curiosity might again arise on this subject.

A related issue which is still in suspension is the fate of the OG Fishing Club which used to meet in the little house shown in the photo.  They used to lease the end of the pier from the Camp Meeting Association.

Today, in the Coaster, Herb Herbst, a long time member of the Fishing Club is quoted as saying, “Two months ago we received a call from FEMA—they found some funding. They mailed the application to me. I called the CMA, and we have until the end of 2016 to submit this paperwork.We have a meeting set for next Wednesday. I hope we will rebuild the fishing pier.”

****EDITOR’S NOTE   7/29/16:  We can’t account for Herb Herbst’s quote in the July 28 Coaster, but we contacted FEMA, and  this is the official response from FEMA  Region 2 (New York/New Jersey):

Hi, Paul –

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Ocean Grove Fishing Pier. We’ve looked into this issue and have found that both the boardwalk and pier were originally denied funding. The boardwalk was appealed and has received funding. At this point, there has been no additional action on the pier and it remains unfunded.

Susie L. Webb, FEMA Region 2, External Affairs, News Desk




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Ocean Grove non-fishing pier. August, 2015.  ©  Blogfinger photo.

Ocean Grove non-fishing pier. August, 2015. © Blogfinger photo.



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