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Mysteries abound in Tent Village. Ocean Grove. September 2, 2018. Paul Goldfinger ©   click to enlarge


BEN WEBSTER AND OSCAR PETERSON:  “In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning.”


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Ocean Grove by Paul Goldfinger ©. October, 2018.  Click to enlarge


MEN’S CHOIR  from Sex and the City movie soundtrack.



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7/17/17., Re-post.   Photo by Moe Demby,  Blogfinger staff © Seaside Heights, NJ

Blogfinger posted an article with this Moe Demby image regarding the recovery of Seaside Heights after Sandy. The piece also has an iconic image after Sandy:

Seaside Heights recovery

MILLS BROTHER    from the movie soundtrack  The War


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Seaside Heights boardwalk carousel. Paul Goldfinger photograph 2016. ©


APP May 26, 2020:

“June usually brings an influx of teenagers to Seaside; in previous years they’d come after high school proms. Chris Vaz  (Borough Administrator)  said the borough, which typically hires 50 to 60 Class I and Class II officers for the summer, needs extra officers to ensure that parties don’t get out of hand. Seaside has 39 motels and dozens of multi-family rental properties.

“Police and EMS are usually very busy at that time,” Vaz said. “Without us having sufficient police to be able to do the job that we normally have to do, there could be problems.”



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Paul Goldfinger. Ocean Grove, N.J.    Photo appeared in a magazine “Maine Ahead.” The article was about Scott Rasmussen, OG pollster. ©




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Paul Goldfinger. Ocean Grove boardwalk.  August, 2019. OG 150th anniversary event. © Click to enlarge.



TEDDY THOMPSON.   From the Leonard Cohen movie I’m Your Man.


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Paul Goldfinger photograph. October 5, 2018.  Click to enlarge.  ©


ALEXANDRE DESPLAT:  “Elisa’s Theme”  from the soundtrack of The Shape of Water   (Best Picture  2017 Academy Awards)

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Asbury Boardwalk. Paul Goldfinger among the zombies. 10/5/19 © Click to enlarge.


Recognize him?   Even zombies have family. Paul Goldfinger ©


Even zombies get the blues. Paul Goldfinger. ©


After the zombie walk. Paul Goldfinger ©


Asbury boards. Yucking it up.   Zombie Day. 10/5/19 Click to enlarge. Paul Goldfinger ©


Time for a drink.  She likes me.   Paul Goldfinger © 10/05/19


Lovely to look at, delightful to know….. Paul Goldfinger ©


BILLIE HOLIDAY:  From Woody’s film Celebrity.




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  Paul Goldfinger photograph at Tent Village; Ocean Grove.




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Ocean Grove. September 4, 2019. Paul Goldfinger near Founders Park.. ©




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