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“AURORA” Goddess of the Dawn by Ocean Grove artist Jack Bredin. ©  Click to enlarge.  August, 2018.   Photo of the painting by Rob Bredin.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

Jack Bredin decided years ago to paint the historic Aurora Hotel.  This year he finally completed the project.  Jack usually begins by photographing his subject, and when he was doing that, he saw a woman watering her lawn near the Aurora.  It turns out that she is the owner of that house, and she gave Jack permission to use her in his painting.  The dog walker also was present on the day of the photographs and he also gave permission.

The historic Angel of Victory statue  is depicted at the lower right corner.  Jack has used the famous statue in other paintings.  Here is a BF link by Kathy Arlt regarding the Angel:

Angel of Victory

Jack works in oil on canvas, and his paintings often contain historic and current references.  For example, Jack always admired the giant American flag hung from the Aurora  at times such as the 4th of July.  But the flag obscured many details, so Jack placed bunting instead.

The vacant North End is readily seen.  Someday much of what Jack shows here will be considered historic   For example, the “White Whale” building near the upper right hand corner, will probably be demolished in the future.  And the glorious views currently available to all at the North End will be blocked by a commercialized OG North End  (aka “South Asbury Park.”)

Wonderful Victorian homes are shown in the foreground, but looming behind, like some prehistoric monster, is a condominium building, the sort of place that mars the views in the Grove.

Jack insists on accuracy in his paintings, while taking some minor liberties.   For example, the girl on the bike is a Heck Avenue neighbor named Jackie.  And the Aurora, the symbol of the Greek Goddess of dawn, will be converted into 4 condos if the out-of-town interlopers get their way,  with the gears greased by the feckless HPC  (def: lacking initiative or strength of character; irresponsible.) and the out-of-town, don’t-give-a crap Committee.

It should be noted that although Jack’s work might stimulate  political discussions, he never mixes art and politics.

You also can see that Jack has frozen the time of his subject by including the 16 story Asbury skyscraper currently going up near the ocean.   You can see the giant crane on top. What effect will that huge building have on life in the Grove?



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Janet (L) and Bev from Ocean Grove. On the right is the pink lady from out of town .Paul Goldfinger photo ©. July 16, 2015

Janet (L) and Bev from Ocean Grove. On the right is Diane, the pink lady from Summit. .Paul Goldfinger photo ©. July 16, 2015.  Reposted from July, 2015. Blogfinger.net


Diane from Summit sits at the feet of Stokes who probably would have liked her in his congregation.

Diane from Summit sits at the feet of Stokes who probably would have liked her in his congregation. Bev holds her painting of the great man. Paul Goldfinger photo ©


By Paul Goldfinger  @Blogfinger.net

They were painting outdoors on a gorgeous  Jersey Shore day, right on Ocean Pathway by Rev. Stokes statue. Stokes probably would have liked this painting class in the Ocean Grove of 1870.  After all, the camp meeting idea included a variety of leisure activities.  In fact, Troy Messenger’s fascinating book is called “Holy Leisure: Recreation and Religion in God’s Square Mile.”

Norma Tolliver, of the Main Avenue Galleria, was conducting the class in the spirit of the French who invented “en plain air” painting—which means painting outdoors.

Janet, Bev and Diane were having a happy time being creative with their canvasses.  They could kibbitz with me while making their masterpieces.  It actually looked like fun.

BF article Main Ave. Galleria 2012    Click here to see a nice photo of Norma Tolliver, owner and artist-in-chief at the Main Avenue Galleria School of Art (732 988 1002) where you can take lessons, paint outdoors and even have wine and cheese during a painting event, in the spirit of Picasso who liked to drink when he met his artist friends, perhaps explaining his two headed, one eyed women subjects.      (You must see Midnight in Paris by Woody–you will meet Salvatore Dali and Hemingway in a left bank bar—not exactly en plain air; more like en stale air.)

DJANGO REINHARDT   “Body and Soul” 1938

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“Summertime by the Sea” By Jack Bredin, 2017. © Photograph by Rob Bredin. Click to enlarge.


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Ocean Grove tent colony. Interior.  Paul Goldfinger ©. 2015.

“Maria Elena.”

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The North End Pavilion Building by Jack Bredin. August, 2016. ©

The North End Pavilion Building by Jack Bredin. Oil on canvas.  August, 2016. ©

MINNIE DRIVER  “Ruby Adeline.”


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Janet Whritner in Firemen's Park where she is painting the town red, and other colors too. Her subjects are two adjacent Victorian cottages on Mt. Hermon Way. Paul Goldfinger photo © 7/15/16

Janet Whritner in Firemen’s Park where she is painting the town red, and other colors too. Her subjects are two adjacent Victorian cottages on Mt. Hermon Way. Paul Goldfinger photo © 7/15/16  Re-post.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor of all things artsy @Blogfinger

“En plein air” has been popular since the days of the Impressionists. The French  thought of it, and that is why we say, “en plain air” instead of “open air.”  The idea is that the artist experiences the actual conditions of light by setting up his (or her) easel and experiencing reality.  It should give the finished work a more “au naturel” look.

This Friday, July 15, 2016, we found that art professor Norma Tolliver had brought an intermediate class of acrylics painters to Firemen’s Park.  We spoke to Janet Whritner of Ocean Grove who was part of the group which had set up throughout the park. She says that she is at an intermediate level having taken some classes before.  In fact we met “JW” last year when she and Beverly from Mt. Tabor Way had camped out at the feet of Rev. Stokes for the same sort of painting-in-fresh-air experience as now.

Norma is the artist-in-chief at the Main Avenue Galleria.  Her art school provides a wide choice of classes including some for children.

On August 13, they will have a “paint around,”  sort of like musical chairs where all the participants get to contribute at each canvas. Do they all sign the finished product?  Can you imagine doing that while cooking, soloing on an oboe, or composing a symphony? But Norma must make it work—this will not be her first rodeo.

Below is a link to last year’s post:


So, when is the class over?  When the light fades, of course.  Then the class gets together for some close harmony below. Listen for Janet—the soprano; Beverly is the alto and Norma conducts with a brush in her hand.  We do need a tenor–can someone lend us a tenor?  Maybe Ron Naldi would join the group?  And how about a bass?  After all, it’s all about the bass.

Rufus Wainwright, Martha Wainright, and the McGarrigle sisters.

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Ocean Grove 2005. We need more events like this. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Ocean Grove 2005. We need more events like this. Paul Goldfinger photo ©


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Ocean Grove at the Spring fling.  Pilgrim Pathway.  5/15/16.  Blogfinger photo ©

Ocean Grove at the Spring fling. Pilgrim Pathway. 5/15/16. Blogfinger photo ©

Of course, when the Jersey girls in their summer clothes make their debut on the OG Boardwalk, this will seem modest.  Blogfinger will be covering that story from the culture/lifestyles viewpoint.

BUDDY HOLLY and the CRICKETS from the soundtrack of American Graffiti.:

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Ocean Grove beach. by Moe Demby, Blogfinger staff ©

Ocean Grove beach. by Moe Demby, Blogfinger staff ©  Click to enlarge.

A.R. RAHMAN    From the film The Hundred Foot Journey.   “You Complete Me.”

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December 3, 2015. Main Avenue, Ocean Grove. By Jay Cortese.

December 3, 2015. Central Ave. at Main Avenue, Ocean Grove. By Jay Cortese.


Hey...It's Mickey. Maybe someone will send us a photo of the completed window. The first amazing photo will be posted and seen around the world. Jay Cortese photo.

Hey…It’s Mickey.  Jay Cortese photo.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor@Blogfinger

We received a note today from a distinguished  Ocean Grove art critic, musician and designer—- Jay Cortese.  Jay said that he was walking to the hardware store along Main Avenue when he saw this group of Neptune High School artists painting Nagle’s windows.  I hope Jay found the hardware store since he is heading the wrong way, but Jay got excited to see these 8 Scarlet Flyers creating window art downtown.

This is a marvelous sight. It takes me all the way back to Park Avenue in Rutherford where every December a small army of art students from RHS would paint the town red, indigo, yellow, green and blue.   Do you think Van Gogh painted windows in Paris when he got sick of sunflowers?

If any of you Neptuners contact us  (Blogfinger @verizon.net) with the names of these young artists, we will post them.  Who knows, maybe there is a budding Modigliani among them;  one of his paintings sold recently for $170 million.

This song has nothing to do with art, but it is fun.  From the movie Ratatouille.




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