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Jack Bredin. “The Fishing Pier in September.” ©  Photograph by Rob Bredin.  Special to Blogfinger.net.





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"Polar Bear Plunge" by Jack Bredin. Asbury Park, NJ. Jan. 1, 2017 © Photograph of painting by Robert Bredin

“Polar Bear Plunge” by Jack Bredin. Asbury Park, NJ. Jan. 1, 2017 ©
Photograph of painting by Robert Bredin.





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Thornley Chapel 1889, Ocean Grove. By Jack Bredin. 2021.  Photograph by Rob Bredin.


“All Things Bright and Beautiful” by John Rutter, C.F. Alexander and The Cambridge Singers.


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“The Harry Eichhorn Pavilion” by Jack Bredin. January, 2019. Photograph by Rob Bredin ©  Click to enlarge.  Re-post from January 2019.  Just because.


BILL EVANS  (piano)  and CANNONBALL ADDERLEY (sax).   “Waltz for Debbie.”

*Harry Eichhorn is an iconic figure in Ocean Grove representing the musical side of this town with its long musical heritage. There is a plaque on the Pavilion honoring Harry Eichhorn for his many years of conducting the Summer Band.  You can use the search box at the top right of this page and type in his name.  And, incidentally, Harry will turn 92 on January 29.     —PG

Editor’s note:  Once again artist Jack Bredin of Ocean Grove creates a personal vision of an Ocean Grove view.  His body of work is unique, as he redefines how we see our town.  There was a time in 2007 when this Boardwalk Pavilion became a symbol of controversy where factions in the Grove clashed in an un-neighborly way.

But Jack Bredin sees something much different when he looks at the Pavilion.  He sees summer band concerts, gospel services with inspiring music, children running around, a place to rest on a hot day, and a historic landmark which is part of a larger and most beautiful scene as seen in this painting.  So that is why he doesn’t simply call this work “Boardwalk Pavilion.”

Instead, by naming this work “The Harry Eichhorn* Pavilion” he reminds us to look at our town with a broad stroke and to see it in all its diversity and beauty.

–Paul Goldfinger,  Editor @Blogfinger

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View of OG looking north. Ocean Grove artist Jack Bredin. ©  July 2019 © Click on image to enlarge.  Photo of the painting by Rob Bredin.



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“AURORA” Goddess of the Dawn by Ocean Grove artist Jack Bredin. ©  Click to enlarge.  August, 2018.   Photo of the painting by Rob Bredin.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

Jack Bredin decided years ago to paint the historic Aurora Hotel.  This year he finally completed the project.  Jack usually begins by photographing his subject, and when he was doing that, he saw a woman watering her lawn near the Aurora.  It turns out that she is the owner of that house, and she gave Jack permission to use her in his painting.  The dog walker also was present on the day of the photographs and he also gave permission.

The historic Angel of Victory statue  is depicted at the lower right corner.  Jack has used the famous statue in other paintings.  Here is a BF link by Kathy Arlt regarding the Angel:

Angel of Victory

Jack works in oil on canvas, and his paintings often contain historic and current references.  For example, Jack always admired the giant American flag hung from the Aurora  at times such as the 4th of July.  But the flag obscured many details, so Jack placed bunting instead.

The vacant North End is readily seen.  Someday much of what Jack shows here will be considered historic   For example, the “White Whale” building near the upper right hand corner, will probably be demolished in the future.  And the glorious views currently available to all at the North End will be blocked by a commercialized OG North End  (aka “South Asbury Park.”)

Wonderful Victorian homes are shown in the foreground, but looming behind, like some prehistoric monster, is a condominium building, the sort of place that mars the views in the Grove.

Jack insists on accuracy in his paintings, while taking some minor liberties.   For example, the girl on the bike is a Heck Avenue neighbor named Jackie.  And the Aurora, the symbol of the Greek Goddess of dawn, will be converted into 4 condos if the out-of-town interlopers get their way,  with the gears greased by the feckless HPC  (def: lacking initiative or strength of character; irresponsible.) and the out-of-town, don’t-give-a crap Committee.

It should be noted that although Jack’s work might stimulate  political discussions, he never mixes art and politics.

You also can see that Jack has frozen the time of his subject by including the 16 story Asbury skyscraper currently going up near the ocean.   You can see the giant crane on top. What effect will that huge building have on life in the Grove?



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“Tent Village” Ocean Grove, oil on canvas by Jack Bredin. Photograph by Rob Bredin. ©  Click to enlarge.


The tents are arrayed around the Great Auditorium in  summer.  Those who stay in the tents are part of a unique community within a community.

For this oil painting, Jack was inspired by the peacefulness that prevails there, especially late in the afternoon, towards dusk.

Here is link to a Blogfinger video clip that captures that sense of place and peace. You can hear the Hope-Jones organ playing quietly in the background. Children enjoy the Village and roam about fearlessly.

Tent Village Blogfinger video clip

Jack Bredin’s paintings are always  on exhibit at the Ocean Park Gallery on Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park.

–Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net



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Tree Lighting Ceremony  ©  By Jack Bredin, Ocean Grove. Photograph by Rob Bredin.  Click image to enlarge it.  You may find some surprises.





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“Maria Thornley’s Tent” by Ocean Grove artist Jack Bredin. Photograph by Rob Bredin. 4/23/17. ©

Jack has introduced his work before on Blogfinger.net. You can type his name into the search box on top of this page to see more about this fine local painter.

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SS Morro Castle on fire n 1934 off the Asbury Park shore. Painting by Jack Bredin, November 2016. © Photograph by Rob Bredin.

SS Morro Castle on fire in 1934 off the Asbury Park shore. Painting by Jack Bredin, November 2016. © Photograph by Rob Bredin.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.

Jack Bredin is a well known artist who specializes in scenes of Ocean Grove.  His work is on display at the Ocean Park Gallery on Cookman Avenue in Asbury park.  Here is a link to another recent work  of Jack’s from this past summer:


The SS Morro Castle was an ocean liner in the 1930’s.  It ran back and forth between New York City and Havana. On September 8, 1934, during a return trip from Cuba with 571 passengers and crew on board, the ship caught fire about 8 miles off Long Beach Island.  Very quickly it became enveloped by the flames.  The crew was ill prepared for a shipboard fire, and many people jumped into the water. In the end, about 137 people died of drowning or fire. Some bodies floated ashore at Pt. Pleasant and Manasquan.

After the ship was empty, an attempt was made to tow it away, but it drifted loose and went aground near Convention Hall in Asbury Park.  It stayed there for about 6 months where it was a tourist attraction.  Then it was towed away and scrapped.

Jack Bredin’s  folk-painting style is to add a bit of poetic license to his works, so the facts may not be exactly correct—thus the ship burning off Asbury Park.

Here is a video which is quite interesting:


The Morro Castle was returning from Cuba, so here is a sample of the sort of music that the band on the ship might have played on that fateful night:


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