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Sanibel Island. Paul Goldfinger, 2019. ©





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Sanibel Island Causeway. February 2017. Paul Goldfinger photograph © click to enlarge.



“Melissa” from the Eat a Peach album


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The African-American man who owns this roadside stand always has fresh goods. Paul Goldfinger photo. December 2019. Harlem Heights, Ft.Myers, Fla.


Three days ago it was raining, so when I pulled into this location, no one was around.   I got out and selected 3 lovely tomatoes.  There was a tin can on the side with money in it.  So I paid what I thought it was worth and then proceeded to take some photos.

The next day I stopped there again, and he was in attendance.   I needed some lemons, and he had them.  His prices are very reasonable.

There are so many sources of fresh produce and fresh seafood in Southwest Fla, that I wondered how he makes a living.  But year after year, he is back, and he has his own business.


CAST OF FANTASTICKS:   “Plant a Radish”


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Gulf of Mexico. Bunche Beach. Fla.   Dec. 24, 2019. ©  Paul Goldfinger.




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Off the Sanibel Island Causeway. Morning, Feb 26, 2017 © Paul Goldfinger photo. ©

Off the Sanibel Island Causeway. Morning, Feb 26, 2017 © Paul Goldfinger photo. ©


Wind surfer #2 Blogfinger photo. ©

Wind surfer #2 Blogfinger photo. ©  Click to enlarge any of these photos.


Wrapping it up. Blogfinger photo © 2/26/17.

Wrapping it up. Blogfinger photo © 2/26/17.


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

They are a group of about eight friends who met on this beautiful Sunday morning, for a session of wind surfing.  The group meets at various locations where conditions might be ideal.  They told me that the winds were good for about one hour this morning, just enough time to form a line and catch the breezes as they surfed around in a big continuous circle, like sail boats do.   It is a strenuous sport, and you have to be in good condition; the surfers were a mix of men and women of varied ages.

I watched their session as the wind caught their colorful sales and propelled them at high speed through the calm surf. It wasn’t easy to stay afloat.

I got a chance to take some photos, then, as they reorganized on shore, we chatted for a while.  One of them, a professional piano tuner, gave me her card. I promised to send them some photos, which I did.

They all seemed to have a wonderful fun time. They were laughing and chatting away on the beach as they explained how good this sport made them feel. One of them said, “It’s a great workout.”


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Sanibel Island. Florida. Paul Goldfinger © 



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Twistee Treat.  Bonita Springs, Fla. By Paul Goldfinger © 2015.  Click for the large size cone.

On a diet?   Skip the ice cream and take up tap dancing.  Then you can dance your big behind off.  And you can tap your troubles away;

Just ask Lisa Kirk from the Broadway cast of Mack and Mabel  (1974)    “Tap Your Troubles Away.”

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Paul Goldfinger. Ft.Myers Florida. Edison Estate. 2019. ©


HANS ZIMMER, GEOFF ZANELLI, AND BLAKE NEELY—–   “Honor.”  This is the main title theme from the HBO Miniseries The Pacific.


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Ft. Myers, Florida (southwest) Paul Goldfinger c. 2015. ©  Click to enlarge.




From the movie score of Pride and Prejudice:  “Secret Life of Daydreams.”


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Internet photo of Mar-a-Lago. get image.jpg.  Palm Beach, Florida


Ocean Boulevard, a few blocks from Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, Fla, Paul Goldfinger photo. Feb, 2019. ©


By Ross Anzaldi, Esq.  Special to Blogfinger.net.

It was a sunny Florida day, when I received a call from an old friend inviting us to join them for dinner on the following evening.  I should have been prepared for the unexpected when he told me that I needed to wear a jacket, something not usually needed in Florida.

We were to dine Mar-a-Lago., the “Winter White House” of President Donald Trump.

1100 South Ocean Boulevard, Palm Beach, is situated between the Lake Worth Bay and the Atlantic Ocean in Palm Beach.   It was the former home of Marjorie Merriweather Post (the Post cereal heiress) and it is now a country club, a National Historic Landmark, and the “Winter White House.”

With anticipation, we drove across the bay into Palm Beach and rode along the Ocean admiring the many grand estates facing the Atlantic.  We suddenly slowed and made a sharp right turn under a stone archway into a narrow driveway.

In front of us was Mar-a-Lago, a grand estate of a Spanish/Moorish architecture.  It was over three stories high with a bell tower and numerous chimneys rising  into the sky.  A croquet court was to our left and a large American flag was in the center of the lawn.

Our car stopped under a stone portico, and valets opened all four doors at once.  As we exited the vehicle we faced a wrought iron doorway bracketed by a stone archway and columns.  We entered a small reception area and were reminded by the receptionist to turn off our phones and that no pictures were permitted.

We were then escorted into a high ceilinged dining room.  About 20 tables were set for diner.  Fresh flowers were on each table.  The windows were surrounded by heavy drapes and were lace covered.  The Spanish and Moorish decor was maintained throughout the dining room.

We then continued into an intimate club bar area.  We sat by the fireplace and enjoyed our cocktails and then returned to our table.

Dinner was buffet style.  This evening it featured seafood.   The serving area was outside under another portico, protected from the elements.  The view was onto the Intracoastal Waterway and bay.  The buffet was arrayed over  30 feet of various serving stations.  Whole lobsters were cracked— the meat removed and plated.  Shrimp, crab legs, oysters, clams, Dover Sole, in addition to filet mignon.

The salads included hearts of palm, anchovies, and various type of dressings.  A wide assortment of cheeses and breads rounded off the fare.   So many choices, so little time.  After making my salad choices, we returned to enjoy the lobster.

The dining room began to fill up; about 50 guests were present, yet we were able to enjoy and hear our conversations.  The service was solicitous, and the dining room opulent.

Desserts were displayed along two walls of the dining area.    So many choices, and restraint was difficult.

An elegant location, an excellent meal, and a once in a lifetime memory.


RUFUS WAINWRIGHT  (Live at Carnegie Hall)   “Putting on the Ritz”   (Written by Irving Berlin 1927)   From the concert soundtrack Rufus Does Judy.


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