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BZ’s bar and lounge in the lavish Gasparilla Inn, Boca Grande Fla.  (1909.) Stop for a drink and a snack from mid afternoon to late night. In the morning you can go deep sea fishing.   Paul Goldfinger photograph 2015. © Click to enlarge or just put it on your tab.  The public is allowed here.  We came to take a gander at the place where people like J.P Morgan, Henry Ford,  Katherine Hepburn, and the Bush family stayed.


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Leoma Lovegrove is a Florida artist whose gallery is on Pine Island, southwest Fla.   This vehicle is shown at her outdoor backyard gallery on the waterfront.   She also loves to do Beatles’ themes. March, 2017. Paul Goldfinger photo.©


BARBARA COOK from her album (Close as Pages in a Book) of songs by lyricist Dorothy Fields.




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The orange crop was ruined in Fla, so what's a photographer to do? Why Paul Goldfinger © Fort Myers, Florida.

The orange crop was ruined in Fla, so what’s a photographer to do? Paul Goldfinger © Fort Myers, Florida.


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Thank heaven for little girls. Sanibel Island Causeway, Florida. ©

Thank heaven for little girls. Sanibel Island Causeway, Florida. ©  Paul Goldfinger photograph.




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Flower stand attracts a Florida honey bee. By Paul Goldfinger ©.

Flower stand attracts a Florida honey bee. By Paul Goldfinger ©. Click to make her more apparent.  Look downward carefully.  March, 2016




Wisconsin cheese man. Paul Goldfinger photo . ©

Wisconsin cheese man. Paul Goldfinger photo . ©


MIRANDA LAMBERT  with PISTOL ANNIES:    “Run Daddy Run”  from the Hunger Games soundtrack.


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Micanopy, Florida. Settled 1821 after Spain sold Florida to the US.  One mile square former Indian village.  Pop. 638  (2016)   Now on the National Register of Historic Places   Paul Goldfinger © December, 2017.   Micanopy series:  #1




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Boca Grande. A perfect place to watch the sun set. Paul Goldfinger photograph. 2015. ©

Boca Grande, Florida southwest.  On the beach. A perfect place to watch the sun set, to sip a daiquiri , and to share some moments while playing Ernesto Lecuono on your iPhone.    Paul Goldfinger photograph.  ©  Click to enlarge the estate.



ERNESTO LECUONO   “Maria la O.”     From his album of Cuban Originals



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Tampa, Florida. Food truck event. 2013. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©

Tampa, Florida. Food truck event. 2013. Paul Goldfinger photo. © Click to enlarge.




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Tropicana Park, Ft. Myers, Florida. Paul Goldfinger photograph © 2016.  Click to enlarge, and please pick up after your dog.  This crowd is smiling because the San Carlos Blvd. Walgreen’s has just received a shipment of Viagra  (generic of course.)

They also are happy because somehow Irma failed to blow this manufactured home community of nearly 500 units to Kingdom Come.  A few roofs were blown off, and some carports fell victim to the winds, but, despite the Gulf nearby, there was no serious flooding.  Power was out for 5 days.


This Tropicana home was hit hard by Irma. It looks like a tree fell on it. Photo 1/15/18 Blogfinger photo ©

So these seniors are able to return to their life of bingo, hot dog parties, competitive shuffle board (where they actually have a verb “to shuffle”…as in  “We’re going to shuffle this morning,”) golf, fishing, boating, or just hanging around.

Most of the folks in Tropicana are from the Midwest—–Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, etc. It is rare to see Jersey plates.  Some people wear cheese on their heads; others fly green and gold flags  (Green Bay Packers.)

My neighbors are from Kentucky.  They call me “Doc.”   I’m not sure they know my actual name,  although that’s true also in OG where they call me Blogfinger. On the other hand, I like nicknames—–just ask the Groaners.

And they have lots of 3-wheeler bikes and golf carts. There are early bird specials nearby where you can get a lobster dinner for 12 bucks.  And the swimming pools (2 of them) are heated, even in tropical temperatures.

Nearby are quite a few fancy gated communities where it’s more of a country club atmosphere.  And, of course, the east coast  (Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale, etc.) is another story altogether.  There you can get a great bagel and  hot pastrami sandwich.

But, in the middle of winter, all of south Florida shares the blessing of great weather, and that alone is worth the journey.

We are going down this week. So, if you can stand it, you will see some warm weather on Blogfinger.  If you learn of any news,  please let us know and send pictures.    If they start digging at the North End we would like that scoop.

And don’t try to enter our house.  We have a very strong Grover with a black dog staying there. His name is Stephen Goldfinger.

If you know of an efficiency apt. in the Grove, to rent, Stephen is looking for one. Contact us at blogfinger@verizon.net.

Here’s a link to a BF post about him:

Our Correspondent in New York City: Stephen Goldfinger


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger



“Ship’s at anchor, my suitcase packed,
Got a one way ticket, ain’t comin’ back.
Life’s a pleasure, love’s no dream,
Down south in New Orleans.”

I’m afraid you can’t substitute the name Ft. Myers for New Orleans, but you get the idea of heading south for pleasure, even if it’s Hot Dog Day in Tropicana Park rather then the NO version of a hot time.


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This beach in Ft. Myers, Florida is named for a great American: Ralph Bunche, winner of the 1950 Nobel Peace Prize.   ©Paul Goldfinger photo. Posted on the occasion of Martin Luther King’s birthday (Jan 18, 2016).  Click to enlarge this image.



SOUNDTRACK:  Silver Wings: by Garrett Hedlund:



Here is a link to our main article about Ralph Bunche:

Remembering Ralph Bunche, a civil rights leader and maker of international peace.

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