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Ocean Grove Fishing Club. 2012. Jack Bredin.© Photograph by Rob Bredin. Click to enlarge both paintings.



“Indian Summer” 2018. By Jack Bredin. Photograph by Rob Bredin. ©


LINDA RONSTADT   from the Mambo Kings:

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Tree Lighting Ceremony  ©  By Jack Bredin, Ocean Grove. Photograph by Rob Bredin.  Click image to enlarge it.  You may find some surprises.





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Founders' Park by Jack Bredin. Oil on canvas. 30x40. Painted in 2014.

Founders’ Park by Jack Bredin. Oil on canvas. 30×40. Painted in 2014.  Click on image to enlarge.  Reposted from April, 2015.

“Shortly after nine in the evening on 31 July 1869, a few families erected ten tents in a clearing in what is now Founders’ Park in Ocean Grove. They had gathered there to consider establishing a holiness camp meeting. Although some of the group had preferred to watch the moon rise over the ocean, Mrs. Thornley pressed them to  hold a prayer meeting, so twenty-two people huddled by candlelight in the Thornley’s  tent for the first religious service of Ocean Grove. By all accounts, the service was a success, and the assembly consecrated the land as a permanent retreat for weary urban clergy.” *

The oil painting above is by Ocean Grove’s Jack Bredin, who has been working in oil for nearly 30 years and often does paintings of Ocean Grove.     This painting of Founders’ Park depicts a scene circa 1900 of a typical Sunday afternoon.  The young lad with the boat was nabbed for fishing on Sunday.

Jack says that he hopes that the fountain can be restored.  The Historical Society of Ocean Grove has a fund for that purpose, and they accept contributions.

Jack Bredin’s oils are on exhibit and for sale at the Ocean Park Gallery on Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park where they currently have 8 of his original oils plus some prints for sale. Jack’s OG paintings always sell out.  He spends over a month on each.

He also has works on display in the Grove at the CMA offices, Grove Hall, Richard Hogan’s law office and the Blogfinger Command Center.  —Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.

*This quote from the Ocean Grove Record, 7 July 1883,  was obtained from Troy Messenger’s 1999 book (University of Minnesota Press) called Holy Leisure—-Recreation and Religion in God’s Square Mile.

DAVE’S TRUE STORY     from the movie “Jack Goes Boating.”

Editor’s note  7/26/17:  The Historical Society of Ocean Grove is now resurrecting a fund drive to restore the fountain in Founders Park.  Details to be posted today on Blogfinger.

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“Maria Thornley’s Tent” by Ocean Grove artist Jack Bredin. Photograph by Rob Bredin. 4/23/17. ©

Jack has introduced his work before on Blogfinger.net. You can type his name into the search box on top of this page to see more about this fine local painter.

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Auditorium Park by Jack Bredin, Ocean Grove, New Jersey, 2016. ©

Auditorium Park by Jack Bredin, Ocean Grove, New Jersey, 2016. ©


Click on the painting to view it properly.

From the artist:

“Auditorium Park”
By Jack Bredin
A celebration of the Together Program Aug 2, 2015.

The following quote is from Dr. Dale Whilden’s address:

“The great and overwhelming success of the TOGETHER Campaign was achieved by the generosity of dedicated donors, valuable volunteers, extraordinary organizations, and commitment of the Campaign Steering Committee, each of which worked hand-in-hand to accomplish a virtually miraculous outcome”

Dr. Dale C. Whilden, President
Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association

Aug 2, 2015

Editor’s note:  Jack Bredin is a well known artist specializing in views of Ocean Grove.   His paintings are on permanent  display at the Ocean Park Gallery on Cookman Avenue in  Asbury Park.

Here is a link about Jack posted on Blogfinger in January:


MAX RAABE  and the PALAST ORCHESTRA  (Carnegie Hall 2007)

“Dream a Little Dream of Me.”

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