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Husband and wife, Sunday morning, Detroit, 1950. By Gordon Parks. © The Gordon Parks Foundation

Husband and wife, Sunday morning, Detroit, 1950. By Gordon Parks. © The Gordon Parks Foundation


Paul Goldfinger, Photography Editor @Blogfinger

Gordon Parks, 1912-2006, was a photojournalist on the staff of LIFE magazine and he often did photo essays for them about social issues.  He grew up in segregated Fort Scott, Kansas where he was the youngest of 15 children.

The magazine asked him to look at the realities of life in the African-American part of town where he lived.  He returned to his hometown to cover this story,”Back to Fort Scott,” and he got to visit his old friends and the places that he knew, such as the segregated schools there.  His images revealed the life of this community in the 1940’s before the Civil Rights movement began. He also included photographs obtained of his childhood friends who, despite their problems with society, lived lives of dignity and productivity, and he followed them to their homes elsewhere.  Many images show the families of his old friends.

Gordon Parks

Gordon Parks

Parks became famous  and he was one of the few African-Americans in the photojournalism profession.   He also was a movie director and a composer. This exhibit in Boston  (Jan. 17 to Sept. 13)  is of importance because this work was never published by LIFE magazine and thus is not well known.  The photograph above was one of the first pictures acquired by the curators for this museum show.  See link below to see a slide show of the exhibit and a video of the curator.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


Big Maybelle

Big Maybelle




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Ocean Pathway Photo by Rich Despins ©. Special to Blogfinger.net Undated.

Ocean Pathway photo by Rich Despins of Bradley Beach . Special to Blogfinger.net   Undated.  Special to Blogfinger in 2015.



This image by Rich can be best seen by clicking on it to cause it to become larger.




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Ocean Grove summer tents by Martha Kelly. ©

Ocean Grove summer tents by Martha Kelly. 


From time to time we show the work of artists–painters—who love to portray the beautiful town of Ocean Grove. One time, painter Diane Hutchinson used one of my photographs to re-create a scene inside Nagle’s (see the links below.) That was a great thrill for me because her work is first rate.

Now we have heard from Martha Kelly, an artist from Point Pleasant, who used a tent photo of mine for the acrylic on canvas shown above. This is what Martha has to say about this painting:


“I love your photos. When I saw this one I had to paint it. I studied art in college but never pursued it as a profession. Recently I began to paint more because that is what I truly love. I’m sure you know as you get older what is most important becomes clearer. I paint in acrylics on canvas, usually in the 8×10 to 16×20 range. I have shown in an art gallery in Westfield.

“I live in Pt. Pleasant, but my family and I love Ocean Grove. We love the beach and strolling around town.


We thank Martha for sharing her beautiful painting with us.


Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

Painter’s link one

Diane Hutchinson painter

Tea for two at Nagles



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Hi Paul:

Greetings from Manhattan. To observe the leaves changing on the trees from April to December, is to see, in a vivid way, the pattern of life that governs us all. Here is the poem “Late Autumn at Centerport,” from my 2009 collection, Green Vistas.

Best wishes,
Charles Pierre

Rhinebeck, New York. Mid-October, 2017. Paul Goldfinger ©


Late Autumn at Centerport

By Charles Pierre

Spring unfurled from ripening buds,
and a balmy summer preserved
the deep greens of oak and maple
on hillsides across the harbor

A month ago, the reds and golds
were bright distractions, but today,
descending a hill to this beach
through the bitter December air,

I feel the withering absence
of colors that once filled the trees.
Fallen leaves are now visible,
black and rotting in the shallows.

Here, the full cycle of seasons
has yet to pass, but today,
having seen this much of the year,
I know my end ahead of time.



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ISABELLE FOUNTAINE  “Roses of Picardy” live with the Hot Club of San Francisco.

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