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These three beautiful purveyors of hand-crafted creations were happy to be mask free for this Paul Goldfinger photograph.  I said, “OK girls take a deep breast.”  The joke is mine; the smiles are theirs.   1/8/21 ©


January 8, 2021.  Fort Myers, Florida.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net


I tried to photograph this threesome who were selling hand-crafted jewelry at the Outlets Farmers Market on Friday. It was the first day this season, so there was a great deal of enthusiasm.  These lovely young ladies weren’t feeling the groove posing for a photo with the masks on, so they asked.

It seemed safe enough with them distanced from all the customers and wearing masks all along.  When they took off their masks they were busting out all over—big smiles erupted, and you can see how much was being missed under those masks.

From now on I will try to ask my street photography subjects to briefly unmask.  After all, a photo only takes 1/250th of a second.  So I took one exposure, the smiles lingered for a few moments, and then the masking resumed.






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Ft. Myers farmers market. Gypsy fashion attracts interest. Paul Goldfinger. December 2020. ©


The dark hued gypsy music is often described as romantic. It may be a coincidence but gypsies are often called Romas.  It has its origins in eastern Europe and borrows from a number of ethnic musical styles.

The Glenn Miller classic “I Know Why and So Do You” references gypsy violins:

"When you smile at me I hear the gypsy violins,
When you dance with me, I'm in heaven when the music begins."

Zoltan's Gypsy Music from Hungary and Romania

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A throwback to the 1950’s—even the name: Tropicana. Ft. Myers. Paul Goldfinger © Feb 2018.


Editor’s note:  The color scheme of the 1950’s was recreated by Francis Ford Coppola, 1970’s, for the Godfather movies, which were set in the ’40’s and ’50’s.  He used  special Technicolor film to provide authenticity when filming scenes in  Little Italy, Havana, Sicily and suburban America.

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Tropicana Park in Ft. Myers, Fla. Golf cart parade for Christmas. Dec. 20, 2020. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©


Tropicana Park Christmas Parade. 12/20/20. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©


–CANADIAN BRASS from their album  “Christmas Time is Here”   (Brass quintet with percussion.)


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Camelia River. Ft. Myers, Florida. December 18, 2020. Paul Goldfinger monochrom photograph. ©  Click to enlarge.  (Don’t you wish life were that easy?)


NANCY LAMOTT:    “Moon River” from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  With Christopher Marlowe on piano.


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In person gets the message across better than email or text. Ft. Myers, Fla. Paul Goldfinger monochrom image. ©  Click to make the point.


MICKEY GILLEY:   “Talk to Me”


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Sanibel Causeway. By Paul Goldfinger. ©

Sanibel Causeway. By Paul Goldfinger. ©



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Bright skies on the Sanibel Island causeway; Gulf of Mexico. March, 2016. By Paul Goldfinger

Bright skies on the Sanibel Island causeway; Gulf of Mexico. March, 2016. By Paul Goldfinger.  Click for the details.

By Paul Goldfinger,  Photography Editor @Blogfinger.net


Beaches provide major challenges for photographers.   Did you ever aim your cell phone camera at somebody at the beach on a sunny day?    Unless you are paying attention, your subject will be all black.  That’s because all light meters read brightness, and your camera doesn’t know that you are most interested in the cute baby drooling on himself  (no I don’t mean your husband.)   So the meter will read the brightness and shut down the light entering your camera.  The result is the sky looks great, while the people look like characters from The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

The beach above offers some shade in the form of trees and bushes along the back edge, unlike Ocean Grove where you need umbrellas.  But for this photo, there was no relief in terms of the bright sunshine.

The picture above required some careful metering and bracketing, and then post-photo fiddling around on the computer.  But the software cannot give you something that the camera doesn’t have, such as the facial details on your subject.  Sometimes you just can’t get a good shot on the beach or in the snow, for that matter.

But, wherever I am, I always prefer photographing in the shade if possible.   If you can, place your subject in the shade and you will love the result.



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Grovers rendezvous in southwest Florida: Punta Gorda. Eileen (L), Mary Lou, and Stormin’ Norman. Paul Goldfinger photo 2016. ©

OSCAR D’LEÓN    “Frenesi”




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Ft. Myers, Fla. March, 2016. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Ft. Myers, Fla. March, 2016. Paul Goldfinger photo ©  Click to enlarge



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