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Farmers Market in Ft. Myers at the Sanibel Outlets. Paul Goldfinger photograph. Feb. 18, 2019. ©


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Lakes Park Farmers Market. Ft. Myers, Fla

Every year we try to find the southwest Florida’s equivalent of a Jersey tomato, but, although these look great, they fall down in the taste and texture department.  The flavor is flat, and the texture is mealy.   So, we will have to wait for those Jersey beefsteaks to make their debut next August.

Lakes Park market. 1/16/19. Madagascar Hat Company. Photos by Paul Goldfinger ©

Eileen has two of these colorful hats from Madagascar, an island in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Mozambique (south Africa.)   Today we were at that shop, and here is the true conversation:

Me: (being polite, but not actually wanting another $50 hat.)   “Do you want another hat?”

Eileen:  “That would be 3.  I only have one head.”

Me:  “OK.  There is some truth in what you say.”

E:  “Let’s go the mushroom lady.”  She leads me there.  Around here the merchants are specialists.

E: “They want $5.00 for a few small portobellos; Publix charges $3.69 for a bigger box. And let’s skip the bananas. I’ll get them at Publix  also.”

Me:  I thought farmers markets are supposed to be cheaper than super markets.  (true disclosure:  Publix is a weak second to Wegmans. We miss the W man.)

E:  “Would you please carry this:”  She hands me a Wegman’s bag which we brought from Jersey.  It is colorful, the best bag in town.    It’s  filled with produce and it is pretty heavy. She bought three baby bok choys which I suggested, but now I’m not sure why.

Me:  “Here’s fresh dill.  We can have chicken soup.”

E:  “OK”

Me:  (whining) “How can I take pictures carrying this?”

E:  I’ve had enough. Let’s go.

RODNEY CROWELL:     From his album Boots, Buckles, and Spurs

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Lakes Park, Fla. Farmers’ Market Jan. 2, 2019 Paul Goldfinger image © Blogfinger.net

BERNADETTE PETERS:    “Look At His Eyes”  

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Authentic French crepes: Myriam (L) is French; BethAnn is from New Jersey. They prepare wonderful crepes inside their food truck. And the coffee is strong and excellent. Lakes Park in Ft. Myers,Fla.  Jan. 2, 2019. Paul Goldfinger photo. Blogfinger.net

TINO ROSSI: “Serenade Sur Paris.”

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Ft. Myers, Fla. January, 2015. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Ft. Myers, Fla. January, 2015. By Paul Goldfinger ©



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MRS BMW.   Lakes Park, Ft. Myers. By Paul Goldfinger ©. Blogfinger.net


MAX RAABE AND THE PALAST ORCHESTER   from their album Golden Age  (Live at Carnegie Hall 2007)

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Sanibel Island Sunday Farmers’ Market. 1/21/18. Paul Goldfinger photo ©  Click to enlarge.

TONY BENNETT AND BILL EVANS:    “Make Someone Happy.”

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Paul Goldfinger ©. Lakes Park Farmers’ Market. Jan 10, 2018.


Green tea makes you feel so young—-FRANK SINATRA:

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Lakes Park Farmers market. Ft. Myers, Florida. This is the paella stand. 2015. Paul Goldfinger photo ©. Blogfinger.net.



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Click to clarify. Lakes Park Farmers Market, Ft. Myers, Paul Goldfinger photo ©

Lakes Park Farmers Market, Ft. Myers, Fla.  Paul Goldfinger photo © Click to enlarge.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

FRANKIE RANDALL   “As Long As She Needs Me.”   This ballad was sung by a woman in the film version of Oliver. “He” was changed to “she.”

Frankie Randall    (1938-2014)  was a Passaic, New Jersey born singer and jazz pianist.

When I was a senior at Rutherford High School, across the river from Passaic, Randall performed with his trio. He was about 20 years old then, and the boys in our jazz band were thrilled  because he was using the “cool jazz” style which had just come into vogue.  I don’t recall that he sang. His bio. says that he was known only for his piano playing early in his career.


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