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Lakes Park, Florida. By Paul Goldfinger

Lakes Park, Florida. By Paul Goldfinger.  Click to see the 66-79 inch wing span. ©  2016  Click to Seymour.

Here’s  a link to our piece about the Great Blue posted Feb. 2015. The post comes with music (….”My Blue Heron.”)   The Great Blue has also been sighted in Fletcher Lake, Ocean Grove, NJ.


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This wading shore bird video was was obtained by Eileen Goldfinger in Jan 2017 in Ft. Myers, in our backyard.  It is 3-4.5 feet in height with a wingspan of 5.5-6.6 feet. Yet it only weighs 5-6 pounds due to its hollow bones.  In flight it can cruise at 20-30 mph.

The Great Blue can be found year round over most of the U.S. and Central America. They hunt alone but nest in colonies. They are often seen by Wesley Lake or Fletcher Lake. They are very good fishermen.

In the video you can see how still they stand before they make a move.  Don’t stop watching until you get to the end.   Please put the music on first, and then the video.



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