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Ronald Naldi, tenor, poses in front of his  Ocean Grove tent, a short walk to the Great Auditorium.  Paul Goldfinger photo, Blogfinger.net. ©

Ronald Naldi, tenor, in front of his Ocean Grove tent, a short walk to the Great Auditorium. Paul Goldfinger photo, Blogfinger.net. ©

Q:  Where in the world can you meet a world famous opera singer, wearing a lavender sport jacket, emerging from his tent home, about to leave for his recital—one block away?

A. Ocean Grove, New Jersey, USA.    Only in America.

I was on my way by bike to Ronald Naldi’s Sunday afternoon recital, when I spotted the man himself, getting his wardrobe organized on his porch, having just emerged from his tent, i.e. his summer home in Ocean Grove.  I made a U turn and stopped in front of his abode.   Ron, a lyric tenor, artist-in-residence each summer in the Grove, was almost ready. For those of you who don’t know of him, he is a major star with the Metropolitan Opera in NYC.

I reminded him of who I was, but he was well aware of our Ocean Grove blog.   Actually I knew that from a prior telephone interview, but I wasn’t sure he would recognize me. He cheerfully and enthusiastically agreed when I asked to photograph him in front of his tent. His concert would start in about 15 minutes, so we didn’t chat much, but he did give me the Blogfinger quote of the year:

He said, “I love Blogfinger….it is the best blog in the world.”

Holy mackerel!   “Thank you,”  I blurted out, “I promise a good review for your concert.” Goodness—-what a lame thing to say.

He laughed. I jumped on my bike pedaling off towards the Youth Temple—visions of sugar plum fairies dancing in my head.

The next time I saw him was when he strode on stage  for what Shelley Brown of OG calls “The best concert of the year in Ocean Grove.”

See our forthcoming concert review.   Needless to say, the recital was superb.

—Paul Goldfinger, Editor @blogfinger

RONALD NALDI from his album of Neapolitan Songs.  “Rondine al Nido”

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Faces in the Grove:

Faces in the Grove: “The Greeter” by Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff. April, 2015. ©

From Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff:  A familiar face in Ocean Grove is “The Greeter.” He always has a cheery hello when he passes by.  I asked if I could take his photo, he said ok.  I asked his name, and he answered, “The Mayor of Ocean Grove!”

THE BEATLES.   “Hello Goodbye”

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Main Avenue Sunday April 26, 2015.  Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff. ©

Main Avenue Sunday, April 26, 2015. Jean Bredin, Blogfinger staff. ©.  Does anybody miss Kodachrome?

PAUL SIMON gets out his Nikon and tries to forget all the crap he learned in high school.

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