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By popular demand (since May)  on Blogfinger. Sanibel Island Florida. 2017. Girls in their summer clothes.  Paul Goldfinger action photo. ©


Ocean Grove.  This fellow wore his hoodie up, even though it was an 80 degree day recently. Blogfinger photo. ©

Paul Goldfinger Editor @Blogfinger.

Summer fashions in Ocean Grove, 2017:  In case you didn’t notice, this was the summer of gravity-defying short shorts. The fashion caught on like wildfire and also probably got caught elsewhere  as well.  But it actually first appeared two summers ago when we first reported on it.

Who knew that such shorts were physically possible?  As a student of human anatomy, I found it difficult to explain, but no more difficult than jeans worn halfway down a guy’s backside, which manage never to fall down.

Butt, it also was the summer for thong bathing suits, rarely seen in the Grove, but more common over in Asbury or a quick jog south to Belmar.

However  the strangest women’s fashion look are the black spandex pants that rarely make it down to the ankle, but they are so revealing, that despite covering all critical parts, they do leave nothing to the imagination as they show every curve.  Why do that, when a bit of mystery is always more tantalizing?  It seems to be a case of follow the leaders and leave nothing to the imagination. What’s next?

The funny thing is that men’s summer clothes don’t change much.  But they are coming back for a new look this winter with hoodies that are worn over the head inside, such as walking around Wegmans.


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Paul Goldfinger ©.Sanibel Island Lighthouse, Florida. c 2016. Tri-X Collection. Click to enlarge.

WARREN VACHE´AND FRIENDS.  Houston Person (tenor sax) and Nicki Parrott (vocal.)  “Only Trust Your Heart”   Written by Benny Carter.

“Never trust your dreams
When you’re about to fall in love
Or your dreams will quickly fall apart
So if you’re smart, really smart
Only trust your heart.”

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Tommy Bahama’s restaurant in Naples, (west coast) © Florida. Not southern Italy. Sunglass kid says, “How was your flight?” Paul Goldfinger photo. 2016.


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Paul Goldfinger © Ft. Myers, Fla. c.2013




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Ft. Myers, Fla. Bunche Beach.  Paul Goldfinger photo. ©

EMMA STONE AND RYAN GOSLING,  from the movie  La La Land: (original music won two Academy Awards:)    “A Lovely Night.”

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This wading shore bird video was was obtained by Eileen Goldfinger in Jan 2017 in Ft. Myers, in our backyard.  It is 3-4.5 feet in height with a wingspan of 5.5-6.6 feet. Yet it only weighs 5-6 pounds due to its hollow bones.  In flight it can cruise at 20-30 mph.

The Great Blue can be found year round over most of the U.S. and Central America. They hunt alone but nest in colonies. They are often seen by Wesley Lake or Fletcher Lake. They are very good fishermen.

In the video you can see how still they stand before they make a move.  Don’t stop watching until you get to the end.   Please put the music on first, and then the video.



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Captiva Island, Florida. 2012. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Captiva Island, Florida. 2012. By Paul Goldfinger © Click left for full view.

ART FARMER (1928-1999)  made an album in 1958 with the great pianist Bill Evans. It is called “Modern Art.” The group consists of Art Farmer on trumpet,  Bill Evans on piano, Benny Golson on tenor sax, Addison Farmer on bass and Dave Bailey on drums.  

The song “Like Someone in Love” was written in 1944 for a film called “Belle of the Yukon.”  Jimmy Van Heusen wrote the music, and Johnny Burke—the lyrics. This is one of the great love songs of all time, but you won’t hear the lyrics on this version.    Being an old saxman, I love the interplay between the sax and the trumpet early in the song. Listen for it.

—-Paul Goldfinger  (reposted from August 2013 on Blogfinger)


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Naples Botanical Gardens. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©

Naples Botanical Garden. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©



“The Louisiana Fairytale”



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Food Bank on Gladiolus Avenue in Fort Myers, Fla.  Paul Goldfinger ©  March, 2016.

Food Pantry on Gladiolus Avenue in Fort Myers, Fla. Paul Goldfinger © March, 2016.  Click to enlarge


By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.

Colors do affect emotions.  Designers and marketers are very interested in how colors effect our moods.  There are scientists who specialize in this subject.

So whenever I pass the Food Pantry in Fort Myers, I wonder about the colors. It seems like some thought went into this yellow-green color scheme.

Is this just an attempt to create a cheerful tint for those who go there, sort of like rose-colored glasses?   Or is there a message there having to do with food sustainability or more generally, the environment?  Is the message, “For those of you who come here, know that we are interested in more than merely filling your bellies?”

We don’t know what goes on inside, or what it looks like inside, but the message I see is that those poor people who come for assistance receive more than some canned vegetables.  They probably receive heaping portions of good will, smiles, compassion, and support.

NATASHA PATAMAPONGS  From An Afternoon with Bob James

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Sanibel Causeway. By Paul Goldfinger. ©

Sanibel Causeway. By Paul Goldfinger. ©


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