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Ocean Grove. 2016.  Paul Goldfinger ©  Click to be sure.


“It’s a lovely day today
And whatever you’ve got to do
I’d be so happy to be doing it with you”


SHERRY WILLIAMS  (From Call Me Madam)  By Irving Berlin


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Natalie Hart relaxes at her family home on Ocean Pathway in Ocean Grove, New Jersey.  Sept. 30, 2017. Paul Goldfinger photo © Blogfinger.net. Click to enlarge.


Natalie Hart is a 21 year old college student from Bethlehem  (no, not the West Bank–she is from Pennsylvania.)  We were biking west on Ocean Pathway when we spotted Natalie relaxing on the porch of her family’s historic Victorian home.  She readily agreed to be photographed by Blogfinger.

She says that her family has been in Ocean Grove since its 19th  century founding and she has been coming to the Grove since she was “in utero.”

Natalie is a business student in Philadelphia.  She is delighted to be among the beautiful women of Ocean Grove who have joined our select series :  “Girls in Their Summer Clothes.”

You can enter that phrase into our search box (upper right corner) to see others from the series.  This year, so far, we have not posted Cousin Brucie’s song of the same name, so here it is:


BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN:  Live version.  The song was released in 2008 and received two Grammy nominations.

“And the girls in their summer clothes
In the cool of the evening light
The girls in their summer clothes
Pass me by…”




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Jean Marie.  Cookman Avenue. Asbury Park. Re-post. Paul Goldfinger ©. Blogfinger.net.  Click to enlarge image.


By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor @Blogfinger.net (Ocean Grove.)   6/2/19

Jean Marie stood out at the Pride Day Parade on Cookman Avenue in A. Park.  She was wearing a light blue  Ocean Grove hat while I wore my turquoise OG T shirt from the Emporium .  We had something in common, plus she qualified for our “girls in their summer clothes” series.

Jean is from Wayne, but she is currently staying in Belmar.  She says that she “loves” Ocean Grove and would like to live there.

Today she pedaled her bike from Belmar and she was enjoying the show from her curbside location. She is one parade fan who didn’t park a car in Ocean Grove.

She also stood out because, unlike a lot of people at the parade, she could wear her summer clothes tomorrow.

So I only had to take a few frames because Jean is a fine model. As I was getting ready to leave, she said, “Nice to meet you.”

And I said, “But you haven’t actually met me.”  I gave her a Blogfinger card and explained our series on women’s summer fashions.

That was a wrap on our parade coverage, so I collected some beads  (New Orleans style)  and a Pride flag  (all given to me by marchers who liked the idea that I was taking their pictures; or maybe they were encouraging me to change sides.)

Anyhow it was back across the New Jersey Avenue bridge to the Ocean Grove community parking lot.





Here is a link to that Pride Day Parade on Blogfinger. I believe that was the last time the parade was held; it should be back in 2022.  Click on the bold type below.

And two more links below that; because it’s so much fun.


Happy Pride Parade: Asbury Park. June 2, 2019


Pride Parade in Asbury on Sunday, June 5 at noon.


Pride Parade. Asbury Park 2019

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Bunche Beach, Fla.  Paul Goldfinger © February , 2018. Click to enlarge.


Enlarge the photo to see the variety of bathing outfits at this family beach in South West Florida.




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By popular demand on Blogfinger. Sanibel Island Florida. 2017. Girls in their summer/winter clothes.  Paul Goldfinger action photo. © Blogfinger.net

Paul Goldfinger Editor @Blogfinger.

Above we see what looks like summer at the Jersey Shore but  is actually winter on Sanibel Island in southwest Fla.

In case you didn’t notice in Ocean Grove the last few seasons we had the summers of gravity-defying short shorts for women. The fashion caught on like wildfire and also probably got caught elsewhere as well.

Who knew that such shorts were physically possible?  As a student of human anatomy and gravity, I found it difficult to explain, but no more difficult than jeans worn halfway down a guy’s backside which manage never to fall down.

Butt, it also was the summers for thong bathing suits, rarely seen in the Grove, but more common over in Asbury or a quick jog south to Belmar. However, last summer we saw a young woman in a thong walking her dog right past Days Ice Cream and then past the Camp Meeting Association world headquarters.  She wore no coverup.   Needless to say, some ice cream did drip down the shirts of the Days crowd.

Here we see it in  Fla La Land, giving new meaning to the gulf of Mexico.

However  the most evident  women’s fashion look, seen everywhere,  are the black spandex pants that rarely make it down to the ankle, but they are so revealing, that despite covering all critical parts, they leave nothing to the imagination as they show every curve.  Why do that, when a bit of mystery is always more tantalizing?

The funny thing is that men’s summer clothes don’t change much.  The “drop your pants and reveal your boxers” fashion seems to be fading.  For men, jackets and  ties have been gone for some time, except maybe for funerals, weddings, playing in a symphony, or working in a law firm or corporation.

For the summer of ’19, Blogfinger will bring back the “girls in their summer clothes.”


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