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“The Harry Eichhorn Pavilion” By Jack Bredin. 2/15/22. ©  Photo by Rob Bredin.   OG Boardwalk. Jack’s latest work. Click to enlarge.


BILLIE HOLIDAY AND HER ORCHESTRA     From an album of  Woody Allen’s movie music.


“Did I remember to tell you I adore  you and pray forever more you’re mine?”


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Cornwallis Headquarters. Jack Bredin. 2021.   Click to enlarge



DIRE STRAITS     “Brothers in Arms”  Music selection by Jack Bredin.  From the album of the same name.   See below for further discussion regarding   “Cornwallis Headquarters.”


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Historic Park. Fort Lee, New Jersey. By Jack Bredin. Photograph by Rob Bredin. ©  Click to enlarge.  ©


ROGER WHITTAKER:    “The Last Farewell.”


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Jack Bredin painting. Twilight in the Grove. Main Ave. looking west.  Ocean Grove. 2020.  Photograph by Rob Bredin. ©   Click to enlarge.


KATE HAVNEVIK  from the Hotel Café Presents Winter Songs.


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“A Snowy Day” by Jack Bredin. November, 2020. Special to Blogfinger.net.




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“Jean’s Kitchen” by Jack Bredin. May, 2020. Ocean Grove. Photograph by Rob Bredin.


Julia Child’s kitchen is in the Smithsonian, but to Jack, friends and family of Jean, this kitchen, on Heck Avenue is a gourmet’s delight.  Jack works at home, so he didn’t need to travel far for his model.

This is more than a painting of a room.  Jean is there, and Jack has placed some clues to his existence as her best customer:  his glasses and his tush pillow.  We also see other signs of life in the Bredin house: plants, flowers and the cat.

And as a further tribute to Jean, Jack rolled back the years for his sweet partner and cook.


FRANK SINATRA  with a tribute to Jean Bredin:

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The winners of our “name that street contest” are  Karen Weber, Kevin Chambers and Paul Devine.  We have a 4th winner who was in a veritable tie time-wise  with Kevin, so Liz Rhodes will also receive a Jack print.

Congratulations for being astute neighbors.  The Victorian house in Jack’s painting is on the 2nd beach block of Heck Avenue:—-#27. Go see it in person. It is a beauty!

Our winners can pick up their signed Jack Bredin print at the International Headquarters of Blogfinger.net. We will send them an email.


Flag Day by Jack Bredin. Print. Contest prize.

Ocean Grove artist Jack Bredin painted an oil on canvas in 1995, at the request of a friend in Edgewater, NJ in honor of Flag Day.

Flag Day occurs each year on June 14. The painting depicts the raising of the largest flag in New Jersey at Veterans’ Park in Edgewater where Jack used to live.  You can see the George Washington Bridge in the background along with the Hudson River and New York City.

The canvas was reproduced using a printing method called “offset.” The prints, 24 x 18,  are numbered and signed, and they hang in the homes and offices of some very special individuals including high ranking military officers.

Jack says that patriotism is in somewhat of a state of decline these days, including respect for the flag, but he is proud to note that so many  OG citizens fly the flag on their homes.


“Tonight I dare you to dream
Go on, believe impossible things
Whenever anybody says there’s anything we can’t do
Cause, after all, there’s an American flag on the moon.”

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“Summertime by the Sea” By Jack Bredin, 2017. © Photograph by Rob Bredin. Click to enlarge.


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“A Cottage By the Sea” by Jack Bredin. This is an Ocean Grove scene, and Jack continues his series of paintings of our town. Photo by Rob Bredin. July, 2017.

Jack Bredin continues his series of Ocean Grove scenes.  His paintings of our town are famous, and lucky is the art lover who has one hanging in his home.

Editor’s note: You can feel the life of the seashore in this painting by Jack. The breezes are blowing the flag and the trees, and you can smell the ocean.   The young couple are perhaps planning their evening.  Maybe they will go to a dance. Do they still have dances? Well, let’s assume that they do, and he may approach others, but he wants to have the last dance with her; and then he’ll take her to Days for an ice cream soda.

And that’s where the cottage by the sea comes in, because he hopes to take her there, under the watchful eye of her parents, of course, and they’ll sit on the porch and maybe there will be some music in the air.  Which brings us to our song below:

PATRICK RIGUELLE AND JOHN TERRA  with a song made famous by the Drifters in 1960.



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The Auditorium Pavilion in Ocean Grove, NJ. By OG artist Jack Bredin. July, 2016. ©

The Auditorium Pavilion on the Ocean Pathway.  By Ocean Grove artist Jack Bredin. July, 2016. ©

Jack Bredin has been interpreting scenes of Ocean Grove on a regular basis. His unique and creative  take on our town is making him famous as  a Jersey Shore artist.  His work is on permanent exhibit at the Ocean Park Gallery on Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park, NJ.  Jack’s paintings are best described as “folk art.”

Here is a link to our 2015 post about Jack’s work celebrating the success of the Together Campaign in the Grove:






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