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Going shopping during the Vintage Car Show, but there is nothing vintage about these two.  They are in front of the Italian boutique:  “Love, Positano”  on Main Avenue in Ocean Grove.    Paul Goldfinger © 5/18/19


MARY LOU WILLIAMS  “Memories of You” from her album  Jazz in Paris.


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Ocean Grove. 2014. Paul Goldfinger photo. © Blogfinger.net

Ocean Grove. 2014. Girls in their summer clothes.  Paul Goldfinger photo. © Blogfinger.net.  Click to enlarge. This former resident of Neptune Township came back for a nostalgic visit.


TONY BENNETT   (Nobody does this 1964 song like Tony Bennett.)


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A girl in her summer clothes. Central Park, Upper East Side. Paul Goldfinger photo © August 2014.  Click to enlalrge and  see her tug on her dress. Was she primping for the photographer? Is she with the others, and what does the little smile mean?  Ask Paul McCartney—he wrote the song and included the piccolo.


“Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes
There beneath the blue suburban skies
Penny Lane.”





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The Brook Farm Inn. Lenox, Massachusetts. Undated. Paul Goldfinger photograph. Silver gelatin darkroom print © From our “Girls in their summer clothes series”


“Girls – they want to have fun
Oh girls just want to have fun”

—Cyndi Lauper


O SANCTISSIMA   (sacred music from the 18th century)  from A String Quartet Christmas:



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Asbury legs. by Paul Goldfinger ©. 8/16/15. Blogfinger.net.

Asbury legs. By Paul Goldfinger ©. 8/16/15. Blogfinger.net.


Keyboardist Paul Eichlin of Ocean Grove loves to perform in and around the Asbury Park Casino on the boardwalk.  And Louis, Paul may seem to be in St. Louis at the fair, but he is right here in A. Park near the Ocean Grove border.

This video below  is by Blogfinger.net of OG.





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Paul Goldfinger photograph. 5/2/21.  These 4 were taking their bikinis for a test drive on the OG jetty.  Click to enlarge the photo but not the bathing suits. ©



COUNT BASIE.    “Shiny Stockings”




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Asbury Park dog beach. Late afternoon.  By Paul Goldfinger. July, 2015. ©   Click to enlarge



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Ocean Grove beach. 2014. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Ocean Grove beach. 2014. Paul Goldfinger photo ©  Click to enlarge.  Blogfinger.net




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Keeping cool in the Great Auditorium. by Paul Goldfinger back in the cheap seats. ©

Keeping cool in the Great Auditorium. by Paul Goldfinger back in the cheap seats. ©  Repeated from 2014 in Ocean Grove, NJ  ©





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July 10. 2019. Paul Goldfinger. Ocean Grove.  ©



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