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Debris was being loaded into a dump truck this morning. Jean Bredin photo Blogfinger staff. © Jan 31, 2018.




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The Great Auditorium of Ocean Grove.  Getting ready to perform Mendelssohn’s “Elijah,” conducted by Jason Tramm.   August 28, 2016. The musicians are from the Adelphi Chamber Orchestra.  Paul Goldfinger photo. ©  Click to enlarge.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

Here is a link to the Blogfinger article about this 2016  concert.  Kudos to the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association for making such remarkable events possible in our town.  The link below has a photo gallery of Marvelous Mendelssohn brought to life by Maestro Jason Tramm, the musicians, and the choir.

Elijah in the Great Auditorium

STEPHEN DOUGHTY     Elijah Part 2.  “He, watching over Israel, slumbers not.”

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Paul Goldfinger ©. Thornley Chapel, Ocean Grove, New Jersey . Undated.




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All images Jan 4, 2018 in Ocean Grove, NJ. by Stephen Goldfinger, Blogfinger staff ©


Asbury Park across Wesley Lake. 1/4/18 © Blogfinger.net


Streets of Ocean Grove. 1/4/18 Blogfinger.net ©


Mt. Hermon Way at Firemen’s Park. 1/4/18. Blogfinger.net ©


ART GARFUNKEL  (definitely more than 99 miles from LA)



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k.d. lang   from her album Recollection:



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“Night Patrol” Paul Goldfinger © Click in the dark. Nov. 22, 2017 ©


NICKI MINAJ  from her album  The Pinkprint   “The Night is Still Young.”


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Angels-By-The-sea. By Rich Despins, a neighbor from the north country--Bradley Beach. Undated. ©

Nagles-by-the-sea. Ocean Grove, NJ. By Rich Despins, a neighbor from the south country–Bradley Beach. Undated. © Special to Blogfinger

WARREN VACHE´  “”Something to Remember You by.” by Arthur Schwartz and Howard Dietz (1930)

“Oh, give me something to remember you by
When you are far away from me
Just a little something, meaning love cannot die
No matter where you chance to be..”

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Don't be a turkey; celebrate this wonderful holiday. Paul Goldfinger photo

Don’t be a turkey; celebrate Thanksgiving, a wonderful holiday. Paul Goldfinger photo in Ocean Grove, NJ (July 4 parade)  ©  Reposted from 2014 on Blogfinger.

On Thanksgiving morning, the Rutherford High School marching band would arrive at Passaic High School stadium for the oldest high school football rivalry in New Jersey.  We played the Thunderer for most of our half time shows.  I was in the sax section where I kept one eye on the flute players and the other on the fringed Indians—the Passaic cheerleaders.  What’s better on Thanksgiving than beautiful girls in leather.

Then, after the inevitable loss on the field, we consoled ourselves with the knowledge that our band was better; then it was back across the river and home for turkey.

JOHN PHILLIP SOUSA with the Thunderer March.


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Ocean Grove South End. Viewed from the east end of the Lake.  November 5, 2017. Paul Goldfinger © Blogfinger.net. Click to enlarge.




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Portrait of Tom. He’s about to make his first cast at the OG shore. 4:30 pm, Sunday, November 5, 2017.  We changed the clocks today—darker sooner. Click to see the face of a happy man.   Paul Goldfinger photo ©

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor@Blogfinger.

Late afternoon on a cloudy day at the Ocean Grove South Beach.  There were kids with dads, and guys playing with their dogs in the sand, but overall, the beach was sparsely populated.  Several surf fishermen were out. One was sitting at the edge of the surf talking on his cell phone while watching his line. Can you be in the zone while talking on your cell?  The vibe at the beach was very mellow as the clouds began to darken, and the waves were a bit rambunctious.

Tom Wik lives on Heck Avenue almost close enough to cast from his porch. But he was not keeping his distance as he readied his gear. To fishermen, it is the being there that’s most important.  Catching a fish is secondary.

Tom chose to wait till the end of the day to go surf fishing.  The temperature was about 60 degrees, and given the misty moment, it seemed like Tom picked the perfect time.  Being alone out there might set your mind to wonder why things are as they are.

ART GARFUNKEL:  “I Wonder Why”

“I wonder why it is the sea’s so calm tonight,
The sands are ghostly white
Beneath the moon.
It seems strange to me to stand in endless space,
And know that in this place
I’m held within its timeless sway.”


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