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December 3, 2015. Main Avenue, Ocean Grove. By Jay Cortese.

December 3, 2015. Central Ave. at Main Avenue, Ocean Grove. By Jay Cortese.


Hey...It's Mickey. Maybe someone will send us a photo of the completed window. The first amazing photo will be posted and seen around the world. Jay Cortese photo.

Hey…It’s Mickey.  Jay Cortese photo.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor@Blogfinger

We received a note today from a distinguished  Ocean Grove art critic, musician and designer—- Jay Cortese.  Jay said that he was walking to the hardware store along Main Avenue when he saw this group of Neptune High School artists painting Nagle’s windows.  I hope Jay found the hardware store since he is heading the wrong way, but Jay got excited to see these 8 Scarlet Flyers creating window art downtown.

This is a marvelous sight. It takes me all the way back to Park Avenue in Rutherford where every December a small army of art students from RHS would paint the town red, indigo, yellow, green and blue.   Do you think Van Gogh painted windows in Paris when he got sick of sunflowers?

If any of you Neptuners contact us  (Blogfinger @verizon.net) with the names of these young artists, we will post them.  Who knows, maybe there is a budding Modigliani among them;  one of his paintings sold recently for $170 million.

This song has nothing to do with art, but it is fun.  From the movie Ratatouille.




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ISABELLE FOUNTAINE  “Roses of Picardy” live with the Hot Club of San Francisco.

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WILLOW by Marylou Shipman. Watercolor/gouage. ©

WILLOW by Marylou Shipman. Watercolor/gouage. ©

Hello Paul…I love your photo of the Hemingway cat…the Siamese is truly a regal creature. I am a great admirer of cats and I have done several interpretations of Ocean Grove felines in watercolor/gouache. In the past, you took an interest in my painting of Maggie the cat (beloved Ocean Grove feline). I so appreciated the fact that you shared my artwork on your blog. I thought I would submit my latest painting of “Willow”…taking a nap on her Franklin Avenue porch. I tried to capture that “Leave me alone, I’m napping” look in her eyes.
Sincerely yours,

Mary Lou—this is a fine painting of a cute cat. She is the epitome of comfort—an inspiration for humans, especially those who have access to an Ocean Grove porch.    Sometimes I take a walk in the Grove and pass a person who is curled up on their porch in a comfortable chair, reading a book, taking a nap, or sipping a drink. Oftentimes their legs are up on a cushion or tucked underneath.  They seem so content, and I am jolted–because it reminds me that Eileen and I need to spend more time relaxing on our porch.  We need to stop and smell the flowers and the ocean breezes, like Willow.

Thanks for sharing with the Blogfinger audience.

CAT POWER is the name given to recordings by singer/songwriter Charlene Marie Marshall, a Southern soul performer.  This is from her 7th album —-recorded in Memphis in 2006 to great acclaim. Other than her stage name, this music has nothing to do with cats.  But like so much of the music which we post on Blogfinger, it’s here because I like it.

These  lyrics are a bit obscure, but the music is dreamlike and beautiful.  Sometimes we can enjoy vocal music for its shear sound, ignoring the actual words.  We do that often when listening to opera or some rock and roll. But that never happens when listening to Sinatra.

Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

“The Greatest” from the album of the same name.

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book one

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.

Sue Anderson Gioulis is an Ocean Grove based artist who has painted many images of our town and she regularly exhibits her work in the Galleria on Main Avenue. She wanted to display some of her OG paintings in a book, so she teamed up with Kathryn Hess, an artist from Brick Township whose family has been summering in the Grove for four generations.

Katheryn Hess (L) and Sue Anderson Gioulis, authors, in Ocean Grove,  at the Shawmont Hotel. Dec 13, 2014. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Katheryn Hess (L) and Sue Anderson Gioulis, authors, in Ocean Grove, at the Shawmont Hotel. Dec 13, 2014. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

The pair decided to create a summer tour of the Grove, featuring pictures by Sue and a poem by Kathryn who says that she wrote her part last winter ” while curled up in a ball.” She was inspired by all the summers she spent here as a child.

Image by Sue Gioulis from the book "Ocean Grove Summer.

Image by Sue Gioulis from the book “Ocean Grove Summer.  Text by Kathryn Hess.


“Ocean Grove Summer” appeals to adults or children, and the illustrations are very colorful and detailed featuring six OG Victorian homes, Days, Nagle’s and other town landmarks. Children who live and visit in the Grove will recognize the places shown in the book.


You can purchase “Ocean Grove Summer” in Gingerbreads. It was published this month by KFR Communications, Neptune, New Jersey.

FRANK SINATRA.   Album: Nothing But the Best

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Porch in Shades of Pink and Green by Carl Swenson of OG. cardsbycarl.com  ©

Porch in Shades of Pink and Green by Carl Swenson of OG. cardsbycarl.com ©

CHARLIE BYRD, LAURINDO ALMEIDA, AND C. BARBOSA LIMA with “Rosa” by Alfredo Vianna   from Music of the Brazilian Masters


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Hand-colored engraving from Woolman and Rose Atlas of the New Jersey Coast.  1878

Hand-colored engraving (11.5  x 14 inch)  from Woolman and Rose Atlas of the New Jersey Coast. 1878.  click on image to enlarge

It’s hard to envision where in Ocean Grove this building might have stood from this picture, but a history book of OG says that the Arlington stood on Auditorium Square which, even today, is a large park-like setting.  One thing is sure, there were no parking problems then; the stables were on the west side of town. They probably had an ordinance that said, “Pick up after your horse.”

–Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

PAL JOEY—1957.  This version by Bobby Van  from the album CenterStage Broadway  1947-1958.    Click on the comments button to find the music player; then use the back arrow to return.



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Marylou Shipman sent us her portrait of Maggie, a feline favorite among people who live on the west side of Franklin and Clark Avenues.  Maggie, owned by Mick and Mike, passed away on January 25.  

"Maggie" by Ocean Grove artist Marylou Shipman.

“Maggie” by Ocean Grove artist Marylou Shipman.   Click left for full view.

FRANK VIGNOLA with BUCKY PIZZARELLI.   From the album “Moonglow”

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Carl Swenson set up his display  on the Pathway during the Giant Flea Market. He does wonderful house portraits.

Carl Swenson of Ocean Grove set up his display on the Pathway during the Giant Flea Market. He does wonderful house portraits.  Paul Goldfinger photo  ©

Carl chose one fine day to show his work.  In addition, I bet Carl knows this song by the Chiffons:

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“The Stokes Statue and the Great Auditorium” by Stephen D’Amato

This past June we met painter Stephen D’Amato when he was making sketches in front of the Stokes statue. Stephen has been working on a series of shore themes, and he has kindly allowed us to show the above work based on those sketches. His current show is being held at the Cranford Library (see link below) and will run until the end of December.

When he was visiting here, we were discussing how Woody Allen had used Ocean Grove settings for his film “Stardust Memories.” In an email today, he said, “I did watch “Stardust Memories” and really liked it. It was interesting to see how they adapted the area locations to the story.”

Here are links to Mr. D’Amato’s blog and also to our Blogfinger article about him. I especially like his painting called “Oxygen Tattoo–Wildwood” which is shown in our June article.  — Paul Goldfinger

Stephen D’Amato new exhibit link

June, 2012 BF article which includes Stephen D’Amato

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Ocean Grove 9/11 Fire Memorial. By Carl Swenson

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