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OG Flea Market, June1, 2013. By Paul Goldfinger. Left click for better look.

OG Flea Market, June 1, 2013. By Paul Goldfinger. Click on image for better look.  ©  Girls and boys in their summer clothes.

RODGERS AND HAMMERSTEIN.  Medley from Carousel.  London production with original cast:

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Hats never totally go out of style. 6/16/18. Ocean Grove. Paul Goldfinger ©


Girls in their summer clothes.   Hats are in.   Paul Goldfinger © 6/16/18.



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Natalie Hart relaxes at her family home on Ocean Pathway in Ocean Grove, New Jersey.  Sept. 30, 2017. Paul Goldfinger photo © Blogfinger.net. Click to enlarge.

Natalie Hart is a 21 year old college student from Bethlehem  (no, not the West Bank–she is from Pennsylvania.)  We were biking west on Ocean Pathway when we spotted Natalie relaxing on the porch of her family’s historic Victorian home.  She readily agreed to be photographed by Blogfinger.

She says that her family has been in Ocean Grove since its 19th  century founding and she has been coming to the Grove since she was “in utero.”

Natalie is a business student in Philadelphia.  She is delighted to be among the beautiful women of Ocean Grove who have joined our select series :  “Girls in Their Summer Clothes.”

You can enter that phrase into our search box (upper right corner) to see others from the series.  This year, so far, we have not posted Cousin Brucie’s song of the same name, so here it is:

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN:  Live version.  The song was released in 2008 and received two Grammy nominations.

“And the girls in their summer clothes
In the cool of the evening light
The girls in their summer clothes
Pass me by…”


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Ocean Grove. 2016.  Paul Goldfinger ©  Click to be sure.

“It’s a lovely day today
And whatever you’ve got to do
I’d be so happy to be doing it with you”

SHERRY WILLIAMS and JOHN RODBY  (From Call Me Madam)  By Irving Berlin

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Beach babies. Ocean Grove,New Jersey. 2015. “Girls in their Summer Clothes”© Paul Goldfinger photograph.


FIRST CLASS:  “Beach Baby”   By a British band in 1974.



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Paul Goldfinger photo in Ocean Grove. June, 2015 for our “Girls in Their Summer Clothes” series. ©


“Well, she was just 17,
You know what I mean,
And the way she looked was way beyond compare.
So how could I dance with another (ooh)
And I saw her standing there.”

Paul McCartney is on his “One on One tour” and he recently performed in Newark at the Prudential Center and then at Madison Square Garden. in NYC.

Suffering Surfer of Ocean Grove attended the 9/11 concert in Newark.  Surfer was excited; he was going with his girlfriend and he was hoping that McCartney would sing “I Saw Her Standing There.”

He even made a song request sign to hold up, but he left it in the car.    The show set-list did not have that song, but McCartney did it as an encore.  Surfer was thrilled.  The show was over 3 hours long, and the audience was tireless.

Durng the MSG show, McCartney brought Bruce Springsteen and Steve Van Zandt up on stage to perform together. Eileen found the link below.

The audio on those YouTube videos aren’t very good, so a better audio version  (Beatles album)  is also posted below.  You will hear the difference.

Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen at MSG in New York. Internet photo.©

McCartney and Springsteen    Video

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Ocean Grove.      Paul Goldfinger © Blogfinger.net. 8/4/17.  Click to enlarge, but don’t pick the flowers.


DICK HYMAN.   From the Woody Allen film Everyone Says I Love You.” Alan Alda vocal with “Looking At You.”


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Becca Hamilton, weaker fan. Ocean Grove. September , 2015. Photo by Jean Bredin, Blogfinger.net staff

Becca Hamilton, Weaser fan. Ocean Grove. September , 2015. Photo © by Jean Bredin, Blogfinger.net staff. Re-posted from 2015.  Worth a second look and a chocolate ice.

Says Jean Bredin:  “Becca Hamilton from Ocean Grove is an OG lifeguard.  I was curious how long has she been enjoying Weaser’s ices. .’Since I was 2 years old, she exclaimed! ‘   She’s a great representative for Weaser’s, our lifeguards, and girls in their summer clothes !”

THE TEMPOS.   From the film American Graffiti.

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Ocean Grove beach. 2014. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Ocean Grove beach. 2014. Paul Goldfinger photo ©  Click to enlarge.  Blogfinger.net



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OG Beach. June 2015. School's out, and these coeds chose the Grove. Ocean Grave? No way! Paul goldfinger photograph. ©

OG Beach. June 2015.  School’s out, and these coeds chose the Grove.   Paul Goldfinger photograph. ©


“So keep on climbing, though the ground might shake
Just keep on reaching though the limb might break
We’ve come this far, don’t you be scared now
‘Cause you can learn to fly on the way down”

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